Mel’s Wedding: More Extended Family Ch. 01

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This story is a continuation of “The Extended Family”(TEF) series and “Jim Visits Mel and Three Coeds”, however, if you’re new to this series, you can read this as a standalone story. There may be more installments of TEF in the future. In the meantime, please read “A Company Man: The CIA and Me” and my other stories. Oh, and please vote. I love your e-mails and I’ll respond to most of them. Thanks for reading.


I awoke in the middle of the night and basked in the love I felt. I was nestled between two beautiful and shapely nude women both of whom slept comfortably and soundly next to me as they had almost every night for the past three years. The sheet had slid down and exposed Karen’s taut breasts; she had one leg seductively outside the covers. On my other side, Lynn lay on her stomach uncovered by the bedding on this summer night; her blond hair was spread around her angelic face that was turned towards me. A dim nightlight from the bathroom provided enough light for me to see them in their beauty. The three of us had fallen asleep sexually sated after spending almost two hours together delivering mind-blowing orgasms to each other. When we’d decided to sleep we were each aglow with the perspiration of our lovemaking, but that had evaporated long ago in the warm night air of our bedroom. I silently said, “Thank you Universe,” and allowed my body to snuggle against Lynn.

When I awoke the second time, three more hours had past. The digital numbers on the bedside clock let me know that first light would start in half an hour. I hitched myself down the bed leaving my two lovers abed.

Fifteen minutes later I walked towards the Gulf of Mexico from my car. Lido Beach is one of the best beaches in the world and it is only a short walk from downtown Sarasota, Florida. I lived right on the edge of the City in large house with Lynn and Karen, thus, I could be at the beach in less than five minutes from the house — thirty minutes if I walked.

I sat near the edge of the surf in my cutoffs. I was shirtless, enjoying the feel of the warm night air as it glided towards the water that morning. Later in the day the breeze would shift and bring moist air from the water over the land; afternoon thunderstorms would tower over the State. This part of Florida was the lightning capital of the world.

I slid into my morning meditation, reminding myself as I often did of the components of affirmative prayer: acknowledge the infinite nature of God; align myself with that knowledge and know that I am a spiritual being having a human experience; affirm my unity with the abundance and well-being of the Universe and that infinity of Love; and accept with gratitude the prosperity and wealth the Universe has already provided me.

When I returned to this level of consciousness the sky was still midnight blue in the west, however, the eastern sky was bright heralding the arrival of a beautiful sunrise. I had been meditating for over half-an-hour. My Inner Voice left me calm and confident about the day and the many things I hoped to get done.

Back at the house I shed my shorts to enjoy my nakedness and let the dampness of the seashore and morning evaporate from my body. I made coffee, poured three glasses of orange juice, put out our cereal bowls and put the favorites in each one.

Karen came into the kitchen rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her beautiful body made my cock stir even though I had no intention of making love with her at that point. She came and kissed me, pressing her nakedness against me again. She said softly to me, “Thank you for making love to me the way you did last night. You know, I never tire of you. You excite me every hour of every day. I love you.” She held my face in her hands and kissed me, flicking her tongue into my mouth in a gesture of passion and heat and a reminder of our time together the night before.

I couldn’t help but rise even further, my penis now arching out from my body giving every indication of interest in copulating again with my lover. Karen held my body in her arms at just the right distance so she could rub her breasts across my chest, thereby exciting her nipples until they were hard, erect points that delivered even more stimulation to me as I felt them I brought both hands up to her breasts and used my thumbs to rub across her areolas and nips.

“Watching you two is turning me on. Unless we’re going to be late to work I think you’d better stop.” Lynn was leaning against the doorframe brushing out her long blond hair. She was also nude and the sight of her lithe body made me harden even further.

Karen and Lynn locked eyes for a moment. Then they both simultaneously said, “Late for work.”

They both pulled me back to the bedroom when they started in on me with a double dose of morning blowjob. They were leaning over me with their legs spread slightly and I was driving the fingers of each hand into each of their pussies. Their breasts swayed tantalizingly close to my mouth.

Karen moved zümrütevler escort bayan up and French kissed with me for a few moments, then whispered to me, “Fuck Lynn. I had your cum last night.” I nodded. She pulled Lynn into position beside me.

