MMF Fantasy for Hubby

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Double Penetration

A little fantasy I wrote for my hubby when he first discovered my love of bisex. We walk into the pub and find a circular booth near the back. It’s a small, dark-lit place out on the outskirts of town. The other patrons notice us walk in but quickly go back to their conversations and beers. A waitress comes to take our order, without opening the menus we quickly order a pitcher of beer and three glasses.

Smiling nervously at you, your hand finds mine under the table and squeezes it. The beer comes and you pour us both a glass. It’s cold and takes the edge off of our nervousness. We both look at the clock, knowing he should be arriving any minute now. I squirm in my seat and you lean over and whisper in my ear, “How’s your pussy feelin?” As you ask that, your hand finds the edge of my skirt and begins skimming up my thigh to find my pussy bare and wet. I inhale quickly and you laugh, kissing my cheek.

A shadow falls over the table and we both look up at the man we have invited to join us. He is of average height and weight but has a presence about him; friendly but in a don’t mess with me sort of way. He smiles quickly at us and takes a seat beside me. “Sorry I’m a bit late…traffic.”

You pour him a beer and slide it across the table to him “No worries man…we just got here ourselves.”

Nodding he accepts it and moves his eyes from your gaze to mine, trying to gauge our moods. We have met once before but are all still practically strangers. Picking up his beer, he holds it up in a toast, “To new adventures.”

We clink our glasses together and smile in excitement. We begin some idle chatter about our days and relax into our seats, enjoying our beers. During the conversation, I feel him move closer to me, first his thigh grazing mine and then his shoulder. The feeling of having you both so close to me kicks up my heart rate and has me breathing fast as thoughts of the night ahead begin to consume me.

The conversation around me begins to quiet down and I realize that you both have noticed the change in me. I look up to find you both watching me; all three of us sitting fairly close together. Your hand is still resting warmly on my thigh. You give it a squeeze knowing I am feeling overwhelmed to finally be having my fantasy come to life.

I smile back, surprised when your hand begins pulling my thighs apart slightly. Cool air rushes in towards my pussy and I feel bare and exposed. I feel your fingers begin traveling up the inside of my thigh, dragging my skirt up as you go and my stomach clenches when you stop just short of where I want them. I’m staring down at your hand when I see him reach over and place his hand on my other thigh, following your lead and sliding up towards the juncture of my thighs. With both your hands stationery, your fingers burning into my skin a fraction away from my wet flesh, I stop breathing, my whole body focused on the ache that has settled deep inside me.

I look up at you and your eyes are dark with desire, so focused on me and antalya escort my need. With a quick nod of your head towards him I feel both your fingers brush against the heated skin of my pussy. I’m wet, embarrassingly so and I try and stifle a gasp at the contact but a small whimper escapes me. Your smooth fingers and his rougher ones dip inside and begin rubbing and sliding against one another working in tandem to drive me higher. Lost in the moment, I moan, pushing my hips up off of the bench seat wanting more and more of that delicious friction.

I’m pulled back to reality when I feel you both pull yours hands away and drag my skirt back into place. My eyes pop open and I see you both watching me intently with the beginning of a smirk on both your faces. There is a group that has moved in and seated themselves in the booth next to us.

I laugh nervously realizing I was about to cum in a public place 10 minutes into our night.

Knocking back the rest of your beers you both throw some cash on the table and stand up.

“Let’s get out of here. We have a hotel room not too far from here,” you say, grabbing up my hand and helping me out of the booth.

I immediately feel the moisture that has collected in my pussy begin to leak out, making everything slippery as I walk. I squeeze your hand tighter as you lead me out of the pub and into the cool night air. Walking to the car, you unlock my door. Turning to our friend, you give him directions to the hotel as well as a room key to come up separately after we arrive.

Accepting the key, he puts on his helmet, mounts his bike and waits for us to depart.

The drive to the hotel is the longest drive of my life.

“I can smell your pussy from here.”

I look over at you and see that satisfied grin on your face as you maneuver into the hotel parking lot and find a spot to park our car. I smack your shoulder and giggle.

Grabbing up our overnight bag you look over at me. “You ready for this?”

Nodding, I lean over and kiss you. “I love you,” I whisper against your lips.

“I love you.”


In the hotel bathroom I stand before the mirror in some black lingerie, nervously brushing my hair. I can hear you both in the room, talking in lowered voices. I have my plug in place creating a delicious ache every time I move. My heart is racing and my body is on fire with the possibilities of what the night will bring. With one more look in the mirror I grasp the door handle and walk out into the room.

It’s a large suite, painted dark with a few cream colored pieces as an accent. The bed is the center point of the room, with a huge headboard and over sized pillows. I stop in place as I see you both laying on opposite sides of the bed…naked. I smile. You know how much I love to see you waiting for me naked and ready to play. It’s perfect…just like my fantasy.

