Meg and I

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Meg is a black woman that I have had the hots over for quite a while. She is a school teacher in her 30’s. To say she has a body to die for is probably a rash understatement. About 5’8″ tall, with a 22″ waist, hips about 32″ and roughly a 34C breast, she would fit the dream woman of many a man. Her lips are generous without being overly large ( I call them great). She is just one of those women I would have to take a long time to find something wrong.. Anyway, I’ve wanted an excuse to take her out for a while.

I’m not one of those men with tons of luck. I could make a bet that hell wouldn’t freeze, and I would lose – just one of those things I don’t do. I came home one evening, a Friday, and there she was with a flat tire. As I pulled up, the jack slipped and she was caught. I jumped out of the car and grabbed her fender. She scrambled out and I moved. There was a thump as the car hit the ground. Meg was leaning against my car holding her arm. I jacked her car up and replaced the flat, then took her to her apartment to help her fix the arm. Having been a martial artist for 30 years, I am accustomed to tending to bruises, strains and sprains. I set her on the couch and found the Ice Box. There was ice in the freezer and a wash cloth over the faucet. I iced the arms for a while, easing the soreness, and began a gentle massage of the arm. Meg began a moan and asked me to keep going. She removed her blouse to give me access to the shoulder. I continued the massage and her moaning grew more intense. The massage moved down her back, keeping the shoulder well rubbed. The blood was heavy, for the heat of the arm was intense. I asked to use the bath room, after all, I was a bit stinky and grimy from working on the car. When I came back into the living room, Meg was in only panties. She stood and gave me the kiss of my life. The kiss was deep and sensual. My hands began wandering, rubbing her wonderful ass. I was as aroused as I could be.

God, can you imagine – there I was, a beautiful woman in my arms, dressed only in panties, giving me one of the deepest kisses I’ve ever had, and there I was completely dressed. I started slowly kissing her on the forehead and bending my knees. Next, I kissed her on the eyebrows, the eyes, the nose, fully on the lips, pausing to chew briefly on her chin ( after all, it was a great chewable chin). Her throat was next. Meg began a throaty moan, and thrust her hips against me. Slowly I moved down to her breasts. The nipples were taught, standing out very proudly. I kissed all around her boobs. She began clawing at my cloths. The buttons went flying from my shirt. The belt was next, then my pants. She dropped to her knees and her fine lips engulfed my swollen member. I could hardly contain myself. God, she was talented. I reached down around her and lifted. I hardly noticed her weight. As I lifted, her legs wrapped around my waist. Slowly I lowered her. She tightened her grip on my hips with her legs, not wanting all of me at once. As she eased her way down, I groaned. We fell to the floor and went for a quick finish.

Meg acted angry when I came. “You aren’t done already, are you”?

My response took her by surprise. “That one was just to release the tension. I’ve wanted you for a long time. From here on is for you”. She laughed. “I’ve heard that before, you are no different than the rest of the men.”

“Meg”, I replied, “you’ve never been with a man like me – or a Martial Artist before.” I then moved towards her again. Her eyes opened quite large when she realized I was still hard. I

began penetrating again, slowly, moving gently in, pausing, and then moving out. I would pull nearly totally out, leaving only the tip of the head in and then thrust in. In no time, I was thrusting to the hilt. Meg began going wild. She humped against me harder and harder, moaning louder and louder, until she clenched me tightly with her legs, squeezing harder and harder, until she came. I thought I was going to pop in two. Meg kissed me and kissed me, then rested her head on my shoulder. I stroked her gently. In no time, she was snoring. I could die. My dick was still hard, and I wanted more. Oh well, such is life.

Closing my eyes, I fell eventually into a dream-filled sleep. I guess it was predictable, but I was dreaming of getting fucked. Something very warm and wet and wonderful was gliding up and down Willie. The dream was so vivid, I woke up. Meg was ministering to me. Her lips and tongue were driving me wild. She wanted more, and my little head was complying. She straddled me, taking my flesh into her hands. The entry was not going easy. “Let me eat you a bit, Meg”.

