Minister’s Family Embraces Incest Pt. 03

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As always, my characters involved in the sex are all over the age of 18. Since this is my fantasy, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All of my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when part of the sex. They also eat when needed; none of my characters go hungry.

The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

This story is my tribute to the author RGB650. The specific story is A New Life. The story was originally published on Literotica in 2004. Although his stories have popped up on various sites over the years, it was only the same two stories over and over. If RGB650 is still active, I hope he likes what I have done with his story.

This is Chapter 3 and I would suggest reading Chapters 1 and 2 first to fully understand what has already happened. I forgot to label the original story as being Chapter 1 so many may have thought it a standalone story.

Please enjoy, comments are always appreciated and high votes massage my ego.

Momma’s grip on my dick loosened. She fell forward onto my chest, gasping for breaths of air. My own gasping matched hers. Finally we were able to talk.

“My god, Baby, that was wonderful!” exclaimed my mother.

“I know, Momma, it was even better than last night,” I said as my dick shriveled and slid out of her.

“So much better,” my mother cooed.

We lay together for some time in a tight embrace, sharing passionate kisses from time to time. We were taking full advantage of the post sexual lassitude when the kitchen phone began ringing.

“That’s probably the hospital,” said Momma as she climbed off my now softened dick.

“Don’t move, son, I’ll be right back.”

I watched my mother’s naked ass leave my bedroom.

It was the hospital calling. Poppa had woken up. Momma and I dressed quickly, picked up Sissy at her friend Maggie’s house and drove to the hospital. We were so happy that my father had woken up. If he had not, he would have been transferred to the big hospital in the next town.

Poppa was sitting up in bed when we entered his room. He still had a multitude of needles and electronic leads connected to his body. He was extremely pale but managed to smile at us.

The doctor had been at the nursing desk when we walked down the hallway to the room. He followed us in to give us a status report.

“As you all know, the Minister received a hearty blow to the back of the head which caused him to lose consciousness. We sutured the gash on his head and ran every test possible at this location. Since all the tests showed him to be healthy and he has regained consciousness, we are left only with the concussion to deal with. I’m going to keep him here overnight just so we can keep an eye on him. Barring any new developments, he will be able to go home tomorrow.”

All of us thanked and thanked him before allowing the doctor to leave our family group. We then made a fuss over my father asking him stupid questions like how he felt.

Some minutes later, Poppa asked Sissy and me to leave him alone with Momma for a few minutes. Of course, we stepped away, deciding to go get some drinks from the vending machines. I stood outside the door once we returned while Sissy sat in a chair outside the next room.

I was able to overhear the conversation in the room. Momma started by assuring herself that he was actually feeling well. Poppa confessed that his memory of the night of the home invasion was spotty. He could remember everything up until just before he was hit in the head with the gun butt.

He said he was seeing some very strange flashback scenes in his head. They were confusing him.

“What kinds of things are you seeing?” asked Momma.

“It’s very embarrassing,” said Poppa.

“No need to be embarrassed, dear, tell me what you see in these flashbacks,” said Momma.

Poppa’s face must have blushed quite red as Momma made soothing sounds.

“Well…um…it’s…I see you and Ricky standing beside each other and you are both naked,” stammered Poppa.

“Oh, dear, how awful for you,” Momma said to him.

“It gets worse,” said Poppa.

“Go on, dear,” said my mother.

“I see Sissy naked too,” he almost blubbered.

“It’s okay, dear, you have no control of these delusions. It must be the concussion scrambling your brain. You should try to rest now,” said Momma in that soothing voice of hers again.

It was some time later that Momma came out of the room with tears streaking her face. In reaction to that, I jumped to my feet to embrace her. After a few minutes, Momma said my father was sleeping and we should go home.

Dinner that night was simple, canned soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Sissy volunteered to clean up the kitchen when Momma said she would like to relax ankara escort in the tub with a glass of wine and off she went.

Having the livingroom to myself for a change, I bypassed Poppa’s simple parental lock, choosing an action movie with a lot of swearing. I sprawled out on the couch and ottoman, almost dozing off myself.

I was startled out of my reverie by Momma calling out that she was going to bed. I was sorry she had to go by herself since Sissy was home. It was at this point that Sissy came into the livingroom. While I was dozing she must have gone to her room to change into her pajamas.

