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Counseling ‘sex with blood relatives’ rearranged

{for those whose vocabulary does not include consanguine (with blood) and concupiscence (fucking)}

Rearranged for easier reading

A mom and son in therapy, is incest insanity?

NOTE: Some folks complained about the recent posting of this narrative writing to me that it was too hard to read. Maybe so. Hence the reorganizing of the multiple plots to make it smoother.

Many years ago there was a porno movie shot which starred Barbara, mother of Jimmy,

She watched this film as the Dr. had directed her to. The italics indicate the present day thoughts and feelings as she views the porn for her homework assigned by the Psychiatrist. Later she and her son watch the final scene where it inspires them to copy the incest action on screen.

PORNO MOVIE SCENE: The mother was drunk. She was a good looking woman with thick dark hair, and pale skin. Thick eyebrows, but the eyes were closed. The door to her bedroom was open. She was lying on her bed nude. A youth, resembling her, knocked on the open door. He called, ‘Mom?’ but got no reply from the unconscious woman. He walked in to the room.

There was an empty liquor bottle and a glass half full of an amber liquid on the table next to the bed. Clearly, she had been drinking, and passed out. The young man looked at her middle age body, still attractive, legs akimbo, breasts with small brown nipples. He called out softly, as if afraid to wake her, but to check to see if she was at all aware of anything. She stirred but did not awake. He rubbed his crotch.

The ‘son’, or rather the actor in that role, sat on the bed, next to actress in the ‘mother’ part. He hesitated, then reached out and gently touched the woman’s small but pert tits. He grew bolder and began to grasp them and to pluck at the nipples, which grew erect. The youth undid his belt, button and zipper, so that he was able to fist his member, as he bent, and sucked on the exposed bosom. He placed a hand down on her pubic hair.

The lady did not react to any of this, she was still ‘unconscious’. The ‘son’ discovered the slit of his ‘mother’, and began to rub his middle finger on that slot. With no waking, or resistance from the female, the youngster quickly divested his clothing, and lay next to her. Then played with himself, and he orally explored her body, from mammeries to bush. He spread her legs, and inserted the middle finger into the damp vagina. The digit went in and out, several times.

His mouth made a meaningful munching on her clitoris. She was spreading her legs even more now, her eyes continued to be shut, but her mouth parted, and she uttered a little moan. The son maneuvered himself, so that he could kiss her lips, and guide his cock to her pussy. He said, “I love you mommy” and pushed in, entering her with his hard-on. Her legs had gone wide, to accommodate his slender hips that moved, to send him into her repeatedly.

Suddenly, she did awake and tried to dislodge him, but it was too late. He was by that time in the midst of his climax, the rutting frenzy in full fury. As he began to cum, she too, was overwhelmed with passion, and came. As their peaks subsided, there was another close up of their genitals; the penis shrank, slipped out of her hole. The fluids of their sexual encounter dribbled out of her. There had been no ‘money-shot’.

The ‘son’ slipped off, then out of the room. The ‘mother’ turned to the table, grabbed the half-full glass, and downed it in one gulp, then turned to bury her face in the pillow, and burst into tears. The crying seemed very real, or she was a damn fine actress. The scene dissolved.

ANOTHER MOVIE SCENE in the same film – midway through: The ‘mother’ and ‘son’ sat at the kitchen table. The ‘son’ had a beer, ‘mom’ had her whiskey, and the bottle was half gone. The ‘son’ spoke tenderly. “Come on mom, I’ll help you to bed, you’ve had a rough day.”

“Your father cheated on me, the no good bastard, is it any wonder I drink? I get so lonely and frustrated, is it any wonder I like my whiskey? I got a shitty job waiting tables, and lousy tippers, on my feet all day; is it any wonder I sit here, and get sloshed?”

“Come on mom, leave the bottle, I’ll help you get ready for bed. You need to sleep.”

“Okay, but I can walk.” She staggered a little, and her ‘son’ caught her. With one arm around her, he steadies her, as they make their way to her bedroom. Once they he deposits her on the mattress. She lies back, as he takes off her shoes. Then he helps her to sit as he unbuttons her blouse. She makes a poor attempt to undo the sleeves and he does those as well, and then takes off her top. Her lacy bra cups the two small, but firm boobs. He unzips the skirt’s side and gets her to stand for the moment, to let the garment fall to the floor. No slip, so now she is only in her bra and panties.

