Memories of Miss Bobby

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I have known Miss Bobby for a very long time. We’ve always been friends foremost and lovers just for the fun of it. She worked at a club I visited whenever I was in town. She drank for a living, meaning she worked for the bat so the customers would buy her drinks and stick around longer. I would hang around until she got off and then we would go somewhere else to party.

Bobby did not drive when she was drinking, so I usually ended up chauffeuring her around to several clubs before the evening was through. I usually ended up carrying her up the stairs to her apartment and tucking her into bed. Our lovemaking would wait until the middle of the next morning after coffee and breakfast.

Even though I had known her for years, even now I have no idea of how old Bobby was. At five feet nine inches tall in her stocking feet, she was tall for a Coonass. Yes, she was a redheaded, web-footed, south Louisiana Cajun speaking Coonass, born and bred.

She had a body to die for, large, firm breasts, narrow waist, a high tight, round little ass, and legs that went all the way up to there. Her face on the other hand, left something to be desired. Now don’t get me wrong, at one time, Bobby had been a very beautiful lady and she still was to me.

A web of fine lines covered her face, as you would find on an elderly Indian or someone who had spent a lifetime in the wind and sun. For some reason it never mattered to me, I always saw the beauty underneath and inside. The warm and loving woman and the fiery lover, that knew no bounds.

Bobby had a sugar daddy that no one was supposed to know about. He and I both knew about each other but we did not acknowledge it in a gentlemanly way. We each had our place in her life and we didn’t have to compete.

He was older, wealthy, and married; I was young and full of fire and passion. He paid for her apartment, utilities, car note, and insurance. For that, he spent a couple of nights a month in her company. There may or may not have been sex involved, I did not know and didn’t want to know. With me, it was a friend, companion, lover, and chauffeur.


I got to town a little after lunch on Friday and stopped by the club. Bodacious Tatas was working as bartender; I never could remember her name, but I will never forget how she filled out the top of the strapless, black evening dress, she always wore.

She never wore a bra or panties under that short little dress with it slit all the way up to her hip. By mid afternoon she would be drunk enough from the drinks that guys had bought her all day, to climb up on the bar and dance. The little dress just couldn’t and wouldn’t contain or cover her for long.

By the time she got off work, her tip jars would be stuffed. After shift change, she would carry them into the back room, count her money, stuff it into her little handbag and then she would slip out the back door to meet her lover or her husband, whichever was waiting for her.

Bobby was busy hustling a customer, so I sat over to one side of the square bar, where I knew I would have a good seat for Tatas performances later. Bobby had given me a slight nod of greeting, so I knew; she knew I was there.

Bobby’s mark left as Tatas was dancing right above my head. Her very large breasts were spilled out of the dress and she had the split skirt lifted to show glimpses of her neatly trimmed sex. I had the best seat in the house.

I realized that she always did this just to get at Bobby a little. They were good friends but she was determined to steal me from Bobby, just to see if she could. All three of us knew what the game was, as she squatted down and spread her knees on either side of my head.

Through the beat of the loud music I heard her say, “Wouldn’t it be great to just climb in there and make long slow passionate love all night long?”

I grinned up at her and nodded my head. She grinned down and did a bump and roll with her hips, before she stood up and dropped the skirt over my head and danced on down the bar.

The song ended and two guys helped her down from the bar. I picked up my beer and walked around to sit next to Bobby. She grinned at me asked, “Is she still at it?”

I nodded and laughed. Looking into my eyes she continued, “You know, maybe you should take her up on it. She would never be the same, I guarantee you that.”

I laughed again and shook my head before I leaned over and said, “No, I don’t think so. It’s more fun this way. One night would be all that it would last, that way. This way the game will go on for a long time.”

She shook her head and smiled at me, “You’re wrong about that. One night with you and she’d be throwing rocks at her boyfriend and her husband.”

I grinned and shook my head, “Come on Bobby, you’ll be making my head swell, if you’re not careful.”

She grinned a wolfish grin and replied, “But I like it that way.”

I had to laugh at that.

After a few minutes she looked back over at me and asked, “Are you in, antalya escort just for tonight or the whole weekend?”

“I might be around for a whole week, this time. Do you think you can put up with me for that long?”

