Men’s Club Ch. 02

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For several months there were just the six of us meeting for the Men’s Club. John, my boss, would call me – Ted – into his office from time to time at work for some sexual relief. His calls for attention came especially near the end of a difficult day, occassionally in the morning when he came in frustrated from his wife turning him down the night before. He had me suck his cock and fucked me in the ass every time. Some times he reciprocated, sucking me and letting me fuck him. In the mornings he was freshly bathed, clean, smelling of aftershave and cologne. The afternoons were a bit of a challenge for me. By that time his crotch was sweaty, smelling and tasting of man musk from the day’s work in his fancy suits, peeing from time to time during the day.

I was under his desk sucking him one time, mouthing his balls, rimming his ass, when a senior employee came in to talk with him about a business matter. I can’t imagine how he stayed focused on the conversation, but he did as I sucked him off and swallowed his cum. The visitor never knew John was getting off, shooting his hot creamy sperm in my mouth as he made serious business decisions.

One of the hottest times during this period for the six of us was at a mountain retreat that combined many of the things we all enjoyed other than fucking with each other. In the high mountains at a lodge near a lake fed by a beautiful river, we enjoyed horseback riding, rafting the river, canoeing in the lake, the tennis courts, golf, Olympic swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam bath, dry sauna and services of studly young masseurs who really knew how to take care of a men who enjoyed sex with a man.

John considered these outings business trips, corporate meetings for employee morale – his and mine after I became his favorite employee. The trips were paid for by the company and used as tax write offs. The costs were relatively low. Art, spending his inheritance, picked up the tabs for the rooms. The rest of us paid only for those activities in which we participated – riding, rafting, canoeing, playing tennis, golf, and the sexy massages.

[The Club grows. With John’s permission, I invite a new member – an intern in the company, student working on an MBA at the local college.]

As an intern, Jim was assigned by John to me. I suspected from the outset that John had more in mind for Jim than a straight internship (and yes, the pun is intended). Jim is a beautiful man if such a term can be used for a man. Of Italian extraction, he has black curly hair, dark black eyes, bushy black eyebrows, glowing tan skin, a well-muscled body, no doubt hairy as well although I saw him at first only in sharp-looking business suits.

A time came when I was going to be away again on another business trip with John. After our first coupling on a business trip those were always fuckfests for me and him. He no longer went out at night. We either adjourned to our hotel room for an evening of fuck fun together, or he or I picked up a third to fuck with us.

Since Jim was now the one person, other than John, that I was closest to at work, I asked him if he could housesit my dog while I was away. Jim agreed. When I returned from the trip Jim seemed a bit shy but reluctant to leave right away. We had a few drinks together as I told him about working with John on the road, his business acumen, decisionmaking, all about business, none of the extracurricular activities.

Finally, loosened a bit by the drinks and seeing Jim actually sporting a bit of a rising bulge in his casual slacks, being the crotchwatcher that I am, I asked Jim if he had enjoyed the week. Even more risque, I asked, trying to sound like it was a joke but serious too, “Did you have any hot girls over ataşehir escort bayan here to my place and fuck them. You are such a nicelooking guy I’m sure you get lots of pussy. They must just fall all over you.”

“Actually not,” Jim answered trying at first to be innocent and give a neutral not too revealing answer. “I am so busy at school and now here at work.”

“Really,” I exclaimed.

Emboldened also by the alcohol as well as his hard cock in his pants and noticing I was noticing it, Jim added, “Really. Besides I find it a lot easier to be with men. Not so much hassle,” Jim laughed nervously.

“Oh yeah, really,” I said with some enthusiasm. “So there were no hot chicks with you while I was gone, no sex. None even with a guy.”

“No,” he lied. Dropping his head slightly but still keeping eye contact with me as he took another swallow of his drink.”

“I am embarrassed to tell you, Ted,” Jim answered leaning closer, bending toward me from where he sat in a chair facing me. I sat relaxed, arms on the back of the sofa, legs open wide, letting him see my package – stiff cock and the outline of my big balls in my pants – if he cared to look. He seemed to be caring. He was looking, even felt his crotch through his pants, readjusted his cock.

“Oh tell me, Jim,” I said, “not much embarrasses me.” I adjusted my cock and balls in my pants, taking enough time he had to notice.

In a rush, Jim said, “Oh okay, Ted, but promise you won’t be angry with me.”

