Mom’s Chubby Friend

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I happened to stop over to my parent’s house one Saturday. My mom’s friend Lois happened to be there. Lois was on the heavy side to be sure. She had thick hips and a big behind. Most of all she had these huge tits. I often wondered what size bra contained all that flesh. Lois was always friendly to me. She had never married and I was sure she didn’t have any men friends.

I stayed an hour or so and then I told my mom I was leaving to go back to my apartment. Before I left Lois asked me if I could stop by her place. She said she had something she needed help with. She didn’t give me any more than that but I said I would help her out. I dropped by later in the evening and Lois let me inside. When I asked what help she needed she told me straight away.

“I’ve been so horny lately Todd, I need you.”

I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly. Lois got my attention when she unbuttoned her top and then unsnapped her bra. I think my jaw dropped when I saw those monstrous tits come loose. They hung down onto her chest. Those nipples were like huge saucers. Lois walked over to me and placed her hands onto my shoulders.

“Kiss them Todd, I know you want to,” she told me.

I had wanted to see her tits and wrap my lips around her nipples for some time. I lowered my face and took each nipple into my mouth. Let’s just say I tried to suck on each one. They were so big I could barely take one in between my lips. Lois was getting into it, that much was for sure. Something told me she didn’t get sex very often. A few minutes of that and we undressed each other there in her living room.

Her fethiye escort pussy was how you might imagine it. She was hairy down below and she had wide pussy lips. I wondered how anyone could satisfy her. I guess sucking on her tits made me half hard. Lois led me back to her bed. She told me to get onto my back. Lois climbed over top and took hold on my dick. She must have needed it bad. Lois took my dick into her mouth the whole way. There wasn’t any of this sucking on the mushroom stuff. She was taking me right down to the root.

My seven inch dick was rigid as could be when Lois finally pulled away. She didn’t say a word but she climbed over top of me. She reach with her hand and guided my pole to her wet folds. Lois lowered herself down and my dick was engulfed by her pussy. It felt like something inhaled my dick completely. I reached down and placed my hands on her big bottom. We then got into a wild fucking session. Lois’ big ass kept slamming down onto my body. I did my part and raised up to feed her my shaft.

Lois was definitely vocal in bed. She kept telling me to pump my cock into her pussy as far as I could. I was surprised she could even feel my erection in between her sloppy folds. There was a point where Lois got so worked up that she was squeezing me with her pussy muscles. Lois soon said she was pulling off. She got onto her back and then it was my turn to mount her.

I slid my dick in between those oozing folds and I took Lois like some cheap whore. I gave it to her as hard as was possible. Lois brought her thick legs up and I took hold of them and escort fethiye pushed them to her chest. Her big tits were jiggling all over the place. I did manage to lower my mouth and I began to bite her large nipples. You should have heard Lois screaming as I chewed on her tits and drove my dick deep into her pussy.

I had no idea how long we fucked like that on Lois’ bed. At some point Lois began to squirt her juices onto my cock. There was wet spray flying everywhere. I continued to pump my dick into Lois until she told me I should stop. Of course she never told me that. I got close to unloading and I didn’t say a word about pulling out. I thrust into Lois a few more times and then fired my sticky load into that hot hole.

“Oh Fuck!” Lois screamed out at me.

She did manage to clamp down onto my dick. She wanted every hot drop of my seed and I gave it all to her. Cum was pouring out the tip of my dick. I could almost imagine me coating her fat pussy walls with my liquid. I am betting we went another fifteen minutes before I felt that the tank was empty. I kept thrusting until I finally got soft. When I did pull out my cum came dripping out and was running down her ass crack.

As I looked down, Lois had her eyes closed and her body was shaking uncontrollably.

“I never had sex like that before,” she told me.

I got the impression Lois hadn’t had sex in a long time. She pulled me close to her body and she kissed me on the mouth. That was when she told me all her feelings. Lois said she had kept her eye on me over the years. When I finally got old enough she fethiye escort bayan made her move. I was invited to her place and she knew the sight of her tits would pull me in. She was right. I do love big tits. Lois went to get cleaned up. When she returned she wanted to go again.

I didn’t think I had it in me until Lois sucked on my cock once more. She had me hard in record time and then she got on her hands and knees. I moved in behind her. I had my hands on her thick waist and then I shoved my dick into her pussy. It was quite a sight seeing those big tits dangling down, touching the bed sheets. I gave it to her in that position for a few minutes and then I pushed her onto her stomach.

I pumped my cock into Lois. It felt like I was totally swallowed up. My chest was slapping against her back. Her ass would bounce up and down every time I drove my cock into her hairy pussy. This second time was mainly for Lois. I didn’t have much cum left in me. Lois had plenty more orgasms this time.

“Oh my God! Don’t stop Todd,” she cried out to me.

I did what I could. My cock was getting raw but I continued until Lois said she couldn’t take it anymore. I just held my cock in place and watched Lois shaking beneath me. I did pull out and Lois flipped over.

“God, you’re an animal!” She told me.

I finally went and got cleaned up. Lois and I got dressed and she walked me to the front door.

“When are you going to fuck me next?” She asked.

I was drained to be honest. I told her I would call her soon after she gave me her phone number. I was beat when I got home. I got onto my bed and I replayed the afternoon’s events. I never thought I would enjoy sex with a heavy set woman. I guess I was wrong in that regard. After my cock calms down, I can take Lois up on her offer for more heavy sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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