Morning Sauna

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The new club was high-end, very upscale, and “cutting edge”. What that meant, besides the first-class equipment, designer décor, and high-priced membership, was that the locker rooms were really a locker room, and the spa, Jacuzzi, sauna, pool, and restrooms were all co-ed as well. It was a bit disconcerting to be peeing in a urinal, and suddenly have a couple ladies walk right in and use the facilities. But, in spite of that, the membership role had exploded, and the place was packed- everyone wanted to be seen there, or to be recognized as belonging to that uber-cool club.

I couldn’t have cared less about it being “cool”. It was simply the closest place for me to go to work out, so I had joined. It was a bit pricier than I really wanted to pay, but the equipment was first-class. If I skipped the $14.00 martinis in the lounge, it actually wasn’t that bad a deal. As it turned out, I was one of the few who showed up regularly to actually work out there; most seemed to prance around in designer duds, and sip the previously mentioned martinis.

At any rate, after an especially tough session, I was a bit stiff and decided to sweat a bit in the sauna. I had heard that it was quite nice, and if anything like the rest of the place, I was confident that it would be excellent. I changed out of my sweat shirt and shorts, wrapped a towel around my waist, and headed into the sauna.

It was quite nice: instead of the normal wood paneling and benches, it was all teak and mahogany, the paneling done with inlays of various colored woods, and with indirect lighting, and a really good sound system. The heat was on, and as I sat down, I immediately felt a sheen of sweat over me. It was luxurious! I leaned back against the upper bench, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the smooth jazz pumping in through the sound system. I could feel all the pores of my skin opening, and I was sweating profusely. Aaaaaaahhhhhh… pure bliss.

I could feel the whoosh of cold air as the door opened, and she stepped inside. She had thick, long hair that was a deep, rich burgundy, and it was pulled back in a huge ponytail. The club towels just weren’t as big as they should have been, and she had attempted to wrap one around herself. As she lifted the hem to cover her breasts, the lower hem rose to leave her bottom decidedly un-covered. As she quickly adjusted the lower hem downward to address her naked bottom, her breasts popped out the top. At first I thought that the club had purchased smaller towels to save a buck, but then it dawned on me- this was another planned part of this club, smaller towels that would allow members to flash each other, while still feigning modesty, and blaming the size of the towels.

She looked up and spotted me sitting there, then looked down at her naked breasts, then back at me- then just burst out laughing! I had to admit it; that was pretty funny! And instead of being embarrassed or upset, she was making the most of it, enjoying the humor of the situation. So, with that, she unwrapped the towel, spread it on the bench nearby, and sat right down. “Hi!” she said, “I’m Jesse.”

“Nice to meet you, Jesse.” I told her my name.

“Sorry about the klutzy show. I couldn’t decide what to cover, and then realized, I was too late. You had already seen all there was to see.” She smiled then, one of those stunning, dazzling smiles. She was a beauty. I asked her if she wanted me to add some water on the rocks, and she nodded yes, so I stood up, and walked over to the center bahis firmaları of the sauna, and added a couple dips of water to the heated stones. They sizzled instantly, and we both could feel the new steam. I leaned back as before, and closed my eyes. She stretched, and moaned. I opened my eyes to see her rubbing her shoulder, and grimacing.

“What’s up with your shoulder?” I asked.

“It’s been really sore the past few days. I think I overdid it on the weights.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling. Most of the time the Jacuzzi helps, or a good massage. And, lots of times, just relaxing in the heat in here helps.” She cocked her head up at me and asked if I were offering her a massage. I hadn’t, but figured, why not? “Sure. Scoot over here.” I said. She hopped up, grabbed her towel, placed it on the bench in front of me, and sat right down. I reached up and began to knead her shoulders and lower neck. She moaned softly, and almost started to purr.

