Michelle My Hotwife

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My first entry to what I hope is a long series to my cheating hot wife fantasy.

Any and all similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

Many thanks to Misslitfinder for all her help and support with my story.

Hope you all enjoy.


I knew I was going catch shit for what I had done but I didn’t care it was worth it as far as I was concerned. I feel life only throws you so many unbelievable situations, so many life defining events. It’s because of this opinion that when one comes along you have to jump on it, regardless of the consequences.

My name is R.J. I live in Winnipeg Manitoba, I’m forty years old, married with no kids. I work as an electrician and my wife works is a personal banker. Michelle is a tall voluptuous woman whose sense of adventure is only equaled by her love of cooking. She is a gem, a true gem, and I am one lucky bastard.

I was at a job site with my fellow sparky’s , and we were just cleaning up to go for the day when I got a call from Michelle asking if it was alright to have coffee with an old friend. I never really gave it much thought and didn’t ask any questions. I simply said: “Sure!”

“Are you and the boys going out to watch the game tonight?” She asked.

“Ya it’s the Giants!” I replied. I had only missed a few Monday night games since I fell in love with the game. And I never missed a Giant game.

“So I can expect your drunk ass to walk in late and not in the mood tonight?” she said with a touch of sarcasm in her vibrant voice. “Well, if you drink I don’t want you driving!” she warned.

Then I said the thing that set the whole night into action:

“I’ll stay at Tim and Shannon’s place tonight, that way it’ll be easier for me to get to work tomorrow! And I won’t drive drunk!”

“So I won’t expect you at all tonight. OK, I’ll go to bed and not wait up then? Will you call if you are going to come home so you don’t scare the piss out of me walking in, in the middle of the night?” she said.

“Sure no prob, love ya and I’ll talk to you tomorrow!” and I hung up. We went back to Tim’s place where I keep a lot of clothes and a full set of toiletries. I got ready for the game and we headed off. I have to admit I never thought anything like this would happen to me.

Many coincidences had happened that night between that conversation and me going home. The first: I didn’t drink. I always drink during Monday night football. I can’t tell you why I didn’t last night; I just didn’t

Second , I left the game earlier than I normally would. The game had ended without many incidences. So by football standards, it was a very short game and I didn’t stay for my usual post game talk with the boys.

Third, I didn’t call Michelle to let her know I was coming home that night. I thought it was early enough that she would still be awake.

I drove up to my house, and there were two cars in the driveway. No biggie- she had told me that she was to have guests over tonight. What was a little strange was the fact that the living room lights were out. But I thought they must be in the kitchen or possibly in the basement- that’s all. Michelle rarely entertained guests down there. I walked in and slipped off my boots, and headed to the kitchen. It was strange, ‘Empty’ strange. I guess they could’ve been downstairs. So I headed down, what I saw changed both my life and the way I viewed people and my marriage forever.

I need to give you a little background about Michelle. Well to start with, she is very sexual. She always liked trying new things. So for our tenth anniversary I bought us a sex swing. And let me antalya escort tell you we put a lot of miles on that swing. It was the most advanced sex swing on the market, there isn’t a position you can’t get into when strapped to it.

So there I am at the entrance to my game room. And my wife is naked except for a pair of thigh high, red patent leather boots and a long strap on dildo. I knew she owned the strap on and I knew she used it on a girlfriend of hers once a very long time ago, before we got together. The boots went with a halloween costume she wore to a party a few years back. Michelle was sitting in the swing with her legs stretched out as far as they could go. Only she wasn’t alone. True, she had told me she was having company. I just wasn’t expecting this. There were two men with her, both in collars and nothing else, and both men were younger than Michelle or myself, I guessed maybe twenty. One male was between her legs, while the other was at her mouth. She had one in her mouth and one in her pussy. Both men were in decent shape, a little thin I thought. One was covered in tattoo while the other was clean. At least as far as I could tell anyway.

