Miami Heat

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Jon is asleep in the buff and I am enjoying the view. Was it horrid of me to pull the covers off him when I got up? We’ve only been lovers for about a year and I still so enjoy watching him when he’s naked. I am sitting outside on the balcony of his condo in Miami. The sun is rising over the ocean and golden light is warming the morning and I am entranced with the pink and gold colors of the sky above the ocean. I sip my tea and my head goes back and forth between the view over the ocean and the view of Jon’s body at repose in bed.

I am feeling like a lucky lass at this moment. Jon’s powerful body looks like a sculpture even at rest. His leg muscles are so defined. His thighs send me, they are so sculpted from all the biking he does. He has immense ease in his body. He always looks comfortable, and he’s solid and tall, dark, and handsome. I am seriously smitten.

We met last summer at an art gallery. I was sipping wine and chatting with a friend when I spotted him and what a sight he was. Later, as I was chatting with the artist, a friend from college, I was introduced to Jon and realized he is the owner of the gallery where my friend Zoe is showing her art. Oh, she was so happy when her work was accepted there! Jon isn’t her type, she likes the bohemian artist type and Jon is more your cultured business type. He sends me and Zoe loves him for helping her career, so it is all good.

Sunday mornings are the best. I am flipping through the paper, feeling the sun warm my body and enjoying knowing that when Jon wakes up and sees me outside in just a little black skirt and nothing else it will entice him. We read an article that the singer Christina A. likes to have “nude day” at home on Sundays and we do that a lot now too. Well, I’m usually half nude… Jon is usually totally nude. He told me since he’s lived alone after college he’s always nude when home. I am not, usually dressed, but having fun thus far with just a bare chest and eventually may upgrade to full nude.

Odd, but especially when outside on the balcony, with just the ocean watching me, I find it really erotic to have my breasts exposed to the daylight and to see them all day. I find I have strong urges to touch them when I see them. I guess nudity adds to the erotic energy in the air. Thanks Christina, excellent idea!

I languidly rub my breast as I look at Jon sleeping. I feel like I am aroused all the time when he’s home. I’ve never lived with anyone before so this is all new. Our sex life is over the top. We are out dancing all the time and that always makes me feel erotic. And the Miami climate, so different from where I grew bahis firmaları up, seems to stoke my arousal too. The balmy air, the moist feel after a thunder storm, and the exuberant flow of people around the city all excite me.

“Hey babe” Jon says as he comes out to the balcony. I hear the smell of coffee brewing and I stare at his amazing body. I hope he proposes soon, because I would like to spend a life time exploring him.

It is 7 am and love knowing we have the whole day together. We settle in to read the Sunday paper and I think about how happy I am to have met someone gorgeous and also really intellectual. We love to read the papers and discuss the news. I watch the sun glint on his dark hair and just think as I do so often about how incredibly attracted to him I am.

The night we met at the art gallery Jon wowed me with his smile. His kindness was so easy to see in the way he interacted with Zoe. He seemed really proud of her and the other artists on display at his gallery. I kept whispering “Zoe, he’s amazing” to her and trying to quell the giddy feeling I had every time he looked over at me.

We all went out for drinks and dancing after the gallery closed. Zoe was dancing with him for a while, in full celebration mode of her first showing at a gallery. Then she danced him over to me and whispered “Fall in love bella” to me and gave me a huge smile. Zoe and I have been friends for so long, and now she’s given me this incredible gift of love too.

I had on a short, black halter dress and Jon put his arm around my bare shoulders as we danced to a slow song. I felt a frisson of excitement run through my body as he made skin to skin contact for the first time. As a high energy song by Mary J. Blige started we were dancing wildly and I felt my whole body respond to his closeness.

As the crowd moved chaotically we were bounced into each other over and over and each time his erection seemed more noticeable. This wouldn’t be a slow getting to know you process. It was a wild, hot night in Miami and Jon and I were in primal mode already, circling the flame of passion with a fierce energy that is sparked so rarely in life.

He went to get us drinks as we stepped off the dance floor and I waved to Zoe as she danced with another artist. I sat at a small table near an open window and enjoyed the cooling breeze and tried to remind myself to calm down and not be too crazy with someone I’d just met. I knew as I was having these thoughts that that plan would be a dismal failure. This night was still fairly young, and Jon and I were aflame.

