Morgan Watches Ch. 04

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After the hot interlude at the party in La Jolla in the bathroom with Martin, there wasn’t much said about what had happened for about a week. But I did notice a definite change in our sex together. She was becoming more and more dominant and was becoming very aggressive both physically and verbally.

She bought a black leather halter that went over her shoulders and crisscrossed over her tits really enhancing them a lot! There was a pair of black leather four inch spiked boots that came to her knees. She wore these over black stay up thigh highs along with crotch less panties. Plus she had purchased a strap on that featured interchangeable dildos ranging from six up to twelve inches with a couple in between. Differences in thickness made all four cocks a different adventure. She got a couple of butt plugs too. One large and one medium. She’d fuck my asspussy with a couple of dildos and then stick the medium plug into me and leave it there for an hour or so. Then she’d have me get on my hands and knees and she’d pull it out and replace it with the large one in and leave it there for another hour until my ass was seemingly stretched to the limit. Once again I’d be on my hands and knees while she pulled the large plug out and then replaced it with the twelve inch cock which was attached to her. She’d fuck me with it for five minutes or so all the while calling me her pig or her slut. While she fucked me I pulled on my slicked up cock getting so hot that I thought my balls would burst. After awhile she pulled the big dick out so that just the head was inside of me and then she shoved the six inch dildo into me so that now I had a huge twelve inch and a quite fat six inch inside of me.

She got both of them into me and then started sawing one and then the other in and out of me until the sensation was so exquisite that I lost all touch with reality and couldn’t feel anything other than my pussy hole and my cock. All of a sudden she pulled both cocks out of me at once just as I stroked down. My cock spurted pulse after pulse of cum until there was a real puddle on the hardwood floor.

“You came like a true slut Ricky!” she exclaimed as she squeezed my balls. “Now lick it all up for me and let me see it in your pussy mouth.” I put my face down on the floor and started licking up the cum until I had it all in my mouth. “Now show it to me you filthy little slut.” So I did. I opened my mouth and showed her my pearly white cum and she told me I was a good pig and could swallow it. So I did.

We finally talked about the scene with Martin and she stated the obvious in saying that she really liked it a lot. She was concerned that I might have not liked it as much as she did.

“Rick, I don’t want to push you towards being with guys just because I might like to see it happen. I mean I know you’re not really gay. But you really did suck Martin’s cock like you knew what you were doing so you must be a natural huh?!”

This was where I had to make one of those split decisions about whether to tell her about my boy sex escapades over the years or to play dumb and act like Martin was the first.

“Yeah. I guess I did kind of get into it didn’t I. I don’t know what came over me!” I exclaimed. “But I have to admit that the whole thing was really hot and I liked it. As long as you did.”

“Oh Rick you know I loved it! Would you do it again?”

“Well yeah. I guess so. As long as you were there with me.” I can’t believe how this is rolling!

She called me at work the next Friday right at the end of my work day.

“Are you in a good mood Rick? Are you in a mood for fun?” She asked. I told her I was in a great mood and after a long week could use some fun. “Well be ready for some tonight because we’re going to have a lot!” I asked what she had planned but she wouldn’t tell and I was in big time anticipation by the time I got to her place.

She wouldn’t tell me anything. We had a couple of drinks and a salad and by the time that was all done it was antalya escort eight. Morgan suggested that we watch a movie.

“What kind of movie do you want to watch Morg?” I asked her playfully. “You have something special in mind?”

We were in her family room sitting on the couch. She didn’t say anything but reached for the remote and turned on the TV and DVD player. The scene was already cued and was of a good looking guy and a very attractive girl sitting on a couch watching TV. There’s a knock at the door and she goes to answer it. She comes back with this tall coffee colored black guy that she knows from work. Basic porn plot leads immediately into she and the black guy making out and the other guy feeling her from behind and then they’re all naked. The black guy was slender/muscular and had this gorgeous eight or nine inch cock and the white guy was all over it within moments. The action got hotter and of course Morgan and I started making out while trying to watch the screen when all of a sudden there’s a knock at the door. She goes to answer it and comes back into the room with this tall coffee colored guy that she tells me is Derek, a friend from her work. I think my girl had a plan going here!!!

The movie was still running and the scene had degenerated into the white guy sucking on the black guy’s really hot looking dick while the girl sucked the white guys somewhat impressive cock. Derek sat down on the couch and was watching the action with his mouth just slightly open and his breath coming a little quicker than normal. “Well I see that you two like the same kind of movies that I do!” He said as he ran his hand over his crotch.

