Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 02

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Following their chance meeting after ten years, Mike and Becca fell into an intimate but odd relationship. He was enthralled to find that Becca had developed huge breasts and started to lactate as an unanticipated side effect of being enrolled in a drug trial. She was pleased to have him sucking on her within hours of their reunion. They saw each other every day thereafter with everything focused on her tits.

Becca was just getting used to having a top heavy body. Previously she’d been very fit and sported “B” cup breasts on her small frame which was how Mike remembered her from college. Everything about her body had stayed the same except for her tits. She now had what looked to be oversized implants. Her body was every guy’s wet dream.

She confessed to enjoying her “DD’s and the even more recent phenomenon of lactation. Producing milk felt very womanly and she liked it. She also enjoyed the countless orgasms it had caused. Drawing out her milk was highly arousing- even when using her breast pump. Mike’s involvement had made the whole experience even better. Mike’s lustful suction was obviously far sexier than the pump.

Mike couldn’t get enough of her big tits. From the day they met Mike milked Becca’s breasts twice a day Monday through Friday. He stayed at her condo on the weekends and milked her four to six times a day. Sexual pleasure was a part of each session for both of them. She had multiple orgasms during his sucking on her sensitive tits. After draining her breasts Mike would tit fuck her or fuck her pussy if he wasn’t still spent from their last session. Though his orgasms were limited to two or three per day he was in sexual heaven. A loving relationship quickly grew out of what was initially lust and biology but Becca’s tits still dominated all of their interaction.

Mike’s daily sucking caused Becca’s milk production to almost triple over the first two weeks. Her breasts didn’t get much bigger but the increase in milk caused real discomfort within about three hours. She needed relief from Mike or was forced to pump every few hours when Mike wasn’t available. She could barely sleep through the night and was then desperate to have her swollen tits milked immediately after rising in the morning.

Becca talked to her Ob-Gyn. The doctor said the breast enlargement and lactation caused by the experimental pill had obviously surprised everyone. Given her lactation, however, increased milk production wasn’t a medical problem and was a normal occurrence. Mike’s repeated suction had increased the amount to somewhat beyond that of a mother with a large baby or twins but it wasn’t unhealthy. The doctor couldn’t rule out further increases in her milk production; Mike was sucking her dry every time and her body would do its best to meet the demand. There wasn’t a medical remedy except that when she ended the medical trial in a few weeks her lactation might gradually disappear. However, with continued regular suction the doctor felt her supply would probably continue indefinitely. As Becca understood it, hormones might be needed to get the milk started but the baby’s repeated suction is a bigger factor than hormones in keeping it flowing. That’s the only obvious explanation for those mothers who nurse for multiple years beyond giving birth.

On returning home Becca outlined the doctor’s advice and told Mike she didn’t know what to do. While she had hoped to keep lactating for a few months after the drug trial she couldn’t keep draining her breasts every 2 to 3 hours. The lactation was taking over her life. She literally had too much of a good thing.

Mike paused and then said, “From your journal and my personal observations we know it takes about ten minutes for the pump or my mouth to drain each breast. If we repeatedly stop the milking process after 5 to 7 minutes perhaps your body would cut down its production. It should be the reverse of the increased production my full emptying has created. You’ll undoubtedly have some discomfort since you’ll never be fully emptied but hopefully it will pass in a few days. Call the doctor to see if this might work and if it’s safe.”

Becca made the call. The doctor was intrigued but said she wasn’t aware of any study or other information about reducing milk production. She felt there’d be no harm in trying Mike’s approach.

Hearing the doctor’s answer Mike told Becca to give him an hour while he thought through a plan. A little while later, Mike suggested they try a gradual reduction over several days. They’d need to take time off from work and be diligent. For the plan to work Becca would have to agree that he was in total charge. She’d have to do as he directed. Becca nodded her assent.

Mike said, “We’ll use a kitchen timer to control each milking session. On the first day the sessions will stop after 8 minutes; on the second day after 7 minutes, on day 3 after 6 and after 5 on day 4. Then we’ll continue with 5 minute sessions indefinitely. By my logic proportionately less antalya escort milk will be extracted in the shorter sessions which should send the reduction message to your body. If your supply decreases we can tinker with the length of the sessions over the longer term- perhaps going back to 6 or 7 minutes. For the early days we’ll each need to be highly disciplined to stop all suction when the timer chime goes off. There can’t be any fondling or other cheating that might prompt leakage.”

