Mile High New Cummers

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It had been a short flight and I was waiting for my connection to San Diego. I was reading my book to past the time when I noticed you looking at me. You had a magazine and were paging through it causally glancing over my way. Our eyes locked and we smiled at each other. We went back to reading and letting each other take turns gazing at each other. I thought you were very attractive and seem to have an independent spirit about you. It appeared you were traveling by yourself. My flight was called and I went to board. As I went past, you looked up; I said, “have a nice afternoon.” You say, “I will” with a smile “later”

I went back to my seat and told myself to get her out of my mind, I wasn’t in her league. So I sat down and got settled. I dozed during take off and then started reading my book. As I was reading a piece of paper fell on to my open book. I looked up and you had continued walking towards the back. I looked at the paper, it bahis firmaları said ” Hi, it is later now and you can make my afternoon very nice if you like, come back to the restroom on the left.” I probably turn 3 different shades of red, feeling that everyone could read the note. Causally getting up I walked to the back and tried the door on the left. I step in quickly and close the door.

As I turn you said, “I didn’t think you were coming, glad you did” We are standing so close we can feel each other’s body heat. Our eyes locked, I took your hand and held it, squeezing and massaging your palm and fingers. I brought your fingers to my mouth, kiss them, open your palm, and kiss the center. You pull my face towards yours. I could hear you breathing harder. Your lips gently touch mine, over and over. Your tongue slipped between my lips. I suck the sweet tasting organ into my mouth.

Mmmmm I press your body against the sink in the small kaçak iddaa area. You could feel my cock grow between us as we kissed. I leaned back, unbuttoned your blouse, and admired the beauty of your breasts in lacy cups. I bent forward and kissed and sucked each, I felt your hips pushing against me with a rhythm. I slipped your left breast out and sucked your nipple like you were feeding me. You hand went behind my head and pulled me hard against your chest. You say “I need it, I want you in me” I can see you pulling up your dress. You had already taken your panties off and I see a beautiful mound and you musk fills my nose much to my delight. I lift you up to sit on the edge of the sink. I said ” Someone had us in mind when they designed the height of the sink.”

You undo my pants and jerk them down. My cock stands before you hard and throbbing. You take hold of it and rub your clit and pussy lips with my cock. You are so wet and I am dripping kaçak bahis pre cum. You have such a sultry look in your eyes you say ” fuck me honey.” I push my hips forward and sink into you. Your legs wrap around me. There is little room for much movement. We move in faster and faster short strokes.

As we get closer to cumming we kiss deeply and you start to moan. My hands are on your ass and I am driving into you hard and fast. The roar of the jet engines covers the wet, sucking sound of us coming together. You bite my shoulder and spasm against me as I hold you tight. Then I ask you “can I cum now?” You say “Oh yes babe fill me.” I could hold out no longer and shoot my hot load into you. My orgasm sends waves through my body. We kiss and get dressed quickly. We trade hotel numbers knowing one reservation will be cancelled. I would pick you up at six.

First you exit the restroom and close the door and as the person waiting line opens the door, I step out causing them to do a double take. One stewardess looks at us knowingly and gives a sly smile. She had told the other passengers the restroom we were in was out of order and was being serviced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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