Molly’s Milk and Torie’s Too

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My wife, Molly, and her childhood friend Torie had hoped to get pregnant around the same time, and they’d gotten their wishes. They had chosen a special restaurant for a double date one night, and managed to surprise each other with their news. Watching my lovely auburn-haired wife flush with color as she laughed in pure joy, and watching her best friend clutch her with a bright white smile bigger than the sun taking up her heart-shaped face, made me so grateful that both of them had this friendship in their lives.

Five months in, things were smooth sailing for me and Molly, but when Torie came by our place for a backyard cookout with her husband, he took a swig of Sam Adams (I wasn’t drinking, in solidarity with Molly) and told me he didn’t think it was going to work out.

“It’s not for me,” he said, swishing the beer around in his bottle. “I’ll send her checks, I can’t run away from that, but the newborn stuff-it’s not going to be me.”

“It’s a little late for that, man,” I said, my blood pressure rising.

“Nah,” he said, “it’s not. Good luck, though, it sounds like you guys are doing all right. And Molly’s tits look great.”

I knocked the beer bottle out of his hand. I’m normally a gentle guy, but as the bottle smashed on the ground, I stepped close to him and tried my best to intimidate his 5’8″ frame with my 6’2″ one. “Leave around the side,” I said. “Torie’s staying here tonight.”

“That’s an overreaction, Ben,” he said. “I-“

I made a sudden movement and he bolted.

Torie and Molly talked late into the night. I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed with Torie the next day as I saw her slink out of the spacious second bedroom, where she and Molly had comforted each other. She didn’t even look that upset, I thought, seeing her curvy frame from behind; her perfect posture made her look confident, with a round bottom flaunted in the fitted sundress she’d worn for the cookout the night before and her long brunette hair swept up and revealing slim, poised shoulders. But when she turned around and briefly made eye contact with me, I saw that her lips were in a trembling pout, and her big doe eyes shone with emotion. She gave me a brief wave with her small hand and left down the stairs.

Molly came into our room. “This is so rough, Ben,” she said, frowning. A cute chin dimple appeared in her worried face, and I took her into my arms to kiss it.

“He’s an asshole,” I reassured her. “She’s going to have a much better life cashing his checks and looking for her own fulfillment.”

“I don’t disagree,” Molly sighed. “But I feel like…survivor’s guilt, right? I have you, and I just feel so bad that she doesn’t have her you.”

I grinned. “She’ll find a me,” I said. “But I’m grateful she has YOU. You’re a great friend.”

Molly blushed, and I kissed the freckles on her tiny nose, and around to her ears, giving them a little lick to make her squeal.

Torie hashed things out with her husband the next day. He had already packed to leave for his parents’ house in the Hamptons, like he felt no friction peeling himself away from the woman he had claimed to love. Torie couldn’t bear the idea of being home alone, so we suggested she stay with us for at least a little bit.

Even though I was supportive of their friendship and wanted to open my home to a friend in need, I wasn’t thrilled, to be honest, because ever since Molly had gotten pregnant, we had been having louder and more frequent sex than ever. Her milk had come in early-we had put in the time and effort to make it happen, because it had been a dream we’d both shared for a long time.

Now I often woke in the morning to my beautiful auburn-haired wife drawing her breasts across my face, the cute freckles across her collarbone and slightly down her chest giving way to creamy, swollen titflesh with pinker than pink nipples. I loved her needy face as she waited for me to catch a nipple in my mouth and begin to suckle, relieving her heavy milk jugs of all that had accumulated in the night. She would position herself on my cock to ride me, her belly growing and beautiful but still no obstacle, and let her tits hang in my face with the most satisfied look on her face. I only let a nipple leave my mouth to draw her close to me, look over her shoulder, and watch her pert ass rise and fall as she worked my cock with her tight pussy.

We could maybe still pull that off, but I was sure nights would change even more with Torie around. I had frequently found myself unable to wait to get up to our bedroom when I saw Molly’s breasts bulging out of her top at the end of the work day, and I found myself making a mess in the kitchen more than once as I took her from behind and massaged and squeezed her fattening udders.

I came home hungry the first Friday Torie had moved in with us, already a little miffed that I wouldn’t be able to drink directly from my wife wherever I wanted in the house, the master of my own space and of my wife’s body. Why had I agreed to this?

“Mol,” I called as I walked in from the garage. “Can you meet me upstairs? I just want to tell you about something antalya escort from work.” She was normally still downstairs at that point, but no dice. I made my way to our bedroom.