Mike and Becca agreed that if the plan was going to work they’d need at least five days of reduced milking to give it a fair chance and that Becca would probably find these days very difficult. They each arranged to take a few days off from work so that with the weekend they’d have six days to devote to the plan. Mike would stay with Becca for the training period.

Mike designated himself as Becca’s coach, helper and policeman. He said he was now in charge of Becca’s breasts. She was not to touch them and would be wearing her sturdiest nursing bra full time; he’d open and close the flaps for the designated milking periods but otherwise her tits would be encased in the heavy cotton bra. There would be a strict milking schedule. In addition to reducing the duration of the sessions by a minute each day, the schedule would seek to gradually lengthen the time between milkings. He said he would stay away from Becca’s breasts except for the milkings. She had to do likewise; in fact, he’d keep Becca’s hands in bondage for the six days if that became necessary.


“Yes,” said Mike. “If we’re going to do this you will follow the rules. I won’t hesitate to put you in cuffs if that’s what it takes.”

“Do you have cuffs?”

“Yes. I have leather bondage cuffs and a bondage belt and lots of other things we might explore if you’re so inclined. For now though, I’m only concerned with keeping your hands off those swollen tits. If I can do that I’ll improve my chances for having your milk filled tits at my disposal for months.”

Becca hesitated and said, “I think I’m seeing a different side of you and it’s hot. You just made my panties wet. I’ve never been involved with anything like bondage but my body seems to like the idea. I also like the idea that you’re going to help me keep my milk flowing. It’s weird but being forced to provide milk for you and at your direction is a very erotic scenario for me.”

“For me, too,” said Mike, “so over the next week I’m going to train your tits do what we both want.”

Mike anticipated that the most difficult times would be immediately following the forced ending of each session. He told Becca that planning a distraction would be wise and asked how she felt about anal sex.

Becca laughed and said, “As I understand it I’m going to have aching breasts- half full of milk all of the time. While I’m enduring that, your sacrifice is to fuck my ass?”

Mike smiled. “I’m sorry but I can’t help with the milk. Presumably you’re going to be horny as well as sore. I can help with that and make sure you keep away from your breasts. I thought my being behind you- away from your breasts- and having my cock in your ass might help distract you from your discomfort.”

“Well, I guess you’re right. I’ve never had anal sex so it’ll certainly be a distraction.”

Mike then said, “I think we’ll alternate anal sex and doggie position vaginal sex. In addition, if you’re well behaved I’ll go down on you. Lying back with me sucking on your clit should be a great distraction. I want to give you so much pleasure that you won’t be thinking about your tits.”

Becca replied, “Mmmm. I like that thought but lying on my back and being aroused I’ll really want to play with my tits; in fact, if I’m aching with milk I’ll want to squeeze them and express more milk.”

“Yes, I thought you might. That’s why before we start each session I intend to bind your hands at your sides. You’ll stay bound until I’m convinced you have self control. I’m thinking you may need to sleep in the cuffs and belt. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said you might be bound most of the time.”

In a small voice Becca said, “Oh. That sounds very sexy.”

Mike brought Becca to his house saying he needed to pick up some things but not specifying what. He brought her into his bedroom and told her to take off her jacket and blouse and wait for a moment. He removed a large box from his closet but Becca couldn’t see its contents. Mike removed a set of leather cuffs, exhibited them to Becca and said she’d be wearing these for the next several days. She wouldn’t necessarily be bound all of the time but he wanted the cuffs in place full time starting the next day.

He also showed her a wide leather belt. He placed it around her waist confirming that it was too large by an inch or two. He then retrieved a leather punch and added two rows of additional holes to the belt to accommodate her narrow waist. Trying the belt on her again he alanya escort closed the clasp and said, “That’s better.” He left the belt in place.

