Mom’s an Arctic Fox

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The Volvo rolled to a stop on the icy forecourt in front of the hotel. The silent cabbie, bundled up in cold-weather gear, looked at Jason in the mirror. Only the man’s eyes were visible above his thermal facemask.

“Can I have a minute?” Jason made a show of hunting around for the fare.

The Lodge, a popular winter resort just outside Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost town, looked inviting, all lit up with Christmas lights. Certainly better than the back of the cab. But he was afraid to go in. Jason was not a tourist. He was nearing the end of a two year secret -actually illegal — search for his birth mother. He had come all the way from New York to find her. He was twenty years old, and neither his adoptive parents back in the States or his birth mother knew he was there. She could be working in reception right now. He just didn’t know.

He paid the cabbie and got out. It was freezing cold. Late afternoon two days after Christmas, and pitch black of course. He took a deep breath of icy air and headed in through the double doors, into the reception area and lounge. It was very quiet. A pretty girl who looked about his age was at the reception desk.

“I’d like to check in,” he said as he unzipped his many layers. She looked up and smiled. He smiled back. She was lovely, with dark hair and high cheekbones, oval blue eyes with a hint of Slav. She was dressed in an elaborately embroidered jacket with a thick sweater underneath. Her name tag said Minna.

“My name’s Jason Thomas.”

“Velcom.” She pecked at the keyboard. “Yust you, ja?” She raised her eyebrows inquisitively.

“Yes. I was booked to travel with a friend, but he broke his ankle last week. So I’m on my own.” This was a big lie of course. She looked sympathetic.

“Vot a shame. Ve vill look after you.” She looked around the reception area. ” You are ze last guest today. Ve are quiet. Busy Christmas. Busy New Year. But not between. Zo I can show you to your room.” She looked at his backpack. “Follow me, please.”

She came around the desk and led him down a long wooden passageway past silent doors, up a flight of creaky stairs, to a room at the side of the hotel. She waved a card at him and pushed it in the slot, opened the door and gestured him inside.

He entered the cabin-like hotel room, much warmer than the reception area had been. He dumped his pack on the bed and started pulling off layers of clothing while she switched on the lights in the bathroom and the main bedroom. She closed the curtains and turned to him. By now he was standing there in his jeans and T-shirt.

She paused, looking at him with interest. “I can open ze bar if you would like a drink after your long journey. From America, ja?” He saw something in her eyes, an unexpected intimacy. He felt it himself. Almost like an old girlfriend he had lost touch with. Not that he had a long list.

“That would be great.”

She looked him up and down once again. “Av a shower and change. Kom down in an hour, ja?”

“It’s a date.” She laughed and left. He looked at the hotel literature to see if the staff names were listed anywhere. No luck.

Two hours later he was on his fifth Helsingborg, propping up the small bar with Minna behind the counter. She was drinking, too. They were the only ones there. He wanted to ask the names of the other resident staff, but could not think of a credible reason to do so. A worrying thought had occurred to him that Minna might be related to his birth mother, but it turned out her surname was Saari. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Saari Is not very Swedish. I am Sami. Laplander people’s. We are different from Swedes. Culture. Religion. Many differences.”

Jason had managed to forget about his mission for the evening. He would have to wait until the morning to hunt down his mother. Tonight was becoming fun. He was a little drunk.

“Tell me about your culture Minna. You have music? Dance? Perhaps you could do a little Lapp-dancing for me?”

Minna frowned, and pointed up at the wall behind her which was festooned with signs and notices. Most of them were in Swedish, but the one she was pointing at was in English: ‘No Lapp-Dancing jokes. By order of The Management.” She smiled at him, then looked above him at the large skylights. Something was happening. She dashed over to the window and looked outside.

“Kom!” He rushed over. Northern Lights. Bright and powerful.

“Go put your outside clothes on. You are only here three days. We never know how long it lasts. Kvikly!”

Ten minutes later he followed her out into the frigid countryside. She led him up a hill to get clear of the trees. The wind on top of the hill above the resort was strong. The temperature was twenty five degrees below freezing.

He was transfixed by the beauty of the green and red moving curtains in the sky. He had never seen anything like it before. But the beer was pressing on his bladder. The exertion and the extreme cold made it urgent he go. He found an isolated tree, while Minna watched the sky, and he unzipped ataşehir escort seemingly endless layers of clothing. At last he found his dick, pulled it out and waited. He wanted to go so badly. After thirty seconds nothing happened and he wondered what was going on.