In the middle of our bed, my wife was entangled with Torie. Their hair fell behind them in long curls, Molly’s red-brown and Torie’s deep brown-totally out of the way of their breasts, which pressed into each other, wet with white milk. They turned to gaze at me and seemed worried yet milk-drunk, unable or unwilling to break apart as the situation might normally call for.

“Ben,” Molly said. “We didn’t plan this.”

“No,” Torie added, “although I should say that I’ve thought for a really long time that you and Molly are the sexiest couple I know.”

“I…” I was spellbound. Their legs were still wrapped around each other. “Do you want me to…leave you alone? I can’t say I…have a massive problem with it, if you want to continue.”

Though I had said that, I have to admit, I did expect Torie to back off my wife or make some gesture toward apology to me. But her little heart-shaped face looked defiant, like she felt nothing but deserving of my wife’s loving body. I noticed that one of her thumbs was still lightly stroking Molly’s neck. I felt my cock stir.

“No, baby, come kiss me,” Molly said, unwrapping herself from Torie just enough to stretch her arms out to me. “Please?”

I had never been able to say no to her so far, and Torie’s mouth had dropped open a little, her breath quickening, as though she had become excited for me specifically. I stripped down to launch myself, naked and hard, into my wife’s loving arms, her chest getting mine wet with her milk. I kissed her passionately before turning my attention to her wanting breasts, running my tongue hungrily all over them, the skin pliable but almost translucent from how engorged they were. I could see Torie on the bed next to us trying to subtly present her own milk-covered breasts to me as she began to pleasure herself with her hand, but as far as I could tell my wife was still the only one actually producing the sweet substance. After lapping up all of the liquid on Molly’s wondrous breasts, I suckled, enjoying the steady flow of her milk and her satisfied purring as I drew it out of her.

“Torie,” my wife breathed. “Come taste my other nipple. I have so much to give.”

Blood surged into my cock. Even though Torie had clearly been gazing at me on my wife’s breast, flaunting her own bare breasts like she wanted some of my attention for herself, we hadn’t yet made contact. She crawled over happily and began nursing at Molly right next to me. Her pink, pouty lips looked unbelievably sexy around Molly’s nipple. Could I touch her? I unlatched my mouth from Molly to kiss the corner of Torie’s mouth, and she looked at me with widened, lust-filled eyes.

“Make out over my nipple,” Molly cried. “Please kiss, please kiss while my nipple gives you milk.”

I couldn’t help but follow my wife’s instructions. I crushed my mouth against Torie’s, sliding my tongue into her mouth as she kept her lips grazing Molly’s breast. Our tongues met and then went together to tease Molly’s nipple again. I kissed Molly’s nipple fully to suck out just enough milk to deposit in Torie’s mouth when our lips met again. Torie moaned and wrapped herself around my leg, trying desperately to satisfy her turned-on clit. We continued to draw milk out of Molly and pass it back and forth until Torie reached up with a mouth full of milk to kiss Molly, too.

Seeing the white fluid dribble past their lips as they made out made me wild. With my wife nestled among her pillows, I pulled opened her legs and speared her wet pussy, burying my cock to the hilt in one go. I reared back and enjoyed the sight of my own huge, throbbing dick plowing into her tight hole as she and Torie continued kissing below me. Torie massaged Molly’s leaking breasts and slipped a wet finger into Molly’s mouth, causing them to giggle quietly and smile at each other.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long,” Torie said in a sweet whisper. “My cute best friend turned into this stupidly hot woman…I can’t fucking stand it sometimes.” She fucked herself with her fingers as she breathed her words of love into Molly’s mouth.

“Unghhh,” Molly moaned, leaning in to kiss Torie again. “Both of you take me, take me, play with me…I can’t believe I get to share my fucking hot body with my husband and my best friend.” I saw her extend her full, fat tongue into Torie’s mouth. Torie’s own wet pink tongue battled it openly until they crashed their lips together once again.

Torie dipped the fingers of one hand into her pussy while she massaged her clit with the other. She rammed the fingers covered in juice into my wife’s mouth, telling her, “Taste me! Mmmm, Molly, drink me up like I drank your sweet milk!”

Molly’s eyes rolled back in her head in delirium as she suckled hungrily at Torie’s wet fingers. Through her full mouth, she groaned, “Torie, I want your pussy on my face.”