As Barbara watched in her robe on the davenport, and in nothing else. She has not taken a note, bahis firmaları she just sits; her right hand is playing with her nipples, as she watches. She remembers what happens next, but it is like seeing it for the first time. She begins to understand the point of her homework. She is aroused, but she does not see the man on the screen. In her mind’s eye, it is Jimmy, Jim at eighteen.

On the flickering flat screen TV the woman reaches up, and caresses the face of the youth. He looks much younger than his twenty-one years. That is why he was cast. He looks like he could be her son, which also was involved in choosing the pair of them for the roles. The mother kisses him on the lips and whispers. “You took me, when I had no defenses, last time. I didn’t even know what was happening, until the very end.”

“I’m so sorry, mom. I couldn’t help it. You looked so beautiful and sexy there on the bed. I just had to look, and then try to touch you, and then I got carried away. Please forgive me. But you did like it, when you woke up, didn’t you? You came with me didn’t you? You didn’t tell dad, or kick me out of the house, or kick my ass. You needed it, didn’t you? You wanted me, didn’t you?”

“You think I’m really beautiful? You think I’m sexy? Really?”

“Yeah, mom you are beautiful and sexy. And I would love to make you feel good again.” He reaches around and unsnaps her bra. Kneeling down before her, his lips go to his mother’s small brown nipples, erect and pointed. She is breathing hard at his nibbling.

Barbara slips her robe off. She is nude on the couch. Jim is out, and won’t be back until late. She can do what she wants, as her on-screen-self is doing what her ‘son’ likes.

“Lift up, mom, let’s get the panties off.” The ‘son’ is directing the ‘mother’ to lift her hips. As she is naked before his eyes, he puts his hands to her buns and his face to her crotch. She moans as he goes down on her.

“Baby, we did it once, it was wrong, but it did feel so nice. And now you are making me crazy again, with lust. We shouldn’t do this, but I can’t help myself. Ah! Like that! Right there!”

Barb had her finger on her clit, mesmerized by the erotic view, the sensuous stimulation that mimics the action, the emotions of the moment which are rising in her body.

“Mom I love you. Dad’s a shit to treat you like that. Let him fuck his secretary, I’ll make love to you, and bring you even more pleasure than he ever did. Just let me do it, to show how much I am your man now!”

“No baby, not that, we can’t. It would be incest, sinful! That would be such a wrong thing for a mother to do with her son. You’re my boy. How could I do such a naughty thing with my little boy?”

“I’m not a little boy any longer, mom.” The ‘son’ stripped off his tee-shirt and sports shorts. Now he was as nude as she. He was erect and quite mature, with hairy sacks, and curly pubic hair to spare.

“We’ll go to hell for this, but it will be heaven getting there. I don’t care anymore, I want you too, son. Make mother your woman, Darling. Make love to your mother, and make me cum. Cum in me, baby, fuck me now!” She rolled back on the bed, lifting her legs, and the young man took his cock, placing it right at the entrance of his mother’s cunt.

“I love you, Mom!” he proclaimed loudly as he entered her slick and steaming hot pussy.

“I love you too, Baby!” she cried thrusting her flesh to meet his hard veined cock.

“I love you too, Jimmy!” Cried Barbara, as her on-screen-self fucked. She stabbed her two fingers in her pussy, and climaxed in big contractions. Waves of convulsions over took her body. Her face was drenched in sweat, and her mind was filled with fear and clarity, from the revelation she had shouted. She didn’t need to write any notes, to share. But she would write her honest confession. She wondered how this could all turn out well. It was hell, this way. Perhaps the Dr. knew the way to get to heaven.

LAST SCENE FROM PORN FILM: The ‘son’ sat on the living room couch, he was in jockey shorts. ‘Mother’ entered. She was dressed in a robe, partly open to reveal a gauzy nightgown, and spoke to him. “Do you know what day this is sweetheart?”

“What day, mom?”

“It’s been one month now, without a drop of booze, thanks to your love and help.”

“That’s great mom, I’m so glad you sobered up, you seem much happier now.”

“I’ve not had one drink, since that day you showed me how much you truly love me.”

“Uh . . Yeah, I’m sorry that I took advantage of you and fucked you, I just couldn’t help myself. You do forgive me don’t you? I promised that I would never do it again. I kept my promise, and you kept yours to give up drinking. So, I guess . . we are both . . happier. – – right?”