I moved over Lynn and gently inserted my hard cock into her slippery tunnel. She was ready and groaned her willing acceptance of my rod as I slid into her lover’s sheath. Karen initially lay beside us stroking her clitoris then came closer so she could suck and tongue Lynn’s taut breasts. We were able to kiss one another in this position and certainly took advantage of that fact.

Lynn was insistent and not in a mood to waste time. She wanted her climax and she wanted my cum. She told me so in no uncertain terms. Karen was teaching her to be more vocal in our lovemaking — me too for that matter.

As I thrust into Lynn’s body I was able to shift slightly to one side so I had a free hand. I used my fingers to thrust into Karen’s hot box, synching with the pace I was driving into Lynn. We’d done this often before and we all liked it for often our horny trio could cum together.

Suddenly I felt that urge deep within my lower body. I knew my orgasm was imminent. I asked Lynn if she wanted my cum and she said, “Oh yes, every drop. Put it in me lover.” She raised her head and kissed me, our tongues lashing out at one another. We both turned the favor to Karen as well.

I slammed ever harder into Lynn’s cunt, my last dozen thrusts coaxing every drop of semen from my large balls into my convulsing cock. I jetted my love into Lynn. She moaned an “Ooooh fuck,” and came with me. From beside us I felt Karen’s legs squeeze my hand into her pussy as well; she came with a similar moan, “Ooooooh my God, that feels soooooo goooooood!”

I fell onto Lynn. We both pulled Karen to us. We were as close and as intimate as three people could be as we each gasped for air and whispered words of love to each other. What a great way to start the day.

We all lay there cuddled together until Karen said, “You know I have a nine o’clock meeting that I could still make if we leave all this behind us for a few hours.”

Lynn let out a huge sigh then hugged me fiercely using her legs to pull me into her pussy one more time. I took the hint and dismounted. The three of us showered together. I left the two of them to finish dressing and went into the kitchen again in my cutoffs.

Lynn came into the kitchen as Karen and I were eating our cereal and reminded us that Mel and Robbie were coming over for dinner. Mel, Lynn’s daughter and also one of my lovers, had graduated from Ohio State the month before and had taken a permanent job in the financial services support group at Emptive Aerospace — the same company that Lynn, Karen and her fiancé Robbie Winters worked for. We hadn’t seen too much of her since she’d arrived in Florida; she’d either been at work or sequestered at Robbie’s apartment, most likely in the missionary position I thought.

Robbie also had not been around as much as he’d been when Mel was up at OSU. He would come by to see Lynn and Karen and have some love time with them. He was also part of our extended family (see the full story on the Lit website), and I found myself missing his youthful exuberance and enthusiasm for life.

Karen and Lynn left for work after breakfast. I noted that Karen could probably make her morning meeting on time but just barely. I started my day. I had another book I’d started about relationship building and I still had a lot of research to do before I actually started to bang out the text for it.


I had just finished making a large salad for all of us when a cold pair of hands covered my eyes and a sweet voice said, “Guess who?”

It was Mel, of course. She melted into my arms and pressed her curvy young body into mine. I responded, of course; I always did with Mel. Here I was in my mid-fifties being accosted by someone about thirty-plus years younger; I’d give her all day to stop.

We hugged and kissed, Mel thrust her tongue down my throat and whispered, “I’ve really missed you and tonight we’re going to fix that.”

“Why so busy?” I asked.

“We’ve been planning our relationship,” Mel said. “You’d be proud of us. We’ve talked through all the things that couples seem to fight about and talking about our goals and how we think about those things.”

“Like what,” I asked with great interest.

Mel responded, “Well, we’ve talked about money, of course, and what we need to spend it on and how we’ll save it and so on; sex, children — both having them and raising them; household chores — who does what, including sexual stereotypes and roles; how we’ll resolve our differences when they do come up — how we’ll fight; how we’ll handle work-fun balance; neatness; in-laws and lots of other stuff. Why we even talked about our relationship with all you guys.”

Karen and aydınlı escort bayan Lynn had come into the kitchen while Mel talked about what Robbie and she had been resolving.

“I’m amazed,” I said, “and very pleased. If you can talk openly about all this stuff ahead of time, it’ll make it easier later when you have to face those situations or have decisions or arguments. Are you using some kind of book or something?”