She laughed and said, “Oh yeah but I’ll be walking bowlegged for a month afterwards.”

The front door opened and she nudged me with her elbow. I kissed her on the cheek and went back around to my other stool. The older guy that had come in stood by the door until his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the bar and then he walked around and sat down next to Bobby.

Another one of her regulars, I thought to myself. He would buy her drinks in exchange for her company until his money ran out and then he would leave. That’s the way life was around here.

Tatas danced a couple more times, but stayed down at the other end of the bar with the big tippers. The evening crew started to show up and Blue Bird sat down next to me. She’s called that because of the blue birds tattooed on both her breasts. It is beautiful artwork done on an even more beautiful canvas. I’m one of the few people who have had the privilege and pleasure of seeing the whole thing and not just the little glimpses she showed around here.


It had been Bobby’s day off and we had spent the day in bed, sleeping late and making slow sensuous love as the mood and passion hit us. Around mid-afternoon, I had gotten up, and went out for Chinese takeout. We were sitting on the floor in the living room, naked, feeding each other from little square boxes when the phone rang. It was Bobby’s boss.

Almost all the girls that were supposed to work that night had called in sick or with other problems. He wanted to know if she would help him out and work that night. I could see it in her face that she did not want to but she ended up saying yes.

I took her to work around six and had one beer. Besides her and the night bartender, there was only Blue bird there to work. It was one of those hot summer, middle of the week nights, that would either be super slow or fast and furious. You never knew which it was going to be.

When I finished my beer, I asked if I should hang around and she just shrugged and then grinned, “Nope, you head back to the apartment and get some rest. I will call you to come get me when I’m ready to go home. By then I’ll be ready to take up where we left off this afternoon.”

With a grin, I kissed her on the cheek. Blue Bird waved bye at me as I went out the door.

I was asleep on the couch when she called at midnight. I slipped on a shirt and a pair of shorts to go get her, it was only a couple of blocks. There were only two cars in the lot when I got there, and one of those belonged to the bartender.

Parking at the side door, I beeped the horn lightly. The door opened and out came Bobby, followed by Blue Bird. I opened the passenger door to my old truck and they climbed in.

Bobby gave me a quick kiss and said, “Blue Bird’s boyfriend tossed her out this afternoon, and she’s going to stay with me for a few days.”

I nodded as I backed up to head for the apartment.

Blue Bird had been silent until we reached Bobby’s door. As Bobby unlocked it, Blue Bird turned to me and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t like imposing on other people. I kind of figured you two had plans but I ain’t got anywhere else to go.”

Bobby got the door open and I ushered Blue Bird inside saying, “Don’t worry about it, we’ve all been there and done that. Everything will be all right.”

Once inside, I asked if they were hungry. Bobby just shook her head and said, “Not really, it was slow and boring tonight. It wasn’t really worth going to work except now the boss owes me a favor. I feel like getting out and doing something but it’s too late, everything is closed up.”

I thought a minute and said, “Well, what if I make a pitcher of frozen daiquiris and we go down to the pool. We haven’t been swimming in a long time.”

She laughed and replied, “The pool is supposed to be closed after ten o’clock but what the hell, I’ve got a key to the gate. Hell, I always did want to go skinny-dipping in that pool. Did you bring your swim trunks?”

I laughed and shook my head, “No, but I’ve got a pair of black silk boxers that will do.”

She grinned and said, “Hmmm, I like that, I can get into all kinds of trouble with you dressed that way.”

Still grinning, she looked over at Blue Bird, “Come on, and let’s see if one of my suits will fit you.”

Blue Bird stated to object, not wanting to spoil our fun, but Bobby wouldn’t hear of it.


I had the daiquiris done and my boxers on under a pair of cutoffs by the time they came out of the bedroom. Bobby had on the black string bikini that I loved, the one that highlighted more than it covered her body.

Blue Bird stepped out of the bedroom shyly and stood behind Bobby. She had on a blue bikini much like Bobby’s and it fit her long slender frame beautifully, but lara escort there was something wrong with the top. It seemed to extend up above the tops of her breasts in a jagged line and around the edges of the cups. It was a slightly different color blue.