“You don’t sound too happy, Baby.”

“I am . . sure I am . . I’m happy that your sober and that you kicked dad out, the shit. That we don’t have the conflicts and arguments and stuff, like when you were drunk and a . . forgive me, but a bitch.”

“Oh! kaçak iddaa I was, I was a royal bitch, and a drunk, and miserable, and stupid to put up with your bastard father for so long. But that has all changed. All except one thing.”

“What, mom, what else can I do, to make you happy I want you to be happy, I love you mom.”

“Why the one thing that hasn’t changed, since that night, a month ago is this . .”

The Psychiatrist from “The Mommy Dreams Case File” has two new patients.

The Dr. answered the door, to the couple that had answered his advertisement. There before him, stood a handsome pair. Both had thick dark hair and heavy eyebrows, offset by a pale skin and striking blue eyes made clear their genetic connection. Mother and son, they had come to seek his counseling, to explore in therapy the dynamics of their relationship. They were having troubles, issues, stresses; all stemming from incestuous tensions.

He had become something of an expert in the field of mother/son sex. This was due to his first client/patient, whom he had treated in this area. That person had provided both the monetary means, and the impetus of his interest in the subject. But while he did not need to be paid for his services, now being fabulously wealthy, he did want to have subjects to work with. Where do you find such?

He had hit upon the notion of making contact with potential prospects, through websites where there were people interested in sharing of their true incest experiences. The two who now entered, were brought to him that way. He had chosen them after much winnowing of chaff, as real and actual persons who were truly in need of his counseling. In fact, they did not claim to have engaged in incest, but rather, that the desire of the son for the mother was creating a serious disruption in their lives.

“Barbara, James, please come in and make yourselves comfortable.” The two entered and significantly took the opposing ends of the couch that were opposite the psychiatrist easy chair in the wood paneled office. The other items were a broad couch, and a single leather desk chair. No desk, that was in another office. There was a large, flat screen TV and several tables for refreshments and tissue boxes were handy. Also, a refrigerator and several appliances in a nook for food preparations, if needed.

“Now, as I understand, from our initial correspondence by email, the two of you are having issues of sexual tensions, between you?”

“First,” Barbara spoke, “I want to understand what this costs, up front.”

“Right,” the Dr. nodded. “Nothing. I am privately funded. All services, along with any other expenses, are entirely free.”

“Everything is strictly confidential, nothing goes past these walls?” She was intensely looking at the psychiatrist.

“Completely confidential, between us three, but I do record for my notes and study purposes. But I am the only one who hears or sees anything of that nature.”

“Okay, I read your proposal, but I wanted to double check. I had . . a bad incident with private things becoming public, once before.”

“That won’t happen here, I can assure you. Now tell me — either James, or Barbara. Why are you here? I know what your wrote, but it is best that you state it out loud now. To begin our sessions.”

“My son wants to have sex with me.”

“Okay, that seemed to be part of what you indicated. But there is stress in the relationship, because of this. Right?”

“It’s not proper, for him to have those feelings, and make me so uncomfortable.”

“It might not be proper behavior, but it is not so uncommon a desire. All boys go through an oedipal stage in their development. A small percentage, do not have that stage maturely passed. Or some revert to it, for some reason, later in life; typically in their early twenties.”

“He’s had the hots for me since he was eighteen. That’s going on for five years, now.” Barbara was clearly frustrated, from the sound of her tones.

“Is that true, James?”

“Call me Jim. Yeah, I guess.” Not very talkative yet.

“Has there been any counseling before you contacted me?”

“No, it’s embarrassing, and there was no need to before. But lately he has . . been acting . . been actively pursuing his campaign to get me to allow him to — do what he wants.”

“Why is that, Jim?”

“Because she is sending signals that she wants it. She wants me to seduce her.”

“I don’t, that would be incest, sinful. A rotten thing for a mother to do to her son. I don’t want to make love with you! You’re my boy, how could I think such nasty thoughts? If I did, then I ought to go to Hell, and be tortured!”

The Dr. studied the woman for a long moment. It was a rather strong statement, and she was quite vehement, but her words indicated a reaction to more than Jim’s words. What was behind her outburst? Jim calmly sat there, and had made a rather of fact statement, without much emotionality. “Jim what sorts of things does your mother do, which kaçak bahis seem to be signals you are interpreting as desire on her part, to couple with you?”

