Miss Lou – Queen of Weight

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Big Tits

“If you’re gonna stare at my tits, you should have the decency to buy me a drink!”

Swallowing my burger and smiling, “Since we’re being blunt, to be precise I was actually staring at your nipples.”

That was my introduction to Lou a couple days ago on the island of Maui. I have had many made trips to the Islands but had never met anyone quite like her. On this particular trip, I had spent three days on the beaches and in the bars when I wasn’t working. I had the makings of a great tan, but had not been once laid! I’d met a couple girls with promise but just hadn’t closed the deal for one reason or another.

I get over to the Islands about three times a year and usually it’s on a company expense report. On this particular day, it was early afternoon and I was grabbing a burger for lunch before a mid-afternoon meeting with a guy north of Lahaina. I grabbed a small bar table in the corner that provided a view of both the Pacific Ocean and much of the small restaurant. I hadn’t noticed her when I first sat down but when bodies moved about, the sexy redhead came into view.

She had short red-brown hair and an infectious smile but what really caught my attention were the incredible nipples that sat upon her pert breasts. They were very large, firm and prominent under her tank top. I watched her interact with a couple friends as I sat 10 feet away from her. She was totally at ease with herself and her surroundings and it was obvious she was a local. Apparently I was staring when I thought I’d only been glancing at her between bites of my burger.

So imagine my surprise when I watched her approach my table and tell me I should buy her a drink. Well, of course that’s exactly what I did. Rudy, the bartender, gave her a fresh glass and she continued to stand opposite me. I tried my damnedest to not be totally rude and make eye contact but my eyes kept moving to her nipples. She told me later she kept swaying softly from one foot to the other so her breasts would move ever-so-slightly under her tank. Being a mere 36 inches away from her, I could now see each nipple was pierced twice with bars. This only heightened my arousal and desire to see more.

We made some small talk and even though I could tell she was a lady accustomed to being in control, she cut me enough slack that we got along well. I told her I had to make a meeting and asked for her number. She smiled and declined but did tell me which club she would be at later that night. She offered we could continue the chat and see where it went from there. I paid my tab and hustled off to my meeting with visions of her in my head. #

I had to make a couple calls to ‘friends of friends’ to locate the club but I finally managed to do so. It wasn’t so much a club as a very large guest house on a property overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Lou had left my name with the security or I wouldn’t have made it past the driveway. I made my way inside and found my way to the bar. I walked around the house until I found Lou holding court on the deck. She smiled when she saw me but continued her discussion.

After a few minutes, the crowd around her began to move away and I walked up to her. She extended her hand, “I see you’re very resourceful. This isn’t the easiest place to find for a visitor.”

“I have a few friends on the Island, but yes it did take some calls.”

Lou laughed, “I wanted to see how interested you really were. Now I know. Shall we refill our glasses?”

I couldn’t tell you what either of us wore that night except that Lou’s nipples were on display and I was hoping it was for my benefit. We danced and we talked and as the night was turning into morning, Lou told me to follow her. We moved through the house and ascended a wide staircase. Reaching the end of the hall, she twisted the knob and I followed her inside. The room was dimly lit but it was obviously a large bedroom.

Once behind closed doors, Lou turned to face me. She pulled me close to her and pressed her lips to mine. My hands roamed over her body as I felt her hands on mine. My left hand squeezed her firm asscheek as my right hand moved to her breast. The image of her nipples had been making me horny all afternoon and evening. My thumb rubbed over her nipple and I felt the barbells press into my skin. I wanted more and worked to pull her top over her head. Fortunately there was enough light in the room for me to see her beautiful breasts. They were perfectly shaped with firm nipples. I dropped my lips to her left nipple and cupped it. My tongue flicked at it my right hand caressed her right breast. My mouth sucked on her nipple enjoying the sensation.

I felt her hands on my pants as she unbuttoned and pulled down my fly. My mouth returned to her lips as my hands moved to remove her skirt. As they slid over her hips, I realized she was now wearing only her heels. My right hand moved between her thighs and I felt her smoothly shaved pussy. My left hand rubbed her nipple a little harder as antalya escort our passions grew. Lou crushed her lips into mine as her left hand began to slowly stroke my ever-hardening cock.