My sister sat fidgeting at the far end of the couch. Just when I was getting to the point of being annoyed by her, she spoke up.

“Ricky, can I cuddle with you?”

“Of course you can,” I replied.

Sissy scootched down to my end of the couch, pulled her feet up and lay her head across my chest. Naturally enough, I put my arm around her, allowing my hand to rest on her back just above the waistband of her pajamas.

We watched the movie for a while until Sissy spoke.

Ricky,” she began, “about last night…”

“I know,” I said, “it was a horrible experience.”

“I never dreamed about being naked in front of you like that.”

“Yeah, that came right out of nowhere. It wasn’t anything I ever anticipated either.”

“Poppa saw me naked too,” commented Sissy.

“I doubt he remembers much about it,” I said.

“Do you remember it?” Sissy almost whispered her question.

“Of course I remember you,” I said. “You are so hot, how could I forget?”

“You think I’m hot?” Sissy asked.

“Sissy, you are built like a brick shithouse,” I said grinning. “Of course, I think you are hot.”

“Even compared to Momma?”


“She was naked too.”

“You are both seriously hot, Sissy.”

“You were naked too,” said my twin sister.

“Yeah,” I responded.

“I didn’t get a good look at you, I think I fainted,” she said.

“I know but it’s over now and you are safe here with me. I’m sure the cops will capture those assholes soon.”

Sissy said nothing more. She settled back to continue cuddling. I have no idea where the thought popped into my head from but I wondered if Sissy was trying to check out my cock. Just the thought, had my staff hardening. She had to see it growing under my sweats, it being quite noticeable.

I tried to will my rod to go down but without much luck with a hot young woman lying so close to me. Sissy’s hand had been on my stomach but it seemed to be moving now. At first, I was convinced it was my imagination but when her hand found its way to within inches of my dick, I knew it was no dream.

I looked at my sister, catching her licking her lips. I just lay back and watched to see how far she would go with it. Obviously pretty far since her fingers were soon lying across my hard on. Sissy was still licking her voluptuous lips. I wanted it to be my lips on hers instead of her own tongue.

“Ricky?” she whispered. “Can I take it out? I want to see it again.”

I hesitated for just a moment before responding, “Of course, Sissy.”

My sister was tugging at the waistband of my sweatpants. I lifted my ass to help her get my pants down to my knees. I was going commando that evening so Sissy was soon looking at my swollen rod.

She seemed mesmerized by what she was looking at. Hesitantly, she reached out with one delicate hand to touch it. Just as her fingers neared it, I clenched my muscles causing my prick to jerk. Sissy’s reaction was priceless! She almost jumped off the couch.

Sissy realized I did it on purpose so she slapped me. Fortunately not on my staff though. I put my arm around my sister, apologized for startling her, and pulled her in for a kiss. Much to my surprise, she did not seem to have had a lot of practice.

My sister’s mouth and lips stayed rigid. Her tongue stayed in her mouth. Despite the near nudity and sexual tension surrounding us, Sissy found herself unable to relax. I tried making soothing sounds and petting her. Nothing seemed to work on my sister. I called myself a dunce for playing that little joke with my prick on her.

Neither of us noticed Momma enter the room until she sat down on the opposite end of the couch with Sissy between us. Momma was wearing only her sleepwear but flannel was certainly not sexy.

“Why am I not getting the idea that I am interrupting anything?” asked Momma.

Sissy’s eyes were popping out of her head worrying about Momma catching us together with my pants down and my naked cock standing proud. She was also rendered speechless.

“We were trying, Momma,” I said, “but I startled Sissy and she is too nervous to do any more.”

“What did you do, Ricky? Did you try to force her?” asked Momma suspiciously.

I explained and Momma slapped me on my arm, almost playfully.

“Sissy, from what I saw when I came into the escort ankara room, you don’t seem to have had much experience kissing boys. Am I right?” asked my mother.

The nervous young girl simply nodded her agreement to Momma’s statement.

“Do you want to learn how to kiss in a sexy way, Sissy?” asked Momma.

Again, a simple nod of agreement.