“Vot are you doink?” He heard Minna shout. She ran over to him and he was embarrassed. She pulled out a flashlight and shone it on his ghost-white dick. No piss. Nothing.

“Usch! Your litel cock will freeze!”

He started to shove it back inside his Arctic pants and suddenly felt a twinge of stabbing pain. She shook her head.

“Take zis and shine it.”

She handed him the flashlight and knelt in front of him, ripped off her face mask and without hesitation took his cock inside her mouth. He felt nothing, and realized she had been right. His cock was near frozen. He could see her mouth working on him but he felt nothing. What was his life going to be like with no dick? His cock had never been inside a woman’s mouth before. This was no way to start.

He could see Minna’s mouth working on his cock but still he could not feel a thing. Then, slowly, he started to get sensation. Pins and needles, quite uncomfortable. He had been trying to pee now for a while and to his horror, just as the pain of the pins and needles reached a crescendo he felt the piss flow down his cock into poor Minna’s mouth. It didn’t just flow, it came out with the power of a fire hose. He watched Minna’s face as her cheeks bulged with his pee in a second.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth, spitting out his piss, and he saw his stream splat onto her face like a kitchen faucet drenching her. She directed his stream onto the ground, still holding his cock in her hand. With her other hand she held her mitten against her face, against the brutal Arctic night.

“Hurry up. Before ve both freeze.”

The pee flow kept his dick unfrozen. When he was done, they bundled up and fled down the mountain. When they reached the Lodge she took him and led him to a large outbuilding.

” Kom into staff quarters. I am not allowed in guests room socially. You understand, ja?”

She pushed open the doors and ran down a corridor to her room. He followed and found himself in a bedroom unlike any other he had ever seen. The walls were covered with tapestries and art, depicting Sami life and culture. A man with a stern face stared down at him from the wall.

“He is our Shaman. Don’t look at him. “

Jason turned to her and took her hands. “I am so, so sorry”

“Not your fault. You did not know. I helped you, yes? I saved your pee-pee.”

“But I peed on your face and in your mouth.”

She shook her head, smiling. “Not important. It helped me. My face gets frostbite like your dick, ja? Your warm pee protected me. See? Everything good…Like reindeer’s pee in a blizzard. Natural and useful.”

“I suppose. Ouch.” He scratched his crotch.

“Ve must check you are ok. Drop your pants.”


Minna reached over, undid his clips and pulled them down. A small blotchy red dick appeared. She bent over and looked at it closely. “Is too early to tell if frostbite. Best to perform functional test.” She reached into her bedside table and pulled out a tube of KY. She pushed him gently so that he sat down on her bed.

He was in shock. This was not what he had come here for. He had come to find his long lost birth mother.

Minna took off her outer jacket, inner jacket, and rolled up the sleeves of her wooly sweater. She slapped some jelly on her hands and grasped his dick. She began to rub, very gently, cooing soft words in what Jason assumed was a Lapp dialect. At first nothing happened. Minna looked up at the Shaman on the wall and spoke to the picture.

Once again, Jason started to feel pins and needles. But this time accompanied by a warm glow as Minna massaged his dick and, surprise, he started to get hard. He was embarrassed. This was not a romantic situation, and Minna seemed to be approaching it more like a friendly nurse.

“Zer is notink to be ashamed about. Vod yoo rader your pee-pee drop off or me nurse it?”

He shook his head. “I’m very grateful.” It was getting bigger, too. She replenished the lotion.

“See how the blood flows through it, warming. I tink it will be fine. But ve haf got zis far. You finish, ja?”

He shook his head, shy. She laughed.

“I make you!” Her head dipped down and took his cock in her mouth. The wet warmth took him by surprise, as her tongue lapped down his shaft. Her head bobbed faster, and she was making sloppy noises as she worked on it. He was hard and ready to burst. Almost without warning he felt the shivers in his balls and spine as his cum rose up into Minna’s welcoming mouth.

“No, Minna,” but there was nothing to be done as he felt his spurts entering her while she held him tightly, refusing to let him withdraw. He felt her swallow, and she pulled him out, sucking him clean with her lips as she did so. She wiped her hand avcılar anal yapan escort across her face and looked at him with bright eyes.