“That is not what I have in mind, there is one orophase I haven’t had you with,” she replied. She moved against me over and over. I tried to reach around her, but she pushed me back. Then I felt the sensation that is unmistakable. Her sphincter relaxed, and I entered her tight ass. There I was with just the head in her. I struggled not to move. The sensations were incredible. She moved more and more, until she had me to the hilt. I moved antalya escort against her harder and harder, moving, varying my movements, some quick, some slow, stroking, and pausing. I reached around and massaged her breasts. Her nipples were erect and her breasts were swollen and hard. She began moaning over and over. The timing was great. As I began to cum, I could feel Meg become very tense. A brief shout flew from her lips as I came. Sperm was oozing out of that tight little ass of hers. A squeal again escaped from her lips. The afterglow was very nice. I was enjoying the closeness of her body. Then Meg jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom. I heard the water run, and she returned. The hot washrag nearly brought me to another orgasm, as she tended to my dick. Then Meg climbed back into bed. We held each other tightly and fell asleep. I woke about 10:00 AM. Meg was still sleeping.

I went into the bath and started the shower. I had my hair lathered when the curtain opened and Meg began sucking my dick. As I responded, she lathered me well, then turned, handing me the soap. I slowly lathered her back and ass. Wow, what an ass. It looked better undressed than it ever looked before in clothes (a rarity). The soap fell from my fingers and she bent over to pick it up. My dick pressed against her ass and she giggled. “You like my ass”? Before I could answer, she grabbed my dick and guided it into to ass again. The sensations!

The remainder of the weekend went like this. I enjoyed every delight Meg had to offer – and she made it clear we would be doing a lot more of the same. Now I can’t wait until after dinner this evening.

After the marathon the Friday and Saturday before, Meg and I decided to take a nap and then go out to dinner. The dinner was pleasant and Meg had more than a bit of wine. Finally, the meal and drinks were over and I drove back to the apartment. Meg ran to the phone and checked

messages. I heard her on the phone as I went in to the bathroom to brush the teeth. I returned to Meg to find her in only a hanky. We embraced and she pushed me onto the bed. I knew that it would be a long but fun night and continued our embrace. We were at it pretty heavy, Meg busy sucking my cock, I was busy licking and sucking her incredible pussy and both of us breathing rather hard. Meg began her ministrations, taking me to the balls. I was losing concentration, being lost in the sensations of her wonderful talent. I began groaning loudly. Meg just ‘yummed’ as I loosened my load deep into her throat. She paused for a bit, holding me deep within her mouth and then began again. I didn’t even soften – she was tending me so well. Meg pulled my head back between her legs and held me there. The view was extraordinary. Her labia was full and pouty, the clit peeking just at the lips. She was one of those women that got very wet. The scent of her drove me wild. It would intensify my erection and quicken my breathing. So, there I was, now on my back, looking up at this lovely pussy, pausing to lick and suck and nibble and kiss. Meg was working on my dick. I was in heaven! Meg then changed her technique, working up and down my dick, but not taking me into those great lips. Suddenly, I jumped. Another pair of lips was working on me too. Meg gave a giggle and held me between her legs. I was going crazy! She sat up and I was taken in to the other set of lips and I came. I could feel the throbbing and pulsing, the load loosened, squirting time and again into that other talented mouth. Meg’s legs tightened around my head and squeezed. I could feel her vagina throb as her pussy slammed into my mouth, then she let out a yell. I was covered with her juices. The other lips relinquished their hold on me and I heard another laugh. It sounded like Meg! My mind was reeling. What a surprise I had been handed.

Finally able to lift my head, I looked at the third member of our lovemaking. It was Meg’s sister Alice. I went into the bathroom and washed down. The cold water felt good on the face. I finally was ready to rejoin the women. I walked into the bedroom and found them in a 69. Meg was on the bottom, a tube of KY by her head. She was busy licking Alice’s pussy. She looked up and saw me and began pushing first one then two fingers slowly into Alice’s ass. Reaching out, she took me dick into her hand and guided me into her mouth. She reached up and continued pressed her fingers into her sisters ass. Her lips felt so good. She pushed me away slightly, taking me from her mouth.

Imagine – I’m standing there, my cock in Meg’s hand, she is on her back being eaten by her sister, she renewed the licking of her sisters pussy while working two fingers in and out of a beautiful ass, and began pulling me in closer. Her sister reached around and spread her ass cheeks and Meg guided me against her sisters great, wonderful ass. The head of my dick began penetrating. I stood still, waiting for her to adjust. Meg reached around my ass with her other hand and began licking my balls. Suddenly, she pulled me hard into Alice. Meg sucked on my balls and Alice lara escort humped back against me. In no time, she had my cock in her ass as far as it would go. I wasn’t going to last long. My pumping began to grow spastic. I let out a loud AARG and unloaded. Meg and Alice laughed and eased me onto the bed (I was about to fall onto the floor). After the washrag cleaned me, my eyes quickly grew heavy and I napped.