“Baby Rick you know why Derek’s here don’t you?” Said Morgan as she stood next to me and joined me in looking at Derek. “You want to see what he looks like all over baby?”

“Yeah I want to see him all over.” I said as she rubbed my cock through my shorts. “Show me what you look like Derek.” He stood up and shucked his shirt over his head to reveal a nicely muscled chest, arms and shoulders. He slowly undid the button and zipper on his pants and let them fall around his ankles. He had on black briefs and the outline of his semi hard cock was just beautiful!

Morgan looked at him for a moment and then said, “I’m going to go change into something else. Why don’t the two of you get acquainted while I’m gone.” I took off my clothes til I was down to my own black briefs. He appraised me and we both sank down onto the couch to watch the movie while we waited for Morgan’s return. The white guy was deep throating the black guy’s cock taking it deep into his throat and then coming all the way up so that just the head was left in his mouth. He was on his knees in between the other guy’s legs. The black guy’s ass was coming off the couch every time the white guy’s mouth came all the way up. The girl was beside them on the bed sitting up against the headboard plunging a fat dildo in and out of her pussy while she called the white guy all sorts of names.

Derek and I were both silent as we watched the hot action but I looked over at him and he was rubbing his now visibly hard cock through the material of his briefs. I didn’t say anything but I reached over with my hand and started sliding up and down over the material covering his cock. His breath started coming a little faster when I pulled out the elastic at his waist and took his dick out so I could see it. He was cut and the plum shaped head was already a dark red against his coffee colored skin. He was still watching the movie but I only had eyes for his long cock. I was slowly jacking him up and down trying to milk a drop of pre cum out of him when Morgan came back into the room.

She had on the black boots, thigh highs, leather strapped top and her black cock belt with the eight inch cock. She was holding the other three dildos and a bottle of baby oil. “What? You couldn’t wait for me you little cunt! You’re just such a fucking pig Ricky! Just lusting alanya escort after that black cock arentcha! Get off the couch and get on your fucking knees on the floor you bitch!” I moved to the floor and she sat down next to Derek. He had shucked off his briefs and was sitting there with his now rock hard cock sticking straight up. She sat next to him and the sight of this hot looking naked man and my hot looking semi naked girl friend with her own hard eight inch cock was awesome! When she was sitting down her wet pussy was visible and with that and the big dick she looked like some exotic hermaphrodite. She turned to him and they kissed while her hand went to his big dick and started stroking him and his went to her hard nipple and tweaked it. I sat back on my legs and was playing with my own hard dick while watching them.

She broke away from Derek. Then got up and moved to a club chair that was close to the couch and sat down with her legs spread. Her wet cunt glistened in the dim light. “Now I want to see you suck his dick Ricky. I want to see you be the faggot cocksucker that you really are. So do it you slut!” I scooted forward a little bit so that I was between his muscular and hairless legs. I was inches away from his big dick which was sticking straight up with a very slight curve to the left. He was slowly sliding his fist up and down the shaft as he watched me. “Don’t just look at it you fucking asshole! Stick it in your fucking mouth and eat it!” She said as I looked over at her while she played with her swollen clit. I leaned forward and my mouth was directly over the head. It looked like the cone of a missile with a slit in the end of it. I stuck out my tongue and licked at the piss slit and he groaned for me. Then I licked up one side and the other making him groan even more.

“That’s right Ricky baby! Lick that hot cockhead for me lover!” Whispered Morgan as she fingered her pussy with one hand and pinched a nipple with the other. “Fucking pig slut cocksucker! Now suck the head for me baby!”

I licked up the front of his cock from the base to the tip and then lowered my lips over it and kept it going through my lips, over my tongue and down my throat til I was totally filled with it. There was still a little bit left so I tried to relax my throat muscles so I could take it all but I couldn’t. He didn’t care. He shoved my head down forcing his cock all the way into my throat making me gag and choke.