Mel laughed, “Well, I have a questionnaire from an old issue of Cosmo that at least got us started. I found some other stuff on the Internet. We’ve made up a lot of the areas we wanted to talk about.”

“OH,” she screamed as she hugged Karen and Lynn, “I forgot. We also talked about a wedding. We want to get married on Saturday, August 29 down at the beach, sort of quasi-formal — if you know what I mean. Robbie and I will be in regular wedding stuff — white dress and tux — and guests will be on the dressy side. What do you think?”

I watched with pleasure as the three females all started talking at once. No one stopped talking; but each was fully absorbing what the other two were saying. Robbie and I looked at each other and shrugged. Robbie poured us each some wine as the animated conversations went on with no fewer than two women talking at once. I finished the salad and Rob and I went out to the pool deck.

“I’m very proud of the two of you for talking through all that stuff,” I told Robbie.

“Well, Mel brought it up and I was all for it. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I thought it’d take a couple of evenings, but just as we thought we were getting near the end one of us would think of some area we hadn’t talked about. My Mom and Dad made some suggestions too. Anyway, that’s what we’ve been doing all month since Mel got here.” He gave a huge sign and looked at me funny, “What’d you think, we were just doing nothing but screwing all the time?”

“That thought did cross my mind just this morning. Funny you should mention that.” I grinned at him. We both laughed.

The girls came out to the patio carrying their wines. Karen was hugging Mel and Lynn looked mother-of-the-bride-ish. “We have sooooooo much to do,” Lynn announced. She rattled off a list that included caterers, preparing the house for relatives and parties, creating a reception, and of course, everyone needed new dresses.

Mel rolled her eyes and said, “Mother! It’ll all take care of itself. It’s not a stress situation. Let’s chill and make this really fun and not work.” Lynn looked doubtful. Karen and the rest of us laughed at her worried look.

I went and held Lynn. “Darling,” I said, “you worry about being as beautiful as you usually are. I’LL make the rest of it happen. I’ve been thinking about this on and off since Mel got engaged. Most importantly, I bet Mel and Robbie have been thinking about this and what they want to have happen is more important than any ideas we have.” I turned to the two of them and asked, “Right?”

“Right!” both of them said. Mel added, “And, I don’t want to talk about details or plans tonight. Just how much fun it will be.” She paused, “Now, I’m hungry. Don’t you guys ever eat around here? You never have good munchies.”


After dinner, Mel slid into my lap while we were still at the dinner table. We hugged and kissed. Robbie knelt between Karen and Lynn, and alternately engaging each woman in kissing and other romantic gestures. It wasn’t too long before the three of them excused themselves and disappeared into the guest bedroom.

Mel pulled me into the master bedroom. We slowly stripped the clothing from each other, kissing the exposed skin of one another as we did so. Mel sucked on my nipples, a very stimulating and erotic gesture that made my cock inflate rapidly. I had taken Cialis at lunch so it wasn’t about to deflate anytime soon either.

As Mel’s firm, round breasts were exposed from her blouse; I balanced the weight of each one in my hands, feeling their firmness and the tightness of the skin across and around each breast. I examined the dark areolas, running my thumbs around the different textured skin. Then I lowered my head to her breasts and sucked each nipple into my mouth, using my lips and tongue to excite and stimulate. My God she was a sexy woman and I love her so.

We shed the rest of our clothing quickly and snuggled in next to each other on the bed. As we were kissing, I inserted my two middle finders in Mel’s cunt and then started a slow finger fuck. I ramped up the speed each fifteen seconds until I was jamming those fingers into and out of her at a very rapid rate.

Mel’s body arched and she vocalized, “Oh, my God. Jimmmmmmmm. What are you doing to me? Oh shit, Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. Oh, don’t stop. Oooooooooooh!”

Suddenly Mel’s legs clasped my hand to her pussy, almost preventing any motion. I stopped my hand motion into her and just held tightly onto her, two fingers inside and the others pressing against gebze escort the front of her pubes from the outside.

We kissed hard again and Mel pulled me into her. “Oh, Jim I love you so. I’m so glad we can do this — that Robbie’s OK with this and you are the way you are. I’m so happy with my life, all our lives, and what the future looks like.” She kissed me hard again.