“I zinc you are back to normal. Yor seed pleases me.”

Jason was a bit flummoxed for conversation after this. Or indeed any clue as to what his relationship now was with Minna. Was this normal behavior for receptionists in Swedish Lapland? He couldn’t help thinking the flights might be busier if it were. But he felt a strange closeness to Minna which was obviously returned. He had to get back on mission. But he wanted to see Minna again, other than from the other side of a reception desk.

“Tomorrow evening. Are you free?”

“Ja. I am on training course during day.”

She wiped him off with the Swedish equivalent of wet wipes (Savett) and escorted him back to the main Lodge. He got a peck on the cheek. He found his room and tried to sleep.

His alarm went off at seven, long before the dim twilight that passes for daytime appears in the sky over Kiruna in late December. Trying to put the previous evening out of his mind, he washed, dressed and went down to reception to find out where breakfast was.

He stopped halfway across the reception area. A striking blond middle-aged woman was working behind the desk. She looked like an exceptionally well-preserved member of the Swedish Bikini Team. But her beauty was not what what stopped Jason in mid-stride. He knew instantly that he was looking at his mother.

Taking a deep breath he moved forward to the desk. She looked up at him.

“Can I help you?” Her English was fluent with a slight American accent. She had an air of authority. He knew for sure she was his mom.

He was lost for words. He had thought about this moment for so long. He just wanted to tell her who he was. But that would not be smart. He had no right to track her down. She could have him removed from the hotel and kicked out of the country.

At that moment Minna emerged from a back room and kissed his mom on the cheek.

“God morgen, Mor.”

“Good morning, daughter. Excuse me while I help this guest. What type of herring would you like for breakfast, Mr. Thomas? You could try the Surstrommjng.”

Minna winked at Jason, shook her head, slipped on her coat, and left.

Jason stood there aghast. Last night Minna, apparently his sister, had glugged down his cum. Where did that leave the happy reunion with his mother? His newly-found mom looked around.

“Where’s my daughter gone? Oh, off to her training course. I understand you are alone due to an unfortunate accident. It’s very quiet today, perhaps I can help you with some suggestions? Ice Hotel? Dog-sled? Visit the Iron Mine?” She drummed her fingers on the desk, waiting for an answer.

“How much do they cost? May I ask your name?” he gulped.

“Brigitta Johannson. I am the assistant manager.”

That was exactly right. “Why is your daughter’s name Saari, not Johansson?”

“She chose to take the surname of my mother, a full blooded Lapp. Johansson is my ex-husband’s name, from many years ago. I never bothered to change it.”

Jason realized his mom, Brigitta, was looking at him intently. He felt an immediate closeness to her. But of course he did, he knew she was his mother. He wondered if she felt the same. Her eyes told him yes.

“Perhaps you would enjoy the smoke sauna, yes? You will have it to yourself today.”

“I don’t know how to work it.”

His new-found mom smiled at him. “I will show you. I will light it now, and it will be ready for you by lunchtime.”

After a breakfast of Surstroming in a deserted dining room, Jason had some idea why his cum was so welcome down Minna’s gorgeous throat the previous night. Surstroming turned out to be fermented herring, and the most disgusting thing he had ever eaten. Cum must taste like nectar in comparison.

Back in his room, after brushing his teeth for twenty minutes, he considered his position. He realized now that he could not reveal himself to his mother, at least not anytime soon and perhaps never. A situation that left him close to despair.

At lunchtime, his new mom led him out into the dim light to a collection of connected wooden huts behind the Lodge. He could see thin smoke rising from the building. She pushed open the front door and they entered a wooden cabin with benches along the paneled walls.

“This is where you disrobe,” she gestured to pegs on the wall. “Here, let me show you the sauna.” She pushed open a door and he looked in. He shrank from the heat and strong smoky smell. It was a wooden sauna with tiered benches. There was an iron box open-grated fire filled with glowing log embers.

“The smoke has mostly vented. The embers heat the room and the remainder of the smoke gives a special, ancient feeling to the sauna. Now take your clothes off.”

Jason started to disrobe. His mother watched as he pulled off his jacket and T-shirt, then his pants. Soon he was standing before her in avcılar bdsm escort his jockeys.

“Where are the towels?”

She shook her head. “No towels in the smoke room. We can’t get them clean. They are in the plunge room and showers beyond. Are you shy?”

