Melina Taken in the Shower

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Continued from Melina at the Gym…

Not even bothering to adjust her clothes, he grabbed her by the nipples and led her towards the locker rooms. Her ass and tits jiggled with every step, and she looked back to the room, her eyes finding mine. She mouthed a quick “come on” before they reached the locker rooms. He let go and pushed her towards the women’s locker room, slapping her still wobbling ass as she jiggled her way in. Instead of heading into the men’s locker room as I expected, he followed her into the women’s room. And so did I.

I paused at the entrance, unsure of whether I wanted to go in or not. I knew Melina was a tease, and it turned both of us on for her to be displayed and played with in public. But I didn’t know how far this was going to go. I could watch as DJ had molested almost every inch of her body, but I didn’t think I would be okay with it going any farther than that. Had they had sex before? Did every session of hers end with a romp in the locker room? I started to get angry as I thought of this man taking what was mine. In the end that made my decision. I’d go see how far Melina let it go, and I’d stop it if it got out of hand.

I had expected to hear frightened or outraged cries from the women at DJs intrusion, but I heard none. Maybe nobody else was inside. I slowly walked forward and peered around the corner. To my surprise, there were four other women in the locker room. My cock hardened as my gaze swept the room, taking in each of the women.

The first looked to be in her early thirties, and though she was fit, she was all curves. She had dark brown hair pulled into a loose ponytail and was standing in front of an open locker in the midst of putting on her workout clothes. She wore socks and had just pulled a pair of tight shorts over her generous hips. A sports bra rested on the bench next to her, and her ample breasts hung unrestrained on full display. They were natural large C’s, possibly D’s.

Melina stood under a shower head, still in her workout clothes, in a large, one-room shower. She had adjusted her clothes so that they were back to their full coverage, but now that they were wet they clung to her flesh even tighter than they had before. Her hard nipples told me she was standing under a cold shower. With how close she had just come to orgasm without achieving it, I knew she would be frustrated and have to stand under the cold water for a few minutes.

A few heads over from her, two teenagers stood chatting while they showered. I knew they must be eighteen or nineteen, as the gym had a pretty strict age policy.

The first was a tall blonde with a slender build. She had full, perky C-cup tits with the most beautiful tiny pink nipples I’ve ever seen. Her legs went on for miles, as they say, and ended in a firm but shapely ass. Her young pussy was completely shaven.

The other was tiny. A natural redhead, she was skinny with small A-cup boobs. She had no hips or ass to speak of, but she carries herself in a way that showed she was confident despite her lack of womanly figure.

The two girls glanced my direction to see who had entered the locker room, and just smiled and went back to chatting as if there wasn’t a man standing there openly staring at their naked, nubile bodies. Apparently this wasn’t an uncommon occurrence.

None of them seemed to mind that DJ had entered the locker room either. He was at the other end of the row of lockers chatting with the last woman in the room. She had also been in the midst of changing when DJ entered the room, and was now standing in front of him in nothing but a tiny black thong and a lacy push-up bra. She was also blonde, and stood with her back facing my direction. Damn she had a nice ass. It was nothing when compared to Melina’s, but she was tall and that accentuated her round little butt nicely. From what I could see her boobs were a small C-cup, but push-ups can be deceptive.

As DJ talked to her, his hands rubbed her legs and felt their way up to her ass a few times. He gave it a couple of playful squeezes and she jumped, feigning surprise and giggling, pushing his hands off of her. He pinched her cheeks again and she turned and playfully ran from him, slapping his hands away. As she turned towards me I realized that I knew her.

Melina has been a dancer for several years, and this woman had been in most of her college classes with her. I’d seen her around the gym once or twice, usually wearing a trainer shirt.. Her name was Katie, and I knew her and her husband Jerad pretty well as we had gone on several double dates before. I was shocked to see her almost naked, teasing this other man. Should I tell Jerad? What would I even say? “Hey, when I was in the women’s locker room watching your wife change I saw another guy in there.” Stupid…

She didn’t get very far before DJ had grabbed her by the arms. He pulled her back and held her up against him. They were close enough now for me to make out their conversation. “You know antalya escort you’re not supposed to run from me, Katie. Now I have to punish you.”

