Milfs and Studs

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Author’s Note.

This story is the continuation of “They Love Them Older and Busty” Series, by Thekarpathianman, who agrees.


The housewives Carol and Helen are roughly sexed by John, Nick and Tom, three escaped convicts, in Carol’s rich house and in the presence of Scott, Carol’s incestuous son.

At the end of Chapter 3, Carol is in bed with John, while Helen is in bed with Tom and Nick.

Description of the main characters:

.Carol Blum: 52 yo, 4’10” height, DD cups, 95 pounds

.Helen: 42 yo, 5′ height, EE cups, 110 pounds and lactating

.Scott Blum: 18 yo

.John: 22 yo, 7’4″ height

.Nick: 27 yo, 6’4″ height

.Tom: 23 yo, 6’4″ height

Other cited characters:

.Frank Blum: Carol’s husband. Far from the house of the action.

.Bert; young basket player (more than 20 yo). Carol’s lover.

.Rudy: 19 yo, Helen’s older son (incestuous). In the past he had some sexual intercourses with Carol.

Scott is the narrator.


It’s two o’clock in the night. I can’t sleep. Mom is in bed with John and surely he manipulates her like a puppet. A scene I witnessed many times in the last days. He owns her. Totally. She is his property, just as though he had purchased her at a store. He can move her to his will. He feasts on her flesh like a starved animal. He mercilessly drives himself inside of her body, without regard for anything except his pleasure. She is under his complete control. A small, mature, educated lady in her early fifties who is fully dominated by a much younger boorish tall escaped convict.

I am in the backyard, seated in an outdoor chair, immersed in these thoughts, when some loud cries make me jump. A blonde female figure stark naked runs out of the house, followed by a black towering guy, also naked. Helen and Nick. They run across the pool deck, about ten meters from myself, towards the woods. Then, before disappearing between the trees, the man reaches the woman and, with an arm around her waist, he raises her body from the ground, easily like a doll.

“Come to daddy, little pet!” he grunts, holding her up in the air.

“Aaaaaaaawwwwwww. . . nnnnooooo. . .” she yells, hitting his back with her fists and kicking her legs in the air. “Put me down damnit!”

“Nope!” he exclaims. “Not before laying you to a bed where I’ll devour your stinging ass with my dick!”

“Again? Didn’t you get enough? You and your hungry friend were inside of me every second in bed!” she screams desperately.

“It was all agreed, honey, don’t you remember? Both of us in your ass! Tom has already get his portion! Now it’s my turn!”

“My ass is sore from being fucked so many times by him!” she sobs helplessly “I can’t do it again!”

“You can, baby. . . your ass can handle more than that!” he insists. “And you’re going to shit my cum out of your butt all night long!”

“No Nick no please. . . no more!”

But he ignores her pleas. In a sudden move he bends his head down to her face and plants a vigorous kiss on her lips. Then, with his mouth still glued to hers, he carries Helen to a bench at the border of the woods and sits down, with the helpless woman sideways on his lap.

“Baby, you’re a superb bodied milf!” he says. His hand explores her chest pinching her areolae and nipples.

“I shouldn’t let you touch me this way! I’m married!” she weakly protests.

“Married, yeah! A wife, a milf who likes the big cocks! You need a black young dick inside of your married white cunt and mouth and ass and between those delicious coconuts, don’t you, bitch?”

She is silent.

“Tell me, bitch!” he moves his menacing hand towards her face. “You want my black cock fucking you, huh?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Yes what, bitch?”

“I want you! I want you fuck me, Nick!”

“Fuck you with what?”

“Fuck me with your black cock!”

“Okay, bitch! I’ll fuck you like your son does! ‘Cause you cuckold your husband with your son, you married bitch, don’t you?”

“My son is always gentle with me!” she whispers.

“Gentle!” he bursts into laughter. “Gentle when he sucks your milk and plays with your boobs?”

“Yes, Nick! He’s always gentle! He slowly caresses my breasts and softly kisses them. He slowly fondles my flesh. He loves me! I’m his lovable Lady Tits!” Laid naked in Nick’s naked lap, now Helen is loosing any inhibition.

“Lady Tits!” he laughs loudly. “Holy shit! Sure the boy has good taste!”

“My boy Rudy well knows how to please me! When he carries me to bed in his strong arms, I’m in heaven!” Helen says with enthusiasm.

“Wooowww!! The big boobed milf cradled by her horny son like a baby!”

“Nick, you know, I’m very attractive!” she speaks in a sensuous tone, looking over at him and letting his big rough hand palpate casually the curvy flesh of her front body. “Many men flirted with me! But nobody satisfied my sexual desire like my son!”