He came back with a selection of drinks, as kaçak iddaa he didn’t know what I liked. I picked a white wine and he had a beer. He also toyed with the fruits adorning a tropical drink and started feeding them to me. Ummmm, the taste of sweet mango is perfect for Miami. I plucked a strawberry and fed it to him, letting my fingers linger at his mouth. His skin was so tan and he radiated energy and heat. He reached into the drink again and took a small chunk of pink guava fruit and rubbed it on my lips. The lush scent of the fruit matched the erotic way I was feeling. I practically swooned as Jon touched my face and rubbed the fruit over and over my lips. I was mesmerized by him. I opened my lips slightly and he put the guava in and a finger too. I lightly sucked on his finger and felt hugely aroused.

He moved closer to me and leaned in and kissed me. He started with a series of tender kisses and quickly moved his chair so he was so closely in front of me that others could not see his hands on my breasts. The club was flashing strobe lights on the dancers, the music was blaring, and his finger gently stroking my nipple was the most beautiful sensation in the world.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, as I’m not the make out with strangers type, but Jon was so beautiful and it was such a great evening of celebration I was going with the flow. I could see Zoe dancing, and she was having a blast. Jon moved his hand to my thigh where my little dress ended and he rubbed up and down my thigh and I closed my eyes as he kissed me.

The song ” Candy Shop ” by 50 Cent came over the dance floor and I murmured “that song makes me laugh” and Jon grabbed my hand to pull me up and we moved out to the dance floor again. I felt like I was in the candy shop of delight, I was so entranced by Jon. He took my long hair out of the barrette and it moved about me as I danced. He murmured “beautiful” in my ear as he stroked my hair and I was so wrapped up in watching him explore me I lost all sense of place. It felt like we were alone in the world and the music was just for us. We danced wildly as the strobe lights flashed different colors on the dancers. I’ll remember this night forever. I thought I’d be celebrating for Zoe, but now I’ve found a new treat to rejoice over too. Life is good on this hot night.

The DJ slowed the crowd down by starting the song “Maybe I’m Amazed” and Jon pulled me close into a full body hug. I felt his erection pressing against me and I felt a wave of shyness come over me. I’d only known Jon for about 2 hours and I was wet with desire and could feel his hard dick grinding into me.

I kaçak bahis had the thought “When in Miami…..” as I’m not from Miami and the place still seems wild and hedonistic to me, in a good way. Anything goes in this pulsing city and tonight I was tasting the freedom of a wild night in my adopted city.

As the song “Drive” by Incubus began I thought about how beautiful the verses were. They were all about love and hope for the future. It was a great song to sum up how I was feeling. Jon and I danced and had more wine and then waved to Zoe on our way out.

As we left the club and the fresh night air hit us it just seemed to give us a burst of new energy. After we’d walked a few blocks, Jon stopped to pull me against him as he leaned against a wall. He moved his hand down below my dress and onto my ass. He explored my roundness there and pulled me tightly against him. I ran my hands over his back and tried to maintain control as waves of desire flooded me as his erection rubbed into my wetness, molding my silk panties into me.

He grabbed my hair again and kissed me deeply. It was wonderful to close my eyes in the quiet night and just allow myself to feel my arousal growing wildly at the closeness of his body. We kissed for a long time and then he moved my hand onto his erection and slipped his hand into my panties. He murmured “ummmmm, so wet” as he slipped fingers into me and set my clit on fire.

As I felt his penis through his pants I murmured I never do this with someone so new and he replied the same here.

I giggled and that broke the mood a little. We held hands and continued on our walk about the city on the way back to my condo. When we reached my door he was very gentlemanly and asked if he could call me. He kissed me a lot after I said yes and I was tempted to invite him in. I resisted though, as I felt I wanted to linger over getting to know him. I wanted this feeling of joy to last a long time.

He called me the next evening to make dinner plans and we spoke or saw each other every day for about 6 months and now we are living together. All of this is running through my mind as I watch him as we have breakfast. I wonder where our lives will go, whether we will be together forever, and I hope we will always have lust, joy and happiness the way we do now.

I pour some more coffee for Jon and notice that he is hugely erect. My bare bosom tends to have that impact. I put my hand on his thigh and he pulls me over to the chaise lounge on the balcony. We sit and kiss briefly and then he sits back in the chaise and pulls me on top of him. I moan as he fills me and I settle onto him and begin to make small movements up and down. His hand reaches around to stoke my clit and I moan and clinch him tightly from inside. The sun shines on us as we moan and writhe and the day is off to a great start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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