Mike then retrieved two short leather cords and tied one to a “D” ring on the side of the belt. He pulled Becca’s arm down to her side and pinched the cord at a point near her wrist. Holding the point on the cord he tied a small clasp onto the marked location and cut off the excess cord. He then used that cord to fashion a second one of the same length which he then attached to the opposite side of the belt.

Removing the belt he said, “Starting tomorrow I’ll connect your wrists to the belt with these cords for each milking and for as long thereafter as I think is necessary. This should leave you enough slack for comfort but not enough to reach your chest. I could simply hook your wrists together behind your back but that’s uncomfortable for long periods. Pulling your wrists back also pushes your chest out. I’ll enjoy that in the future but for the next few days neither of us needs your chest to be more prominent.”

Becca whispered, “Oh my, you’ve just made my pussy moisten again. I was turned on just by learning you had leather cuffs and a belt. The idea that you customized the belt to fit me and that you’ve decided I’ll be bound is very sexy. Bondage beyond the needs of this week is also intriguing.”

Mike returned to the box and retrieved a canvas bag. He put the belt and cuffs into the bag and added several other items from the box which Becca couldn’t see. Mike said, “I have a leather bondage bra in there too but it’s not big enough for you and obviously it would be in the way. We need you in the nursing bra.” He opened his hand to reveal three tiny locks and a key on an elastic cord. He put the cord around his wrist. He then retrieved the punch he’d used on the belt and approached Becca’s bra. He punched holes on either side of the front clasp and near the closures for the flaps. He then threaded the shackles of the locks through the sets of holes saying, “These should make your breasts more secure. I’m going to lock the flaps closed and unlock them only for the scheduled milkings. You’ll be sleeping in the bra too. Does that moisten your panties?”

“Oh, yes,” said Becca. “I can’t explain it but all of this kinky stuff is really getting to me.”

“Good,” replied Mike. “I have a friend who works with leather. After you’re finished lactating and we think your breast size is stabilized I’m going to have him make you a leather body harness and a leather bra. I think the black leather will look spectacular against your fair skin. They won’t be for every day wear; they’ll be for special occasions as defined by me.”

As they left Mike’s home he took the canvas bag. He also scooped up a small coffee table and brought it with them. Becca questioned the table’s use and he simply told her she’d see.

They returned to Becca’s condo and finished the day with two 8 minute milkings. Mike followed the timer and locked her bra flaps closed when he was done each time. Becca wasn’t uncomfortable and felt almost fully drained. Mike explained that since her tits were the fullest in the morning they’d have another 8 minute session in the morning. They’d reduce the timing each day beginning with the milking that occurred nearest noon each day.

The couple agreed that if the milk didn’t start to lessen by the end of six days she’d probably have to abandon lactation. The doctor had pills designed to stop lactation in nursing mothers. She wouldn’t prescribe them unless Becca also stopped taking the experimental birth control pills. This would probably result in her breasts shrinking. She didn’t want to go back to her natural “B” cup and was afraid Mike would disappear from her life if it happened.

Mike assured her that he wasn’t that shallow but secretly he wondered how their sex life would be if Becca didn’t have such great tits. They were the focus of their sex life. Mike reflected on his budding love for Becca beyond her tits and his interest in BDSM which he hadn’t shared with Becca beyond some suggestive ideas. Perhaps the impending changes in their routine presented an opportunity to explore some alternative sexual paths.

The eight minute sessions went well. Becca felt almost fully drained. She was horny after each session but Mike decreed they weren’t having post session sex that day. He wanted to save that for the next day when distraction might be more important. Mike restrained her hands behind her back for each session but released her a few minutes after they were done. Becca wanted to play with her tits but resisted the temptation. They agreed that the next day would be more difficult.

In the morning on the following day Mike attached a leather cuff snuggly to each of Becca’s wrists. He sucked on her for 8 minutes per breast without using the belt. At noon he told Becca to strip so he could put the bondage belt on her. With the alanya rus escort belt cinched around her, Mike hooked her wrists to the respective 8″ leather cord that hung from each side of the belt. Instinctively Becca pulled against her bonds and found that she was securely bound but had some freedom of movement in her hands.

