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Anal Creampie

I’ve been in love with my Mother, Donna, for as long as I can remember. She’s the most wonderful person you could ever meet. So full of energy, always smiling or laughing.

She’s also one the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. She stands around five foot, five inches tall. Mom’s sandy, brown hair goes down to her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark green, when she’s excited or happy, they turn blue.

Her body is unreal, she has perky size 34 b breasts, with very small areola circles her nipples are an inch long and hard when she is excited or happy. Over the years I’ve had a lot of fun teasing her about them.

Now for the best, Mom’s ass and hips. Her ass is a size 36, it’s more firm than many girls half her age. Mom works out at a gym not far from home. Her hips are trim and the kind were you can see her hip bones. Mom’s legs are the type that blend into her ass like a work of art.

Mom had me when she was only 15. She fell for some rich kid that she went to school with. His family owned about everything in town, and were some of the meanest to ever walk the earth.

All but their Grandmother. And come to find out, she had all the money. Mom tried and tried to get my ‘dad’ and his parents to help her. They were no help at all, they claimed Mom was a ‘whore’ and was just trying to get money from them.

Poor Mom was only fifteen, her parents threw her out of their house and nobody in town would help her, in fear that the ‘Hummer’ family would make things hard on them. So, one day Mom, eight months pregnant, started the three mile walk to the Grandmothers house.

Mom knocked on the door, tears running down her face. Her feet were bleeding from the long walk, ” Yes? Can I help you dear?” an older lady asked.

Tears ran down Mom’s face, ” I … need Mrs. Hummer.”

The eighty year old woman held Mom’s hand, ” Dear, I’m Mrs. Hummer, how can I help you?”

Mom, crying told her, ” Your….Grandson, Rod, got me pregnant….now they won’t help me.” Mom burst into tears.

” So, your the ‘little whore’ they have been lying about…. come in Dear, lets get you fixed up.” Mrs. Hummer helped Mom into the big house.

Mom told Mrs. Hummer, Betty, the whole story. She told them how mean her family were to her, and about Mom’s family kicking her out, ” Well, well, I guess my son and his family need a good lesson,” Betty reached for the phone. She dialed a number, ” Good morning Robert. How are you today? I’m fine. I need you to come out to the house, bring your secretary and hear me well, TELL NO ONE YOU’RE COMING. See you soon.”

The bahis firmaları sweet old lady had an evil smile on her face as she said, ” That was my Lawyer, when I’m done with them, they will never hurt anybody again. They’ve lied to me too many times. When they stared telling me about a girl that claimed she was having a baby, I knew if it turned out to be true that was it for them. Now that I’ve met you, I know you’re not lying, you’re to sweet to lie.”

” Thank you, so much.” Mom said.

” Oh I’m going to get them right were it hurts. Then I’m going to really hurt them.” Betty smiled.

Betty’s Lawyer came and went within an hour. When he left, Mom and the Lawyer were in shock. Betty just sat in her big Easy Chair, laughing. Come to find out, Betty owned all the businesses they ran. She took them from her family. She took their trust funds, that were valued at 25 million dollars. Betty also owned the big house they lived in by the lake, she gave them 24 hours to be out of it.

Mom sat with tears running down her face. Dear sweet Grand Mother, Betty, gave Mom and me the big house on the lake and ten million dollars cash. Betty gave her families trust money to a bunch of charities. They had nothing what so ever, no money and no house. Just like they left Mom.

” Well, Grand Daughter, is it OK I call you that?” asked Betty, ” you are having my great grand son and you’re the only family I have now. I don’t think my family will like me much now.”

” No, I don’t think they’ll like you or me much.” Mom and Grand Mother hugged, laughing.

Growing up with Mom was the best, heck, she was a young woman and a kid at heart. She would play with me, do just about anything thing I wanted. It was great.

I remember seeing Mom many times wearing panties or naked. When I was young, I didn’t think anything of it. But, as I grew, I knew Mom was special, hell, Mom was hot. I spent many hours thinking of loving her.

It was one of those hot day’s, I had just turned 18, we had been swimming in the lake. Playing, trying to dunk each other. I had got out of the water to rest, Mom, slipped out of the water. She jumped on my hips, her love mound rested on my young cock.

” GOT YA” Mom yelled. That day, I had worn a pair of very loose, swimming trunks.

Her cool, wet body covered me. It was only a few seconds before I started getting hard. My ten inch cock grew under Mom, before I knew want was going on. Her pretty face got a little pink and her nipples were hard.

” I… I think you grew up to soon,” Mom said, shifting her kaçak iddaa hips to fit on my cock, ” Jim, you make me so proud.” She placed a soft kiss on my lips.

My hands moved to her small, toned hips, ” You are so sexy Mom,” I moved my hips trying to get my cock off her pussy but, my cock came out of my trunks, ” Oh shit, Mom, I’m sorry.”