She squirmed in his grasp, but I could tell it was just for show. He sat on the bench and bent her over his legs, her scantily clad ass sticking up in the air. He stroked it in circles a few times with the tips of his fingers, and then gave it a hard spank. Katie cried out when the slap fell, jumping a little and making her ass jiggle. Damn her ass was tight…

“You know you’re supposed to count, Katie. If you don’t I’m going to have to add more to your punishment. You’re only at ten right now but that could easily change.”

With a grin and an enticing wiggle, Katie said “one, sir.”



“Two, sir”



“Three, sir”

This went on until nine. On the tenth spank, DJ slapped her pink ass and grabbed it in both his hands, jiggling it vigorously before he let go and let her stand up. “Thank you, sir!” During the spanking I had edged around a corner and now just peered out, not knowing what I’d do if I were caught watching this display. How humiliating would it be to be found perving in the women’s locker room, cock hard as I stared at my friends wife being spanked by another man…

Katie giggled again and started to walk back to her locker. But DJ grabbed her by her hips and sat her down on his lap, grinding his dick between her cheeks as he did.. “You know, I just ended a workout session with Melina.” Katie glanced toward the showers and smiled as she saw her. “That girl has the finest ass I have ever laid my hands on. You did well referring her here a few months ago.” He patted Katie’s ass affectionately. “I just don’t think I can take the teasing anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Katie looked confused as she turned back to face DJ. “Have you not fucked her yet?” My breath caught as I waited to hear his answer.

“No, bitch won’t let me… She’s perfectly okay with being exposed, she loves being groped. But every time I try to take it farther she stops me. She won’t even give me a hand job.” I sighed in relief as I heard this. Melina had been faithful. She’d been a huge tease and tons of guys had probably gotten off looking at her, but she had never had sex with anyone here. “Every other girl here has given themselves up willingly enough. Hell, I even took Heather and Anna’s virginity.” He gestured at the teens in the shower. “Not that Anna was much of a challenge, with a body like that she practically begged me to fuck her.”

Katie patted DJ’s face. “Aww poor baby!” She fake pouted. “Whatever can we do about that?” She wiggled on his lap as she asked the question. “Anything I can do to help?”

DJ smiled wryly. “Actually there is something you can do.” He pulled a key out of his pocket and handed it to her. She raised an eyebrow and grinned as she took it from him, looking mischievous.

“I’ll be right back.” She slid off his lap and turned to walk my direction. I quickly pulled my head back so she wouldn’t see me. Firm ass swaying as she walked, she passed me and headed around the corner to the door. Was she going to go out into the gym dressed like that? She returned a moment later, however. I hadn’t even heard the door open. She sashayed back to DJ and returned the key. She leaned down and whispered “nobody’s getting out or in now.” She had locked the door! By that time the woman who was changing had left, and only the two teenagers, Melina and Katie remained.

“Excellent, good work, Katie. You deserve a reward, and I need to get prepared to claim what’s mine. Strip.” Katie didn’t even hesitate. Her thong and bra were on the floor in moments. Holy fuck. Katie had a damn fine body. Her tits were a full, large C-cup, the bra I had mistaken for a push-up had merely been an underwire. I’ve never seen boobs so amazing in my life. Melina’s were nice, but they lacked size. Katie’s tits were perfection.

She knelt down in front of DJ, pulling down his gym shorts as she went. His cock was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen a lot, but his had to be 8 inches, at least. Katie grabbed it as she leaned forward, placing it between her full perky breasts. She spat on it and squeezed her boobs together with her hands as she started to move back and forth, fucking him with her gorgeous tits. I felt an irrational pang of jealousy, wishing it was my cock she was stroking rather than his.

I closed my eyes and reached my hand down my shorts. I couldn’t help it anymore. I started to rub my hard dick as I imagined it was her boobs rather than my hand stroking me. I opened my eyes to watch them continue, and to my surprise, Katie was looking at me. A thrill of fear shot through me at being caught, but she just smiled and winked at me. Our eyes locked and she stared at me as she continued to tit-fuck her trainer.

Once DJ had gotten hard, he grabbed Katie’s shoulders to stop her. “That’s enough. lara escort I don’t want to get too far along just yet.” He stood and turned towards the showers. He started to walk but then hesitated.

