Mom and Dad’s Halloween Party

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Big Tits

“Remember, kids,” Dad said as he walked out to the car, waving to us with a green hand, “most kids get the little candies, but kids we know get the full-size bars.”

“Just like the last eighteen years, got it. Have fun.”

What a revoltin’ development, I thought: Our parents are going to their annual Halloween party, while we’re stuck at home giving out Baby Ruth bars (small and large). We saw this coming, of course: Mags and I enrolled in community college, so we were home while most of our friends were at school miles away. And we hadn’t really had time to make friends at our new school, so no parties for us this year.

“What’s Mom going as?” I asked Mags. They were both wearing coats over their costumes, but it was obvious Dad was the Incredible Hulk.

Or Kermit the Frog, I guess, but my money was on Hulk. “Wonder Woman,” Mags said. “I saw her costume in Mom and Dads room this morning.” I tried to imagine it, and then she added “A pretty skimpy version from the looks of it.”

“Oh dear,” I said with a laugh. Well, I had to be honest, Mom was thirty-eight and could pass for several years younger, so she could probably pull it off. Yeah, she was my mother, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice these things.

A bunch of kids came to the door at once, and Mags gave them each a handful of the small candies. When we closed the door behind them, I started to say “It’s not going to last long if you –“

“Come on upstairs, I have to show you something.”

I followed her to her room, where she tossed me a bag from Fantasy City. “Put this on, we don’t have a lot of time.” I had no idea what she was getting at. Did she want us to wear costumes when we gave out candy? We could have done that before Mom and Dad left.

I went into my room and changed. It was a Batman costume, but not the one from the movies. The shirt was short-sleeved, tight and v-necked, and displayed a lot of my chest. I guess my twin sister had noticed that three years of football had left me with enough muscles to pull it off. The bottoms were… also tight. Not ballet dancer tight, but I was a little self-conscious about how little they left to the imagination. “Um, Mags,” I called out, “are you sure about this costume?”

“Are you ready?” she asked. “I want to see.”

“Are you sure?” I asked again. And then she came into the room.

She was Batgirl. With a top that exposed her midriff and bottoms that were little more than panties. I guess I’d seen her in bikinis with smaller bottoms, but still.

“It’s a nice fit. I couldn’t be sure.”

“So does — what’s this all about, are we going to traumatize the little kids?”

“No, we’re going to a party.”

“A what? Where? Since when?”

“We’re crashing Mom and Dad’s party. I always wanted to know what those are all about.”

“Except… we don’t know where it is, and we weren’t invited, and Mom and Dad would be really pissed.”

She pulled on Batgirl’s red wig, and covered it with the cowl which covered most of her face. “Would you have any idea this was me?”

“You’re crazy,” I said. “And this still doesn’t address the fact that–“

She showed me her cell phone, which displayed a map with a dot moving slowly across it. “This morning I told Mom I couldn’t find my phone, and asked to borrow hers so I could ring it. While I had it, I installed tracking software, which was so simple even a football player could do it. Now let’s go, we don’t want to be too late.”


We got into my car and it was easy enough to track them across town. Mom had left her phone in her and Dad’s car (“It’s not as if she has pockets,” Mags pointed out), but it was obvious which house on the block the party was at, if only because of the loud music: the door wasn’t locked and we walked right in, appearing to be just another invited couple. The lights were a bit dim (and tinted slightly orange), but not dim enough that anybody nearby could miss the batarang in my pants.

There were so many ways this could end badly.

We were given drinks as soon as we got in, by a woman wearing a Hogwarts costume that seemed to consist only of the iconic jacket, panties, boots and the neck-tie. No shirt under the jacket, and the jacket barely came down to mid-thigh. Incendio, I thought, really needing that drink.

Mags stayed pressed against me as we walked, and I could understand why: every guy was checking her out. Of course, there were probably thirty couples here, all in their twenties and thirties, and all the women were getting checked out. With good cause.

I was quite intrigued by a woman dressed as a cat, her costume consisting of a sheer bodysuit with random patches of fur covering her breasts and crotch. She also wore a mask, as if anybody would be looking at her face.

A bare-chested soldier, whom I recognized as our dentist Doctor Anders, walked by her and accidentally-on-purpose brushed his hand across her mostly-naked ass.

I tried not to think about how obvious it must have been how “intrigued” I was. No wonder Mom bahis firmaları and Dad never seemed to miss one of these parties, I thought — at the same time thinking “Mom and Dad go to these parties???”