I didn’t need any massage oil, as both of our bodies were covered in sweat. My hands moved over her neck and upper back, as I gently squeezed her muscles. As she began to relax, I was able to dig in a bit deeper, and I knew that I was really helping her. She leaned back into me, and as the benches were fairly narrow, her back was up against my cock. The only thing between us was my towel, which was still wrapped around my waist. She didn’t seem to notice, so I just continued to rub her shoulders. But, as I rubbed, she would lift and stretch her back and shoulders, and would bump up against me. I looked down over her shoulder, and could see both of her gorgeous tits, her nipples distended, and small droplets of sweat running down her chest. I thought how great it would be to lick those droplets off of her breasts, and as I sat there daydreaming, I began to get hard. Here I thought I was actually being pretty cool, and all of a sudden, I’m sporting a major hard-on.

After several minutes of just quiet between us, she began to chat. I discovered that she was single, new to town, worked at the big medical center as an intensive-care nurse, and worked out here when she wasn’t nursing. She laughed again, and said she really didn’t have much of a social life. As we talked, I found that we had many of the same interests, and I found her very interesting and attractive- not to mention her obvious physical assets. I suggested that we have dinner the next night, but she had to work. My first thought was she was politely blowing me off, but then she suggested three days later, saying that was her next evening off. We made the date, and then she thanked me for the great shoulder massage, but she was afraid that she had to go. She stood up, and stretched herself, reaching for the ceiling. She was spectacular. My mouth went dry as I ran my eyes up and down her slender frame. Her legs were very firm, her ass perfect, her back lean, and then there was her hair- that thick mane bouncing in a ponytail. My cock, which has a mind of its own, rose up thick and hard, and I tried to casually hold it down under my towel. She then turned around, leaned down, and gave me a light kiss on my lips, and said, “Thank you again. It was very nice meeting you this morning. I hope I’ll see you again tomorrow. Maybe I can return the favor and rub your shoulders?” Then she was gone, leaving me with a hard dick, sweating. I took a shower, dressed, and headed off for my day.

The next morning, same time and place, I walked into the sauna, and found she was kaçak iddaa already there, already dripping with sweat, and sitting where I had been, her towel around her waist, and her beautiful tits just right out there. She smiled and said, “Good Morning! Sit here in front of me, and I’ll work on your neck today.” So I sat down on the lower bench, and she began to rub my neck and shoulders. The sauna felt great, and I was really enjoying her massage. She was in top shape, as I could feel the strength in her hands, as she dug in, and worked on the knots in my shoulder muscles. She would work her way up my neck and rub my forehead, and temples, and quite often, I could feel the ends of her breasts press against me. Once again, my cock began to thicken.

She suggested that I move up and sit right in front of her on the same bench, so she could reach my lower back muscles. As I stood, she casually pulled my towel off of me, and said, “You don’t need this.” She scooted back as far as she could, which only gave me a little bit of bench to sit on. She spread her legs, and I sat. Now, I could feel her entire body pressed against my back. My cock got very hard, just thinking about her tits against my back, and her pussy against my rear. She laughed, and said, “This bench is a bit narrower than I realized, but you feel nice. I really appreciated you rubbing my shoulders yesterday. It felt great. It also turned me on. And I noticed that you were a bit excited, too.” As she shared this, her hands worked their way down from my neck and massaged my arms. “I kept thinking how sexy this was- us both naked in this sauna, all slick with perspiration, and I’ve been really horny since. So, I thought that, maybe, if you don’t think that I’m being too forward, we could add some excitement to our sauna visits?”

“I think that would be fun,” I said. “What did you have in mind?”

Her hands reached down and grabbed my hard cock. “Well, I thought this morning that I might pleasure you a bit, as a reward for yesterday.” Her hands began to work their way around my cock and balls. She slowly stroked my shaft up and down, and gently played with my balls. I could feel her pressed hard against my back, and could feel her rubbing her tits hard against me, too. She was turned on, and enjoying being so close. She could feel me growing very hard in her hands, and she softly growled into my ear, “One day soon, I want this big prick in my pussy. But today, I want you to come in my hands. Just enjoy this. Go for it. Cum for me now.”