He suddenly turned back to Katie and grabbed her ponytail, pulling her head back and her mouth open. She started to cry out but his dick was filling her mouth before she could make a sound. He roughly squeezed her breasts and vigorously fucked her mouth for a few seconds. I could hear slight choking sounds as she struggled to take in his dick. Her face started to turn red and I thought she might pass out, but he pulled his dick out just in time and she gasped for air. He slapped her face with his rock hard dick a few times, and gave her boobs a slap as he dropped her to the bench and strode away towards the showers.

As worried as I was about what DJ was going to do when he got to the showers, I couldn’t just leave Katie there gasping for air without making sure she was okay. DJ rounded the corner and I snuck behind him and crept to Katie, who was now kneeling on the floor on all fours trying to catch her breath. I placed my hand on her back and when she flinched away I whispered “Hey, it’s okay, don’t worry. Are you all right?”

She looked up at me in surprise. “Oh, Andy, it’s you. I thought he had come back for more.” She reached up and hugged me. “What are you doing here?” I explained how I had made my way into the locker room. “Oh, that makes sense.” She smiled teasingly and I realized that we were still embracing. And she was still very naked. “Did you enjoy what you saw?” She gave her chest a shake and her boobs, oh her perfect boobs bounced perfectly in front of my face. I was about to stammer out some sort of reply when I heard a yell from the showers.

I pulled Katie to her feet and we rushed to the end of the row of lockers and around the corner. The sight made my heart stop. Melina, still in her soaked gym clothes, was being held against the wall by DJ. He pinned both of her hands above her head with one of his own, while his other hand pinched and prodded her hard nipples through her sodden tank top.

“You’ve teased me long enough, you little slut. Now it’s time to give up the goods, like you promised.”

Melina squirmed in his grasp. “I didn’t promise you anything!”

“Well, looks like you didn’t read the fine print of your gym contract then. When you signed up here you signed away the rights to your body while you’re in this building. I could have taken you before now, but I wanted you to come to me. Now your grace period is up.”

Still pinning her hands, he grabbed the neck of her tank top and tore it off of her, baring her wet torso. Her toned stomach and firm tits looked incredible with water running down them. He ran his hand up her abs and found her breasts, and resumed playing with one of her hard, sensitive nipples. He leaned forward and started licking the other nipple. Melina gasped, “Please stop! I dont want this! I’m married!”

At that comment, DJ stopped playing with her breasts. Grinning, he reached up to her restrained hands and slipped her wedding ring off of her finger. “That’s funny, I don’t see a ring.”

The two girls in the shower, Heather and Anna he had said, were watching the scene unfold with evident pleasure. The blonde, Heather, had been soaping up her body and was now teasing her full teenage breasts with one hand while the other hand slipped between her legs and started making circular motions.

Anna just smiled and watched Heather for a moment before walking up behind her. She snaked her hands around Heather’s wet body, pushing her hands aside and taking over the stimulation of her breasts and pussy. Heather let out a low moan and reached behind her, cupping Anna’s tiny ass in her hands.

DJ had returned his mouth and hand to Melina’s tits, and she was squirming around trying to get away. I had just decided I’d seen enough and started to walk forward to put a stop to it, when I felt a strong arm around my neck, a hand over my mouth, and the unmistakable feel of breasts pressed against my back. I felt warm breath in my ear and heard Katie whisper “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

I struggled to move but Katie was damn strong. As soon as I would start to make progress she would adjust her grip a little and I’d be helpless again. “Don’t struggle, I don’t want to have to hurt you…” She sounded a bit sad as she told me, “It’s pointless… DJ’s going to have his way no matter what. Besides, this is what Melina wants. She told me last week that the only reason she hadn’t fucked him was that she wanted him to force her. Look, she’s not struggling as hard as she could.”

I could see the truth of Katie’s words. Melina’s struggling was half-hearted, and when DJs eyes were away from her face she couldn’t help but let her mouth curl up in a smile. All of the fight left me. I stood watching, disgruntled as DJ somehow managed to strip while manavgat escort still holding Melina in place. He turned her around so that she faced the wall and pinned her hands again. He roughly yanked her shorts down, baring her perfect ass. He groped and slapped it, he grabbed it and jiggled it around, thoroughly enjoying himself. Melina was still squirming, trying to break his grip, and the motion was doing amazing things to her ass.