Mel scooted down the bed and I let her grab my cock and ingest it into her mouth. Her long blond hair fell around my balls and lower abdomen as she moved around. She was so talented at this aspect of our lovemaking now, I marveled at her capability. In seconds, she had me hard as a rock and writhing around the bed in exquisite pleasure. In a couple of minutes I had to stop her lest she bring me off in her mouth, something she had done often but I much preferred a vaginal cum shot when given the opportunity.

Mel knew all this and grinned at me as she pulled away from my penis after one more deep throat move that nearly made me explode. She came up and we kissed some more as I cooled down from the over-stimulation she’d provided. She put a leg over me and trapped my cock between my body and her moist slit then she rolled her hips fucking me between us. She tossed her blond mane around my face and chest.

Finally, to sate my increasing desire Mel reached down and fondled my cock one more time then positioned it at the entry to her vagina and slowly allowed her body to slither down my steel rod. The penetration was almost too much for me, but I held off and appreciated the velvety feeling of our union.

I had Mel’s shapely and curvy legs tightly against my sides, her thighs slightly higher and in motion as she rode me. Her flat stomach rubbed against my own. When she would bend down so we could kiss, I could feel her nipples come in contact with my chest and then the pressure of her entire breasts as she mashed them into me. Of course, I could feel the warmth and wetness of her cunt as my rod oscillated into and out of her body. Every one of these moves and feelings pushed me higher and higher up the sexual satisfaction scale. I could tell she was getting near too.

Finally, we both went over the top and exploded into each other with magnificent orgasms. Our backs arched into each other. Our breathing ceased for half a minute as the waves of pleasure washed through our bodies and we tried to prolong their presence. Mel’s cuntal muscles spasmed around my cock and milked my fluids into her. I was jammed tightly against her body with my own.

Then, within seconds of one another, all of these autonomic responses ceased and we came back to this level of consciousness — this part of the Universe. I pulled Mel to me in a deep kiss and embrace. I told her I loved her and that I was one of her ‘forever lovers’. We cuddled together for a while stroking each other all over as we remained coupled.

Mel finally asked, “You know who misses you more than anyone you can imagine?”

I wasn’t yet on her wavelength, so I asked blithely, “No, who?”

“Chris,” she said. “Not to mention the other girls, but mostly Chris. I talked to her this morning. She was almost in tears about not being able to be with you. She’s still remembering her spring break down here.”

“Well,” I said in a more serious tone, “I miss her too. I haven’t phoned and I know I should. I feel bad that we can be together but I don’t know what to do about it, what with her workload and all at grad school. I think we talked a week ago though. I didn’t realize she was … stressed out about it.”

Mel kissed me gently. “Well, she is. She’s got another month or two and then she’ll have finished her last courses and thesis — she’ll have her Masters degree. Do you know what she wants to do next?”

“No,” I said, “we’ve never talked about it.”

“She wants to come and be near you. She loves you.” Mel kissed me again.

“Wow!” I said that’d be great. Are there jobs here … things that will interest her? I hope she’s not planning to work at Emptive Aero — we have too many family members there already.” I grinned at Mel.

Mel said, “I don’t know what you do with a Poly Sci masters? Teach? Run for office? Work in government?” Mel said. “I can’t believe we lived together for two years and I never asked her that question.”

“I’ll call her tomorrow,” I said.

Mel thought for a while then said, “No, let’s call her now.” She looked at me and I nodded my ascent.

I picked up the bedside phone and dialed Chris’ cell phone from memory; I turned on the speakerphone feature. In a few seconds we could hear her fumbling to get the phone to her ear. She said “Hello.” She sounded distracted or sleepy; I couldn’t tell which.

“Hi Darling. It’s Mel and me calling to say hello.”

“Oh, I’m so glad you called. I think about you ALL the time. I’m sad I can’t be with you guys. I REALLY miss you and … well, I’m so horny.” She paused, “What are you two doing? Are you doing what I think you’re doing?”

Mel leaned towards the speakerphone, “Not quite; we just finished a lovely fuck about fifteen minutes ago. We’ve been cuddling and talking about you so we thought we’d call. We both love you, you know.”

“Oh, now I really, REALLY wish I was there. I’m about six or eight weeks from finishing. Did Mel tell you I want to come to Sarasota?”

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