Mistletoe Mommy

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First of all, I want to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! It has been a blast to be writing all these stories for the past year-and-a-half, and I hope that more will follow for all of you to enjoy!

I still wanted to get another story out before the new year so I decided to write one through my time consuming schedule. It’s just a sweet, short Christmas story that gets to the point pretty fast.

Secondly, this story contains characters from my previously written stories! Before reading this I highly recommend to read my ‘Love is Not a Game’ story first to get to know the characters a bit better. It’s not really needed but you will be doing yourself a favor!

Also, more characters from my other series get referred in this, something cute for those that have read more of my previous works!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this short story!


It has been several months since Zoë Carillo helped her best friend Caroline Felton to surprise her son Kevin with a very realistic and sexy cosplay that allowed their relationship to turn into an incestuous one.

Since then she came clean with Caroline and told her everything about her own incestuous relationship with her son Gary that had started way before Caroline and Kevin moved to the city to start a new life.

Both women couldn’t be any happier, their sons were their partners, lovers and husbands ever since. Zoë has been pregnant for a while with her son’s child and Caroline finally got knocked up by Kevin after several tries.

This short story takes place during a very special Christmas day.


“Mom, Kevin and Ms. Felton will be here any minute now! Are you almost ready?” Shouted Gary upstairs as he waited for his mother to finish her attire for tonight while keeping track of time on his watch.

Zoë heard her son reaching out to her once more, a lot louder than the previous one a few minutes ago. “Almost done honey! We ladies need to look our best for special occasions like this!” She shouted in return as she finished putting on her mascara.

Gary sighed before taking a seat on the stairs, waiting for his mother to finish and to wait for his friend Kevin and his mother to arrive.

Finally, after a few more minutes he could hear his mother coming down the stairs, her heels clacking with each step she took.

Gary looked up and was greeted by his mother’s beautiful smiling face and curvy body. “Sorry for taking so long, but your silent appreciation tells me everything!” Said Zoë followed by a cute giggle.

Gary only nodded as he watched his mother’s outfit for the night. Red high heels on her cute little feet followed by an elegant dark red split dress, topped off with a short, open white cardigan that hung loosely off her shoulders. Her ears decorated with ruby earrings that were the same color red as her full lips and her black hair in a messy, but classy, bun that made her even more sexy.

“So? Think I nailed the Christmas spirit with this one?” Asked Zoë as Gary took her hand to help her further down the stairs.

Gary laughed before answering. “Mom, you nail every outfit that you wear… And I can’t wait to ‘nail’ you out of it too!” He said jokingly.

“Gary Carillo!” Yelped Zoë playfully before pulling her son close to her and planting a deep kiss on his lips.

Gary moaned as his mother’s lips explored his, his hands carefully caressing her slightly protruding belly.

“You sure it isn’t too tight Mom?” He asked her after the passionate kiss.

Zoë giggled once more. “Such a gentleman… No need to worry, she’s going to be fine… Daddy…” Answered Zoë seductive and lovingly.

Both Gary and Zoë looked at each other hungrily for a bit, if this wasn’t a special occasion they would have jumped each other right here and now right away.

They both walked to their living room hand-in-hand before sitting down on the couch to wait for their close friends to arrive.

“So, you never really explained this to me Mom but how did you all came to the conclusion to do something like this?” Asked Gary, curiously awaiting his mother’s answer.

Zoë cuddled up to her son before she started to speak. “Well… We, ‘The Community’, decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with more people that are in the same situation as us. Whether it’s mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters or other incestuous kind of couples that are around, I’m sure you will be surprised by how many of ‘us’ there actually are around these parts.”

Gary nodded. “I understand; the Holidays are a perfect time to bring people together, whether it’s ‘normal’ families or families like us. This is going to pretty new for both of us since we only admitted and acted upon our feelings for each other a few months ago… How did you get involved with this ‘The Community’ anyway? And how do you know so much about it?”

Zoë giggled again before caressing her son’s cheek with one of her güvenilir bahis soft hands. “That’s something I will tell you later baby… You will get to know about them eventually, the same goes for Kevin and all the other younger couples and lovers out there.”