He just stood there. Without a word his mom started to take her clothes off.

“I can stay. Another staff member is on the desk. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Look, I can do it and I am old enough to be your mother, yes?”

Soon she stood before him in all her naked glory, pivoting around in front of him. Jason was stunned by the sight of her. She did not have a perfect body. But it was curved in all the right places, with full-breasts, a still-narrow waist and shapely voluptuous hips. He was fascinated by her gleaming hairless pussy. He tried not to stare, but failed.

She nodded at his last remaining item of clothing, her hands on her hips. He bent down and removed his briefs, flinging them at a hook. He saw the look of interest in her eyes, now returning his stare, and seemed to focus on his cock. She gestured him to follow her inside the sauna.

It was stiflingly hot and the smoke in the air was strong. She patted a bench near the fire and he sat down, embarrassed by his nakedness as his cock flopped around. He prayed that it continued to flop. She flung a scoop of water on the fire with a ladle and a cloud of smoky steam arose, filling the room and making him cough. She sat down next to him, her leg brushing his, her shoulder touching his.

“Tell me about yourself, young man.”

He was glad of the distraction from her body. For half an hour he told her about himself; parents, college, etc – suitably edited. Now they were both hot and sweating, and the smoke collecting on their bodies ran down their arms and legs in brown rivulets. She seemed unfazed by their nakedness, talking to him as if they were chatting on a train. He started to relax but to his horror discovered that was a bad thing. The dim light coming from the red embers of the fire shone on their bodies. She had not switched on the single electric lamp. A lull in the conversation allowed his gaze to wander over her naked dripping form. She chose that moment to stretch out, her hands clasped behind her head, breasts thrust out, her long legs extended on the wooden floor, her eyes closed in relaxation.

Jasons cock started to perk up, and its shameless head put in an appearance, tentatively wobbling between his sweaty thighs in the dark red light. He looked down at it. She opened her eyes and glanced at him. She must have seen it, but ignored it.

“Have you had many lovers? You remind me of one I had many years ago.”

“No. Not many. No-one right now.” In a moment of decision he stood up, presenting his rear to her in an attempt to hide his shameful condition. He decided on a pretense of inspecting the fire and made his way over to it.

“Don’t get too close.”

He shook his head, “I won’t.”

But looking at the red embers he did not see the full extent of the iron surround, darkest black but very hot. As he bent over from what he thought was a safe distance his cock, unknown to him sticking out horizontally by six inches, touched the metal.

“Ouch! Shit!” He leaped backwards in an instant. His mother leaped to her feet, realizing what had happened.

“Quick, quick, you must obey instructions. Stand still!”

She glugged some water from the ladle and knelt in front of him. She grasped his cock and put it in her mouth. Immediately he felt relief. She squished the water around his cock with her tongue. After a minute or so she pulled it out and inspected him, frowning. Apparently she had swallowed the water.

“How do you feel?”

“I’m OK,” he nodded. He had not been burnt after all. But his cock, after luxuriating in his mother’s mouth, now felt not the slightest shame in standing up. They both looked at it . Jason got the impression his mother was struggling with her emotions. So was he. She turned to him.

“Let’s sit back down. No harm done, yes?”

“Yes.” They both sat down. But now Jason’s cock was inches high, sticking up above his belly.

His mom smiled. “I’m sorry. That’s my fault.”

He just sat there. His embarrassment continued. He was aroused. Not just his cock. But he himself. He didn’t know what to do. His cock was not going to go down. This was his mother. He either had to leave or …

He took the high road. “”I’m sorry, I think I should leave.” He got up to go, his cock clownishly making his words ridiculous.

“Of course, if you wish. It is not necessary, but if you wish…”

He could see in her face that she was hurt. Upset. Perhaps even ashamed of her body, now he was leaving. His fault. It dawned on him that if he walked through that door his mother might very well never want to see him again. Ever. He sat back down.

“I’m sorry. I’m just shy.”

Her face transformed back into warmth. “Please don’t apologize. I can’t leave you like this. It is not our custom. You are a guest.” She looked into his eyes. “I hope we can be friends.”

Jason realized he had a lot to learn about Lapland women.

“What can we do here?” She mused to herself, looking at his erect cock. “I know. Over there on the wall are hanging some herbs. Put some on the fire for me. Be more careful this time.”

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