Morning Distraction

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Special thanks to AphroditeReborn, availableslave2u, Azuldrgon and PassionatePatty for reading and commenting this and for their encouragement. Thank you


She awoke with a start, glaring at the hazy sunlight streaming through the half-closed blinds. Blinking, she looked around, wondering what was it that woke her at this indecent hour. Glancing at her alarm clock, her eyes fell on her ringing mobile, chiming and vibrating as if it derived some sort of cruel pleasure in interrupting her slumber. With a soft groan, she flipped the phone open, silencing it.


A soft chuckle greeted her mumbling. “Morning, babe. Did I wake you?” His voice was warm and rich, easing her through that harsh transition from sleeping to wakefulness.

“Morning,” she murmured, yawning.

He laughed. “I guess I did. Maybe I should you call back?”

“No, no. I’m awake. Really.” She flipped onto her back, her sheets barely covering her breasts, her hair cascading over her shoulders. As she was settling into a more comfortable, semi-reclined position, her phone slipped from her hand and clattered onto the floor. With a muttered curse, she dove to retrieve it. She could hear the howl of laughter on the line before the mobile reached her ear.

“Sure, you are!”

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I woke up three and a half hours ago, and watched the sunrise. I even had a cup of coffee!”

“You got up at five-thirty just to watch the sunrise?” he asked in complete disbelief.

“Well, no,” she admitted. “The neighbours came home, and they sort of, well, they sort of woke me up,” she added, almost sheepishly. He began to laugh.

“And when’s the last time you saw the sunrise?”

“When was the last time I was over?”

“About two months ago.”?

“Then about two months ago.”

“You woke up to see the sunrise about two months ago?”

“Nope,” she corrected, a hint of triumph in her smiling voice. “I was still up!”

“Well, bursa escort then,” he teased. “I don’t know whether to be insulted that I couldn’t wear you out, or be thrilled that I had you so riled up that you couldn’t sleep.”

She quietly laughed. “You made me want more, and you know it.”

“Then why didn’t you get more?” She could hear the smile over the line.

“I was watching you sleep, so peaceful, that I couldn’t wake you,” she told him, somewhat embarrassed. “So, when I noticed the sky getting lighter, I watched the sunrise.”

“And then?”

“And then I got back into bed, curled up to you, and fell asleep. I think you woke me up later on.”

“Just like now?” He chuckled.

“Just like now,” she confirmed. “Except not so early.”

“And are you wearing what you were wearing just like then?” His voice dropped slightly, became richer, the laughter stilled. She shivered as if he was lying beside her, his whispered words tickling her ear.

“I was sleeping,” she pointed out.

“Ah – so nothing?”

“Nothing.” Her voice trembled slightly, and she exhaled, trying to steady it along with her pounding heart. She shook her head to compose her rapidly disorienting thoughts. She took a deep breath.

“And what did you think of when you watched the sunrise?”

“You,” she replied without any hesitation. He sharply inhaled, his groan barely audibly over the line. She bit her lower lips lightly, as she tried to control her breathing, her rising skin, without any success.

“And where you as, uh, distracted?” She smiled at his euphemism, knowing how much he enjoyed using innuendoes in their conversations.

“Do you mean earlier today – or now?”


“I don’t know, babe.”

“Then check.” His voice deepened, betraying his emotions, his want. She let her hand drift lower and parted her lips, her juices seeping out, coating her fingers. She softly moaned as a thrill ran through her body.

“You are,” he confirmed. bursa escort bayan “And tell me, baby. Are you going to distract yourself further?”

“Maybe I will.”

“Now?” he asked.

“Where are you?”

“What?” He sounded confused at the abrupt change of subject.

“Where are you right now?” she asked again.

“What does that have to do with yo…”

“Just answer the question,” she interrupted. “Where are you now?”

“At work.”

“So… that means you can’t do anything, right?”

“Right,” he confirmed.

“Then no.”?


“I’m not going to, uh, distract myself now,” she told him matter-of-factly. “Maybe later tonight, but not now.”

“You’re kidding, right?” he asked, stunned.



“Because I want to hear you as well. I want your distraction to be at the same time as mine. Because I don’t want to be distracted alone.”

“You won’t be alone. I’m here, listening,” he pointed out.

“That’s not the point. The point is that I will be the only one who’ll get thorough enjoyment out of this distraction, and I don’t want that. I want your pleasure too,” she argued.

“Baby,” he began. “Knowing that you’ll be distracting yourself, hearing you as you do, is pleasure. Trust me. I want to hear you as you focus on you.”


“Please,” he asked quietly.

There was a tense stillness over the line, an almost battle of the wits. She exhaled, her pent-up breath escaping in a low sigh. She stretched out more comfortably on her bed, her head resting on her pillows, her hair fanned out, tickling her breasts, her hand settled on her pelvis, beams of sunlight dancing over her body.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered. “Just lie back… and let me hear you…”

She closed her eyes, letting his low words wash over her. It didn’t matter what he said, she craved to hear his voice. She smiled as she realised that it was not really who caved in to whom, but that this was a shared pleasure, escort bursa that he wanted to hear her as much she wanted to be heard, despite the fact that he could do nothing but listen.

Her hand wandered lower, her fingers lightly teasing her moist folds. She had no idea she was this wet as she slowly circled her nub, her touch maddeningly light. She began to whimper, his voice encouraging. Slipping a finger in, she drew out her juices and smeared it over her lips. Kicking the covers off, she gasped at the coolness of the air caressed her heated body. Her nipples puckered, goose bumps covered her skin as she continued to trace her clit, her fingers circling ever closer, zeroing in. She sighed as she finally grazed it, her other hand gripping the phone tight, his soft whispers filling her ear. She continued to stroke, her fingers light, finding her favourite spot. Settling into a comfortable rhythm, she began to moan as she felt the familiar tingles building and settling in her pelvis. Her body tense, quivering for that much-needed release, she began to pinch and roll her clit before desperately rubbing, pausing, panting, his voice pushing her over the edge. Calling out his name in warning, she threw her head back as she felt the waves of her orgasm ripple through her body, her walls clenching her finger, her thighs trembling in pure pleasure.

Breathing hard, she opened her eyes. Her body alive, she pulled up the blanket and snuggled in it, listening to his voice enveloping her more than the covers ever could. She sighed as she briefly closed her eyes, indulging in the aftermath, her skin singing, his words soothing her.

A shrill buzz cut through the air, breaking the stillness of the moment, shattering the lazy quietness. She sighed as she reached over to switch her alarm off.

“You’ll have to go?”

“Soon. I do have a meeting.”

“And I should probably get back to work. I don’t want to, though. I want to stay here all day with you,” he added quietly.

“As do I. There is things I’d much rather do than go.”

“I know.” She could feel his smile on the phone, warming her.

“Take care”

“You too,” he told her.

“Oh, and babe?”


“Next time, call me at sunrise.”

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