Mom Ch. 1

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My Mother, Rheba Masters has been a widow for three years. My Father died in an auto accident and neither of us were too upset when this happened. However I’ll give his this he left us well off.

My mother is a fine looking lady and she will turn a few heads when ever we go to the beach, her bikini is well filled out. I can see this and so can any male with eyes. However, Mom don’t see it nor does she think in those terms. Since I have been old enough to understand the word sexy, I have thought of my mother as a sexy lady. But she just don’t think of her self in that way. She dresses to suite her self, not to impress anyone else. But to me she always looks sexy. She has great legs as she is a tall woman and her legs are long and slim as is the rest of her fine body except her tits. They are round, high and very firm their size makes her look as if she will topple over and they make guys gasp in respect. She has often walked around her room naked or half naked with the door half open. She simply does not think about how she can be a great sex symbol. I am not one prone to masturbate however, I have a few times thinking about my own mother. I know that most people would think this weird, but on the other hand from what I have read most young boys do think of their mother as their first sexual experience. I guess this is normal or so I have read. Going beyond thinking and really trying to have sex with your mother is incest and in most states that is illegal. So I think of my mother only in a sexy way as a way of getting my self worked up for the girl next door with whom I have sex about once a week.

We are both eighteen, horny and use sex as a way of having fun and getting our jollies. Hope is her name and she is really a lovely girl but I don’t feel any love for her nor she for me, but we are fine having sex together is fun and one hell of a good way to release all the frustration young people feel. What we know we have learned from xxx videos and magazines. So maybe we are not experts, but we are trying.

As for myself I am no super stud, just average bahis firmaları and this seem to be OK with Hope. Hope has learned to give me great head and she loves the taste of me sperm. I also have learned that oral sex is fun. I also find the taste of her pussy is kind of like dope, it can be addicting.

So now here is where this fun sex turned into a lot more. Hope’s mother was at the market one afternoon. I know it takes her a good hour or more to shop so I went over and in just a few minutes Hope and I were fucking our brains out. I had her on her bed on all fours while I was behind her doing her doggie style. Hope had small pointed tits and I like them So I was kind of looking over her back at the mirror on her dresser so I could see her fine little tits bouncing. As I did this I happen to look out the window which happen to face my house. There was my mother standing in the window in my room looking at the two of us. I could tell her could see yet for some reason she did not seen to notice or was in some kind of trance, she was just standing there still as a rock. Her arms down at her sides and just looking. Maybe she could not see, maybe the sun was hitting the window or something. I was too close to cumming so I did not stop. Besides if Mom saw us already there was no reason to stop. Besides Hope was making those little throaty sounds I like to hear just before she climaxes. Hope let out a low groan and pushed back into me. I pushed forward and joined her with my climax. For a few seconds we jerking and slamming together and then it was all over. I fell over her plump little ass and Hope fell flat on the bed.

I got up after a few minutes and got dressed. Hope got up and headed for the shower. I left and went home. Mom was not in my room when I got there. I showered and dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. I found Mom, out by the pool in her bikini resting in the shade with a glass of something on a table next to her. I dove in the pool and did a few laps before I got out and sat on the lounge next to Mom. I did not say anything just laid back and kaçak iddaa waited. It seemed like a long time, but she took a drink and ask “How long has that been going on?”

My eyes were closed and I thought maybe hers were too as she had laid back.

“Mom, I, well, we well, about four months.”

“Howard,” She never calls me Howard unless I am in deep shit. So I guess I was in for it. “what are you doing to keep her from having your baby?”

“Hope told me she is no the pill plus we have more oral sex then regular sex.”

Mom sat up just enough to look over at me. I was keeping one eye open on her to see her reaction to that last statement.

“What on earth do you kids know about oral sex or any sex for that matter?”

“Mom, this is not the age you grew up in, today they teach sex in school, we all know about sex and as far as Hope and I, we have watched a lot of videos the XXX kind. Some we got from her parents and a few I found in our garage where you put dad’s junk after he died.”

“Howard, I want you to stop doing that with Hope, You are too young for sex and if she should get pregnant your too young to raise a family.”

Mom, that will be hard to do, after all I am horny all the time and I don’t want to masturbate. Beside Hope and I are not in love we just like sex.”

“Well if you insist on having sex have safe sex, use a condom. I guess oral sex is best if you both like that.”

I sat up and turned toward my Mother and looked at her, she did not sound mad any more. She must have thought it over and realized that kids our age do have sex. I sat there with a hard on that was easy to see. Mom looked at me and I saw her eyes drop to my crotch. Her eyes came up to mind. She started to say something, but I stood and my hard on really showed now. My trunks were sticking out right in front of her face.

Mom started to stand up and was not balanced so she reached out and grabbed my cock. I don’t know if she did it on purpose or not but to me it felt good and to her it must have surprised her because she said, ‘ Oh, kaçak bahis my god, it so hard.” She continued to hold on to my cock and it started to throb and jerk in her hand. She released her grip and tighten it again. Then to my surprise she pulled on it and pushed back a few times she was somewhere else in time. Remembering days gone by. Mom was having a flash back of some kind. I loved it. With out thinking I reached down and cupped her head at the back of her neck and pulled her face forward till her cheek was pressed to my hard cock. I looked and saw her eyes were closed. I reached down and eased her hand off my cock just long enough to pull my trunks aside and place her hand on my stiff cock. Her fingers circled my cock and it felt so good, much better than when Hope dose it. Again I pulled her face to my cock, she opened her mouth and half my cock slipped into my Mother’s mouth. I went crazy, it was so god and a dream I had many times was coming true. I worked my hips forward then back, she allowed my cock to touch the back of her throat. I was fucking my mother’s mouth. My Mother the cock sucker. Wow, this was really cool. Mom was making little sounds kind of like a cat purring.

In a very low voice I said, “Suck it, suck my cock, let me cum in your mouth. Can I cum in your mouth?” she did not respond, but kind of rolled her mouth around my cock twisting the head in her mouth. I took that as a yes and when a few second later I felt cum pumping up from my balls I did not try to slow it down.

I felt cum spurting out, I drove my cock to the back of Mom’s throat and filled her mouth with cum. She cupped my balls with one hand and the other was milking my cock and she was sucking cum out as fast as I could shoot it into her mouth. She pulled my cock from her mouth and cum dribbled out and down her chin. She rubbed the head around her face spreading cum every where. Mom was loving this and I did not want to mess it up so I let her have her moment.

It was a few minutes later when she stopped and stood up. She kissed me on the cheek with her cum wet lips. With out a word she walked in to the house. My cock went limp then and I followed. I went to my room and showered. I was not sure what to do next so I waited to see what Mom would after such a wild incestuous trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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