She squeezed her hands firmly around my cock and stroked me. She pushed down to meet my balls, then pulled upward to the crown. The feeling was incredible, and I could feel the cum in my balls starting to churn. I told her that I couldn’t hold on much longer, and that I was really close. She held one hand tightly around the head of my cock, and ran her finger in circles around the tip. I could feel myself swell even bigger. Then, she started to stroke my length again, increasing the pace. It only took a few more strokes, and I started to cum.

The first shot blew out and then was followed by four or five more spurts. I was gasping for breath and I could see my cum dribbling down her hands, as she continued to milk my cock. “Feels good, doesn’t it? Oh yeah, I know it feels good to cum. Next time, you make me cum.” She gently pushed up, and as I stood, she arose, too. She moved in close and kissed me deeply, still stroking my semi-hard cock. “You and I are going to be good together.” kaçak bahis she said. She gave my balls a gentle squeeze, and then walked out the door.

The next morning, we both arrived at the same time, meeting in the locker room. As we stripped down for the sauna, it was incredibly arousing, knowing we were going to have sex. She pulled off her blouse and hospital pants, and revealed a very sexy white lacy panty and bra. Then, as she slowly removed them, she began to do a slow, stripper dance, and as she pulled down her panties, she turned and bent over from the waist, very slowly pulling them to the floor. She held that pose for me, her long legs rising and framing this shaved pussy, already glistening with her moisture. My cock began to rise, and we quickly headed for the sauna.

Once again, we had it to ourselves; it was odd how no one else ever seemed to be around in the early mornings. We entered, and she asked me to sit, then she pushed herself between my legs, and sat as I had yesterday, with her back to my front. “Stroke me.” she said. I trailed my hands up and down her back and sides, and then reached around her to hold her breasts. I cupped each one in my hands, and then found her nipples. I slowly rolled each nipple between my fingertips, and she immediately began to cum. She lost it right then. She started to gasp and grunt, and her whole body was shaking and rippling. Her hands flew to her cunt, and I could tell she was rubbing her clit, and fingering her pussy. She thrust her tits out, my fingers still pinching her nipples, and said, “YES YES YES YES Yeeeeessssssss!!!” She ground her bottom against my cock, and continued to shudder. I knew she had cum several times, as her body continued to shake several times, and each time she would gasp louder. I kept on rolling those nipples, as that seemed to really get to her.

My cock was as hard as steel, just from holding her in front of me, and experiencing her orgasms. Suddenly, she lifted herself up from the bench just enough to then push back and impale herself on my cock. I slid into her wet pussy without any hesitancy, and she pushed herself all the way down on me, burying my entire cock deep in her hot cunt. She yelled, and I could feel her cunt muscles clamp together tightly, encasing my cock in a hot wet vise. She came again, and again, and then began to lift herself and ram herself down on me. I was sitting there with my hard cock, and she was doing it all, pushing and pulling herself up and down on me, and grunting with pleasure. She was in a total orgasmic trance, pummeling my cock with her pussy, and experiencing multiple waves of pleasure. WOW!

It didn’t take long for me to feel my balls begin to tighten, and as she clamped hard and ground herself down the next time, I began to cum. I grabbed her hips and held her tightly onto me, and pumped my hot cum into her cunt. She squirmed, and ground down on me as my cock unloaded into her. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, the two of us trying to catch our breath, and coming down from this wild ride. After a few minutes, my cock softened and slipped out from her pussy. She turned in my arms, and kissed me deeply, saying, “I knew it would be this good. See you tonight.”

We went out for dinner that evening, and totally enjoyed ourselves. We continued to meet in the early mornings in the sauna for several weeks, but eventually, other members started to show up and we weren’t into trying to start a group thing. A few months later, she was offered a really good job across the country, and we parted. I got Christmas cards from her for a few years, and then she got married and those stopped. Her husband was a lucky guy; that woman loved to fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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