“Alright then, you and Ricky try it. Show Momma what you’ve got,” she said with some humour in her voice.

I moved closer to Sissy’s mouth again. Very slowly since I had learnt my lesson about rushing her. It did not go much better this time around.

“Sissy, you need to relax, to enjoy it. Let Momma show you.”

She reached behind my head, pulling me towards her. Our lips were soft, mouths open, directly in front of my sister’s deer like gaze. Momma moaned as our tongues travelled from one mouth to the other. Our lips crushed one against the other, our arms went around each other.

When we finally broke apart, Momma asked Sissy if she liked what she saw. Sissy nodded again and Momma told her to try it.

There was some improvement in Sissy’s technique this time. Her mouth was open and soft. I ran my tongue across her lips. Then I pushed my tongue between her lips and into her mouth. Again Sissy was startled snapping her mouth closed and pulling away quickly. When her mouth closed, her teeth clamped down on the edge of my tongue hard. I groaned in pain.

Sissy was almost in tears herself. Tears of frustration and disappointment. Momma embraced my sister until she felt sure that Sissy had calmed enough to try again.

“Why don’t you and I practice, babygirl,” said Momma.

Still not speaking Sissy nodded. Momma put her arms around Sissy’s neck and pulled my sister forward. Momma did not move directly to her daughter’s lips, first she placed her lips against my sister’s neck.

I watched Momma licking and nibbling from Sissy’s collar bone all the way up to and along her jaw. I was making mental notes of it all. I could not help but wonder where Momma learned her technique since I doubted Poppa would be any more of a kisser than he was a fucker.

Momma continued her tongue’s trek across my sister’s shoulders and neck. I could see that Sissy was relaxing under my mother’s oral touches. Sissy actually moaned when Momma bit at her ear lobe.

I was hardening. Except on videos, I had never seen two women making out together. There was an almost undefeatable urge for me to masturbate. But, I fought it off as I was hoping to be fucking Momma again before long and I wanted to be ready for her.

Momma switched shoulders repeating her motions on Sissy. Sissy was really getting into it. Her moaning was increasing in volume, the more Momma licked and nibbled at her. Momma was good at this.

Finally, Momma moved her lips to Sissy’s lips. They met in a long passionate kiss. Sissy seemed very relaxed this time. She did not pull back when Momma’s tongue flitted across her lips. In fact, she seemed to open her mouth wider. Momma accepted the invitation and slipped her tongue into my sister’s mouth.

There was no doubting that Sissy was enjoying making out with our mother. She had her arms on Momma’s shoulders. My sister was using some force to push her mouth tighter against Momma.

Momma’s hand moved down to Sissy’s shoulders again. Then further down as she began to rub and caress her daughter’s back. Momma’s hands slowly drifted down Sissy’s body, stopping only when she was brushing against the waistband of Sissy’s pajamas.

Sissy’s arms tightened around Momma, the passion in their kissing growing. By this point, Sissy’s tongue was spending as much time in our mother’s mouth as it was in her own. There was no doubt Sissy was learning how to be a passionate soul kisser.

Momma’s hand kept roaming over Sissy’s body. I was almost shocked to see Momma caressing the side of one of my twin’s boobs. I guess I was the only one of the three of us to be disconcerted by this move. The two women were not going to stop making out.

Glancing down at the head of my dick, I saw precum pooling at the tip. I could not fight off my own urges any longer. I took hold of my cock and used my thumb to rub the slick fluid around.

Looking back at Momma and Sissy again, I saw that Momma had her hand firmly on Sissy’s tit. Her daughter was not objecting. In fact, she was arching her chest, pushing her boob into Momma’s palm.

I was surprised when Sissy’s reciprocal hand dropped down to Momma’s back so she could, in turn, rub her mother’s back. Their passion was definitely growing. Momma was fondling and squeezing her daughter’s tit. Sissy’s moaning had picked up in volume. I could see saliva dripping from their joined lips.

Watching these two women was an incredible turn on for me. My hand was squeezing and releasing my own hard shaft. The squeeze was so painful, it was keeping the semen churning in my testicles from rising.

Momma pushed ankara escort bayan back from her daughter, reached down, and pulled Sissy’s pajama top over her head. Throwing the top onto the floor, I was delighted with the sight of my sister’s tits. I had a much better view of them now than I did the night of the home invasion.

