More Ranch Fun

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Mom and Sue were busy preparing dinner when dad and I finished with the horses and walked into the house. Mom looked up as we entered and said, “Oh here you are. I thought that since it is getting late, we would just have something simple for dinner. Burgers and potato salad be enough for you guys?” Both dad and I assured her that burgers would be just fine and I volunteered to get the barbecue going. Mom said, “OK, burgers and salad it’ll be then. I have an apple pie for later on if anyone is hungry before we go to bed.

The four of us had just returned from a day ride to Hidden Pond. Sue and I along with Carol and Pete Peterson from the adjoining ranch had ridden to the lake early in the day. Later, mom and dad as well as Marge and Tom Peterson, Carol and Pete’s parents joined us at the lake. Events at the lake afterward were, to say the least, startling. First, the older folk had nonchalantly removed their clothing and joined us while we were skinny-dipping. Then, as though seeing our parent’s nude for the first time was not enough, we learned of the circumstances surrounding the conception of each of us kids. I could easily understand how I was conceived and, after thinking about the story on the ride back home, even had to admit, grudgingly, that our parent’s behavior leading to the subsequent pregnancies made some sort of sense.

Anyhow, in spite of, or perhaps, because of, the way things worked out, both the Peterson and the Davis families raised their kids as if each one of us had been conceived in a perfectly normal manner. Thinking back over the years, I certainly could not complain about the manner in which I was nurtured and raised. I suspected that whenever an opportunity arose to discuss all we had learned with the other kids, I would find all four of us in complete agreement on that score.

At last, as I knew it would, my mind turned to the pleasurable experience of observing my mother and Marge as they casually disrobed in plain sight of all us kids. While seeing Marge wearing nothing but a smile was something I would never forget, my cock began to twitch and swellas I again pictured my mother’s lovely tits and pussy. “Shit,” I thought, “knock off thinking like this. Damn, she’s your own mother.”

With that I forced myself to think of the great fun I had experienced with my sister and Carol. Guess that in the back of my mind I sort of knew that the time would come when Carol and I would throw caution to the winds and get it on. And, sure, there was no denying that in moments of arousal in the middle of the night, I had fantasized about making it with Sue. That sex between us had ever entered Sue’s mind was something I would never, ever, have guessed. To think that today was the day I had finally experienced sex that was not self induced was mind-boggling. My daydreams were finally interrupted when mom called everyone to dinner.

Later on, while we were eating dinner, mom said, “Oh by the way everyone, Ellen called while you were seeing to the horses. Seems they are going to pass by this way and she wanted to know if we have plans for the weekend. Hope I got it right ’cause I told her we didn’t have anything special on and they should plan on spending some time with us.” Dad said, “Hey, that’s great. Been ages since we saw them. Kids going to come along too?”

Ellen is dad’s sister. She is married to Bob Franklin and Tess and Eric are our cousins. I couldn’t remember exactly how old Tess and Eric were but knew their birthdays and that they had to be very close to Sue’s and my ages.

Mom replied, “Yes they are coming too so it looks as though we need to get ready for the four of them to be here sometime Friday afternoon.” Then, with a perplexed look, she added, “And that reminds me, we only have the one spare bedroom.” She thought for a moment, then brightening, said, “Jack, I hope you won’t mind bunking with Eric, and Sue, looks as though you will have to make room for Tess, that be all right?” Sue and I both assured her that we had no problem bunking with our cousins whom we hadn’t seen for about six years.

Later on, after dinner was out of the way, Sue and I walked out to check on the horses. The subject of having relatives visit was foremost on our minds and Sue said, “Shit Jack, I know we haven’t seen Aunty Ellen, Uncle Bob and the kids for ages and I suppose accommodating them will not be a hardship but, damn it, I was sort of hoping we could spend some time together.” She giggled and said, “I wanted to see if we really do like screwing enough to continue doing it or if it was just something to do today to keep from being bored.”

I laughed and said, “Looks as though we will have to get busy with our poking and boring so we can lay low while we entertain our guests.” We walked in silence for a few moments, then Sue brightened and said, “Hey Jack, I know…” Her voice trailed into silence, then she said, “Naw, I don’t suppose there is even a remote chance.”

I looked at my sister and said, “Sue, what in hell esenyurt otele gelen escort are you babbling about? Sounds as though you are trying to say something but are afraid to get it out. Why not spill it so the both of us can discuss whatever it is.”