I held my face, kissing me again, ” It’s OK, you’re a young man, I understand,” she pushed her hips into my cock, ” Oh you’re so nice and big…… your Dad only had about 4 inches.”

I was really sweating now, Mom was getting turned on , ” Mom, this is embarrassing.”

” Just relax, I haven’t been with a man since your Dad. I… I just want to feel you for a minute or two,” Mom closed her eyes and began moving her hips on my swollen cock, ” Oh baby, you turned into a fine young man.”

Her hips moved faster on my cock. She laid across my chest, ” Hold me, hold me….”

Mom went to ‘town’ humping my cock pole. I felt sorry for her, anyone so pretty, she gave up her life for me. She could have had any man in the town or anyplace.

Then it happened, Mom came on me, ” OH YES……OH YES,” Her hips humped me so hard and fast, ” HOLD ME….. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

She sat up on me, trying to drive my cock in her body. Poor Mom was on fire. Her fine hips thrusted against my cock, ” OH JIM, OH….. YES, OH YES..”

Mom laid across my body, panting for air. Her body shook with excitement and her wetness ran down my body. I held her close, caressing her hair.

” Oh Jim…. I’m….. I’m so sorry.” Mom burst into tears and ran to the house.

I picked up all of our things and headed to the house. It looked like a bad storm was brewing south of us, it would be here by nightfall. Storms down south could get pretty bad during the summer. I knew Mom would be getting upset soon, she hated them.

I made my way into the kitchen, I hadn’t eaten anything all day. Mom walked in, still crying about what happened down by the lake. I thought it was kinda sexy. Mom getting her rocks off on me. I hoped she might return the favor sometime.

Mom wore a small shirt and a very small pair of pink, bikini panties, ” Jim, I’m so sorry about… what I did.”

” Shit, it’s OK, Mom. It kind of liked it,” I said pulling her body into mine. ” A few more minutes, I would have done the same thing on you.”

” JIM,” Mom’s face got very red, ” we’re Mother and Son, we should never talk about anything like that again.”

I caressed her firm ass, ” Mom, you are so sexy. If you weren’t my Mom… I would do anything to kaçak bahis get you in my bed.”

She just gazed into my eyes and replied, ” Truthfully…. I would love to know how that big, “Mom blushed,” piece of meat would feel inside me.”

I pulled Mom tight against me, pushing my thick, hard cock between her legs, ” You left me all ‘hot and bothered’,” I caressed her ass, pushing her into me harder, ” it’s all worked up for you, Mommy.”

” Oh Jim, PLEASE, stop. I can’t resist you,” She moaned, pushing her wet pussy on me, ” we gotta stop.” Mom pulled away and went to our massive front porch.

I started walking towards Mom, she was going to be mine. Any way it took, easy or hard, I needed her. I pulled down my shorts, exposing my hardness to her. Mom’s pretty eyes watched my cock as I moved to her.

I reached out my hand, ” Come, be my lover,” she stood up, I took her in my arms, ” My room or yours?” I ask.

” Here, on the swing. Swing me as you love me. As I swung you, when you were my baby.”

” The storm is coming,” I kissed her face, ” you don’t like them.”

She kissed me back and said, ” When you take me, I won’t care about anything but, you.”

I sat down on the swing, Mom moved on my lap, facing me. We started giving each other soft, gentle kisses. Our bodies began to burn with desire. Each kiss and caress brought us closer to fulfilling our lust.

” Take me, love me.” Mom begged.

” Oh yes, anything for you.”

I pulled Mom’s tiny panties over. She lifted up, my cock head found it’s way to her love hole. She slowly sat down on me, filling her body with my love.

” Oh Jim, yes… yes. You’re so big.”

” Mom, you’re my first……. Woman.”

” MMMMM that makes this even better,” she began to move her hips up and down, ” I can love you, make you all mine.”

I panted for air, ” Yes, I’ll be yours forever.”

” Oh you’re so nice and thick,” Mom kissed me,” you fill my burning pussy so full.”

Mom humped my cock faster, ” Oh Mom, I’m about …. To ….. cum…”

She moved faster, taking me deeper, ” Oh yes…. Cum in me… fill me up.”


” GO BIG BOY, CUM IN MOM. SHOOT YOUR HOT CUM IN ME.” Mom moved the entire length of my cock pole.

” MOM, MOM, MOM….. OH MOM.” I shot my cum deep inside Mom.

” OH BABY, YES, YES.” Mom screamed. She started cumming when I did.

I rolled her over on the swing and started fucking her hard, deep as I could. All the years I had lusted after her, I needed to really give her my cock, cum and love.


We made love the rest of the night and into the next day before we stopped. We still make love as much as we can, just the two of us living alone. We do it a lot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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