Gary still had thousands of questions to ask his mother, but the sudden ring of the front door bell snapped him out of his curious state. A smiled creeped on his face as he jumped off the couch and held his hand out to the beautiful woman next to him once more.

Zoë’s fingers intertwined with those of her son right away before the couple made their way towards the front door.

Gary opened it only to be greeted by an overly excited Caroline and Kevin.

“Merry Christmas!” Said Caroline loudly as she also stood hand-in-hand with her son.

Zoë smiled as she greeted her best friend. “Merry Christmas to both of you as well darlings! Caro, I told you that it would look stunning on you!”

“Wow Mom! I didn’t know that you and Ms. Carillo would be rocking the same outfits, you two almost look like twins or something!” Said Kevin after shaking hands with Gary.

Caroline and Zoë had picked their outfits together, only Caroline’s was a dark green variation of it.

Caroline turned to her son and smiled at him. “Thanks for the compliment sweetie, we just figured that this would be the perfect thing to wear since we both have about the same sizes.

“Well Ms. Felton, both you and Mom sure know how to ‘dress to impress’.” Said Gary with a goofy grin on his face.

Both women started to giggle while the boys sneakily winked to each other.

The four of them chatted for bit longer before Zoë locked up their home so they could make their way towards their destination. It had only snowed lightly so they could easily traverse towards the hotel were the Christmas dinner party was being held. Both Caroline and Zoë swooned with romantic feelings as they walked hand-in-hand with their sons, their lovers, through the beautifully lit and light snow covered streets.

“Dude, are you also nervous about meeting all those different kind of people that are, you know, just like us? I really wonder how many guys and girls are the same age as us.” Said Kevin to Gary.

Gary nodded. “I know what you mean… Mom told me that I would be surprised to see how many people are the same as us…”

“Don’t worry too much you two, you both can be sure that these are all like-minded people that experience the same things we do since our relationships have changed. Just enjoy it, make new friends and see how much joy and happiness we all share.” Said Zoë towards the two boys as she had overheard their conversation.

“Aren’t you two nervous?” Asked Kevin towards Zoë and his mother.

Caroline smiled and shook her head. “Not at all, we have met most of the mothers and fathers that share the same Incestuous lifestyle as us a couple of times before, even in the short time span we have been together. So, we sort of know everyone already to a certain extend.”

Gary snickered. “Let me guess, ‘The Community’?”

He then felt his mother’s hand grasping his own tighter. “Yes darling, ‘The Community’…”

Kevin and Gary decided to drop their questions so the four of them could talk about different topics before reaching the hotel. They all looked forward to it, and only the mothers knowing that making love to their sons was on the menu as well for the night…


“Wow Mom, you weren’t kidding when you told me that I would be surprised by the amount of people that would be attending this Christmas dinner! I would have never believed you if you would have told me that this many people are in the same kind of relationship as we are!” Said Gary excited as he looked around the large room that was filled with tables and beautifully dressed people attending the dinner. “How many are there attending anyway?” He asked.

Zoë, still holding hands with her son, smiled as she observed her boy looking his eyes out. “Told you it would surprise you, and to answer your question: about two-hundred this time.”

“Wow… And you said you know most of them? Could you… Uh… Like, point out some different families like us to me?” Asked Gary again, still excited to see so many people, young and old, that were in the same situation as he and his mother.

Zoë giggled before pulling her son close to her so she could tell him something about the many people she knew that were sitting all around the tables.

“Let’s see… Mhmmm… Do you see that young man in that wheelchair over there? That’s the Wilson family, consisting of Cynthia, the mother, Debbie and Casey, her daughters and her son Jake. A really tragic event changed their lives, but for the better in the end. Cynthia and Casey are both pregnant with Jake’s children and I think Debbie is trying for a child as well.” Explained Zoë as her son listened to her fully concentrated.

“Over there we have the Caldwells. Mother Judith and her children Matthew and Stephanie. türkçe bahis All of them are very well known around these parts, both Judith and Matthew in the medical branch and Stephanie because of her successful photography studio, yes, the very same were we took our pictures together! Matthew is in a relationship with both his mother and sister, he and Stephanie have two adorable children.” Continued Zoë.