Torie, a red-hot demon look possessing her angelic heart-shaped face, climbed on top kepez escort of Molly and lowered her bare pussy onto her lips, facing me. She reached her arms down in front of her, pressing her own massive, jiggling tits together to show off her own delicious-looking cleavage, and squeezed my wife’s nipples, sending geysers of milk into the air. She rode Molly’s lips and tongue and gazed at me with a look that said she wanted to be riding my dick.

I leaned forward and kissed her as I pounded Molly’s tightening cunt. My cock in Molly and my tongue in Torie, a hand starting to rove around her mammoth tits-whatever I had thought earlier, I was truly the master of this house, the master of these two women.

Torie sighed in delight. “I want to come with my lips on your breast, baby girl,” she said down to Molly. Molly nodded her assent even with her tongue still on Torie’s swollen clit.

Torie curled up next to Molly and began pleasuring herself with her hand again as she nursed without stop at Molly’s tit. Her body writhed and her eyes rolled back in her head, but she never released the seal her perfect lips made around my wife’s nipple.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned. I had an instant, uncontrollable need to see my cum all over both of them. I came, groaning with power and satisfaction, with shooting jets onto Molly’s bare milk-wet tit, trying to aim at Torie’s tits too but instead accidentally landing semen on her cheek. They broke away from each other, panting and satisfied.

“Oops,” Molly giggled again as I breathed, spent but somehow more turned on than ever at the sight of these two women beneath me. “I guess I have to help clean that up.” Molly lapped at the semen on Torie’s beautiful, smooth cheek.

Torie looked at her in faux-shock, pointed at her breasts, and said, “But how am I going to clean THAT up? Like…this?”

Torie crawled on top of my wife on all fours and bent her chest down to smear my cum, mixing with Molly’s milk, with her own breasts. She leapt on her knees, so her ass was presented to me as she kissed Molly and continued to mash their titties together. I began feeling her rounded, firm but pliable ass.

“Ooh,” Torie said teasingly into Molly’s mouth. “Your husband’s playing with my fat ass.”

I gave her a hard spank. My cock was beginning to harden again.

“Good,” Molly said, with a kind of smugness that indicated how confident she was in her own ability to please me, no matter who else joined our bed. “I don’t know how he’s been able to resist so far.”

Torie was still circling her hanging breasts over Molly’s, and the liquidy sounds of their flesh meeting and pulling apart while covered in my cum and Molly’s milk, combined with the sucking and smacking noises of the women kissing each other and mewling as their pleasure increased, drove me wild.

I slid my hands around Torie’s hips and upward, grasping her small waist. She arched her back and looked back at me with a sexy smirk, one that matched the look on Molly’s face. I plunged my cock into Torie’s pussy and her smirk dissolved as she cried out in pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, Ben,” she moaned. “M-Molly, mmmmmm, your husband’s dick is so huge—oh, god, how is it so big?”

“Mmm,” Molly said in return, reaching her hand down and rubbing her clit. “I’m glad you appreciate it. It’s been hard for me being married to a man with such a big cock and not being able to yell to everyone around how hard I’m getting fucked every night. I walk around getting a little wet and thinking, if everyone around me only knew—they would be so fucking jealous. And they’d know that I must be doing a really good job pleasing him and worshipping him and adoring him, to keep such a big cock only inside me. Well—until now,” she corrected herself, laughing.

Torie’s cunt sheathing my cock felt so fucking good, but it was doubled by Molly’s bragging about my dick and wanting everyone to know about it. Having Torie as a second witness, and a second worshipper, made me feel like a god.

“I want both of you on all fours,” I managed to grunt. “I want both of you presenting your asses to me.”

Molly scrambled out from under Torie and positioned herself next to her. I pulled out of Torie and began fucking my wife.

“You like that?” I said. “You like that my cock is covered in your best friend’s pussy juice and now her juice is inside of you.”

“Oh god,” Molly cried out. She looked at Torie and, through turned-on anguish, made a kissy face. Torie rushed to cover Molly’s mouth with kisses, keeping her ass in the air alongside her. I gave Torie’s ass a good smack to remind her to hold it up for me.

I switched between them several times, letting them revel in the hugeness of my cock and comfort each other with sweet kisses as the other was getting fucked.

“Flip over,” I said.

As I stood on the side of the bed, they lay down next to each other, their pussies at the edge of the bed for perfect access. I fucked them one after the other. As I pounded Molly, her beautiful tits shook, tiny pearls of milk on her nipples forming and dropping to the manavgat escort side of the bed. Torie reached over to lap them up until I switched back to fucking her and she began crying out too much to keep her mouth sealed around Molly’s leaking tits.