I awoke pressed against a body. My hard dick was sniffing. I started pumping and entered a pussy. Meg then reached around and gave me a kiss. I had entered Alice. Meg slid down and licked and kissed my ass. I reached for her and guided her hips towards my face. I was

determined to eat her. Alice came very quickly. I was still pumping, not being finished. Meg turned around and mounted me. She started riding me well. Alice sat on my face and started kissing Meg. This was turning out to be one hell of a night. I would be dreaming about this for a long time. Meg and I managed to climax together, with Alice not far behind. We again fell to sleep.

This time, I was awakened. I was dreaming about making love. It was such a realistic dream – I awoke with a start to find Meg working on me. Her hands were moving over my dick, with something lubricating things. It was an interesting sensation.

Meg replied “You’ve had Alice in the ass tonight. I can’t let you sleep without having mine. I don’t mind sharing you, but you better want me more than her OR ELSE! She was straddling me and easily took me into her ass. She moved up and down, adjusting to the fullness. She laid against me and began kissing. The bed had to be going pretty wild. Meg was determined to outdo her sister. I came and came. “There lover, that should keep you for a few hours”. She laid next to me and we embraced. I felt Alice move against me and snuggle. She replied “Meg had the last word tonight, we’ll have to see what tomorrow will bring”. With that Meg laughed and we fell asleep. The next day would come soon enough, and I was going to need my rest. These two sisters were going to screw me half to death (what a way to go)!

After seeing Meg and Alice off to work, I retreated to the bed (being self employed, I had little problems arranging the schedule). After a nap and large breakfast, I hammered out the work and prepared to greet Meg on her arrival home from the office. I didn’t want her to feel I was paying too much attention to Alice, after all. I took a shower and had a chilled bottle of chilled wine ready. I heard a car and glanced out the window in time to see Meg arriving. I stood near the door and waited to hear the sound of footsteps. The keys rattled and I opened the door. Meg was startled. I reached out and pulled her into the apartment and closed the door.

As Meg began to speak, I kissed her on the lips. My finger went to her lips and indicated for her to wait quietly. Then I embraced her and began a long, wet and deep kiss that lasted many minutes. Finally breaking the kiss, I lifted my head and kissed her on the forehead. Several kisses later, I moved to the eyebrows, then the eyes, the bridge of the nose, again on the lips, the chin (pausing from the kisses long enough to chew a bit on the chin), and lingered on her throat.

Meg was breathing quite hard by now. I was not daunted. Slowly, I turned her around, kissing my way to the back of her neck. The silk blouse buttoned up the back. I kissed and nibbled down the buttons and eased the blouse from her shoulders and arms. The bra strap was next. By now, I was turned on more than a bit. I kept working my way, very slowly, down her back, moving from left to right, covering all of that wonderful tapering and shapely back. The skirt dropped next, followed by the panties. Meg all but jumped from the pile now on the floor. I kissed my way down to her ass. The sweetly rounded checks received a lot of attention, until finally, I was kissing and licking all around her sphincter. Meg quickly turned and dropped to her knees, gobbling my cock in one gulp. I pushed her away, not wanting to come. I wanted this to be her time. We collapsed onto the floor and grabbed at one another. Meg was making it clear she wanted fucked for real. Her pussy was soaked (how I love reaching down only to discover the woman I’m with is soaking wet)! She got on top of me and dropped onto my cock. I had just entered her and I could already feel her vagina convulsing. Her orgasm was intense. She squeezed so hard that I was forced out of her despite being hard and a piece of granite. She quickly replaced me and began to ride up and down my dick. I had to have done on hell of a job turning her on because after only a few stroked, she began breathing very heavy and moved rather erratic. She lifted until I was barely in her, paused, and dropped hard, screaming. Her pussy was spasming out It felt as if a vice was griping and releasing me. I loosened my seed deep within her and she fell onto my chest. After a bit, she said “My, my pussy will be quivering for a while and I’ll be sore. It sure was manavgat escort worth it. Alice will be here any minute, how are you going to great her”?