Sissy was definitely enjoying this encounter as the yet again increased volume of her now nonstop groans was also including moans. With Momma sucking at Sissy’s breasts, my sister pulled our mother as tight to her tits as she could. Mom alternated from one C cup boob to the other.

My focus was almost entirely on Momma sucking Sissy’s tits. My view was, of course, much more tantalizing and erotic than what I had seen of Sissy the night before. I envied Momma being able to put those long thick nipples into her mouth while she caressed the rest of Sissy’s boobs.

All of this activity was making it extremely difficult to restrain myself from handling my dick. In fact, I was failing at that endeavor. I tried jerking off very slowly but within a dozen strokes, I was ready to pop. Fondling my hairy balls had no better result. The only thing I found even a modicum of success with was squeezing my shaft just below the head as hard as I could. It stopped my cum from exploding out due, I guess, to the relative pain. My sincerest hope was that Momma would eventually take pity on her eldest, and only, son and help me to finish up when she was done with Sissy.

In the past year or so, I had watched as much internet porn as I could. Poppa’s child blocks were kind of childish in their complexity. Anyway, it was not him that kept me away from them, it was privacy. The house was not so big that it was easy to find a time or place to watch them.

The on screen encounters seemed to average thirty to forty five minutes in length depending upon whether or not there was a plot. I usually took satisfactory care of myself by the end of one of the encounters. This real life encounter was close to an hour in length already and I thought there was plenty more to go. Neither my mother nor my sister had reached orgasmic levels yet. Well, I do not really know but I guessed they were not there yet.

Sissy may have been approaching a climax. Her noise levels rivaled any porn queen. But, even I, with my limited experience know most of the porn actresses faked both the noises and their climaxes.

Sissy was still holding Momma’s face tight to her. While Momma continued to suck and nibble her boobs, Sissy lay back against the couch with her head tilted upwards and her open mouth dribbling some saliva.

I could not simply sit there and watch. There was too much going on to keep me from wanting to contribute. Sissy’s tit, the one not being worked on by Momma, was an enticing target. When Momma switched boobs, my grasping hand was quick to latch onto the unused tit.

Momma looked up, with a nipple between her teeth, nodded and smiled at me. Of course, her nodding pulled the breast up and down. It seemed Momma was being gracious enough to turn Sissy’s tits over to me for our general amusement.

Momma slid her body downwards until she was kneeling between Sissy’s widespread legs. I thought my eyes would pop out of my head when I realized what Momma was about to do. I was so enthralled that I stopped alternating between Sissy’s tits, only squeezing one repeatedly.

Tongue out, Momma ran her face up and down each of Sissy’s legs still clad in her pajama bottoms. I literally gasped when Momma pressed her face against Sissy’s crotch. I could barely see it but I knew Momma was licking her daughter’s pussy through the pajama material.

Sissy moaned and bucked up against Momma’s mouth. It was almost as if Sissy were giving our mother permission to proceed further. And proceed is what she did. Momma gently pulled Sissy’s pajama bottoms down and off, with the help of Sissy’s bucking hips.

Once Sissy was naked in front of us, Momma wasted no time, she pried my sister’s labia open before ducking her head back to her pussy. Momma was so close that I could not see her tongue movement. But from the motions of her head, I knew Momma was licking Sissy’s cunt from the bottom to the top.

Sissy knew it too as the volume of her noises rose from moans to shrieks. My twin used one of her hands on the back of Momma’s head while the other grabbed onto my squeezing hand. Sissy lifted her head and turned towards me. I guessed that was my invitation to return to us making out.

Swiftly, as I was moving close to her, I felt Sissy’s tongue on my lips. She was showing no type of reluctance this time around. Our lips pressed together, passion flowing between us, our tongues switched from one mouth to the other. This time around, Sissy bit down on the tip of my tongue, but ever so gently. I looked to see her with closed eyes and a smile on her face.

My twin and I continued to make out with me fondling her firm, perky breasts. Since I had only held one other naked boob in my hand before, and not willing to compare my mother and sister, I had no choice but to rank these highly. They were inviting me to use my mouth on them but the way we three were positioned made that impossible.

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