Suddenly Mags jumped, and threw her arm around me, pulling me closer.

A vampire had just grabbed her ass, given it a quick stroke, and moved on.

I noticed there was a bit of that sort of thing going on. Would I get to grab a few asses before we left? I glanced around the room and made a mental note of a few I’d like to grab if I built up the nerve.

The party had probably started about half an hour before we arrived; and just in the twenty minutes or so we’d been here, things seemed to have been loosening up even more. We were already on our second drinks, and I could only imagine what some of the other guests had polished off. Or if there were any pharmaceuticals floating around we hadn’t been offered yet.

Hogwarts Girl was dancing furiously, and her jacket was unbuttoned almost down to her navel.

“This might not have been such a great idea,” Mags said, trying both to whisper and be heard over the music.

“Okay, let’s go,” I said. We were headed for the door when we saw Mom and Dad coming in from another room, along with Superman and a bunny rabbit. Mom’s Wonder Woman costume was really just a small red-white-and-blue bikini, plus high-heeled boots and a golden lasso tied to her waist. I hadn’t seen this much of her bare skin since I was nursing.

The Paternal Hulk was wearing ripped shorts that would have exposed his underwear if he’d been wearing any. His head-to-toe body paint was smudged, and a lot of it was on Mom’s chest and legs and the bunny rabbit’s thighs.

“I don’t want to even think about what they were doing,” Mags said.

They all walked right past us headed for the bar, and had no idea who we were. I couldn’t help noticing that from the back, almost none of Mom’s ass was covered.

We were just about to leave (again) when Alice (of Wonderland fame) asked me to dance. Unlike in the Disney film, her pinafore was short enough to show off her thong. She completely ignored Mags, even though she was apparently my significant other tonight. Mags nodded her head at me, telling me to go ahead.

I recognized Alice as Mrs. Simpson, one of Mom’s friends. And my friend Dan’s mother. I thought she might be a year or two younger than Mom, and I’d seen her wearing very short shorts in the past — though obviously nothing like this.

She ran her hand up and down my back as we danced, so I did the same to her. She didn’t seem to care whether Mr. Simpson could see us, so neither did I: it’s not as if anybody knew who I was, after all.

Just as I was thinking this, Alice said “It’s driving me crazy, I think I know you, but I can’t figure it out.”

“I’m Batman,” I said in a deep voice.

“Well, welcome to Wonderland, Batman.” And with that, she pulled down the front of her dress just enough to expose her left breast, on which she’d written, in lipstick, EAT ME.

So I did what I assumed she’d expected, put my mouth on her nipple and sucked on it, while brushing my tongue across it. What I’d always dreamed about doing if I were ever so lucky to have a woman’s nipple in my mouth.

She responded by cupping my dick and balls with her hand. “Oh, that is making you grow.”

I just hoped it wouldn’t make me cum inside my costume.

Looking over my shoulder, I could see that Mermaid Ariel had lost her seashell top. I’ll never look at the Disney cartoon the same way again.

Mom and Dad aren’t party people, but I understood why they never missed this one.

I put my hand on Alice’s ass, and began lightly fingering the thin strip of thong covering her pussy.

Over her shoulder, I saw Mags, kissing caveman Mr. Ryan, our old soccer coach, hungrily. I didn’t think she’d intended to make out with anybody — she’d wanted to leave, remember — but she’d had a huge crush on him for years, and here was her chance.

They were both getting kind of handsy, and I had a feeling she was about to find out what cavemen wear under their loincloth.

And he was close to pushing her top over her breasts, exposing them.

She was as inexperienced as I was, and I didn’t think any guys had ever seen her like that before.

It was really a good thing nobody knew who we were.

I pulled down the other side of Alice’s pinafore, exposing both of her breasts completely. I felt pretty safe that she wouldn’t object.

I began caressing her breasts, but slowly and gently: I didn’t want her suspecting this was the closest I’d been to a pair, well, since I was nursing.

I guess she must have liked what I was doing, because she pushed her dress down some more until it fell to her feet. She stepped out of it, leaving her wearing nothing but her shoes and her thong panties.

“Upstairs,” she said, “first bedroom on the right. I’ll be right up. And don’t take off the mask.”

Oh, I was definitely not taking off this mask!

I kaçak iddaa had no idea what was going to happen next, but I certainly knew what I was hoping for. Still, I didn’t want to be caught naked if I was wrong, so I just pulled off my boots and waited.