Molly massaged Torie’s clit until she yelled, “Fuck—fuck! I’m going to come! Oh, my god, Ben, I’m going to come on your dick!”

“Come on my dick, baby,” I said.

“Come on my husband’s dick,” Molly echoed. “Come on your best friend’s husband’s dick while you’re pregnant with your husband’s child, you naughty slut.”

Torie screamed. I felt her pussy tightening and gushing around me and almost couldn’t bear not coming myself, but I needed to hold out for my wife. Fuck, fuck, fuck, it was hard.

As Torie’s orgasm subsided, I returned to Molly.

“Baby, I’m going to come in you,” I said. “This is so fucking hot.”

“I wish you could make me pregnant again,” she moaned. “Torie, please suck on my titties, please ravish them.”

Torie’s pleasure-swollen lips swooped down to my wife’s breasts. “Oh, Molly, you’re like a fertility goddess,” she whispered between swallows. “I want to see you come so badly.”

“I’m going to come with your mouth on my titty,” Molly panted. “And with my husband’s fat cock in me.”

“Please,” Torie whispered again. “I want to see. I want to see how hot you look coming on this giant cock.”

Torie took another hard suck on Molly’s tit and Molly began moaning deeper and louder, an orgasm cresting like a wave down her body, making her shudder with my cock deep, deep inside her. I began to shudder too and felt the release of my second load fill her up.

Satiated, we all stumbled to the shower to clean up. We could barely speak, all breathing heavily and making eye contact that felt more meaningful than almost any looks we’d ever given. Once we were mostly clean, still in the shower, I found myself holding both women on either side of me, the three of us clasped together like the most natural thing in the world. I wanted this to last forever.


A year later, Torie had moved in with us permanently, and both Molly and Torie had given birth (Molly to our son, who made my heart burst, and Torie to a sweet little girl). They were both still on maternity leave and were going to be able to transition to working from home or even stop working, thanks to my financial situation. Molly had slipped one night while they were talking and I read quietly nearby, and I heard her refer to me as “our husband.” She glanced over at me, blushing to the roots of her reddish hair, and I tried not to smile as I continued reading. Of course I wanted to think of both of them as my wives.

Torie had begun breastfeeding with ease after her pregnancy, and the women shared clothes that made it simple to feed the babies. While most of the time they wore nursing bras for the support, my favorite nights began with both of them appearing in the bedroom where we often slept all together, wearing thin scoopneck shirts with no bras at all, letting their hard nipples point their way toward me and my wanting mouth.

I could tell that they had something planned on a sunny, warm but breezy day when they took off outside, both wearing low-cut dresses and, it seemed to me, no bras. They took the babies out back in their strollers. We had quite a large backyard, stretching back and back toward a barn, which had once been part of a working farm. It was my dream to work the land again at some point.

It was normal for Torie and Molly to walk the strollers around the grounds, and they hadn’t invited me, so I didn’t want to intrude. I puttered around the house as Caitlin, a quiet college student who served as a housekeeper when she wasn’t busy with classes, did dishes. After a while, I spotted Torie and Molly returning from their walk. They gestured to me from the yard.

“Want to join us?” Torie called.

“You know I do,” I called back. “Should Caitlin grab the kids?”

Caitlin took both strollers into the house. One baby was asleep, but the other reached out to her with chubby fingers, and she cooed at him. A natural. I let her disappear into the house, then took the hands of my beautiful women as they led me toward the barn.

“We set up some blankets and thought we could have a little picnic,” Torie said, a bright sparkle in her eye. “No food but what we can provide naturally, of course.”

My cock twitched in my pants.

Molly unfurled the wide barn doors, which looked not toward the house but toward pasture and forest beyond. My land. I surveyed it with pride while the two women, one my legal wife and the other I was beginning to think of as my wife, spread out luxuriously on plush blankets they had laid down for us. I sat down on a bale of hay close to them.

Molly crawled up on my lap. She was wearing a white dress with a deep U-neck, and pinpricks of liquid were starting to show through the thin fabric. She straddled my legs, and I felt up under her dress to her deliciously fat ass. She brushed her lips lightly on mine and then focused on lowering the U-neck of her dress below her breasts. Having the fabric press up against the bottom of them plumped them up nicely, and she caught me with my mouth stupidly hanging open, and smiled. Her freckles and the pale skin of her breasts had always had the power to leave me speechless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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