“Actually, I only prepared for you – you are the center of my life, not Alice”.

“Honey”, she replied, “are you telling me you didn’t enjoy last night?”

“Far from it, but you are the woman I’m living with – don’t forget that”.

“Well, if I were you, I would get creative for Alice because I don’t want things to change just yet. We can both enjoy those fun little things – I won’t want anything for a day or two and knowing you, Willie will be sniffing hard in no time at all. Carry her into the shower and lather her well. She will figure out what you want the most. I’ll take a nice, undisturbed nap.” And with that, she picked up her clothes and went to bed. I was quite surprised. I went into the bath and washed and walked into the living room with just a towel around me. The door began to open and I saw Alice. She came into the living room and planted a kiss on me that AJAX wouldn’t take off. I figured – what the hell, Meg knew her much better than I, and took her by the hand into the shower. Her eyes sparkled and her dress came off quickly. To my surprise, she wore nothing beneath it. She jerked the towel and it dropped to the floor. I stepped into the shower and enjoyed the warmth. Alice was already wet from head to toe. I picked up the soap and began lathering her slowly, massaging her body slowly, enjoying every bit of the curves. Her breasts, larger and fuller than Meg’s, felt so good. I circled each boob carefully, paying much attention to the nipples. Finishing that, I moved down the stomach. Her tummy was very flat. I rubbed the soap into her thatch, making a nice lather.

Alice was now groaning and thrusting. I continued down her legs until her entire front was one great mass of lather. She turned and slowly I worked the lather upwards. It seamed to take a hour before I reached her ass. I carefully lathered each cheek and worked the lather into her ass. She began pressing against my fingers. I was covered with the lather myself. The ministrations and humping made me a rather lathered mess. I reached around her and gently kissed her on the neck. Alice pressed back against me. My dick was straining against her. Alice stood on her toes and eased back down. My dick now was pressing against her ass. An ahh escaped her and she pressed back harder. I felt myself entering. I had the thought that she liked it in the back door. She moved against me harder and harder. I hadn’t known any women that would orgasm from anal sex, until now. I could feel her rectum begin to quiver just before I came. I squirted what felt like a gallon into her tight ass. I was sure that these two women would fuck me near to death. Alice pulled away and grabbed the soap, lathering me and her ass. She dropped to her knees and began sucking. My dick decided to respond. Alice indeed had a talent for oral sex. I found myself cumming again.

By now, my knees were weak and my dick went flaccid. Alice’s eyes sparkled. “That is how I like my men – well fucked”.

With that we rinsed down and dried off. I was ready for bed and hoped Meg didn’t want more tonight. I was spent and needed a lot of time to recover. As I laid in bed sandwiched between these two beautiful women, I realized that both didn’t care how they got their dick, as long as they got it. The future was looking very bright. Then I fell to sleep.

I woke about 12.00 AM, a huge surprise considering how exhausted I was from the near constant sex I had been exposed to in not a long period of time. I lay there, sandwiched between two beautiful women – a pair of breasts on one side, and a wonderful round ass on the other. No matter how I tried to ignore the wondrous bodies, sleep just wouldn’t return. Finally, out of frustration, I settled on my back. Somehow it was easier to deal with a boob against the arm and a but against the hip. Slowly, I began to relax and as I felt the pull of sleep, Meg and Alice giggled and said: Still too horny to sleep”? Well – they were the ones that had to go to work, so what the hell. They may as well have been one person – both reached for my dick and began caressing and stroking. Two pair of lips sought mine and dueled with one another over who got the opportunity to kiss me. I quickly began losing control. These women were awesome.

The fight over my lips eased and began working its way down my body. My dick couldn’t get much harder and was twitching more than I liked, after all, I hadn’t been into any orifices yet! I reached to no avail. Neither would let me at their bottoms, teasing all the more. It had to have been 15 minutes (or more, after all no one was really counting) and they were barely to my chest. I figured I would get little sleep this night. The business would suffer tomorrow. Thank goodness for being self employed. Then, I found a tit. It was nice and full and firm and the nipple was standing tall. There was no was I could tell if it was Meg or Alice. I squeezed and rubbed and tugged and pulled and finally I heard a soft moan – it was Meg. Then My other hand found an ass. The cheeks were firm and round. Nice and tight (that was no help – both were like that) but I knew it had to be Alice. I kneaded and pulled and tugged and found my way to her sphincter

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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