Monday Night Football

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The invite came mere hours earlier, but was welcome just the same. I was headed over to my best friend’s house to watch the big game. My fiancée was not feeling good and elected to stay home. I arrived a bit early and was greeted at the door by my friend’s wife Kris.

Now Kris and I have always had a fun, flirtatious relationship. We probably went a bit farther than most, but such was the level of friendship between everyone in the group it was accepted. The truth is, I have always loved her, have always wanted her. The flirting was more than just fun on my end.

She welcomed me at the door with a quick embrace—always too quick, in my estimation, I loved the way she felt pressed against me—and rushed off to busy herself in the kitchen. She was always doing too much for parties and get-togethers; the consummate hostess. I grabbed a Coke and settled down on the couch next to her husband Wade. We talked a bit, mostly about the upcoming season and what we thought our teams chances were. Then the opening kickoff came and we did nothing but watch and cheer.

Kris came back into the room with nachos for us and settled on the couch between the two of us. There was an electric charge just from being this close to her, and I took every advantage of “accidently” rubbing up against her as I reached for snacks. If she minded, she never said so.

Half time came and went, our team up 17 to 3. By this point in the evening, we watched football glassy-eyed, only half paying attention to the flickering images on the screen. Perhaps it was the score, perhaps the company, but we just sat on the couch together with a thousand yard stare. Kris had her arms up on the couch, around both of us. Suddenly I felt her fingers running through my hair. The sensation was exquisite. I shot a side long glance her way, but she didn’t respond, just sat staring at the TV. I heard Wade moan just a bit, so I figured he was getting the treatment too. The dangerous part of my imagination started to run with a fantasy, but I clamped it down quick. No way was THAT going to happen.

After about five minutes of her rubbing my neck and fingering my hair, she surprised me by turning antalya escort my head her way and kissing me. A light brush across the lips first, then with passion and a fire in her eyes that I could not have expected.

“Start of the fourth, we’re up 30 to 10.” Wade said suddenly. “Can’t be much more excitement from this one.”

“On the contrary,” Kris said, eying me intently. “This game is just starting.” And with that, she began unbuckling my belt and undoing the zipper on my jeans.

“Relax.” Wade said, seeing my panicked expression. “We talked about this. She wants it. It’s cool.”

With his blessing, I could hardly believe my good luck. I had wanted this for so long too. I leaned back and raised my buttocks off the couch so she could get my pants off. Kris grinned appreciatively at my package, nicely displayed in my white thong bikini briefs. I was quite swollen from her efforts, and bulged obscenely against the soft fabric. Her nails traced the outline of my cock, every vein; every curve was visible through the thong.

“I always knew you were huge.” She said. “The way you carry yourself, the way your pants fit. God I knew it.”

“You were looking?” I asked.

“All of us girls look. Every chance we get.” Her hand had grabbed me and was massaging my cock through the material. Wade had shucked his pants already, and she pulled the material of my thong aside and sat between us, a cock in each hand, stroking contently.

“I thought you wanted to taste him?” Wade asked, minutes later.

“Oh, I do.”

“Then let’s get you ready.” He began to unbutton her shirt, revealing a lacy red bra—matching team colors—that barely contained her assets. All I could do was watch her being stripped and appreciate the view. She slid off the couch, on her knees in front of me. Wade rose, already naked with his cock bobbing before him, and had circled around behind her. His hands were busy unbuttoning her jeans.

“God I have wanted this for so long.” She said, looking me in the eyes as her hands moved up and down my erection, her husband kneeling behind her. Wade positioned himself just so, and then thrust forward. Her kepez escort eyes went wide in mine as she took him, took him all the way all at once, but she did not look away.

She wanted me to see her ecstasy. Once Wade had a rhythm going, she popped my hard cock into her mouth hungrily. God could she suck. I’d had plenty of blow jobs before, but nothing compared to the feel of her mouth wrapped around me. This was no ordinary suck off either. It was wanton hunger.

We continued that way for a long while, then she rose and pulled away from Wade, but beckoned him to follow her. She pushed me back against the couch, then turned away from me and squatted over my cock. She gripped it firmly and guided it inside of her, riding me for all I was worth. Wade crawled forward and put his head in her crotch, and licked her clit as she bounced up and down on my hard on.

She shuddered once, twice and moaned low in her throat. I could feel her body tense up as she came, and Wade began to make appreciative noises down below.

My fingers fumbled the clasp on her red bra once, twice, then finally—success and they were unleashed. My hands found their way around to her breasts—breasts that I had always fantasized about seeing sometime. Kris’ wardrobe had lots of t-shirts that were just a bit too tight, and lots of buttons ups that exposed just a bit too much cleavage. I suspect now she wore most of that for my benefit. She smelled of Victoria’s Secret perfume, and our own sweat, as intoxicating a brew as there ever was. She began thumping up and down again, harder and faster this time, screaming at the top of her lungs as I filled her and Wade licked her.

Occasionally, I would feel Wades tongue slip off her clit and travel a short bit up or down my cock before she got back in line, and the extra sensations were enough to send me to the edge. Kris seemed to sense the swelling of my cock, for she suddenly stopped. “Oh no, you don’t get off that easy.” The pun was obviously intended.

She commanded Wade to lie on the floor and she mounted him, sliding easily onto his cock. They fucked for a moment together then she shot a manavgat escort glance over her shoulder and looked me in the eye again. There is nothing sexier than to see a woman in the frenzy of pleasure lock eyes with you. The look was beyond seductive. “What are you waiting for?” She asked.

For a moment, I didn’t understand. Then Wades hands circled around her and grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them open, exposing her pink asshole, as tight as a rosebud on a cold morning.

It was all the invite I needed.

I rose from the couch and pulled my thong—soaking wet from her orgasm—the rest of the way off, I knelt behind her and began to tongue that rose bud, lubing her up. She quivered again, obviously enjoying the sensations. And to return the favor, I’d catch Wade’s cock on the up stroke every so often, licking the full length of his shaft as he fucked her. Once she was wet, I crawled between her legs and slowly, oh so slowly, began to work myself in. Her moaning said it all, then she started to scream “Oh fuck!” like a mantra. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, ohfuckohfuckoh” Her words became unintelligible at that point, just one long syllable of sound as she came again.

I held still, allowing her to ride the orgasm out, then plowed forward, burying the rest of my cock deep inside of her. I could feel Wades cock moving in and out of her pussy through the thin membrane between us, sliding up and down my own the length of my shaft in her ass.

I caught sight of our reflections in the giant floor to ceiling bay window that dominated one wall of their living room. Colored images from the television washed over our reflections as if someone were flipping channels on a giant set, but kept returning to the same lurid porno.

We fucked, the three of us, her body sandwiched between us for what seemed like hours. Wade shouted he was going to cum, which set her off and they climaxed together. The convulsing of virtually every muscle in her body sent me into spasms, and I pumped my load into her just seconds after.

As we lay on the floor exhausted, the station started playing the National Anthem, signaling the end of their broadcast day.

“Looks like we missed the end of the game.” I said.

“Did you really miss it?” She asked.

“Who won?” Wade asked.

“Who cares?” I said. And we laughed.

“Who plays next week?” She asked.

“I think we do.” I said with a wink and grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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