Mike brought Becca to the bed and helped her to a reclining position since she was incapable of using her arms in the normal manner. Mike stripped and assumed his milking position near her breasts. He reached out to start the timer which he’d earlier set to 7 minutes and enveloped Becca’s left breast with his hungry mouth. Becca’s body reacted to his mouth with even more passion than usual. She gasped and moaned with excitement as her milk flowed readily. Becca whispered, “There’s something very exciting about being bound while you suck on me. I think I could really get into this bondage thing.”

Mike couldn’t respond as his mouth was filled with Becca’s large tit and he was frequently swallowing her milk as his mouth refilled. Becca had several orgasms and then to the surprise of both parties the timer chimed. Mike pulled back and Becca moaned saying, “Oh no; I’m not done yet.” Milk leaked from her nipple but Mike dutifully avoided it. He told Becca to roll back slightly to expose her other breast and after restarting the timer he enveloped her second nipple. Becca again became aroused and reached orgasm several times before the timer chimed.

Becca moaned as she realized her breasts were still heavy with milk. They weren’t full but she was definitely aware of the milk that remained. As she reflected on the prospects of feeling this way for several days Mike locked each of her bra flaps closed. He rolled her onto her back and spread her legs. He moved down between her thighs and slowly brought his mouth to her pussy. The thoughts of her milk dissolved as Becca felt Mike’s tongue exploring her pussy. It was a new pleasure since in every other encounter Mike’s attention had been limited to her tits. Mike definitely knew what he was doing at her pussy. His mouth teased each lip and the folds of her pussy and drove her crazy as it neared but didn’t make contact with her clit.

Becca squirmed on the bed as Mike worked her pussy. She moved rapidly to a state of full arousal- soon seeking to reach a climax. She thought of how nice it would be to fondle her sensitive tits and squeeze her big nipples but then remembered her bound hands. Being restrained added to her arousal. Her breasts were uncomfortable; they cried out for attention but couldn’t be touched. Mike’s tongue was certainly distracting her but it was a struggle to ignore her heavy tits. His tongue was driving her wild. Mike had pegged her pretty well and the combination of oral sex and bondage had been an excellent idea. An orgasm swept through her and she marveled that he hadn’t even touched her clit.

Within thirty seconds of her first orgasm she realized Mike wasn’t done, He was now teasing her clit-not attacking it directly but getting teasingly close. He then left her clit and trailed his tongue all the way down to her ass. He seemed to know exactly how to touch her and she was soon building to another climax. Becca’s body was lifting off the bed with excitement. Eventually- just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, Mike’s mouth descended on her clit and stayed there. Becca succumbed to an earth moving orgasm.

As she floated through that climax Becca felt Mike rolling her onto her side with his body behind her. His hands began to roam over her thighs and hips and it felt good. As his hands explored her hips and ass she pushed back seeking more contact.

Becca felt cool lotion at her anal cleft. Her mind wasn’t very clear but she remembered Mike’s mentioning anal sex. She deduced that he was beginning to prepare her for that. The cool substance had to be lube. She’d never imagined her ass would be lubed by a man. It was erotic. Being bound naked and getting fucked in the ass was definitely a hot way to spend time with your lover. Becca was aroused before she even felt the first penetration by his finger. When the slippery finger pushed inside coated with the lube it felt more odd than arousing but the forbidden nature of the act was surely exciting. Becca focused on the thought that this was going to happen whether she wanted it or not and was surprised by the increased excitement that fact brought. She liked being helpless.

One finger became two. She felt stretched and afraid. After a moment the fingers were gone and she felt Mike’s cock slowly insinuating itself into her tight opening. A girlfriend had once told her having your ass stretched by a hard cock was ‘painfully sexy’; she now knew what her friend had meant. The mild but frightening pain soon morphed to pleasure. He was all the way in and was beginning to pull back and push in again. She’d just lost her anal virginity and it felt good. Mike’s hand reached around and began teasing her clit. She pressed back to get his cock deeper inside. Between the new sensations of having her ass stuffed by a cock and his touch on her clit Becca was soon overcome by a huge orgasm. Her body convulsed wildly except where it was held by his hand and impaled on his cock.

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