Grinning, Sue said, “Jack, just suppose that maybe Eric and Tess could be talked into sleeping together. That way, you and I could sleep together too. Maybe not fuck and that would be all right for a couple or three nights but, at least, we would be in the same bed together.”

Smiling broadly, I said, “Damn Sue, you have a devious mind. What in hell makes you think our cousins would ever do anything like that? Or that Aunty Ellen or Uncle Bob would ever stand for that sort of shit if they did agree to sleep together?” Sue responded, “Well, one never knows, does one?” Besides that, “If you will remember, they had no problem skinny dipping in the creek when they were here last time.” Dryly, I responded, “Yeah and we were all just kids then too. All kids skinny dip, don’t they?”

“Well sure, most ranch kids do I suppose,” she replied, “But bear in mind, they live in a city. There can’t be many places where city kids can strip and go swimming and besides, you know damn well Aunt Ellen knew exactly what we were doing. Did you see her get excited about it?”

I shook my head no and said, “Now that I think of it, both she and mom were smiling as if seeing their kids skinny dipping was a perfectly normal thing to find them doing.” She thought a moment in silence, then said, “God Jack, you don’t suppose that Aunt Ellen and daddy…” She shook her head and said, “No, of course they didn’t.”

I laughed and said, “Sue, you don’t really think we are the first kids on this ranch to take our clothes off and swim together, now do you?”

Scornfully, Sue replied, “Of course not dummy. But getting back to sleeping arrangements, you do remember that Aunt Ellen let Tess and Eric sleep in the same bed the last time they were here, don’t you? Well, what if they still sleep together sometimes? Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Yeah, for them,” I said with a grin. “You gotta remember, they were pretty young back then so Aunt Ellen didn’t have to worry about what they might do. Besides that, dad set up their bed in the same room with Aunt Ellen and Uncle Tom so there was little danger of them doing anything very bad.”

“Well,” Sue replied, “Something I never told you. Tess and Eric watched their folks screw in the moonlight coming through the window. Eric got hard and he and Tess held each other’s sex while they watched.”

“Tess told you all that stuff?” “Unh huh, and that’s not all, one other night while we were asleep and the folks were playing cards, they did it again.”

We gave the horses a little more hay, saw that there was plenty of water in the trough and were walking back through the barn when Sue said, “Jack, aren’t ranch kids supposed to do it in the barn on a pile of loose hay?”

“Hey Sis, that’s sorta what I have come to believe,” I replied, “but the girl I’m with is sorta shy and I don’t know how to let her know I want her without pissing her off and I sure as hell don’t want to do that. Got any ideas?”

Sue pretended to give my question thought, then said, “Jack, I know, why not pretend I’m ‘Shy Girl’ and practice on me. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.”

The grain bin is located near a pile of loose hay on the barn floor and I quickly located a grain sack that wasn’t too awfully dusty and spread it on a cushion of hay. Sue removed her boots, jeans and panties as I was preparing a spot for us to lie down on and was just removing her western style shirt as I straightened up to get out of my own clothing.

She was flat on her back with legs spread wide and wearing nothing but a bright smile when I knelt, naked, between her legs. Leaning forward but with my hips elevated I opened wide and we began to kiss. Then, as passions mounted, I trailed my lips down across her neck and upper chest until I was able to press her right nipple into my mouth. I sucked on her succulent tit for a few moments then lifted my mouth slightly, enough to permit my hot, wet tongue freedom to roam around her rigid nipple. Then I repeated the process on her left breast before allowing my slick lips to trail down across her tummy, through her pubis and onto her glistening pussy.

With extended tongue, I probed and licked along the entire length of her slit before, finally, extending the small, phallus like member into her dripping vagina.

With lips planted firmly against her slit I hummed while slamming my tongue in and out in simulated fucking, meeting each and every upward thrust of her hips with a corresponding plunge of my tongue.

At last, unable to contain myself longer and at her urgent plea, I moved up so that she could grasp me and guide my rock hard cock to her vagina. My sister’s hips were eagerly fucking up at esenyurt rus escort me well before I reached full penetration and I quickly got into the rhythm and thrust into her with every bit of energy I had.