I moved her backwards until her asscheeks were pressed to the edge of the bed. Lou leaned onto her elbows as we continued to kiss. I broke our kiss and nibbled my way down her neck and finally to her delicious breasts. My lips moved from her left nipple to the right and back to the left. The fingers of my right hand had found her clit and the barbell piercing she wore. My fingers rubbed over her skin while pushing the hard metal that she wore so proudly.

I wanted to taste her and I wanted to fuck her so reluctantly my lips left her nipples and pressed to her sex. Her skin was baby-smooth around her sex and she had the deep scent of a woman in lust. My tongue pressed hard onto her clit and flicked from left to right. I had never been with a woman wearing a piercing in her clitoris so it intrigued me wildly. I wondered about the sensation it created for Lou as my tongue toyed with it. My index and middle fingers slipped into her sex and I could feel her begin to hump my hand. My tongue continued to pressure her clit and I could feel her breathing change as her orgasm neared. I quickened the pace with my fingers and Lou was soon squeezing her thighs against my head as her body shook with pleasure. I lowered my lips to hers and drank the nectar as it flowed from her body. She tasted as sweet as honey at that moment.

Before she could catch her breath and take back control, I quickly pressed my hard cock to her pussy and thrust inside of her. Her eyes opened wide and Lou let out a grunt as my eight-inch cock rode deep inside her pussy. My hands on her hips, my cock took long strokes in and out of her wet pussy. I could feel my balls slapping against her as my cock went deep inside. I watched as Lou began to play with the barbells in her nipples. She was teasing me to my delight as my cock slammed in and out of her sexy body. She wrapped her thighs around my lower back and seemed to pull me deeper inside her. I could hold out no longer and shot a long, thick stream of cum. I could feel my cock and my cum filling her pussy. Her thighs held me inside her and I leaned forward to kiss Lou on the lips. I’m sure she could still taste her juices on my lips as we kissed.

I started to pull away from her to get dressed. “Hey,” to catch my attention, “I expect you to clean up after yourself!”

I looked at Lou with puzzlement as I’d never been ‘expected’ to do such a thing.

Lou squeezed her thighs together to keep my juices and hers from escaping her sex. “You were great and I’d love to do this again, but …”

“But what?” I asked her.

“But if you don’t get between my legs right now … it won’t happen!”

Based on my earlier impressions, I was certain she wasn’t kidding. I watched her absent-mindedly twist her nipples and I was soon dropping to my knees. Lou spread her thighs to allow me access to her sex. I pressed my mouth to her pussy and tasted our combined cum. My tongue licked between her lips as she filled my mouth with cum. I hesitated briefly before swallowing my own cum for the first time in my life.

A few moments later, we were both standing in the nearly dark room with our clothes on. Lou leaned in and kissed me deeply, her tongue practically finding its way down my throat, it seemed.

“When can I see you again?”

“You can find me at the Belou Gallery. I’m there most days until 5.” With that, Lou turned the knob and walked out the door. I stopped to pee before following her out. By the time I returned to the party, Lou was gone. #

Fortunately I didn’t have any meetings scheduled until lunch the following day. I’m not sure I would have been any shape to make them if I did. I had looked up the gallery and pretty much knew where to find it after my meeting. It was off the main boardwalk in Lahaina, tucked away somewhat at the end of an alleyway. I walked in out of the bright Maui sunshine and let my eyes adjust to the relative darkness. The gallery was different than the typical island theme found throughout the boardwalk. It was a mixture of photography and oils with a definite erotic theme. Some of it was very subdued or buried in meaning but some was very blatant sexuality. My brain just began to absorb the subject matter when I heard Lou’s voice from behind me.

“Do you see anything interesting?”

“I’m just browsing right now. I’ll let you know what I see that interests.”

Lou smiled a devilish grin. She stood wearing very tight black leather pants, a matching buttoned short jacket and three-inch heels. She was very striking.

Lou turned around and walked to the door. I watched as she flipped the lock and posted a sign in the window that instructed interested parties to call the number on the sign. She turned around to face me with a smile just a bit wider than before. alanya escort “Why don’t I show you the upstairs gallery. It’s for my privileged customers – and only by invitation.”