It was as if I had stepped into a time warp or the twilight zone. I had been married for fifteen years, happily I might add. I had no idea, she hid it so well from me. Had it been going on for a long time? Had I driven her to it? I thought for a married couple of fifteen years that we actually had a really great sex life. Yet here she was, having a threeway with two men. I think what was getting to me the most was the fact that it was turning me on. Not the cheating; the pleasure my wife seemed to be receiving from the two men.

It was as if it was an aphrodisiac. Her little grunts of pleasure and the way her boot covered legs looked, her long raven hair hanging off the back of her head, her smallish b-cup breasts with stark tan lines from religiously tanning with the exact bikini every time. All of it was mosaic of turn ons. I cannot tell you why I wasn’t angry; I should have beat some ass seeing this. Instead I backed out of the room and headed out to my truck. I decided to give Michelle a call and see what would happen, see how fast they flee! The thought actually put a smile on my face. I parked my truck on the corner so I could still see my house. I waited five more minutes; I didn’t want to completely ruin her fun. When the five minutes ticked by I dialed her cell.

“Hello… R.J. What is it dear?” she asked, answering after five rings.

“Hey babe, sorry to bother you! You asked me to call if I was going to come home. Well the game was short and I decided not to drink so I am on my way should be there in fifteen!” I said casually, I was listening intently for any sounds in the background. Sadly I couldn’t hear a thing. Michelle took a while answer. Of course I wouldn’t have thought a thing about it before, but now I was imagining her eyes getting big, scrambling to get them out of the house before the big, bad, wolf gets home.

“Oh ok! You sure you haven’t had too much to drink? I really don’t want you to risk it if you’ve been drinking!” She argued. I smiled at this. Again yesterday wouldn’t have given this act of concern a second thought. Now however… It was actually turning out to be a pretty good evening.

“No, I am stone sober darling. But I love the concern! Besides, don’t you want me home? I am actually in a pretty kinky mood!” I said trying to stir the pot a little more.

“I… I… Of course I want you home baby! Just pick me up a pack of cigarettes on your way home please! See you soon then!” I knew this was coming, serik escort just one more stall, buy a little more time, secure a clean getaway for her playthings. Ok, I’ll play along.

“Sure thing baby. See you in about twenty then! Put on something kinky for me!” I replied, I was now ready to play this out for as long as I could. The store was only a minute away; I would watch’ till I witnessed the exodus.

About ten minutes later I saw the front door open, and two men exited. Michelle was standing in the door wearing a bathrobe, the men were in casual fare. They walked to their respective cars and drove off. They went right by me, never giving me a second look. I drove to the store and picked up a bottle of jack, and her smokes. I waited ten minutes more just to secure the ruse.

I pulled up to the house for the second time that night, only this time to an empty driveway, and lights on. I walked in and went into the bedroom to change. Michelle was sitting on the bed reading a magazine. I looked around for any signs of what all happened in the house. Michelle smiled a big toothy smile. I handed the cigarettes to her then proceeded to undress.

“Thanks dear. How are the boys and Shannon? Not like Tim to let you leave without tying a few on!” She asked.

I smiled back at her. “They’re all good. No, I just wasn’t feeling it tonight. Plus truthfully, like I said I am in a particularly naughty mood tonight.” I was standing in front of her with only my boxers on, and sporting a rather rigid hard on. “I thought you were going to wear something kinky for me?” I asked noticing that she was not wearing anything kinky under her robe.

“I am not really in the mood baby!” she answered me. I noticed a little bit of red show in her cheeks. Oh how I was now loving this little game. I crawled onto the bed. I leaned in for a kiss. I smelt a hint of lube as I got close to her. We use a rather wide range of sexual aids and some of the lubes we have are pretty strong in smell. I kissed her cheek, moving in towards her sensual naturally red lips. I kissed her lightly at first, then harder and more forceful, and soon she was receptive to my advance. With my right hand I undid the belt of her robe and pulled it open exposing, her naked body. I looked down at her waist and legs, there plain as day were the tell signs that she was wearing her harness and boots, both leave indents on her flesh that don’t go away for at least an hour.

