Mom and I Revelations

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Note: This continues the story begun in “Mom and I Get Even” and “Mom and I Just Us”…


I woke to my cellphone alarm at 7:00, with Mom draped over my left side, her breasts warm against my side, her left knee thrown over mine. I would have loved to snuggle with her, all day. Unfortunately, my bladder was calling me to get up. I eased myself free of her and made my way to the hallway bathroom. No sooner was I finished than Mom rushed into the bathroom for the same purpose.

I gave her a quick kiss while she peed. “Good morning, Mom. How can I help today?”

“We showered last night, so how about you run downstairs to start some coffee while I get dressed, then you can come back up. I’ve got to prepare the stuffing, get the turkey out of the brine, stuffed and in the oven by about 9 AM, then start in on vegetables and side dishes, so we can eat around 2 or 3.”

We had just put the turkey into the oven and I was helping Mom with peeling and cutting vegetables, when Dad returned home, with Jilly and Jessica arriving with him. Jilly looked much the same as I remembered, but Jessica had only been 15 when we had last seen each other, having attended different schools in the area. Born just two days after me, we’d felt as close as twins when we were younger. Cute as a teen, she had become a beautiful young woman, sharing her Mom’s auburn hair and a physique that vaguely reminded me of Angie’s.

Dad seemed unusually quiet as he walked up to Mom and whispered to her. I saw Mom’s eyes go wide for a moment, then Dad turned to me and said, “Take a seat, Derek. Something’s… ummm… come up.”

“Okay…” I said, moving to the living room couch. What was this about?

Jessica plopped into the seat next to me, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Missed you,” then settled back. Jilly sat on the other side of Jessica, also pretty quiet.

Mom and Dad took the love seat adjacent to me, then Dad asked, “Derek, did you do one of those ancestry DNA tests recently?”

I answered, “Yeah, about two months ago. I haven’t received the results yet. Angie’s dad Jake was adopted, so he knew nothing about his ancestry. As a Father’s Day gift, Angie bought a bunch of those tests, got her Dad to take the first one. He’s apparently found out who his father is, based on that. She also handed some out to relatives on her mom’s side of the family, to establish a baseline for understanding the results. She had one left over and gave it to me the night before I went back to campus and I forgot to take it until the beginning of October.”

Jessica turned to me and said, “I’m one of those relatives Angie gave a test, Derek. She and I are second cousins. At least, we’re supposed to be second cousins. We realized during a class we had together during freshman year of college that my Grandma Hannah Tirman and Angie’s maternal grandmother Rose Simpson are sisters. She gave me one of the tests when she started the search for her Dad’s relatives. When my results came back, it identified a few relatives but I didn’t recognize any of the names, neither did Angie. However, she had the expected matches that should have been our shared relatives, but I wasn’t listed among them. I chalked it up to my test being botched somehow and didn’t retest.”

“What does that have to do with my test?” I asked.

“This morning, I got an email that I had new matches. You are listed as a match, along with one of my mom’s cousins, who had done the test independently. You and I have 24.8 percent genetic commonality. That level indicates an aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, double cousin or… half-sibling.”

“You… you… think you’re my half-sister? How?”

Jessica smiled. “The usual way. Our parents started swapping well before we were born, Derek. I’ve known about that for a while now.”

“I just found out a couple of days ago,” I said. “Along with finding out about your mom’s club.”

Jessica said, “Okay, so both men had sexual contact with both women, so it’s possible either of them could be our shared father. Given my lack of matches to Angie’s family, I’m thinking it’s probably Stan.”

I was so shocked, I barely noticed how quiet my parents were being about this news.

Jilly said, “Looking back, your parents were trying to conceive you and I had just stopped taking the pill, but wasn’t planning to actively pursue conception until the next month. Stan was taking his condom off to enter Marcy and ejaculate in her, while Sam was using condoms in both of us. Where we possibly screwed up was that Sam wasn’t changing condoms after being inside Marcy before entering me, unless he came in it. It would have been possible for Stan’s sperm to transfer from Marcy to me on the outside of his condom. At the club now, we have warnings posted next to the condom supplies about using the same condom in consecutive partners, for STD prevention, but enough members opt to take the risk to go bareback that I should probably add a pregnancy warning, too. bahis firmaları Just so you know, you and Angie will be considered guests and will need to use them. You need to present a clean STD test to become members.”