Lou walked up and pressed her body hard against mine. Her lips pressed to my lips and I once again felt the rush of electricity as her tongue entered my mouth. With images of just a few hours earlier rushing through my head, I could feel my cock stirring against her thigh. Lou led me to a doorway and unlocked the latch. Flipping a switch, she led me up the stairway to the second floor gallery. I could feel my heartbeat quicken as I neared the top, not quite sure what to expect.

I’ll be honest, the gallery was beyond my imagination. It was primarily large-size photographs and life-sized sculptures. The sculptures were nudes of men and women and various combinations of the two. They weren’t mere marble, but realistically painted and looked human-like. The prints on the wall were of men and women as well. Some were simple nudes and some depicted very explicit sex. As I walked further into the gallery, the art took on a darker tone – one of domination and submission.

I stood in place, my feet seemingly rooted in the floor. I had lost track of Lou and hadn’t sensed her moving in behind me. When her hand reached around a squeezed my cock and balls, I damned near jumped out of my skin. She pressed her body to my back, her left hand squeezing my sac while her right hand caressed my chest. I could feel her warm breath on my neck when she spoke. “Now do you see anything interesting?”

I could barely speak, between the images in the gallery and her hands on my body. Her teeth softly nibbled the skin on my neck. “I really don’t know what to say. I’ve never seen anything like this.” Her left hand had unzipped my fly and was now caressing my erect cock through my boxers. “Where does all this come from?”

“I have friends on the mainland and back in the UK that are rather unique artists, wouldn’t you agree?” Her right hand was now inside my shirt and she was applying pressure to my left nipple with her thumb and index finger.

“And this subject matter is of particular interest to you, I’m guessing?” I was staring at a six-foot tall photograph of a nude woman on her knees with her face buried in the sex of a tall leather-clad woman.

“It is true. I enjoy both the dominant and the submissive worlds.” Lou removed her hand from my fly and walked around to face me for the first time since we entered the second floor gallery. She had removed her jacket and was standing before me wearing just the leather pants and heels. The heels allowed her to look me directly in the eyes. Her nipples were hard and stood pert on her breasts. Lou slowly dropped to her knees in front of me. She pressed her lips to the tip of my cock and I felt her tongue flick my pee-hole. Her mouth opened wide and she was swallowing my cock in her warm mouth. Her left hand was squeezing and kneading my ball sack as my cock slid between her lips. The teeth on her lower jaw raked the sensitive skin on the underside of my cock as I entered her. Lou’s tongue bathed my cock as she pressed her face into me.

In moments, though it seemed much longer, Lou’s nose was pressed to my skin. My eight inches of erect cock were buried down Lou’s throat and still she squeezed my balls with the same affection. Lou pulled back and I could feel my cock sliding over her lips and the coolness of the gallery on my moist skin. When her teeth hit my crown, she started her ascent up my cock one again. Lou picked up her pace and she soon was fucking my cock with maddening speed. Saliva from her mouth, mixed with my pre-cum juices, was leaking from her lips as she pulled away from me. She would drink it all back in as she slid up my cock. I could feel my orgasm fast approaching, as could Lou. She released my sack as she buried my cock in her moist mouth. My cum exploded from my cock with the first stream jetting down her throat. The second stream she captured in her mouth.

With a bit of sadness, I felt my cock slipping from her lips. Lou stood in front of me. She opened her lips ever so slightly and a fine stream of spittle and my cum dripped onto her left nipple. We both watched it hit her skin and make to small trails around her pierced nipple. Lou took my head in her hands and pressed my lips to the spot. I opened my lips and hungrily sucked on her hardness. I could taste the juices on my tongue. I stroked her nipple and used my teeth to play with the barbells that ran through them. When she was satisfied, she lifted my head and pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue pushed past my lips and I could taste my own cum. She put her hands behind my head to hold me tightly as she passed my cum from her mouth to hers. Reluctantly, I was forced to swallow as she held me firmly in her grasps.

She broke our embrace and stepped back with a mischievous grin on her face. I was shaken from belek escort swallowing my own cum but my cock was already growing hard once again. “I want to show you something special. I think you have earned it.” Lou turned and walked towards the back of the gallery. “I’ll be back in a few minutes – have a look around.”