I grabbed her left tit roughly and gave it a squeeze. She moaned as I started to man handle her. I kissed her again letting her tongue enter my mouth; a sure sign that she is aroused. I knew that only a half hour ago this same mouth was sucking another man’s cock. As I thought about it I found my cock getting harder and harder. I wanted her so badly. But not as a cuckold or a sissy bystander. But as a man who wanted to fuck her so hard that she was not going to walk right for a month. A man who right at that moment didn’t mind sharing.

“What brought this all on?” Michelle asked getting her arms out of her robe, she pushed me back. She took my cock out of it’s confines and began to stroke it, looking deep into my eyes. looking for some sign that I know something, something that maybe I shouldn’t know. It was pointless; I was a stone, and I was not giving up anything!

“I was joking with Tim and Shannon, and started to flirt… well she was pretty drunk and made some threesome jokes and… well it turned me on and I needed some.” I lied. It was true that I flirted with Shannon about a threesome, but that was nothing new, I always flirted with all side escort my friend’s wives and girlfriend’s. But that wasn’t what got me here now. No it was watching my wife commit adultery. That was what brought me to this point. “Now are you going to suck that cock or not?” I said to her.

“Mmmmmmmm… I think I might have a little fun instead! Maybe have my way with you!” Michelle said giving my cock a hard slap. I cringed as the glorious pain shot throughout my body.


“Bitch am I! Well we will see just what kind of fucking bitch I can be!” She said slapping my cock again. An evil grin appearing on her face. “Get on your fucking hands and knees!” she demanded. I instantly did what she asked. Michelle got off the bed and walked to the dresser.

We kept all our toys in the bottom drawer. I saw her rummage around and then walk back to the bed and climb on behind me. “Eye’s forward!” she said as I looked over my shoulder at my sexy wife. I looked forward and waited. I felt the first slap on my bare ass. Then another, then another my ass was burning. I bit my bottom lip in pleasure.

She ran a finger down the crack of my ass, over my asshole. She did it again and then one more time, the last time I felt the wetness of the lube she was applying to it. I felt the tip of her finger penetrate me, as she pushed I held my breath, the pressure was terrible at first. Unnatural is what I thought. Then as she got it deeper it changed to pure ecstasy.

“So is this what my kinky man had in mind? Getting his tight virgin ass fingered?” She said in her sultry tone. Michelle gave my ass another slap when I didn’t answer. Truth was I wasn’t expecting this at all. I couldn’t tell you what I was expecting because I was on autopilot from the moment I saw my wife with two other men.

“YES… God yes.” I cried out.

“Good!” she said and quickened her pace. I felt her other hand grab my cock as she fingered my ass, she began to jerk me off like she was milking a cow. I felt the orgasm coming; I knew it was going to be more glorious than anything I had felt before, because I was more turned on then ever. With one more thrust and one last tug I came. I came and came. It felt like I dropped a liter of cum on the bed.

I almost wept it felt so good. “Oh that’s my good boy… will you look at all that glorious cum!” She said pulling out her finger and letting me go. I turned over to see my wife scooping up all the jizz she could then to my astonishment she sat back and with her legs spread she smeared it all over her pussy. “Now lick it up!” she said with a deviant smile. I blinked, not saying a word. “Eat it now!” Michelle said again just as calm with a little more force. I sat looking at her glistening, beautiful cunt with her protruding lips and dark landing strip. I had eaten her out a thousand times. But I had never done anything like this before. Was this punishment for ruining her threesome?

“Really?” was all I could muster. Michelle smiled again and drew her finger along the outside of one pussy lip. She then crooked her finger at me and inviting me in. I leaned in close. She licked the cum off her finger and then grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me in and kissing me hard on the mouth, her tongue invading me. I don’t to this day know why but that was the most erotic thing I had ever done. She stopped kissing me and with her hand still on the back of my head she pushed my face, rather forcefully I might add in to her pussy. My lips were the first to touch it, now I wasn’t opposed to it. I was actually turned on and soon found myself cleaning her whole pussy. I knew that she had another man’s cock in it not that long ago. This didn’t even faze me anymore. I licked and sucked till she was writhing and grinding in my face. I had a hot wife and was going to enjoy her and play her while she was with as many people as she wanted. She just didn’t know it yet!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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