“Well, she is always walking about the house in her underwear.”

“I understand that might be provocative possibly, but many folks are casual in their own homes, about their state of undress. It doesn’t necessarily have any sexual meaning, attached to their relaxed dress codes. Is this something that is new?”

“No, but there is something different, lately. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just know.”

“You better not lay even a finger on me, young man! Or you will suffer the consequences!”

Again a strong over-reaction. But something seemed to strike a chord of memory. “Barbara, do I perhaps . .”

“Just Barb, will do.”

“Okay, Barb, how do you seem in some way familiar to me? Have we met, perhaps sometime and somewhere else before?”

“Uh . . . I am an actress, maybe you saw the show I was in.” She looked uncomfortable for some reason.

“Perhaps, what was it I might have seen?”

“Mom was in . .”

“James! Let me tell.” Again, agitation, “I was in a soap-opera for a few years. ‘Candlewood By Moonlight’, it was a cable production.”

“Oh, okay, that doesn’t ring a bell, but perhaps I caught an episode or two somehow and just don’t have a memory about it. Was there anything else I might have seen?”

“Unlikely, that was my biggest part up to now.”

“Let’s move on to Jim’s behavior. What has he done, that makes you so uncomfortable. Jim, you’ll get a turn to talk in a little while, but let your mother answer the questions for now. Barb, what does your son do, that upsets you?”

“Well, to begin with, he always has a hard-on around me. And he wears just his jockeys, you can clearly see the long hard muscle underneath, and that he has a big set of balls. His stomach is flat, and his buns are tight. And he’s in great shape, handsome and sexy. He definitely is flaunting it in front of me, being tempting, and it’s obvious that he wants to lay me on my bed, and ravage me until . . .” She broke off. “Uh . . I mean, he is rather bold in his appearance, whenever I am around.”

She was providing too much information. Speaking more about her own feelings, and impressions, and desires, than just about what Jim was showing as beefcake. “What if you both agreed to dress more like you were in public, than private, would that begin to help?”

“No, I still would know he wanted to get into my pants.”


“No, because I still think she would like me to seduce her.” Impasse.

“Is there anything that I should know about, that happened in the past that has a direct bearing on all this stress? Something that is making for your conflict?” They look at each other, bingo! An educated guess, but something was indicated in the emails about an earlier incident.

“Mom, I’ll tell, okay?’ Barbara looked doubtful, but nodded her acquiescence. “I tried to rape my mother once.”

“That’s not quite right; it wasn’t rape, like he was forcing me against my will. Rather he tried to take advantage of me while I was asleep . .”

“You were drunk and mostly unconscious.”

“Yes, but I knew enough of what you were doing, and I finally put an end to it.”

“But, you let me get on to you, and start to put it in . .”

“Slow down you two, and one at a time. Barb, you agreed to let Jim share now, so let’s let him talk. Jim?”

“Okay, one time, when I was eighteen, mom was drunk and she went to sleep on her bed, passed out really. But she was naked, like in . . . well she was nude, and I sort of thought that it was just like. . uh . . a . . fantasy of mine. So I got naked too, and went into to her bedroom. I got on the bed and climbed on top of her. I sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy to make sure she was wet. I asked if she wanted me to screw her and she said yes, so I started to put it in. But then she became fully awake and said ‘NO! NO!, I mustn’t let you. Don’t!’ And pushed me off. I ran out of there sure I was going to catch hell for trying to have sex with her.”

“And did you?”

“No, she just said we couldn’t do that, no matter what we wanted. Just to forget it ever happened, and not to try it again. Since that night she doesn’t drink that much anymore. I haven’t done anything like that again, but I still wish we had gone all the way, and I hope that she will change her mind eventually. I think she is having second thoughts, and I think she does want to have sex with me.”

“Barb, is that what happened?”

“Yes, that’s the full story.” The Doctor wondered if it quite was, there was something going on under the surface with her. The son was bold enough to try that ploy for some reason. It wasn’t just out of the blue. “Barb, is Jim reporting your words, accurately?

“Pretty much.”

“And you have stopped drinking now?”

“That convinced me I had to get a handle on the problem. I drink very little now. And I lost weight since, so that’s was a good thing. In fact, that got me the part on ‘Candlewood’.”

“What part did you play, if I rent the DVD?”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that. It was a small role.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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