“I promise, Jim.”

“Ok, Ted. I enjoy the company of men. I picked up a man in a bar one night and we did it in your bedroom, on your bed,” Jim confessed. “I was so embarrassed doing this in your house, in your very bed, I had him leave after our brief session although I wanted to do it again and again with him.”

“Too bad Jim. You guys could have had even more fun,” I reassured him. “I enjoy the company of men too.” I thought that was enough for Jim right then.

“You do?” Jim asked incredulous.

“I do,” I said. “What was your first experience sucking a cock, Jim?” I asked him.

Jim said, “I was forced to do it,” Jim said, “the first time.”

“Forced?” I asked. “Tell me about it Jim.”

“Well you know I am on a disadvantaged scholarship,” Jim began. “I came from a real bad family background. My father divorced my mother when he found out what a whore she was. I had just turned legal age but was still living at home. She was fucking this guy, a neighbor, and his two brothers. They brought even more guys to fuck her. She married the neighbor. She let him as my stepfather have control over me. At first when she was away from home, he made me suck his cock. Then his brothers and the other guys. She caught us, but took me aside and told me I would have to cooperate or be sent away from her, not live in her house anymore. Poor, unable to pay for a place on my own, I had no where to turn. Had to submit to the abuse, them making me suck them, even some times in the bedroom while they gangbanged her. They told me I was their fluffer.”

I guess Jim expected me to be shocked. I was some but did not show it. I was more interested in hearing more about his experiences with men, seeing if he still wanted to suck cock, have me suck his, his cum out of him, maybe more. “Did they fuck you too, Jim?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“That must have been horrible for you,” I said, giving him an out if he wanted to take it.

“No, Ted, actually, I learned to like it, both the sucking and being fucked. I want it now, I like it so much, but I am afraid to lose my scholarship at school,” he explained.

Oh, man, had he given the right answer. I wanted that escort kadıköy body of his. “Jim you won’t get in trouble here. Come sit by me,” I invited him. He did.

I am not much of a kisser with men, more interested in getting to the sex fun, plain sucking, fucking, being sucked and fucked. It seemed the right thing to do though with Jim, show him some tenderness. As he settled on the couch next to me I turned to him. I took his head in my hands, brought my mouth to his and kissed him on the lips. He returned the kiss.

I worked my hand down feeling his chest. Still kissing, went inside his shirt and felt his hard nipples. Raised his shirt, pulled it over his head, bent down to kiss, lick and suck his nipples. On down, I kissed his belly, tongued his navel. He pushed his hips forward on the couch. I cupped his cock and balls in one hand. Followed his treasure trail down while undoing his pants. He raised his hips. I slid his pants and underwear off, down his legs, bunching around his ankles. His cock sprang up, pre-cum glistening on his knob just barely exposed by his uncut flesh. A bubble of his sweet, clear juice emerged from the slit. I tongued it off, peeled back his skin, licked his cockhead, covered it with my lips and nursed out more pre-cum.

“Oooooh, ooooh,” Jim trembled. “Ummmnh, so good.”

I smoothed his juice over his shaft, stroked it and slid his cock further into my mouth. Cupping his balls in one hand I went down on his cock, deepthroated it, forced his knob to the back of my mouth then into my gullet.

“Oh, oh, yeah,” Jim exuded. “Suck me, Ted. Suck me good.”

I kept moving my mouth up and down on his cock, taking it deep on every stroke, using my tongue around the head and at the base of his shaft. Giving him the best sucking I knew how. I felt his balls draw up in their sack, his cock throb in my mouth, grow thicker, longer. I knew he was going to cum.

Then he told me so. “Oh, oh, Ted can’t hold it, gonna cum,” he hissed.

I massaged his taut nuts, held the head of his cock between my lips, stroked his shaft, felt his cum shooting into my mouth, coating my tongue, the inside of my cheeks. I swallowed. Gulped at it, taking down each spurt as he kept coming, his cock throbbing as he shot his hot creamy cum into my mouth.

I laved his cock, cleaned his cum and my saliva from it, loving the taste. Jim shuddered. “Unnnh, unnnh, unnnh,” he graoned. “Too sensitive. No more please.”

I knew what he was feeling. [Don’t we all?] I took my mouth off his cock, sat back on the sofa. So intent on sucking him, giving him pleasure, swallowing his cum, I had not noticed his hand was down the front of my pants.