“Gag the little cocksucker Derek! Fuck his cock hungry throat til he passes out! Fuck him fuck him!” He let up on my head and I came up for air. After a moment I licked down from the top to the bottom and then, while I slid my fist up and down the shaft, I started on his balls. I licked his balls and then took one of them into my mouth and sucked on it. My hand was all over his cock and my mouth was all over his balls sucking one then the other. Putting a little pressure on them so it hurt just the slightest. He had scooted himself to the edge of the couch so that his balls and ass were over the edge. I slid my mouth down til my tongue was at his asspussy. “Oh fuck I want to see you suck his ass! Stick your tongue into his ass! Oh fuck this is so fucking hot!” She moaned. I looked over at her and she had one of the dildos buried in her cunt and was pistoning it in and out of herself hard and slowly. While I watched her she took it out of herself and stuck it into her mouth and sucked the slut juices off of it just as I was trying to get pussy juice out of Derek’s hot asscunt. I slid my mouth over his ass and up his scrotum to his balls and finally to his hard cock. I ran my parted lips up his shaft and then over the tip of his cock and took the shaft all the way into my throat on my own. His body arched up and he gripped the cushions with his fists as he pushed into me. I could see Morgan lying back in her chair now with her feet on the edge of it while her pussy and ass hung over the edge. Her mouth was open as she breathed alanya rus escort hard through it and he had both hands holding the big twelve inch dildo as she fucked herself with it. She’d do a few strokes and then take it out to slap her swollen wet clit with the head doing it so hard that it made her cry out.

“Hey Morg! I want you to fuck this little cocksucker while he finishes me off! So come over here and do his pussy ass from behind.” said Derek. Morgan staggered to her feet and moved the few feet over to us.

“I’m going to fuck you while you suck him off baby. Going to fuck you so hard.” She said as she poured baby oil all over my ass cheeks and down my crack. It was incredible as I sucked his dick and she ran her hand up and down until she finally stuck two fingers into my cunt and wiggled them as she worked them in. It was so intense feeling his cock slide in and out of my face while her fingers made my ass twitch with need. She now had three of four fingers in me and was fucking in and out as I moaned around his cock. Then I felt her cock slide up and down my pussy ass crack until she finally guided the head to my hot wet hole. I paused on his cock and relaxed my muscles as much as I could in my agitated state. She pushed the head in and I cried out as it popped past my sphincter and the shaft slid all the way in. She was using the eight inch. She fucked in and out of me as she egged me on.

“You like my big dick in your cunt you fucking little whore? Of course you do! You can’t get enough of it you cocksucking slut!” She was fucking me so hard as to move me forward with every thrust. I reached down to Derek’s ass with my fingers and stuck one into him as I sucked just the head of his cock. His ass was off the couch and he was almost rigid as I stuck another finger in and started fucking in and out of him. I could barely concentrate on him as Morgan was fucking me so hard that it totally distracted me from anything but the sensation in my pussy ass.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna fucking cum I’m gonna fucking cum!” screamed Derek as he held my head and tried to choke me to death with his pulsing cock. I was sucking for all I was worth as with one hand I finger fucked him and with the other squeezed his tight balls. Just as Morgan pushed the hardest into me his cock swelled and shot hot cum down my throat. I pulled back so I could get it into my mouth. He must have shot four or five big ropes of cum into my face cunt. I didn’t swallow but some leaked out the corners of my mouth and down my chin.

“Oh fuck yes you cum sucking slut pig! Don’t you dare swallow that fucking cum!” she shouted from behind me. She pulled her cock out of me and then positioned herself so that she was laying at the end of the couch with her ass and hips on the arm and her back and head on the cushion. She was holding her legs apart. “Stick your fucking cock in me Rick! Fuck me hard as you show me his cum!” I stood and without any preamble stuck the head of my dick into her gaping cunt. It looked so hot seeing my cock go into her while she was still wearing the big dildo! Derek has finally come out of his post blow job stupor and had moved so that he could hold her legs spread wide apart and back over her shoulders. I was over her fucking in and out as I opened my mouth so she could see Derek’s cum. She opened her own mouth and I let it drool out so that it splashed onto her face before I got it into her mouth. I leaned forward and licked the cum off her face and then kissed her just as my orgasm hit me and I shot into her. I know it was a lot. It felt like I came a quart. I cried out as I shot scalding cum into her and she screamed as she came with me.

I felt so light headed that I actually fell out of her and sort of collapsed on the floor. Derek let go of her legs and they simply flopped down and were hanging over the arm of the couch. Derek kind of folded back onto the couch. All in all we were a worn out looking trio. I could have gone to sleep for the night right there and I actually faded out for awhile until I heard Morgan.

“Now I really want to see him fuck you Ricky. I want to see that black cock go in and out of your hot little white pussy.”

And when I saw the pictures she took of him fucking me I liked the way it looked too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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