Mom Lights Up Ch. 03

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The following story is true, I’ve changed the names in order to protect my privacy, but the rest of the story is as close the exactly what happened as I can remember. If you are offended by pornography, erotic literature, or intestinal relationships, please stop reading now, if not, enjoy the story, and let me know what you thought, especially if you’ve ever experienced anything similar.


You might think that when a mother and son become lovers there would be complications but Mark and I had settled into our new lifestyle with ease. It has just felt right. We are lovers not a couple. I know he should and will date girls and he doesn’t expect me to be faithful to him either. All in all I feel it’s worked out very well. I guess we’ve become more like friends that fuck than mother and son, and that’s not a bad thing.

About a month after we had first smoked pot together and became lovers, Mark had a couple of his friends over the house for an evening. This was not anything out of the ordinary. The three of them are the best of friends. They hang out with one another as much as they can; you know how teenagers are I’m sure. Usually they hang out at Randy’s house, his parents are loaded to the gills and they have all the things guys think are cool, a huge television, video games, the best stereo in town, it goes on and on. But this night Randy’s folks were hosting a dinner party so the boys were hanging out at my house.

I’ve known Randy for years; he is such a pleasant young man, not to mention as cute as a button. The other friend John, I haven’t known for as long; he transferred to Mark’s school when they were sophomores and the three boys just hit it off instantly. He’s a very tall boy, was star of the basketball team in high school, and was definitely the class clown.

I was pretty much leaving the guys alone. Just hung out in the kitchen for a while cleaning then left them enjoy family room and watched TV in the living room. I stayed there till I smelled that lovely aroma of pot being smoked. I went into the family room and joined the boys for a while; I saw no reason to let them have all the bud.

Mark had told them that I smoked weed but I could tell that Randy and John were a little uncomfortable at first. They seemed to relax though as soon as I took my first hit from the bong. I didn’t intend to invade their privacy for too long, but you know how it is when you’re buzzing. You just sort of zone in and out. So I’m not sure how long I joined them, but think it was about an hour or so.

I finally decided I should leave them alone, but told them I’d pop them some popcorn before I went back to the movie I had had been watching. Mark followed to into the kitchen to help. While we were alone in the kitchen he put his arms around me and gave me a nice big kiss. “I love you Mom, thanks for being so cool.” He said. I told him to knock it off; I love him too but didn’t want his buddies catching us. “Just plan on giving me a good fucking after they leave.” I told him.

We carried the popcorn and some drinks into the family room and I was going to head back to the living room to enjoy bahis firmaları my buzz but the boys wanted me to stay. They wanted to play cards but said that you can’t play with three; four makes a better game. I like Mark’s friends so figured what the hell why not, as long as they were sure I wasn’t interfering with anything. They assured me I wasn’t so we got down to playing some not so serious hearts.

We played cards and smoked more pot till we were all too high to really pay much attention to the game. John being the jokester that he is suggested we play some truth or dare after we gave up on the cards. I wasn’t all that sure that we should but they just started playing anyhow. Mark said “ok hot shot, this was your idea so truth or dare?”

John chose truth and Mark asked him if he’d ever gotten into Melissa’s pants. (Melissa is his new girlfriend) and John gave us an honest answer and told us no, but hoped to soon.

It was then John’s turn to ask and he picked Randy. He asked truth or dare and Randy chose dare. John thought it over and said, “Ok, I dare you to show us your tattoo.” I didn’t even know Randy had one, and quickly found out why. He had to moon us to show it to us. He has a rose on his right butt cheek. We got a real howl out of his showing it to us.

Randy zipped back up and declared it was his turn. He chose Mark. I think they were scared to pick me. Mark chose truth and Randy asked him when was the last time he had gotten laid. I felt just a little nervous at that point but Mark said last night, and I felt relief. He had been out with his girlfriend the previous night.

It was then his turn to ask and I chose dare. I just figured what the hell, he won’t ask me to do anything too bad. He said, “Ok Mom, I dare you to give Randy and John each a kiss.” Of course I protested but we were into the game and everyone else played by the rules so I had to as well. I’m not going to get real descriptive about the kisses, don’t kid yourself; there was nothing sexual about either of them, I assure you. I got it over with quickly. Maybe the boys hoped for more, but I just wanted to fulfill my obligation.

It was now my turn to ask and John’s turn to choose. He chose dare. I thought it over for a second or two and said, “I dare you to show us your dick.” I couldn’t even believe I said it. The words just came out; I really hadn’t even thought it over. I guess I just got caught up in the game.

John was very hesitant, but the other two said he had to. John turned his back and dropped his pants. We all told him to hurry up and turn around. When he did I got a pleasant surprise, his cock was long and nice, not as thick as Mark’s but still very nice, and he was partially aroused. Not hard as a rock but obviously excited. He tried to make it quick but Randy grabbed at his pants so he couldn’t get them up so we all got a good look.

When he finally got to put his pull his pants back on, he said he’d get his revenge. We were pretty confused as to whose turn it was by then so he picked Randy. “Truth or dare?” he asked and Randy chose truth. Probably was the only safe choice at that kaçak iddaa point.