I must have tilted my head questioningly as Bobby laughed and said, “You’d better show him before he breaks his neck trying to figure it out.”

Blue Bird giggled shyly and moved around Bobby to stand in front of me. The blue above the suit was tattoo. I stared for a second and then said, “It’s gorgeous artwork, can I see all of it?” The cups of the bikini top cover a good deal of it.

Blue Bird glanced around at Bobby, who just grinned and said, “Go ahead and show him. He will appreciate it for the art that it is.”

She untied the string behind her neck and slowly lowered the cups, revealing her full pear shaped breasts and the twin blue birds that resided on each one. The ones on the outside of each breast faced inward and were a little higher than the ones on the inside, which faced outward.

The ones on the outside sat on a single leafy twig that wrapped under each breast and tied into the one the inside birds sat on. There were small white flowers and tiny red berries scattered along the twigs among the small leaves. The detail and execution were flawless, some of the best body art, I had ever seen. I told her so and asked who had done the work.

She grinned and said, “My husband, who is doing twenty five to life in the state pen.”

I shook my head and replied, “It’s a waste of a good talent.”

As she tied the top back in place she said, “Yes it is, but other than his artwork, he was a total piece of garbage. He had two other wives and half a dozen girlfriends in three states. If he hadn’t killed a guy in a fight, none of us would have known about the other. I was the only wife he didn’t have kids with and I was the only one he didn’t beat on. I was also the only one he had done artwork on.”

She paused a second before she added, “I like to think I was someone special, you know, like I was the one he really loved and cared for. It’s probably not true but it keeps me going. I’m the only one that didn’t divorce him and file charges on him.”

She glanced around at Bobby and grinned, “Yeah, I know, I’m crazy.”

Bobby put an arm around her and hugged her, as she kissed her cheek. “No, I don’t think you are. You just did what you had to do to cope. That I understand.”

I went into the kitchen and came back with three large glasses of frozen daiquiris, “Well ladies, shall we go get wet?”


The pool is in a little park area off to the east side of the apartment complex. The only light on was the one in the pool. Bobby opened the gate, we filed in, and she re-locked it. We had our towels, drinks, and cigarettes piled up next to the pool in the shallow end. The girls had dropped their wraps there and I had left my shorts. The water was great, cool, and soothing. The air temperature had drop a little but it was still hot and humid.

I swam the length of the pool slowly, and flipped over to my back to swim back. It felt so good to stretch my muscles and to feel the water flow around me. As I reached the shallow end, I turned over and let my feet settle to the bottom in waist deep water. Bobby was sitting on the bottom, leaning back against the steps.

I looked around for Blue Bird and saw her swimming a lap of her own. Looking back at Bobby, I grinned and asked, “Hey, why aren’t you swimming? You’re usually way ahead of me on doing a lap or two.”

She smiled and softly said, “I’m thinking of a much more fun way to waste my energy.”

Her smile turned to a grin, as she tossed both halves of her bikini up onto the concrete surrounding the pool. Pointing a finger at me, she slowly crooked it several times saying, “Come here little boy and see what a sweet little treat Mama Bobby has for you.”

I squatted down in the water and used my hands on the bottom to move slowly toward her. I grinned and replied; “Now, Mama Bobby, you know I’d drown trying to get to your sweet little treat right now.”

She laughed and shook her head, “Oh, have I got a deal for you,” she whispered as she moved up the steps into shallower water.

Her breasts came to the surface first, followed shortly by her hips. As I got close to her, she lifted her hips until her sex was just above water. “Do you think you can handle it now?”

I did not need a second invitation as I moved forward and ran face first into her sweet little muff. The hair on Bobby’s head is auburn; with red highlights, but the neatly trimmed hair on her mound and sex is flame red. My hands found the tight globes of her ass cheeks and I lifted her to my waiting tongue.

The first long slow lick I took right up the center brought a soft moan from her lips. By the third lick, her legs had opened wider and a shiver ran up her body. I stabbed my tongue into her manavgat escort wet opening and once again marveled at her sweetness. She had a taste like no other women, a sweet almost berry flavor. She moaned again as I bored my tongue into her wetness and heat.