Jessica nodded, then said, “However the pregnancy happened, the question now is to confirm which man is our shared dad. We need you to log in and see whether the site has any other matches for you that could confirm or deny that.”

“Ummm, let me grab my tablet. I have the login info on there.” I sprinted up the stairs to my bedroom, feeling my world spinning around again. I pulled my tablet off of the charger and walked back to the living room, quickly seeing an email notification from the testing site that I had matches and logged into it.

“Okay, I’m in,” I said, sitting on the couch again. “Ummm, matches. There you are, Jess, 24.8% like you said. I also see one of Dad’s cousins, Maria Giambetti, and a couple of her kids. That confirms that I’m a Rosetti, so you must be, too.”

Jessica said, “I remember the Giambetti name from my matches, but didn’t know who they were.”

“Oh, my god, I have a sister!” I pulled Jessica into a hug, which she resisted, for some reason. Puzzled, I pulled away and looked around the room, seeing cautious expressions, when I expected excitement. “Okay, what’s up, everyone? I would expect this to be happier news than the faces I’m seeing. Is there another shoe that has yet to drop?”

Jessica took a deep breath. “There is. Last night, my mom and I… we had a threesome with Uncle Stan… with our dad. He committed incest, without knowing it.”

I looked my Dad’s way and he was avoiding eye contact with me. I shifted my gaze to my Mom, who said, “No secrets within the family, baby.”

I turned back to Jessica and said, “You aren’t alone. I had sex with my mom, after getting home from school two days ago, and again yesterday. I’m going to be the last one to look down on either of you for incest, whether you choose to continue it or not. I hope to continue with my mom.”

It was Jessica’s turn to be shocked. “What? How?” She turned to Jilly and asked, “Did you know, Mom? You don’t look surprised.”

Jilly said, “I suspected it when Stan called and said he wanted to come over, without Marcy. I knew six years ago that the reason why they stopped swinging and being my lovers was because of an agreement they made to keep Marcy from seducing her sons once they turned 18. I tried to talk them out of it, to get Stan to accept the incest as moral, so we could continue being lovers. Marcy getting Stan to change his mind would be the number one reason why Stan would come to see me without her, while she was home with Derek alone. But I didn’t get a chance to ask Stan about it last night or this morning, because you were right there the whole time.”

Jessica asked, “You’re okay with incest, Mom? If I wanted to have sex with… my father again? Or Derek? Or with you, for that matter? I can’t believe I just said that.”

Jilly giggled, taking one of Jessica’s hands in hers. “Honey, I’d love that, because I love you. I was so tempted to make a move, last night, but didn’t know how you or Stan would react. The idea of incest never bothered me at all, other than the need for it to be a secret, when I prefer to be open in my relationships. But don’t ask me if it’s okay to have sex with your father again. Ask him.”

Jessica looked over at our father, who was still looking down at his hands. “Uncle Stan? Dad? Look at me. Please?”

Dad finally raised his eyes, looking from Jessica to me to Jilly and back to Jessica. Taking a deep breath, he said, “Jess, I love you and your mother every bit as much as I love Marcy and my sons. I tried my best to be your father figure after Sam died, short of divorcing Marcy to marry your mom and become your official stepdad. If I could have married both of them, I would have. You still became my daughter in my heart, maybe my subconscious even recognized the truth. At the same time, I grew up being told repeatedly that incest was wrong. I only stopped being around your mother and you to try and prevent incest between Marcy and the boys. I finally gave in, allowing Marcy to be with Derek two days ago, after his girlfriend Angie came to me to say that Derek was attracted to his mother and I realized I already knew it was true. If not for witnessing them together and beginning to accept it can be a loving act, I doubt I could have made love to you last night, even thinking of you as only my almost-step-daughter. Then I find out this morning that you’re my real daughter? I’m in shock, frankly, feeling like a total hypocrite.”

Mom asked, “What does your heart tell you, Stan? Do you regret loving Jessica physically now? Do you want to continue? You know I’ll support whatever you decide.”

Dad looked Jilly’s way and asked, “Her birth certificate says Sam is her dad, right? Nobody else knows I’m her father?”