John gave it said thought and then asked, “Have you ever fantasized about another guy?” Randy was a little pissed by the question, he hem hawed around it at first, pointing out that they knew he wasn’t a “fag”. John said that wasn’t what he asked; he asked if he’d ever fantasized about it. “Ok” Randy said, “yes I’ve fantasized about it, but I’d never actually do it.”

Now it was Randy’s turn to ask and Mark chose dare. Randy then dared him to take off his clothes and give me a hug. Mark wasn’t about to tell them about us so he gave a big protest. “Come on Mark, rules are rules.” Randy said. And that point Mark had no choice but to comply; so he stripped and came over and gave me a big hug. Just for effect I reached behind him and squeezed his ass. John and Randy got a big howl out of that.

When Mark released me he had a major boner going and he didn’t try and hide it, and he didn’t get dressed either. He just sat down and kind of covered up with a pillow. Then he pointed out that it was my turn and I chose truth. He gave it a little thought and said “Do you like seeing guys masturbating?”

Of course he already knew the answer to that but Randy and John obviously didn’t. I was a little hesitant to tell the truth but knew I couldn’t lie. “Yes” I said, “It’s pretty sexy to see a guy do that.” Mark then uncovered himself and started to stroke. I of course couldn’t take my eyes off of it; I absolutely love watching him jack off. At that point you could have cut the silence with a knife.

Mark kept stroking but reminded me that it was my turn to ask. So I asked John if he wanted truth or dare and he chose truth. I was a little disappointed because I was going to dare him to jack off too. So I thought for a moment and asked him “Have you ever jacked off with a buddy before and if not would you like to?” he wanted to know if I meant I wanted him to, I told him, “that’s not what I asked, I asked if you have and if not do you want to.”

He said that no he never had it might be cool. So I told him, “well Mark is stroking his, why not join him?” He seemed a bit unsure about it, and I wasn’t so sure he would.

Mark then said, “go ahead man, get your cock out and enjoy, she doesn’t mind.”

He told Randy that he should too and both boys scrambled to get naked. I told them all to sit on the couch together; it was hot to see three best buddies stroking their cocks together. At that pint Mark said, “Hey Mom, why don’t you show us your pussy, we’d sure love to see it.”

I told them I would with one condition and they begged to know what it was. I said I have one more dare and if one of them would do it I’d take off all my clothes. They of course wanted to know what the dare was and I told them that something said earlier has my curiosity up. I want to see them jack one another off.

They were extremely reluctant to do this for me, and I told them that it was ok, they didn’t have to but I wasn’t going to take off a damned thing unless some one touched someone else’s cock. At that point John said to Randy, kaçak bahis “Just stroke my cock Randy, you said you fantasized about it, come on, nobody here is going to tell anyone.”

Randy was more than just a little unsure of himself but he tentatively reached out and took a hold of John’s cock. “That’s it Randy” I said, “Go ahead, stroke it, feel it, touch it, enjoy yourself honey.” Once he touched it, he seemed to like it. He then reached out and grasped Mark’s cock as well.

I told him to keep stroking those cocks while I took my clothes off. He had earned it. I took them off slowly and Randy never stopped jacking the other two while they watched. Once all my clothes were gone I stepped up to the three of them and pushed Randy down on his knees and forced his face right into my pussy.

It felt so good that I actually climaxed right away.

I let him eat me till I couldn’t stand it any longer and then pushed him down on the floor and mounted him. His cock isn’t nearly as big as Mark’s but it sure felt good. I was so wet and turned on that it simply slid right in.

Mark and John then both brought their cocks to my mouth and I took turns sucking and licking them as I fucked Randy. I felt so nasty in such a good way and when John said, “This is wildest thing of all time.” That just made it even hotter for me. I can’t explain it but I just love going over the edge, it’s just so sexy to me.

I then told John that is was about to get even wilder; I wanted him to fuck my ass while I rode Randy. Mark got him some lube and proceeded to get my ass ready for him. He then spread my cheeks for me while John guided his cock slowly into my tight ass.

Mark then put his cock back in my mouth and I felt so truly filled at that moment. Every hole being used just they way they were meant to be, filled with long hard fat cock. I have never felt so slutty in my entire life as I did at that moment. Here I was sucking my son’s cock while his friends were fucking me. I started to tremble as I felt a very powerful orgasm well up inside of me.

My orgasm seemed to spur on the boys and they were all fucking me with wild abandon. Randy was the first to reach a climax; I could feel his cock pulsing inside of my pussy as he spewed his load inside of me. John then declared that he was about to cum and pulled out and shot his load all over my ass. Just have to say I loved that.

I then concentrated on making Mark cum. I was on my knees in front of him and doing my best to suck his sweet load out of him. I then realized that Randy had knelt beside me and I took my mouth off of Mark’s dick and offered it to him. Randy hesitated for a second and I said, “Go ahead baby, you’ll love it.” And he opened his mouth and I guided it in.

Mark just said, “Oh sweet Jesus he’s good!” and almost immediately came in Randy’s mouth and he greedily swallowed it all. I fingered my pussy as I watch this and climaxed again as I watched. It was so fucking hot watching them enjoy one another like that. I love that pot makes you feel so free to explore your desires.

I looked at my three sweet naked lovers and said, “Maybe somebody better pack a bowl, I think we need to keep our buzz going before we fuck some more.” And they about tripped over each other trying to get to the bag.


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