He was massaging my cock, slimed with my pre-cum. “I want to suck you,” he said as I looked down at his hand working in my pants. I stood, stripped naked. He did the same. We lay together on the floor, him between my upraised and spread legs. He stroked my cock, massaged my balls and took me in his mouth. He was sucking like a much experienced expert.

Soon we were in a 69. I had his cock in my mouth again as he was mounted over the top of me sucking me. I watched his balls bouncing on my nose. He slid a finger in the crack of his ass, pushed the tip into his hole. I let his cock out of my mouth, raised my head and rimmed him around the sides of his finger, on the edges of his ovaled ring. He removed his finger still sucking me as I stroked his cock, fondled his balls and rimmed his ass, wetting it.

He put his middle finger back into his hole, added a second, a third. I mouthed his balls, sucked his cock. He raised his mouth off my cock and stroked it. “I want you to fuck me, Ted,” he was practically pleading.

I maltepe escort rolled him off of me. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” I said. “I have some lube there.” Naked we went hand in hand to the bedroom. “How do you want me?” he asked. “On your back,” I said. “I want to watch your face, kiss you, lick your tits while fucking you.”

He lay on his back, opened and raised his legs, put his fingers back in himself. I got the lube from the nightstand, smeared the Astroglide (c) all around and inside his hole, coated my cock with it. He opened his legs wider. I knelt between them and brought my cockknob to his hole.

He’d had cock in there before just as he had told me. He knew how to take it. He puckered his anal ring, let my thick mushroom breach his sphincter, my shaft slide into him in one slow, smooth stroke. My balls rested against the cleft of his ass. His balls on my lower belly, cock up almost reaching his navel as it oozed pre-cum onto the dark trail of hairs running from his navel to his curly black public hairs.

“Ooooh fuck,” he moaned. “Fuck me, fuuuuccccck meeee.”

I eased back until only the head was trapped by his anal ring, eased back up into him.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he breathed. “Fuck my ass.”

I fucked him slowly, lovingly like that, real slow for many minutes, kissing him on the mouth, kissing, licking, sucking his erect nipples, stroking his cock between us with my hand, his juices sliming us, mixing with our sweat, our juices, mostly my pre-cum gushing and running down the crack of his ass onto the bed. My cock tingled inside him, feeling the rubbery walls of his rectum massage my stiff rod. He had planted his heels on the bed and matching my rhythm humped up and down with me.

“Oh, oh, oh. Fuck me good now, Ted. Fuck my ass. Fill me with your cum. I want it,” he moaned, humping up and down faster, more urgently.

I clasped my lips to his, our tongues tangling, our tastes mixing. Sweat coating us I moved my cock faster, deeper into his asshole. I stroked his cock smearing up and down around and around his generous pre-cum flowing in a steady stream from his piss slit. His cock stiffened, lengthened, the knob swelled in my fist. Cum bolted out between us, streaking up to his chest. His rectal walls rolled on my cock, squeezed, relaxed, squeezed, relaxed as he finished cumming. I was cumming with him, both of us reaching orgasm, sweet release at the same time.

I collapsed onto him, his sticky cum squishing between our bodies, mine leaking around my cock out of his ass. We kissed more. Finally my cock oozed out of his ass with a juicy plop. I went right down and cleaned his hole, crack, inner thighs, laving my cum and his ass musk off of him.

We relaxed together for a few minutes, laying side by side. Then we went to shower together. I fucked him again that night, and he fucked me. We awoke in the morning arm in arm, chest to chest, cock to cock. We rolled into a 69 and sucked each other off before showering again and dressing for work.

Later that week I told John about Jim and got his permission to invite Jim to join our club. I had told Jim about the club and our boss. Leering, John said, “Ted have that young man come to my office. I’ll check him out for club membership.” I knew John was going to have Jim suck him, probably fuck Jim and maybe reciprocate. John invited himself to my apartment for that evening to seem if Jim was into three-ways, group sex he explained. Then he could be a member of the club. Jim had moved in with me for the rest of his internship with the company and passed all of John’s tests.

Then there were seven of us in the club, an odd-man grouping until Jim got permission to invite an eighth man. John had hired Jim to work part time at the company while he finished school then to stay on for full time employment. At school Jim had found one of his professors who he thought would be a good addition to the club. [That is the next story, if comments, merit continuing.]

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