“Oh! And that young man over there, That’s Nick and he’s in a relationship with his mother Carrie, grandmother Aileen and sister Jennifer after a very, very special vacation they all went on together. Both his father and grandfather got out of the picture after his mother and grandmother divorced them. I don’t really know much more about them but in the short time span I have known them I can say that they dearly love each other. I think Carrie is also pregnant with her son’s child.” Said Zoë before looking back at her son.

“Damn Mom! You’re like a walking encyclopedia with all that knowledge!” Said Gary excited, a sort of proudness emitting out of him towards his mother.

“Oh dear, I just have met these people more times than you! But tonight is your chance to get acquainted with many of them. I’m sure you will be making more friends if you socialize a bit, like Caroline said: These people are all on the same line as us!” Responded Zoë, happy to see her son showing interest.

“Don’t worry Mom, I will! But first let us grab some of that delicious food, can’t meet new people with an empty stomach, right?” Said Gary as he pulled himself and his mother off their chairs so they could attend to the vast variety of food that was there for them to feast on.

Zoë giggled as her son guided her, holding her tight as a couple in love, which they were. She knew that this would be a night for him to remember, and for her as well. Because the best part had yet to come, a private moment for the two of them to make love on Christmas night, just like all the other incestuous couples, families and lovers would tonight in this very hotel.


“So, did you two enjoy socializing with all the other younger guys and girls tonight?” Asked Zoë to Gary as they walked hand-in-hand towards their room for the night.

“Well what can I say, it’s still a bit weird meeting so many new people that are in the same situation as us Mom. But to answer your question: Yes, we did, Kevin and I couldn’t believe that so many of them were so… so…”

“Normal?” Butted Zoë in.

Gary nodded. “Yeah, guess so. Nice and kind people just like our friends. We even made a few appointments to meet up with some of them. Jake, the guy in the wheelchair, was just as much of a sportsman as I am before his incident. It immediately clicked sort to speak of, with his sisters as well.”

Zoë giggled as she fished out the keycard to their room from her handbag. “A delicious Christmas dinner, meeting interesting people… What can we ask more?” She said.

Gary brought his hand to his mother’s ass and gave her right cheek a firm squeeze. “You know damn well how we can end this successful Christmas night Mom.” He said with a grin.

“You naughty boy… Was Mommy on your Christmas wish list or something?” Asked Zoë flirty.

“Mom… You are on top of all my lists, the Christmas one is just one of the special ones each year.” Responded Gary fully confident.

Zoë opened the door with a satisfying smirk before pulling herself and her son into their hotel room. She turned around, cupped her son’s face and gave him a deep, long lasting passionate kiss that rocked Gary’s world. As they kissed she pointed her finger up above them.

Gary’s eyes, wanting to keep on watching his mother, made a quick detour to where Zoë was pointing and spotted a mistletoe hanging above them.

“Well… That’s convenient…” Said Gary after the passionate kiss ended.

“Isn’t it? Mommy has been in this room earlier to… ‘spice’ up some certain aspects for the night.” Said Zoë as she kicked off her heels and got rid of her handbag.

Gary walked further into the room, impressed with the scene his mother apparently created. It all felt ‘Christmassy’, candles and all that stuff to give it a warm feeling. He let out another small laugh when he looked up to the ceiling above the king-sized hotel bed to see more mistletoes hanging from it.

“Somebody wants to receive a lot of kisses…” He mumbled as he plopped down onto the soft, comfy bed for two.

He quietly watched his mother for a while as she released her hair bun and styled her long dark raven hair.

“Say Mom, do all the families and couples that attended the dinner stay in this hotel tonight just like us?” He asked.

Zoë turned, still busy with her hair, to answer him. “Mhmm… I guess so, it’s somewhat of a tradition to stay with the ones you love for the night. I know that Caro and Kev surely stayed for the night and the Wilson family as well.”

“Okay… So we aren’t the only ones that will uh… ‘Embrace’ the holiday spirit with güvenilir bahis siteleri some passion?” Asked Gary after his mother’s response.

Zoë looked at Gary, stuck out her tongue a bit and winked. “Santa has heard your wishes baby, and he told Mommy exactly what to get for you.”