Realizing that I wasn’t fighting anymore, Katie removed her arm from my neck. She slid her hand off my mouth and down my chest, to the waistband of my gym shorts. When I started to protest, she clamped her other hand over my mouth again. “Don’t talk!” She hissed in my ear. “Just watch and enjoy the show.”

I turned my head and glared at her, trying to convey my distaste for the situation. “I know you’re probably thinking the last thing in the world you want to do is watch another man fuck Melina.” Her hand slid into my shorts and gripped my already hard shaft. “But I can tell you’re enjoying it. If another man is going to enjoy your wife, at least you can enjoy it too.”

Unconvinced, I started to turn towards the door. Her hand clamped like a vice around my scrotum, and pain shot through my body. “I don’t think you understand.” She hissed, “you’re going to watch this no matter what. It can be a pleasurable experience for you, or a painful one.” As she said painful she gave my balls another squeeze. God damn that hurt!

Resigned to the fact that I’d have to endure the view of my marriage being violated, I came to the conclusion that she was right. If Melina was going to cheat on me, then I might as well watch so I don’t have to imagine later what happened. I gave a slight nod and Katie removed the hand from my mouth, the other pulled my shorts to my knees and began stroking my cock.

Damn that felt good. Katie’s hands were soft, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t imagined seeing Katie in all her naked glory and doing things with her before. Despite the entire situation, I felt myself enjoying it.

While this was going on, DJ had continued mauling Melina’s round, supple ass. It was bright red from being slapped and jiggled around. He stood behind her with his dick fully erect, and began to spank her with it. I couldn’t help but get more turned on as her ass bounced and rippled with every blow. DJ was practically drooling. He let go of her in order to enjoy her ass with both hands, but she was apparently still putting on the ruse of struggling. She pushed him away and ran for the door. Fuck, her body looked amazing in motion. DJ had slipped on the wet shower floor and fell to the ground, taking the fall well and springing back to his feet, pursuing her.

I don’t know if Melina knew that the door had been locked. If she didn’t know, her plan had apparently been to run stark naked and glistening into a gym full of men brimming with testosterone. Whether she knew or not, she let out a scream of shock when it didn’t open. Within moments DJ had grabbed her from behind. His hands grabbed her nipples and twisted hard. She cried out in pain as he pulled her ass against his hard cock. “Listen, you slut. You’ve been teasing me for months now. I’ve been gentle in the past but God damn it I will fuck you today. Your ass is mine.”

Melina landed on all fours as DJ threw her roughly to the floor and spanked her a few times, harder than he had been before. Gripping her ponytail in one hand, he turned and walked quickly back toward the showers. She whimpered and scrambled to keep up with him. It was fucking hot seeing her body move like that.

They reached the shower and Melina was pushed onto her back on the floor in the middle of the shower. She began to get up, but DJ snapped and pointed at Melina. Heather and Anna broke from their embrace and ran to my wife. They each grabbed an arm and pinned her to the floor. She kicked her legs and squirmed, but wasn’t able to get any leverage on the slick floor. The high school girls giggled and pinched at her jiggling tits and hard nipples with their free hands, making Melina cry out and squirm even more.

Heather’s giggle turned into a malicious laugh. She slapped Melina’s tit, makingher let out another cry of pain. “You think you’re better than us, bitch? You think you’re too good to fuck DJ? Maybe this’ll teach you to act less superior.” She slapped the already reddening breast again.

Anna leaned forward and took Melina’s left breast into her mouth. By the way Melina’s sounds of pain began to turn to moans of pleasure, I knew Anna must be teasing her nipple with her tongue. Heather joined in, but was much less gentle. She started biting Melina’s boob, hard enough to leave teeth marks. Every so often she would nip at her sensitive nipple, making Melina’s whole body jump as she whimpered under their assault.

DJ stood with arms crossed, smiling triumphantly down at the three naked women, hard 8-inch dick sticking out parallel to the ground. He snapped again and made a rising gesture with his hand. Heather and Anna released Melina’s tits and pulled her up to her knees, Anna moving behind her to hold her arms. Heather took a step back and crossed her arms under her gorgeous teen breasts and scowling down at Melina.

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