“And no wonder! With that big ass and great pair of bouncing hooters displayed to him every day, what guy wouldn’t become sex crazy for his antalya escort own mummy?” One hard slap on her right tit follows. The round globe swings erotically and Helen lets out a high squeal.

Then, abruptly, he says “Give me your milk, baby, I’m hungry for it!”

“Again? Tom and you sucked hardly all night long!”

“There is still some left milk in those hot udders! I want to drink, I’m thirsty!” And he starts to trace his finger over her left areola, in slowly circles.

“You already drank a lot from me!”

“You’re a cow, baby!” he shouts out loudly. “You can nourish a regiment with those big bazoombas!”

“Pervert! Don’t call them that way! I’m a respectable lady and these are my beautiful breasts! My son loves them!” Her voice betrays a fake reproach.

“Ha ha ha” Nick explodes in a big laugh. “He loves your boobs! And now those boobs need to be milked!” He delivers some light taps to her nipple, which hardens.

“Uuuuuhhhhh. . . god” she moans.

“You’re a hot fucking cock-crazed little slut” he exclaims “with a pair of creamy pendulous balloons of succulent flesh eager for a hungry mouth!”

Now his fingers are rubbing both her areolae, as her moans turn to erotic screams.

“You’re ready, little one!” he shouts out, placing his big hands around her waist and lifting her body up before lowering it back on his lap, facing him, her thighs straddling his sides. The easy way the young black stud can handle the body of his white mature prey is simply amazing.

His thumbs press her nipples together so they touch and he can flick both of them simultaneously with his tongue.

She squirms in his arms, letting out little gasps and mewls. Music to Nick’s ears.

Then he reaches out his hands and grasps the two mounds squeezing them like huge lumps of dough. White rivulets of milk run down his fingers and over her skin, followed by thin jets that spray out of the succulent orbs and hit his hairy chest.

“That’s great, baby!” he yells, jerking her tits in all direction. Gushes of milk fly everywhere. “Oooh. . . uuuhhh. . . uuhhh. . . yeaaaaahhhh. . . ooohhh. . . feeeelllls good!” Helen squeals.

“Yummy. . . yummy. . . fill my stomach yummy mommy!!” he exclaims pushing his mouth against one nipple and sucking it loudly and greedily.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh. . . you. . . suck. . . my milk. . . aaaaahhhhhh!” she cries, holding with her hands the back of his head to drive his mouth closer to her lactating breast.

He sucks ardently on her erupting nipple as his left hand continues to maul the second tit.

My cock is stiffening at the erotic sensuous scene unfolding before me. The beautiful sexy mom of my former friend Rudy is firmly embraced to a young stud and her big succulent tits of which he was so proud have become property of a brutal black escaped convict who kneads and milks them like his own personal sex toys.

Helen utters several “oooooohhhh” and other sounds of pleasure. Her sexual arousal is increasing.

“Honey, you got the biggest and sexiest boobs I’ve ever played! And they release the sweetest juice I’ve ever tasted!” Nick exclaims bouncing and caressing the drained tit in his palm before his mouth switches to the other one.

He suckles the wet nipple and she sighs, arching her back to push her breast up to him.

Helen’s screams of joy echo in the silence of the night while Nick swallows drops of her milk and his cock begins to grow large and stiff against her crotch.

When he raises his face from her chest he shouts out “Baby your tits have been done!!” in a grin of satisfaction.

“Uuuuuhhhhhh. . . you drained me! Are you happy, now, big hunk?” she asks cupping her own tits in her little hands, after the milking session.

“Oh Christ, that huge milky set made me so fucking hot!” he exclaims. “Time to fill your married pussy!” And he lifts Helen up from his lap till her shaved cunt lips touch his erect dick, before slamming her down on his shuddering cock.

“Yeaaaaahhhhh . . . in your fucking womb!” he cries. The long pole has slid entirely inside of her in only one rough motion.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” she screams.

“You’re mine slut. . . all mine!” he growls and grabs her thighs raising the helpless body up off his shaft. The young Nick toys with the mature Helen like a cat with a mouse.

“I fuck you silly, you big boobed wife! I make you come!” And slowly, with expert teasing, he bounces her along the length of his massive cock. Up and down. Up and down. Rhythmically. Till the woman’s moans turn from pain to pleasure.

“Oh god. . . oh god. . . oh god!” she hisses, her eyes glowing, swirling pools of crazed lust as she starts to rotate her hips, easing the stretching at her opening.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . you’re sooooo big. . . soooo strong. . . ooooohhhhhhh!” she cries.

“Show me the big titted cow you are, baby! Tell me you’re my cow! And call me daddy!” he orders in a dominating tone.

“Yeeesss. . . yeeesss daddy. . . I’m your cow, big daddy . . . ooohhhh. . .”

“Thank your big daddy kepez escort for the treatment, little cow!” A flick of his darting tongue against the top of a swaying boob follows.