I didn’t know if I should get naked or tuck my cock back in my pants as I stood in the middle of all these sexual images. A couple of the photographs appeared to be Lou but her face was always partially obscured by head gear or masks. After a couple minutes, I decided to remove my clothes. I knew she wasn’t keeping me waiting for anything other than fucking. My cock was rock hard as I strolled the gallery, working my way in the direction she had departed.

“I’m ready for you now, but please be quick.” Her voice seemed strained as I moved quickly around a wall. I was totally awe-struck by Lou as I took her fully into my sights. Lou was standing with her hands holding a bar high over her head. She was nude except for the heels but that wasn’t it. I looked from her beautiful eyes down to her amazing breasts. Those pierced nipples that had originally caught my attention in the bar now did so for an entirely different reason. Attached to each set of barbells were small weights that pulled Lou’s nipples downward towards the Earth. I’m sure my jaw dropped and my cock jumped! I could see her nipples had seemingly changed shape to adjust to the pressure being applied to them. Lou’s thighs were slightly spread and another weight hung relentlessly from the barbell in her clit. It seemed a bit larger and had the same affect.

“Damn Lou! Doesn’t that hurt like a son-of-a-bitch?” I subconsciously reached for my nipple as I stared at her.

Through a somewhat forced smile, she replied “A little bit. But damn it gets me off!”

When I didn’t move and didn’t say a word but merely stared as the pre-cum oozed from the tip of my cock, Lou spoke. “Would you come here and kiss me? Gently!”

I stepped forward and pressed my lips to hers. I could see the slightest beads of sweat on her upper lip as we kissed. As we did, I reached to the weight hanging from her left nipple and lifted it slightly in my hand to get a sense for the weight. She told me later that it weighed 8 ounces – a half a pound hanging from the barbell piercing her delicate nipple. She grimaced ever so slightly when I gently let it go from my hand.

Like a moth to a flame, my right hand moved down her belly until my fingers were touching the stretched hood of her clitoris. Lou shuddered involuntarily when I touched her skin and it caused all the weights to dance in the air causing her a second shudder. My fingers lightly caressed her the skin around the barbell that was being pulled downward. My fingers split wide and I rubbed the lips of her moist pussy. I could hear her breathing – nearly panting – as my skin touched hers.

“I have never fucked wearing the weights. Will you take me from behind so we both can watch?” She was standing in a spot opposite a floor-length mirror. Lou delicately spread her feet shoulder-wide to allow me to enter her. I walked around her and kissed her on the neck. Wearing the heels made her just the right height for fucking, but I was still able to see over her shoulder to see her reflection in the mirror. She looked incredibly sexy as the look of lust and anguish crossed on her face.

I reached between her thighs and my fingers felt her pussy already dripping wet in anticipation. I knew no foreplay was needed, nor did she want any right now, but I couldn’t resist given what she had done to me. Two fingers of my right hand slid inside her pussy and I slowly finger-fucked her pussy. I watched as the weights began to swing slowly from side-to-side. i could see Lou biting her lip, to mask the discomfort and hide her lust. My fingers slipped from her pussy and pressed gently against her tight asshole. Rubbing her juices around the rim, I toyed with her bum. Finally, I grasped my cock and pressed the crown to her opening lips. Rubbing her juices on my skin, I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy. I went slowly, not knowing if it would hurt her.

“Oh Fuck! Your cock feels so good inside me!” She was watching her own body in the mirror. Every movement of mine made the weights swing. I leaned into her and kissed her moist neck. By now, Lou’s entire body was covered in a sheen of glistening sweat. “Not too fast … Please, not too fast!”

I pressed my cock deeper inside her sopping pussy. I could feel her muscles constrict around me. I started a steady rhythm, fucking in and nearly out of her. I watched as she closed her eyes, only to re-open them so she could watch her body being taken in this way. As we slow-fucked, her nipples seemed to be bigger than I had seen them previously. As my rhythm increased, the weight hanging from her clit began to swing out and back. I could feel it pulling on her body, causing her pussy to tunnel as my cock slid in and out. The sensation was like no other I had felt while fucking and I had to maintain my focus to not just pound into her.

“Lou … I can’t hold out much longer.”

“Please don’t cum. Help me to the floor and fuck me properly!”

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