My sister’s cries of, “Ah, ah; oh Jack that feels so damn good; oh baby fuck me, fuck me, spurred me on until, at last, I shouted, “Oh Damn Sue, I’m going to come, get ready Honey, I’m coming NOW.” With that, I flooded my sister’s pussy with the sticky, white product of my balls.

We stayed locked in a loving embrace for several moments until, with our composures restored, I looked into her eyes and said, “Oh Lordy, Lordy, making it with you has to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Sue gazed back with lust filled eyes and said, “Oh God I know Jack. What I don’t understand is why we didn’t do this sooner. I know I have been ready since I was fourteen or fifteen.”

Looking down into her upturned face, I smiled and said, “Maybe it is just as well we didn’t try it back then. I doubt mom and dad would have been quite as accepting then as they are now.”

“Yeah, I suppose. Whatever, I just hope we never get tired of doing it with each other, cause I am going to want to feel your big hard cock pounding into me often. Hope you are ready for this.”

With that we separated, Sue picked up her jeans, reached in a pocket, brought out a piece of tissue and wiped the sperm away that dribbled from her pussy. Grinning in silence, my sister handed me a small piece of tissue so that I could clean the excess cum from my wilting dick and we dressed to return to the house where we rejoined mom and dad.

Mom and dad were in the den listening to soft music and reading when Sue and I got back in the house. I laughed self-consciously and said, “Well, I expect that if I am going to share my room with Eric, I better get started dinging it out.”

Mom nodded approvingly and Sue said, “Jack, I’d rather do most anything than listen to this stuff, and I don’t have anything much else to do, want some help?”

Mom looked at Sue in amazement, surprised at the rare offer to help out and said, “Good God, if that business at the lake this afternoon is all it took to make you two treat one another decently at last, I guess it should have happened years ago.”

Sue laughed and said, “That’s exactly what I told Jack a while ago when we were out with the horses.”

I gathered up a large sack for trash, dust spray and a dust rag as well as the vacuum cleaner and, accompanied by my sister, went upstairs and got started with the cleaning.

I began by tossing things into the sack that had accumulated on my dresser while Sue made her way to the far side of the bed and picked up a stack of magazines I store there. Suddenly remembering the content of some of the magazines, I said, “Whoops Sis, maybe I should go through those, there may be some stuff there that’s too risqué for your tender eyes.”

Immediately I saw that I was too late as Sue was already opening a magazine that featured erotic photographs as well as a few erotic stories.

“Tender eyes, bull, you just don’t want me to know as much about fucking as you do.” A moment later, she opened to a full page photo of a busty broad with some guys’ cock shoved in her mouth to the point her nose was pushed deep into his hairy pubic mound.

With eyes opened as wide as I had ever seen them, she looked up and said, “Damn Jack, is this picture for real? Can anyone actually do that? Wow.”

I grinned and said, “I suppose it could be computer generated stuff, but yes, some women like to take a guy’s cock deep into their throats. Guess if they are not lying about it, they actually get off themselves doing it that way.”

Sue looked at me grinning, and said, “See what I mean Jack, you think it is all right for you to know about this stuff, yet you want to keep it secret from me. I want to know why. You think I don’t want to experience all this sort of stuff? You think because I’m a girl I don’t want to know all about this kind of stuff?” She paused for a moment, then went on, “I suppose this is where the expression, ‘deep throat’ comes from, right?”

I merely nodded and she said, “So, if sucking on a big hard cock is supposed to be so damn much fun, I think I will just give it a try.” She looked at me, grinned, and said, “OK Big Brother, drop ’em and sit your ass right here on the edge of the bed.”

I chuckled and said, “Honey, remember what we just did in the barn, hell, I haven’t had a shower yet, there’s no telling what all my cock is covered with.”

Sue said, “I know exactly what’s on your cock and how long it has been there so bare your butt Buster, you’re about to get a blow job. That is the correct terminology isn’t it?

“Yep,” I said, as I dropped my jeans and briefs to my ankles and sat where Sue told me. I spread my knees and Sue instantly squatted, took my throbbing erection in hand and began to lick me as esenyurt türbanlı escort if I were an ice cream cone.

I tried my best to ignore the feelings of intense pleasure my sister was giving me with her tongue and was doing well I thought, until she slipped her lips over me and slid the reddish purple head into her mouth. She closed her lips around the glans, sucked once and I lost it. I tried to warn her, but Sue wasn’t about to be dissuaded and received every drop of cum that spurted to the back of her mouth.