After about five minutes she walked in, still wearing only the thong.

Followed by Wonder Woman.

“I hope you don’t mind, we’ve always shared everything,” she said, gesturing at my mother.

I prayed I didn’t look as shocked as I was. Shared everything???

If I had any doubt what was going to happen next, they were dispelled when Alice lifted my shirt over my head and Mom pushed me down to the bed and pulled off my pants.

I’m pretty sure this was the hardest I’d ever been, and Mom obviously liked what she saw.

I knew I might be in therapy for the rest of my life from this, but it was so worth it.

Alice pulled off her thong, and lay flat on her back on the bed.

Mom pulled off her top and bottoms, keeping on the tiara and boots and climbed into the bed, between Alice’s legs, and pressed her mouth against Alice’s pussy.

So this kind of thing really happens in real life?

Alice began groaning the moment Mom’s tongue touched her. I guess I can claim some credit for having helped get her warmed up.

About a minute into it, Mom lifted her face from Alice just long enough to say “Let’s go, Batman, you know what to do.”

I did, but I was still a bit in shock,

I positioned myself behind Mom, and slowly slipped my dick inside her wet pussy.

If you’d asked me a few hours ago to make a list of a million things that might possibly happen to me tonight, “lose my virginity to Mom while she’s eating Mrs. Simpson’s pussy” would not have been there.

“Oh yes,” Mom groaned in a muffled voice, then “Oh!” as my dick reached as far as it could go.

Then I began fucking her in earnest, and it was everything I’d ever dreamed it could be (except for it being my mother’s pussy).

The harder I fucked Mom, the more vigorously she licked Alice, and the more she thrashed about, her breasts shaking.

I’d seen her wearing thin t-shirts in the past, and often fantasized about her nipples, which I now saw were a reddish brown.

And now I began to think maybe she’d known all along how prominently her nipples had been poking through her shirts.

She came first, and loudly. I was sure it was going to be me, but I was certainly close.

She slipped out from under Mom. Mom crawled forward about a foot, making my dick slide out of her. I was confused for a moment, then she got on her back and spread her legs for me.

For the first time we got to bedroom, I was a bit nervous: fucking Mom face-to-face, what if she recognized me, even with most of my face hidden by the mask?

But all this was forgotten as soon as I entered her pussy again, which was even wetter now than it had been the first time. I’d had no idea she shaved her pubes into a neat little triangle, or that her breasts, while not quite as perky as Alice’s, were still sexy as hell.

I tried to hold out, really I did, but I barely lasted a minute: as soon as I saw Mom’s face, groaning with pleasure, close up. I came, and I came harder than I’d ever cum before. She was groaning all through it, but she never came the way Alice had. I tried to continue, but needed a moment to recharge.

I was about to say something, when Alice pushed me off of her. “Don’t worry about it,” she said, “she never comes from fucking. She just gets really warmed up.” And before I could register what she meant, she started lapping my cum out of Mom’s pussy. Almost immediately, Mom started shaking, and the moans I’d heard before became louder growls.

They’d obviously worked as a team before, and I remembered Alice’s comment about sharing everything.

And just like that I was hard again.

I was just about to get behind Alice and fuck her, when Mom came even louder than Alice had, convulsing so hard, I thought for a moment that something was wrong.

(My next thought was: maybe Alice had made her cum, but hey, I’m the one who got her ready)

When Mom had calmed down, Alice took her face out from between her legs, pushed me down on my back, and mounted me without saying a word. I already knew I was going to always remember this as the best night of my life.

My hands went to her breasts, but it was hard to keep contact as she bounced up and down on my dick. She was fucking me, which was quite okay.

And then suddenly Mom was straddling my face, in sort of a squatting position, facing Alice, her pussy hovering just over my mouth. And then she lowered herself onto my mouth and my instincts took over and I began licking her hungrily. For a moment I was afraid I’d get a mouthful of my own cum, but I guess Alice had licked most of that out, replacing it with her own saliva, or the taste of my cum was buried by the taste of Mom’s pussy juices, or maybe my cum was still dripping out of her and I didn’t care: I was kaçak bahis in sexual overdrive, and I was ready for anything.

I could hardly see it, but Mom leaned forward and began kissing Alice. While grinding her pussy against my mouth, while Alice used my dick as hard and as fast as she could. Another move they must have done together in the past.