Her hands came to the back of my head as she whispered, “Oh, yes. Eat Mama’s sweet treat.”

I took my time and took her as high as I could before I drew back and licked at her inner thighs. She pulled on my head and yelled, “No, no, oh please, don’t stop now.”

Moving back to her sex, I rolled my tongue over her clit for a moment, before I flicked it with short fast licks. Her knees came up and her thighs clamped down on me as she pulled my face tighter into her sex. I continued to work my tongue as a long drawn out groaning shudder ran throughout her body.

I slowed the movement of my tongue and lightened up the pressure and as her legs relaxed. I moved back down to once again taste her sweet nectar. The groan subsided into a deep sigh as her hands ran lovingly through my wet hair.

After another moment, I sat back and grinned up at Bobby, “Such a sweet treat, it always is,” I said softly. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

Her eyes moved to my right, so I turned my head to see Blue Bird over by the edge of the pool, one hand on her right breast and the other inside the front of the little bikini. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open slightly.

Bobby asked softly, “Do you think the lady could use another hand or something?”

I turned and grinned at her before I asked, “Yours or mine?”

She laughed and replied, “You know my gate has never swung that way. Well, not to often anyway.” She watched Blue Bird for a second and added, “She does have a nice body though, doesn’t she?”

She eased down off the steps and moved toward Blue Bird. I turned to sit down and to wait and see what was going to happen. Bobby moved in close and whispered something. Blue Bird’s eyes fluttered open and she whispered back. Bobby reached around and untied the string holding the top on. The neck string was already undone.

They whispered a little more as Bobby untied the two strings holding the bottom of the bikini on. With a grin, Bobby put her arm around Blue Bird and got her moving in my direction.

As she got close to me, Bobby handed me the bikini and told me to put it with hers. I did as I was told and when I turned back, she had Blue Bird up on the steps, as she had been earlier.

Blue Bird gave me a shy grin as Bobby said, “Ron, why don’t you see if you have room for another treat. I know your appetite is usually very good and our little friend here, sure could use a little help.”

I grinned and moved over to come to rest between Blue Birds legs. Her breath caught in a little gasp as I ran my fingertips lightly up and down along her soft inner thighs. Each time my fingers neared her sex, her legs would open a little wider. She was still mostly underwater from the waist down, so I ran my hands down the backs of her thighs until I had an ass cheek cupped in each hand.

When I lifted her sex above the water, I was treated to a big surprise. There wasn’t a hair on her mound or anywhere else. What I had thought was a dark muff was actually another pair of blue birds. These two were beak to beak and sat on the same twig, with its leaves, flowers and berries.

“Just beautiful,” I whispered and then added, “And the tattoo isn’t bad either.”

Bobby had moved over to look at the artwork and said, “That had to hurt. It looks great but that is a very tender area. How did you put up with the pain?”

Blue Bird giggled and replied, “Lets just say I was treated to some of the best oral sex I had ever had. Every time he worked on it, he would eat me for hours and hours. That’s what I was thinking about earlier while Ron was doing you.”

I leaned in and ran my tongue over the slick skin of her mound. There was no stubble whatsoever. “How do you keep it so smooth?” I asked and then ran my tongue up and down along each puffy outer lip.

She flexed her hips up and spread her legs wider as she replied, “Hubby had a friend that did electrolysis and she removed all the hair down there. She ate pussy better than hubby did.”

She may have been going to say more, but I used the tip of my tongue to explore the inner folds of her slit. Her sex slowly opened and the long thin inner lips fanned out to frame their hot pink against the darker skin of the outer lips.

I nibbled and sucked at those tender morsels for a moment before I moved up to her clit, which was swollen and standing up tall and proud. I ran my tongue in tight, light circles around this bud until I felt her hips flex upward and a long sigh escaped from her lips.

“Oh yes!” she whispered sharply to no one in particular.

As I continued to tease and to arouse Blue Bird, Bobby moved up against my back and pressed herself tightly to me, as she watched over my shoulder. I could feel Bobby’s rock hard nipples rubbing across my back as her hands worked to get the boxer shorts down over my hips. She was having some trouble as my hard-on had popped out the fly. She finally got me untangled out of the boxers and had a hold of my manhood with both hands.

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