More Kisses?

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Another day in the ongoing adventures of Dick and Ayva. Life cannot always be ups… ups… ups.


Dick’s timing was all-wrong. He had waited too late. Ayva was more than three quarters asleep when he romantically kicked her chair and jerked his head toward the bathroom.

Ayva sighed, her parents had visited for almost two weeks now and it seemed like the old farts delighted in taking their sweet time when it came their bedtime. Dick refused to fuck without a shower and refused to take a shower until the old people had finished their bedtime routines.

Ayva tried not to look at her Dad, well over seventy and fat, as he waddled nude to the bathroom at least twice more as he peed a last couple of times and took his medicine. It wasn’t so horrible. He was so hairy that it looked like he was wearing a yeti suit. His stomach hung down over his junk so she was spared that. Still, it wasn’t the kind of picture you would want in your head right before getting laid.

The whole debacle meant that they had not been fucking half as often as when they had the house to themselves. At least it was cool that he was initiating. Dick usually played the cool hard to get role. He hardly ever initiated sex, but if she tried to start anything, he loved to put her off.

“I’m tired. Wait til after I take a shit. I haven’t even eaten dinner yet. I was going to take a nap. How come you weren’t horny like this ten years ago?”

He loved pulling out that last one. During menopause, there had been a few years when things had sort of dried up, literally. However, that was then, and now Ayva was one horny old woman.

So even if it was late, Ayva was not, and I really mean not, going to pass up a chance at getting her bones jumped. She frowned to herself, she was really starting from zero, normally her motor was always humming, but having the old people around had rather put a damper on things. No reading porn on the Literotica site, no all day grab ass, no innuendo word games, no spankings, no tickle, or titty twister games that normally kept her on edge throughout the day.

It always started in the shower and Ayva liked the water games, being pinned against the wall, kisses under the hot cascading water, having free access to his body. But, once again, the specter of the old people was there. The guest room was right next door to the bathroom. The shower was hurried, their voices low, no pokes while she was leaning over with her head between her legs shaving the pussy, no soap bar danger dildo games, and not a single spanking. Normally Ayva’s ass was scarlet and stinging by the time, she escaped the narrow confines of a shower with Dick.

Ayva could tell Dick missed the water games, the giddy rush he got from pissing her off, his delight in her squeals of bahis firmaları rage and frustration as he invented new ways to make her crazy. As they were rinsing off, Ayva was very aware that Dick had no dick at all. Normally by the time they were done in the shower, he was hard and raging as he chased her wet and screaming from the bathroom to their bed. Tonight he couldn’t have been smaller.

The last thing Ayva wanted to face was a limp dick; an obnoxious one was bad enough. Time to pull out the big guns. Ayva hurried from the bathroom, leaving Dick to finish drying off. In a rush, she shoved the blankets off the bed and arranged herself on the foot of the bed. She spread her legs wide and began to pet the pussy, posing so the first thing he would see was her hot and wet as he walked into the room.

Ayva knew this was a serious turn on for Dick. If anything was going to work this should. This was a time for desperate measures. Dick had a disturbing habit of not rising to the occasion.

If she was lucky, he would get distracted and take his time and she would have time to get her motor running.

If she could get herself turned on, it would be a good thing. Dick sucked at foreplay. Getting groped by Dick was frequently more painful than sexy. Ayva was glad she had a kink for assholes; usually just being around him turned her on. The trouble was with her folks visiting he was acting nice for a change. The fucker, he was probably just doing it to piss her off. He was always a genius for the wrong thing.

Dick walked in, still drying his hair. He totally ignored the open pussy being fingered right in front of him. “Its cold. Why did you wreck the covers? I want to get under the covers.”

Ayva sighed and remade the bed, any horniness she had managed to work up, flushed right down the toilet. OK, OK! Plan B! Foreplay! Fuck, he sucked at that and under the covers, it was like blind fighting. Even when he could see what he was doing he had a pretty poor batting average. Under the covers with a dry pussy there was no chance.

Dick was a good kisser when he could shut up and focus. Patient and sweet, really good at long soft slow kisses. Yea, Ayva could get into that. She leaned on his chest and settled in for some nice lip action. For a while, things went pretty nice. A truly talented asshole knows that its always best to let his victim relax and let her guard down.

The next thing Ayva felt was a solid hit to the side of her head. She saw stars for a second. Dick was changing position. “Oops, sorry.” Then he laughed his delighted little boy laugh. Oh fuck, he was crawling on top of her. Ayva could not figure out what the fuck he was doing. His cock was just as limp as when he walked into the room. Just as well, Ayva’s pussy was in no mood to be bothered… kaçak iddaa yet.

“No! Stop! Get off! More kisses! Want more kisses!”