Gary could see his mother’s nipples, already hard, pressing through the tight fitted dress. He could already feel his cock starting to harden, curiously waiting for his mother’s surprise.

“Why don’t you get yourself comfortable on that bed honey? Mommy has to change into something for you, and I know you will absolutely love it…” Said Zoë as she turned again, lifting the lower part of her dress to show her ass and moist, pink pussy to Gary, teasing him further. She had been going commando for her son the whole night, no bra and panties present.

She shook her jiggly, meaty ass a couple of times to the left and right before grabbing a small suitcase and darted off into the bathroom. “And no peeking mister! Be a good boy because good boys get a reward!” Was the last thing she said before she disappeared.

Gary smiled as he started to undress himself, his cock now straining hard against the fabric of his pants. Ever since he and Zoë got together he wasn’t able to not get a hard-on around his mother whenever she showed some skin, Of course, Zoë being the good mother she is, always immediately ‘helped’ her boy with some relief.

He laid back onto the soft bed, his head on top of the mountain of pillows at the headboard, patiently waiting as he used one hand to slowly stroke his rock-hard cock. Both mother and son already knew that they were going to make some passionate love this day long before Christmas had arrived.

Christmas had always been sort of a bad holiday for Zoë ever since she caught her husband cheating on her during this period a long time ago. Since that time Gary did everything in his might to help his mother forget that sorrow and show her how much loved she was and what she meant to him. Every Christmas day had to be unique and only filled with happiness for her in his book.

He heard the rustling of clothes, his mother softly humming Christmas tunes to herself coming from the bathroom. Whatever she was doing, he knew that it was going to be something special. He already had the kind of idea his mother was up to, and it had to do with one of her most precious hobbies.

It took another five minutes or so before he heard his mother’s voice breaking through the silence inside of the bedroom. All the time Gary kept his ears open, his eyes focused on the door and one hand wrapped around his hard cock.

“Are you ready for your present baby?” Asked Zoë sweetly as she applied the last bit of make-up on her face.

“Oh, I am Mom… In many different ways…” Responded Gary, eager to see what she came up with.

Zoë smiled to herself as she turned around, opened the door of the bathroom and stepped forward into the field of vision of her son.

“Holy shit!” Were the first words that came out of Gary’s mouth, his eyes moving up and down, feasting on his mother’s body and the cosplay outfit she was wearing.

“Holy indeed baby!” Giggled Zoë in response as she took a stance in front of the bed and took on various poses to show herself off.

On her head she had a headband with fluffy reindeer antlers accompanied by her beautifully made up face. Her chest was bare, showing off her big and perky breasts with their already hard, smallish pink nipples pointing at her son. Her arms were covered with fluffy brown shoulder length gloves that ended with paws covering her hands. Her pussy and ass were only covered by a teeny-tiny thong that had a cute tiny white fluffy tail attached to it. And last but not least were her knee length boots, also made of a fluffy brown material, that encased her legs and feet which ended in hooves. Gary wondered for a split second how in God’s name she managed to make those, but he knew that his mother was a cosplay designing expert. The rest of her bronze tanned skin made the whole picture complete, perfectly in contrast with most of the brown material she had used, no body paint had to be used this time.

“You have been a very, very good boy this year baby… So Santa was kind enough to give you the one thing that was on top of your wish list. Your own Rudolphette, the horny, big titted and wet pussy having reindeer!” Said Zoë before licking her lips and setting her sights on her boy.

Gary, his cock now hard as a steel bar and pointing straight towards the mistletoes on the ceiling, felt a shock of excitement and love running through his body. His mother had done it again, arousing him so greatly that he couldn’t wait to fuck her silly.

He then laughed before speaking back. “That quite a mouthful Mom! Say, you don’t mind if I just call you Mom as usual instead of Rudolphette?”

Zoë giggled in return again. “Baby, you can call Mommy whatever you want. Now… Speaking of mouthfuls…”

Zoë climbed onto the bed and seductively crawled closer and closer toward her son.

Gary watched as his mother came closer and closer, his eyes switching between those sparkling ones of her and her large bosom that swung and jiggled underneath her.

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