“Thanks daddy thanks! You make me cum!” she purrs in pure ecstasy, while her body continues to be guided up and down the giant member.

“I’m fucking you, slut! Cum for me! Now! Now! Do it baby!” he booms.

“Uuuuhhh . . . oooohhhhh . . . yesssss. . . oooohhhhh yesss. . . your baby is cumming!” she yells, her body shaking and trembling on the impaling shaft.

“Yeeeaaahhh . . . cum for your daddy, you slut wife, you slut mum! Cum on my cock!” Nick’s voice thunders.

“Oooohhh . . . oooohhhhh. . . soooooo gooooodddd . . . aaaaahhhhhh. . .” she howls, bursting in a spasmic orgasm, as her cunt juices run down his invading pole.

Helen’s head rests on his shoulder for few minutes, after her climax has subsided.

But Nick wants more.

“I didn’t cum yet, baby!” he says, cupping her cheeks in his large hands and kissing her lips. Then he picks her up and lays her on the grass, near to the bench.

He kneels and straddles her body, his knees on either side of her waist, his majestic cock bobbing right above her glorious boobs.

“I want to tit fuck you! I want to splash my cum on those fantastic boobs!” And his hands grab the twin mounds, pressing his fingers into the white resilient flesh, making her areolae and nipples peeking out deliciously from between his firm grasp.

“Oooooohhhh. . . my tits. . . always my tits. . .!” she whines.

“Your tits are mine honey! My toys!” And he puts his shaft in her cleavage pumping it up and down the titty channel.

“Lick it little one!” he commands, sliding his rod between the massive valley of tit flesh till the cock head touches her chin.

Helen complies. The tip of her tongue flicks his pulsating member.

“I use your tits! I use you for my pleasure! I can manhandle you as much as I want! You’re my filthy whore, my sex slave! My pet! Say it, say I’m your submitted pet!” he orders with an imperious tone, his throbbing member still embedded in the warm tenderness of her pliant boobs.

“Yes yes yes. . . I’m yours, you can fuck my tits. . . I’m your pet!! Your fucktoy!!” she yells.

“Your rack is made for titfuck!” he doesn’t stop his pitiless merciless assault on her breasts.

And Helen loves it. “Oh yeah. . . Nick. . . you big stud. . . you like my tits, don’t you? Fuck them. . . go ahead. . . tittyfuck them. . . do it!”

Nick can’t take it anymore. He lets go and his cock erupts like a hose, in a river of cum between the gorgeous mountains of flesh.

The first spurt hits the woman under the chin before drizzling down into her cleavage. The second lands completely on her offered melons. A huge ribbon of seed splatters up her face and hair. Another one squirts out like a volcano and covers her armpits and underarms. Helen is a mess of cum.

Exhausted from the sex session Nick lays on the grass beside the woman.

For about ten minutes nobody is speaking.

Then he stands up and asks “Have you ever been titty fucked baby?”

“Yes, of course, but never like you did!” she replies in an amused tone. Evidently she has appreciated their love making.

“Okay baby! Piss now!” he orders.

“Piss? You want me take a piss here, in front of you?” she asks. Her tone is not angry, but rather surprised.

“Yes sweetheart! Here in front of me! Same place where I made pee your beloved friend!”

“Did you make Carol pissing?”

“Yes! She pissed like a fountain! Like a little child!” My heart jumps in my chest at the thought of my mom led to piss by this hunky stud.

“Little child? She’s more than twice your age!”

“Sure! And she cries and squeaks like a little child when I spank her nice butt and fuck her hole! Now piss, baby, don’t make me impatient!”

“Yes master yes! I do it! I do!” and she squats on her knees, gazing up at the dominant guy. Then she lets loose and starts peeing. A full stream of liquid gushes out of her body.

He reaches out his hand and cups the yellow stream.

“Warm. . . warm. . . little slut. . . piss. . . piss!” he says with satisfaction.

It seems like she pees forever as a large pool is forming under her ass.

The stream finally comes to a stop.

“I’m finished!” she murmurs looking up at him. “No more no more! May I stand up master?”

“Honey, I want you smelling nice before serving me in the next round! You need a shower and I’ll take care of you!” he says bending down and picking Helen’s white curvy body up like a feather in his black muscled arms.

“Wooowwww!! The young stud wants to shower me! Here! In the night! I love it!!” she giggles.

Now the couple of lovers is in the shower stall. The door is open and from my place I can witness all the action.

Nick gently deposits Helen on the floor, then he adjusts the temperature of the water which starts to fall over their bodies. Effortlessly he raises her a bit by her armpits manavgat escort so that her large slightly pendulous boobs hang just in front of his face and he can slowly engulf one pink areola and nipple in his mouth. He licks, nips and sucks the humongous teat as she squeals happily. The second teat gets the same treat.