I walk towards the bed and climb up in between you two. It’s weird to see you naked next to another man…but so kemer escort fucking hot. The feel of both your eyes focused on me makes me feel bold. Reaching down, I pull the black shift up over my head and send it sailing behind me to the floor. The room is a bit chilly and my nipples harden instantly before my fingers even have a chance to touch them. Running my hands up over them you both grab your cocks and begin stroking them and watching me pinch and play with my nipples until they are pink and swollen.

Crawling closer to you both, I reach down and take your cocks in my hand. One familiar and one different…both swollen and hard. I begin stroking you together, my thumbs seeking out the precum leaking from the tips. Hearing you both moan gives me a thrill and makes me want what I have been fantasizing for months to come to life before my eyes. I stop stroking.

“Stroke each other,” I say, finding my voice. “Will you do that for me?”

Your eyes connect for a brief moment before you both reach your hand across to grasp the other’s cock. There is an awkward moment where neither of you moves your hand.

I spread my legs wide and show you my bare pussy and my plugged ass. I spread my lips to show you the wetness there, dipping my fingers in deep. “Please?”

Immediately your hands begin moving in tandem, finding a rhythm that has you both breathing hard. Neither of you take your eyes off of me as I begin working my fingers inside my pussy, fucking in time with your pumping fists. Pulling my fingers from my wet cunt, I lean forward and offer you both a taste. Your hot mouths find my fingers and suck the juices clean, sending sparks of heat down to my core. Bending down I put my mouth close to your cock. He stops stroking you and lets me lick the cum from the tip. I do the same to him, tasting his cum…there is a lot of it. I gather as much as I can on my tongue and lean down to kiss you, giving you your first taste of another man’s cum.

There is a look of surprise in your eyes.

“Yummy?” I ask. You nod and pull me down for another kiss.

“What about me?” Our friend asks.

I smile. “You want a taste? Get it yourself,” I tease playfully.

He hesitates for only a second before getting up on his knees and bending down over you to suck your cock into his mouth. His mouth is hungrier than I thought and I can tell he’s fantasized about sucking cock for a while.

I move to sit beside you and watch for a while…dividing my attention between watching your cock disappear into another man’s mouth and watching your face surrender to the simple pleasures of a hot, wet suck. I rub my pussy, now throbbing and in need of some attention.

I feel your hand on my arm, pulling me towards you. I straddle your face, settling my soaked pussy over your lips and telling you to lick. I feel your tongue dive inside of me, fucking in and out, sucking and licking over the aching flesh. I feel your hands settled on my ass, spreading the konyaaltı escort cheeks so that you can jiggle the plug in my hole. I drop down and add my mouth to his, taking the head in my mouth while he licks and sucks your balls. Our mouths meet, tongues brushing and we both groan around you. I hear you bite out a curse at having so much attention focused on you. Pulling my ass and pussy away from your mouth, I keep you from having access to them.

I turn my head to the side and look over my shoulder at you “You want my cunt back baby?”

“Fuck yes!” you say.

“Spread your legs for us then.” You do it mindlessly as I settle my pussy over your face again grinding against your mouth and tongue.

“Look at his ass all spread open,” I smile at our friend and bit my lip. “I would die to see your mouth there.” There is a heat in our eyes and I know we both crave the taste of your ass.

I watch as our friend licks down past your balls and taint to your hungry little pucker. Swallowing your cock down as far as I can go, I reach around your legs and hold your ass open for his mouth. I push harder against your lips, so close to cumming as I watch his tongue slide inside your opening. I bob my head several times on your cock before pulling off. “Oh fuck…baby, your ass looks so hot with his tongue in it!”

I feel you moan against my pussy and watch as you arch your hips, pushing your ass against his mouth. I can see him jerking his cock and I can tell we are all close to cumming. It gives me an idea.

“Straddle his legs for me…I want to see your cocks against each other,” I purr. He does as I ask, lining his cock up with yours. They are almost the same size and I take my hands and wrap them around your dicks, dropping down some spit to make them slide perfectly in my grip. I begin stroking, hearing you both moan in response. I know the hot press of your cocks together feels fucking fantastic. My mouth is there, licking and sucking at the tips, tasting your combined cum.

“Oh god boys, I’m gonna cum so hard!” I say, fucking my cunt against your mouth in abandon. It makes a wet smacking noise. You have the head of my plug in the grip of your hand and are now fucking it in and out of my stretched ass, causing me to cry out.

I feel your cocks pulse in my hands, straining for release. “Fuck yes…cum for me! Give me all that hot yummy cum all over my face!”

I know what it does to you to hear me say that and I watch as cum erupts from first your cock and then his, hitting my face and mouth in a stream of hot white jizz. I feel you clamp down on my clit and it sets me off, cumming hard against your mouth. The room is filled with sounds of pleasure and moaning as we all ride out our orgasms. I release your cocks and we both collapse on the bed beside you.

After a minute of trying to bring our breathing under control you both sit up and lean over me. I open my eyes and smile, knowing my face is a wet mess. You both look at each other and smile, a silent communication passing between you. Without any warning you lean down and each run your tongues up my cheeks, tasting your combined flavors on me.

I groan “Oh fuck me…”

You slide your mouth against mine in a heated kiss and then pull back. “Ready for round two?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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