After it was all over, she rolled her tongue around inside her open mouth and said, “Hey Jack, that was pretty cool. Think maybe we ought to do that a lot, don’t you?” She threw her head back and laughed and a moment later mom’s voice came up the stairway saying, “Hey, just what are you kids doing up there?”

Giggling aloud, Sue called, “Oh nothing much Mom, I just gave Jack a blow job and I sorta think he liked it.”

Mom laughed and said, “Oh, OK, just try to stay out of trouble, can you do that? And Jack, you better not be selfish about all this stuff. I think that if Sue was kind enough to go down on you, you better return the favor and go down on her as well. Unless I miss my guess, she will want to be licked and kissed down there, too.”

With a blank look, Sue said, “Huh, what’s she talking about? People don’t do that sort of thing, do they?”

I reached for the magazine, turned to a large photograph a couple pages beyond where she had seen the guy with his cock being sucked. That picture was a close-up of a woman lying on a bed with her legs spread wide and thrown over the shoulders of a man kneeling on the floor. His thumbs separated the woman’s labia and he was licking her slit.

Sue inhaled sharply and said, “Oh Jesus Jack, do that for me huh? Please, please, will you, huh?”

Gleefully, I said, “Ok Sue, drop your jeans and panties and lay back on the bed the way I did.”

Sue obeyed instantly, I knelt and delved into her pussy with my thumbs and began to lick and suck her the entire length of her glistening pussy from bottom to the tip of her clitoris. Her vagina was still wet with cum so I opened wide and clamped my lips over her vagina and sucked until she came.

Afterward, I joined her on the bed and we embraced and kissed until I had an overpowering urge to once again bury my cock as far as it would go in my sister’s pussy. Our final coupling was slow and loving. We stayed locked in an embrace, I tucked my head down so that I could mouth first one breast then the other and I slowly slid in and out. This time I was much more in control of myself than at any other time and sensed each of the several orgasms that wracked Sue’s young body. Finally, I thrust as hard as I could, paused and pumped jet after jet of sperm deep inside my sister’s hot pussy.

With my deflating cock still buried deep inside my sister, we embraced and drifted off to sleep. Sometime later, I sensed motion and looked to see mom and dad. Mom was trying to tug a sheet up to cover dad and us was standing in the doorway watching. Mom saw that my eyes were open, winked, blew me a kiss and walking softly, tiptoed away to join dad and walk to their bedroom.

Everyone worked together and by the time Friday morning rolled around, the house and yard met mom’s critical eye for readiness. Pies were baked and stacked in the pantry, casseroles were ready to be baked, there was a huge bowl of potato salad in the refrigerator and the only thing left to do was await the arrival of dad’s sister and her family.

Mom was just about to set out sandwich fixings when the sound of an approaching engine signaled the arrival of our cousins and family. We were standing on the back porch when Uncle Bob stopped and there followed a period filled with happy greetings; hugs, some kisses and exclamations about how much the four of us kids had grown.

When invited to come inside and sit down, Aunt Ellen laughed and said, “Good Lord no, we’ve been sitting for hours. We need to walk and loosen up before we sit down again.”

Mom said, “Jack, Sue, why not take your cousins out and show them around, I’ll bet they would like to see the horses.

The four of us headed toward the barn and were out of site from the house when Tess said, “Bet the horses look just like the horses did when we were here the last time. You guys still swim in the creek?”

I grinned and said, “Sure do. Why, wanta go swimming?”

Tess grinned and said, “Whatever, should be a good reason to get out of these clothes, though. I have been wearing this damn bra way to long.”

She reached behind and up beneath her loosened blouse, squirmed, wiggled and soon dragged her bra from in under her blouse. Then she giggled and handed me the bra saying, “Her Jack, you can carry this for me.”

Before stuffing the folded bra in my back pocket, I lifted it to my nose, sniffed and said, “Ahhhh, nice.”

Sue said, “Well shit,” tugged her tee shirt off over her head, loosed her bra and after folding it handed it to Eric, saying, “Here Eric, you can carry mine if you would like.”

Once we arrived at the creek, I began to wonder just how we would go about getting naked without being embarrassed. Sue and Tess solved that problem by stripping quickly and ignoring Eric and I as we got out of our clothes.

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