Jilly only kaçak iddaa nodded, but I said, “Dad, just because you haven’t taken one of these tests, it doesn’t mean that people like the Giambettis couldn’t figure out why they match to Jess, especially if they now see me matching to the same degree. It would be even more obvious if someone like your brother Don matched to her as an uncle. You pretty much have to act like Jess being your daughter is public knowledge now and keep the sex the secret, even if it’s just a one-time thing. That’s the question that’s been posed, though. Do you want to continue intimacy with her?”

Jessica slipped off the couch and knelt at Dad’s feet, in front of mine. Looking up at him and taking his hands in hers, she said, “Stan, you are the only dad I can remember. I’ve loved you my whole life and been attracted to you since I knew what that meant. I wanted to have sex with you last night because of that bond, not in spite of it. Please be my lover as often as we can be safe. You can’t have sex with me at Mom’s club like we talked about last night, but I do want to continue. Please, daddy?”

For a few seconds, it looked like Dad wanted to run, but he relaxed when he said, “Yes, honey. I will be your lover, when it’s possible to be safe, so long as you know that Marcy and Jilly are foremost in my heart. I want to be your father, even more. I want to go fully public with that news, even as far as getting a paternity test done to present it to the relevant court and get your birth certificate amended. And, if nobody has any objections, I want you and your mom to move in with us, so we can live as one family, the way we should have all along, had we known. The only regret I have is not asking Jilly to do so after Sam died. Instead, I let what my neighbors might think of us living as a triad keep me from doing what my heart wanted. No longer.”

I was amazed at how quickly Dad was adapting, but didn’t want to point out that he seemed more open to the incest with his newly identified daughter than he had been for Mom and me. Or maybe Mom and I had paved the way, made it easier for him. Honestly, my thoughts were more hung up on Jessica hinting at the possibility of making love to me, too.

“How about it, Mom?” Jessica asked, standing and turning around to perch on Dad’s knee. “Can we move in here? Can we?”

Jilly smiled at Jessica’s enthusiasm. “Slow down, hon. As amazing as this news is, the fact of the matter is that Stan, Marcy and I haven’t been in each other’s lives for about six years. Reuniting with Stan last night was great. Sharing him with you was even better. But, I need more time being with both of them again, before we make such big changes. Plus, you still have classes and finals, which would cut into any ability for us to pack up the house any sooner than your Christmas break, even if I say yes by then.”

Mom said, “Well, let’s get started on that together time, Jilly. Help me in the kitchen? Turkey’s already in the oven, but I’ve got to finish geting the vegetables prepped.”

Mom and Jilly got up and went to the kitchen and Jessica plopped onto the love seat and snuggled up against dad’s arm. She looked towards me and said, “So, I have a dad and a brother now.”

I responded, “Two brothers. Don’t forget Tommy.”

Jessica said, “Actually, I’m thinking Tommy should get tested, too. Just in case it turns out that lightning struck twice and Sam is his dad instead. I assume the swapping was also going on when he was conceived?” she asked Dad.

“It was,” Dad answered. “However, Sam and Jilly weren’t trying to get pregnant then, so he never ejaculated into her, for his sperm to get transferred on a condom the way your mom thinks happened with you.”

Jessica said, “Did you use condoms during blowjobs, too?”

Dad said, “No.”

Jessica asked, “And did my mom perhaps go down on Marcy, after blowing Sam? With any of his sperm still in her mouth?”

“Geezus,” Dad said. “Another possibility.”

Jessica said, “Whatever the route might have been, I don’t think we can rule out that Tommy might be Sam’s son without a test.”

I asked my Dad, “How much do we tell him, when he calls today? Just about Jess being your daughter, or everything?”

Dad said, “Most of that has to be up to your mom.”

Jessica looked puzzled. “Why Marcy? Oh! Because she wants to have sex with Tommy, too?”

Dad nodded, then said, “Yeah. It’s up to her to decide when and how to tell him that. But, revealing the swinging to explain you being my daughter could raise questions about why it stopped and also why it resumed. It’s tangled up with both sets of incest, now. I’ll have Marcy conceal ours, if you want her to. But I’m not sure how she can conceal hers with Derek.”

Jessica asked, “I don’t mind Tommy knowing, if you don’t. I wonder, if you hadn’t made that agreement and continued with the swinging, would you have become intimate with me after I turned 18, too?”

Dad said, “I don’t kaçak bahis know, to be honest. I might have put you off until you were older. Whether or not 18 is legal, it can still be immature and someone in a parental role can have too much influence.”