Alice was the first to cum and kept fucking me.

And a minute later, Mom. I guess this time my mouth and I were able to close the deal.

And as soon as I felt Mom cumming, I erupted into Alice. It felt as if her pussy were sucking my dick dry, and I wasn’t careful, I was going to pass out. And as Batman knows, if he ever loses consciousness, one of his enemies will unmask him.

In my case not the Joker and Riddler but my mother and her best friend, and that could be worse.

Turns out they weren’t all that concerned about my secret identity: as soon as they caught their breath, they’d moved into a 69 position and seemed to have forgotten all about me.

Mom was a sexual animal. Who knew?

I grabbed my clothing, checked that the car key was still safely inside my utility belt, and went downstairs where Mags was waiting for me. “Good, you’re here,” she said, “I did not want to have to go looking for you.”


“We need to get to the Batmobile, right now!”

We dashed out, which probably got some people wondering. But if anybody thought we were being rude, at least nobody knew who we were.

“Seriously,” she continued as we got to the car. “The party’s breaking up, and we’ll be more than dead if Mom and Dad get home before us.”

“Oh, yeah,” I agreed.

“So this is what they do every year on Halloween,” she said.

“I think I’m still in shock,” I said with a laugh.

“I know. I just hope this doesn’t turn me into a full-fledged nympho. And I can’t believe I let so many people see my tits, even if they didn’t know who I was. So… you and Mrs. Simpson, huh?” It took me a moment, because I’d been thinking of her as “Alice” for most of the night. I nodded my head.

“Want to tell me about it?”

“Later, maybe. I’m still processing it.” As in, how to tell the story with Mom edited out, since that was a secret I knew I’d have to take to my grave. Not that I regretted a second of it.

“Wuss. Well, I’m not. I’ve wanted to fuck Mr. Ryan since I was like twelve. I used to think about him every time I– well, I’d wanted this for like the past six years. I know you saw him with his hands all over me, right?”


“But you were gone before he pulled my top off.”

“I’d have remembered that.”

“Well, maybe another time,” she teased. “Anyway, so there I am topless in front of everybody, which was scary and so fucking hot. And then… don’t freak out like I almost did, but Dad comes over and puts his hand on my ass. Just for a moment, but his middle finger was almost touching my, um, pussy.” I took my eyes off the road just long enough to glance over at her. She had her back leaning against the passenger side door and her legs tucked under herself. Her legs were spread, and I was looking at the crotch of her panties.

“Dad left, and Mr. Ryan started playing with my tits bigtime, I thought was Dad would freak if he saw somebody paying with my tits. Which was crazy, of course, but it’s been kind of a crazy night.”

“No question about that,” I agreed.

“Then the Little Mermaid comes over, topless, and she smiles and says “Do you mind if I cut in for a moment?’ And Mr. Ryan says ‘okay,’ and I say ‘I guess,’ and I thought she wanted to hit on Mr. Ryan, but the next thing I know she’s kissing one of my breasts and then the other. I mean shit, I’d never…” I could see her hand was on her lap now, inching toward her crotch. Was she actually about to touch herself? I decided I’d better concentrate on the road. Not because I didn’t want to see my sister playing with herself, but because I didn’t want to get so distracted that I’d drive into a tree.

“When the mermaid was gone, we went back to kissing and his hand found its way down to my panties and –” She gasped, and I knew where her hand was, and I wished I could watch it. “And he was…” She was breathing fast now, hardly trying to hide it. “He started… ahhh… stroking me, oh God, and… and he could feel how wet I was, and he said ‘Let’s go upstairs,’ and I grabbed my top and we went upstairs and found an empty room, and he pulled my panties down, I was so hot, so hot…”

If I wasn’t driving, I’d have yanked my pants down and stroked my dick, right there, right in public, right in front of my sister.

Oh fuck it. I pulled into a side street.

She was rubbing her pussy through her panties, and didn’t care that I could see.

“And then I got nervous for a moment, and said ‘Wait, I’m not on the pill or anything,’ I figured he’d have a condom or something, and he said ‘I thought you knew, hardly any of the women here are. Only guys who’ve been snipped are invited, it’s safer that way,’ and then he pushed into me, no condom or anything, and it was so good, didn’t hurt at all, fuck, I can’t believe I waited this long.” Her hand was inside her panties now. “Can’t believe… mmm… I’m still so horny, he fucked me so hard…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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