When he lowers her, I hear Helen murmur “Did you like the food?”

“Sure! You taste butter and honey! Nice skin! Nice flesh! Smooth and tender!” he replies, then he starts to wash her front with a wash cloth soaked with soap. He fondles her breasts for a long time and pinches her nipples eliciting joyously gasps from the woman. After nudging her to raise her arms above her head, he slowly washes her shaved armpits. Helen cooes.

For several minutes he continues rubbing her delicious under and upper arms, then he turns her around and soaps her back with gentle caresses.

“Spread your legs!” he says and she obeys. Nick bends down and washes her round buttocks and soft thighs, before reaching out to clean her anus. His finger lingers in the rear hole and Helen quivers.

Again he makes her turn around and tongues her hairless pussy, before finding his way, with his hand, to her outer and inner labia and clit. Now Helen is continuously moaning in pleasure.

“So gooooood. . . feels good. . . I’m sooooo horny!” she chirps enthusiastically when he inserts his finger in her vagina.

Finally he soaps her legs.

“You’re done, little bunny!” he exclaims satisfactorisly.

He takes a quick shower then dries accurately her body and himself.

When they get out of the cabin Helen is still cradled in Nick’s arms.

“Let’s go to bed, my beautiful bitch! I need your ass! Just now!”

“Insatiable! Voracious! Am I so appetizing for my horny partner?”

“More than appetizing, baby! You’re a bomb of sex! With all those globes of flesh! There are plenty of rooms here! Let’s go to another clean bed while Tom sleeps in his room!”

“Okay, big hunk!” Helen exclaims, as Nick carries her in his arms to the house, like a little toy, one of her large breasts swaying before his greedy lips, while she happily giggles and her legs kick erotically in the air.

“Did you like what you saw, boy?” Nick exclaims unexpectedly to me.

“Oooooooohhhhhh. . . what a shame!!” Helen cries in surprise.

Those are the last words I can hear before the two of them disappear inside of the house.

The last sounds are Nick’s booming laughs and Helen’s girlish squeals.

“And mom?” I’m asking to myself “What’s about her and John?” I walk to the main room. The door is open and I hear soft voices from inside of the room.

Peeking out of a dark corner I can watch the scene.

The two lovers are in bed.

Mom is bent towards John’s cock, as the giant stud lightly slaps the sides of her pendulous tits making them swing back and forth like bells.

“Yes, John, when Frank was not there!” she says.

Evidently mom is speaking of dad.

“And then? Did you tell him?” he asks.

“Yes, why not! I told him!”

“And didn’t he beat you?”

“Noooooo. . . never he was getting jealous! He well knew to be too old for my sexual needs!”

“And now, baby, are you satisfied?” he says, while cradling one large white alabaster breast in his larger palm.

“Oh boy, you’re a fucking machine! Nobody made me come like you do!!” mom admits in a low voice.

“Holy shit little one!” he exclaims. “You come like a hungry slut when I fuck you!” His other hand has reached her pussy, where he gently fingers the pink slit, from clit to anus. She moans.

“You like it baby, don’t you?” He puts his mouth on the second breast, his lips and tongue running over the delicate swell of her opulent tit flesh.

“Ohhhhhhhh. . . that’s so sweet. . .” she cooes, as he pleases her body.

She is totally abandoned to his erotic caresses.

“I love you, John!” she murmurs “And you?”

“I always enjoyed the old big boobed tarts like you, little Carol!” he exclaims, while pinching her throbbing clitoris. “Your body is mine! I use you whatever I want! Is that clear, whore?”

“Yes, sir, you’re my big daddy!” she replies in ecstasy.

“Say it back, say who uses your body!”

“You, daddy, you! You can use my body whatever you want!”

“Whose are you little tart?”

“Yours, daddy! But I’m not a tart, I’m your little child!”

“Yeah!! My little obedient child! Say it, lil one!”

He rolls her turgid clit in his fingers, as her girlish giggles echo in the room.

“Yes, sir, you’re my big daddy and I’m your little obedient child!” she complies in gasps.

“If I give you an order you obey!” he insists.

“Yes, daddy, yes!”

“Okay, baby, grab my dick, now!!” he suddenly exclaims, forcing her to a kneeling positition

“Big. . . big. . . big. . . you’ve got the biggest cock I ever saw!” she groans, taking his massive shaft between her small palms and sliding her hands up and down the long pole, from cock head to base.

“Yeah. . . yeah. . . ” he approves. “That’s a nice milf!”

The sight is intoxicating. I’m highly aroused. My fifty-two years old mom and his young lover are again involved in a torrid session. I have lost count of how many times I watched them making sex, in the last days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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