Jessica turned to me and said, “Do you hear that, Derek? Our father doesn’t think we were capable of making up our own minds about sex when we were 18. If I had to guess, you were already attracted to your mom, even then.”

I said, “I was. That part hasn’t changed. What I think a few more years of experience and maturity has given me is the self-confidence to at least try to be her equal in bed, even if I admit to mostly following her lead, so far. I’m not convinced my dad was entirely wrong in making Mom wait to have this kind of relationship.”

“You see a future with Marcy?” she asked.

I answered, “Not in the sense of building my life around her. I see Angie filling that role. But if she and I keep having foursomes with my parents after I graduate, then it would at least be occasional involvement.”

Jessica raised her eyebrows. “Nobody mentioned any foursome.”

Dad explained, “As I said, Angie came here to talk about Derek’s attraction to Marcy. I wound up admitting Marcy’s attraction for Derek and Angie confessed an attraction for me, too. I decided to give in and end the agreement I had with Marcy. As a result, Angie and I were caught in bed by Derek and Marcy. They didn’t stop us and instead went to Derek’s bedroom, then finished their consummation in a foursome with us, before dinner, then Angie and Marcy got together after dinner and Derek and I joined in.”

“Do my mom and I make six, now?” Jessica wondered. “With Tommy as a probable seventh?”

“Maybe,” was my answer. “I’m willing and Dad’s already been with all four women at different times, but I won’t answer for anyone else. Our moms would have to answer who else they’re attracted to that they either haven’t met or haven’t been with.”

“You should ask us, then,” Jilly said, coming back into the room with Mom right behind her. “Who am I maybe attracted to?”

I said, “Besides the people in this room, there’s my girlfriend Angie and Tommy. And the extra question of attraction between Jessica and my mom.”

“Visualizing a family orgy?” Jilly asked.

Jessica answered, “I asked, Mom, because it looks like that’s what we are headed towards. Derek, Angie, Marcy and Dad have already been together as a quad, you’ve been with Dad and Marcy and you and I were with him last night. Derek was pointing out that we don’t actually know what everyone wants.”

“You’re right,” Jilly said. “I haven’t even met Angie, haven’t seen Tommy since he was 16. So, let’s hold off on making any decisions for them or about them until the right times.”

I said, “Then the question marks among the five of us are whether you are attracted to me and whether Mom and Jess are attracted to each other. I think we have answers for all the other possible pairings.”

Jilly nodded, then said, “Stan mentioned last night that you and Angie were interested in visiting the club, so I reserved the four of you the last table for dinner. Then Marcy told me just now that you’re interested in me sexually. I’m both flattered and agreeable. I note that you left out the question of you and Jess being attracted to each other. I know she asked if I would be okay with it, but are you assuming that means more than she intended?”

I met Jessica’s eyes and said, “I think you’re gorgeous, sis. Was I reading too much into that comment?”

“No, brother,” she answered. “I was really tempted to give you a much warmer greeting when I arrived, but hadn’t told you I was your sister, yet. I would love to be your lover, too, now that we’ve gotten the whole ‘who is going to freak out?’ question answered.”

Jilly said, “The two of you obviously want each other, but you can’t have sex together at the club tomorrow, so why don’t you go upstairs, while the rest of us take care of getting dinner ready? Work up a little more appetite.”

“How about it, sis?” I asked, grinning. “You up for some more incest love?”

Jess grabbed my hand and yanked me up the stairs to my room. She looked around it and said, “Literally the same as the last time I was in here. Haven’t you changed any of these posters?”

I looked around and realized I hadn’t. “In my defense, I haven’t been living here except for summers and breaks like this. All of my newer decorations are at my campus apartment. Thank god Mom upgraded the bed to a queen, or I’d probably still have the same bedding as the old twin bed.”

Jess giggled. “Hell, I’m not sure I could have fucked you on top of the Ninja Turtles bedspread.” She walked up to me and said, “Kiss me, brother.”

I took her into my arms and kept eye contact with her as my lips brushed hers. With her 2-inch heels, we were eye to eye. I firmly pressed my lips to hers and her eyes closed and mouth opened. I let my tongue chase hers for a minute, stroking my hands across her back. My right hand crept into her red hair and pulled her head back, letting me kiss along her jaw and nibble her ear. Her purr told me she liked it a lot.

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