“More kisses? More… kisses???” He had the evil little boy asshole tone that always infuriated her. Fuck, she had told him what she wanted. She was screwed now. Well not screwed… you know what I mean.

Not one to give up easily, Ayva leaned in to kiss him again and he dodged away, giggling his little dick head laugh. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

“You don’t like kisses.” Usually by the time the party got to the bedroom, the games had progressed past the kisses to the gasping for breath stages. Tonight timing was all fucked up.

“Well I like them now.” She leaned in again but as she tried to kiss him, he cracked up and began to laugh under her lips.

“Never mind!” Ayva reached for the TV control and turned on the TV.

“You started it. You love it.” His tone petulant and whiny as he realized he might be losing his audience.

“Just forget it, I will take care of it on my own.” Ayva reached down between her legs and began to masturbate, more as a passive aggressive slap than to meet any urgent need, but still it felt good, so she might as well.

Not one to ever let Ayva get control of anything in the bedroom, Dick made a grab for the TV control and wrenched it from her hand.

“Ayva!” His voice was angry now.

“All I wanted was kisses, not a punch in the head.”

“You were laughing too.”

Ayva hated that, because it was true. Fuck, why did she like this torment so much. It would be so much simpler if he would just tie her up and whip her. But no, that was ‘sick’.

“Well I am not laughing now. All I wanted was to make love to you. How come you have to make it so difficult?” She avoided the word hard, nothing was hard around them at the moment.

Deep down Ayva knew that her first mistake was trying to take any lead. By refusing to let him climb on top of her she had started this. Fuck, fuck, fuck! She knew better, bad sex was better than no sex.

“If you want kisses then come here.” He held out his arm to her.

Ayva eyed him warily; the masturbating had been working pretty well. She was a little reluctant to stop. What evil plan did he have now? But it was tempting, if they could get past the foreplay and into the fucking, things usually went pretty well after that.

God, he was really good at kissing, it was working wonders for her but the dick was stubborn, completely limp. Ayva knew she had some serious apologizing to do to the sensitive little guy. It was so easy to hurt his feelings. Ayva loved to suck cock and the soft ones fit so nice in her mouth. It took a lot of serious sucking to work any life into it. She had a fleeting thought, “How come nothing is ever easy.”

Once kaçak bahis she got him hard, she pulled him on top and urged him inside her fast. Dick’s dick could go turtle fast, but if she could keep him hard, he would be good for a nice long ride. Dick was no fast shooter, more of a marathon man, if he ever made it to the finish line at all. Ayva had a special appreciation for being fucked for thirty, forty, even sixty minutes, but after that it could get to be a bit much. Even the horniest old girl starts to get tired after a while.

Dick had a determined look on his face as he lifted her legs up over his arms and pushed them up around her ears. He was looking down at his cock as he fucked her. He liked to watch and Ayva reached down and spread out the pussy lips so there was more to see. It was all about keeping his attention from wandering.

Things were working really well for Ayva. She loved being fucked. The way it felt when his cock was moving in and out was to die for. It did not take long to have her first orgasm, a nice little one, the first of a series of stair steps leading to a nice big finish.

Dick pulled his cock out and began to rub it nasty, hot and wet along the spread pussy lips. Ayva shrieked and thrashed under him. He knew it was almost painful for her to have that kind of intense contact right after she came. Ayva had tried to explain it once. She had realized it was a mistake as soon as the words were out of her mouth. He did it every time now. She had learned to take it and now it was a routine part of their fucking. It was kind a payoff for him for making her come.

Once she stopped fighting the sensation and started to move with the groove he plunged back in to her. Ayva really began to rub her clit in earnest now, her hand a blur. She looked up at him, he was staring fascinated at the show. “Fuck yes! Oh Fuck Yes!!!…” Ayva’s voice rose and then dwindled into a long series of deep strangled grunts.

That had definitely been a good one, and just in time. The dick had decided to call it quits, she could feel him softening fast inside her.

“You satisfied?” His tone was mildly accusatory, like this was all her fault. Maybe it had been, neither Dick or his dick could handle her taking any kind of control in the bedroom.

“Yes, I feel great. Do you want to keep trying?”

“No its late, I have to go to work in the morning.” It was not unusual for Dick to stop trying when this happened. It kind of bugged her, but Ayva had learned not to take it too personally.

Ayva snuggled up close, and rested her face on his chest. “Thank you sweet heart.”

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and stroking her back. His voice was sleepy, “What day are your parents leaving?”

“Day after tomorrow.”


“I love you.”

“I love you too. Now go to sleep.”


I would like to thank my friends, who wish to remain anonymous, who helped me write this. Please feel free to leave me feedback. xantu

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