Meet the Parents Ch. 02

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At some point as teenagers or our early entry into adulthood, most of us experience relatives embarrassing us by regaling tales of our childhood. The story of when you decided to go streaking at the age of three. You remember, the exact time when your mother was having the new preacher’s wife over for a tea party? How about the time you took your mother’s vibrator to school for show and tale? They may even have pictures of your cute little bare butt running around the Christmas tree. If your parents are of the open sort, the pic may even be full frontal with your little tally-whacker flapping in the breeze.

Was my current situation just as normal? I was certainly more than a bit embarrassed. But if it was simply embarrassment, why was my cock getting so fucking hard? Sitting in the hot tub of a beach bungalow in Mexico, my mother was telling my lovely new wife about my childhood.

Just the day prior my wife, Carla, had met my parents for the first time. They had got to see all of her stepping from the shower. She apparently was not expecting an audience, especially my parents. She certainly seemed to be recovering from her embarrassment. My parents were putting her at ease as we all sat in the warm soothing waters, in all our glory, listening to R rated stories about little Tommy (me). Looking back, I know my parents were trying to help my wife to relax and forget about her awkward introduction. However, I also think that they got into the moment as the humorous tales crossed into erotic.

My mother’s stories often brought back memories that I had long forgotten. Memories of bathing with my mother or my older sister were shared. Mom talked of how she would set up an assembly line when my cousins would come to visit. My sister and I along with our three cousins would be stripped and gathered into the bathroom naked by my aunt. My mother would climb into the bath, one be one each of us would join her for our bath. We would then be dried and set free to run around the house naked until bedtime.

I added my remembrances to each of the stories as well. Until this point, mom had not been aware that this ikitelli escort time of running around prior to bed was a time for us cousins to explore each other and play doctor. Other games included Jeff, the cousin who was my age and the only other boy, would always try to touch mom’s breasts while in the bath. He would tell me ahead of time what his plan was and challenge me to do so also.

“Yes, the horny little shit.” Was Mom’s response, she knew of his plan and would foil it each time. She would also compound his frustration, making sure that he saw me touch her breasts. She went on to recount how my Cousins were not allowed to be nude in their own home. Apparently our house was a place of experimentation for them.

Mom thought it was partially due to her Sister, my Aunt, having a crush on my Dad. Mother would tease her about my little cock being significantly bigger than her Son’s. The point of the tease would be when Mom would describe Dad’s cock in detail suggesting it was inherited.

Mom’s entertaining of Carla continued story after story. I must have really been a horny kid. She heard about the time that I accidently walked in on them making love. She also heard about the time that I snuck out of the house, naked, to look through their window hoping to catch Mom undressing or bathing. While Mom was undressing, Dad went into my room and closed the window. I had to knock on the door, while completely naked, to be let back in.

As the stories continued on, Carla especially found amusing the time that I crashed my bike into the garage wall, racking myself in the process. Running into the house crying, I pulled my pants down demanding that Mom kiss it to make it better.

As an afterthought, mom added “certainly takes after his Father.”

Dad heartily agreed; “his Mother could definitely kiss it and make it feel better. Dana has always been wonderful in the blowjob department. Best part is that she really loves and gets into sucking cock.”

In an effort to deflect being uncomfortable, Carla looked towards me; “Must be why you try to get kadıköy escort me to suck your cock. Did you know your Mother was so good at blow jobs?”

All were shocked when I answered, “Had a pretty good idea.” I was now in the driver’s seat with Mom and Carla listening to my stories. I found a metal box which had a few Polaroid pictures of my sexy Mom. Over the years I checked back regularly, watching the stash grow. In many of them, Mom was sucking on Pop’s cock. She seemed to be enjoying herself, he looked ecstatic. One of my favorite had my Father’s cum dripping down my Mother’s chin.

Carla slowly broke the silence. “Do you really like giving blow jobs?” She went on confessing that she has never sucked a cock. “I tell him it would be gross, actually I am scared because I do not know what to do. How do you know what to do? How do you make him cum?”

My Mom took charge as only a Mother can do. Having been herded into their bedroom, I was soon sitting on the edge of my Parent’s bed with Carla kneeling between my legs. My cock was firmly in Mom’s hand while she tutored Carla. My Mother pointed out the sensitive areas and described in great detail various techniques.

Soon Carla was trying the different suggestions as Mom encouraged and continued to guide. Carla was more than a little shy, it did not help that my Dad was watching closely also. I am sure more out of lust at watching his hot young daughter in-law than for education sake.

Mom had Carla move over. My still sexy Mother began licking and sucking my cock: “watch closely, … see how my tongue followed the length of the vein?”

Mom certainly was an expert. Even if it had started as a small demonstration, Mom was soon directly between my legs with the demonstrations becoming longer and very intense. I did not see how or when it had happened but Carla was between Dad’s legs following Mom’s lead lick by lick, stroke for stroke, sucking Pop’s cock. As Carla looked up listening to Mom’s next instruction, I could see lust in her eyes, her hand quivering as she continued stroking his cock.

Dad kartal escort interrupted the instruction, taking charge at this point, pulling Carla back down on his cock. He began instructing or more so encouraging her.

I likewise pulled Mom down onto my cock. Mom is absolutely remarkable. Her actions were smooth and graceful. Her licking blended seamlessly with sucking. One moment she was teasing the head of my cock with her tongue the next her lips were pressed against it’s base with the head buried deep in her throat passed her tonsils.

With extreme effort I opened my eyes, I wanted to see my sweet loving Mom suck my hard cock. It was so worth the effort, her actions were like a ballet, so graceful. She was never more beautiful. How could she smile so pretty, radiating pride, full of joy, all with my cock fucking her pretty mouth?

From the corner of my eye I could see Carla becoming a gifted cock sucker under Dad’s care. She had quit thinking, quit following Mom’s step by step instruction. Now, she was just doing, acting out of hunger, in pure lust.

My father’s praise and encouragement had also become lust. “That’s the girl, lick around the head,” was replaced with “Suck Daddy’s cock, Taste my cum, swallow, swallow my sweet little Daughter.” She looked up with a smile as cum dripped down her chin.

Images of my Wife and my Mother blurred. Both so pretty, but at that moment it was my Mother who was hungrily sucking my cock. She moaned and squirmed in ecstasy. Could Mom be cumming just by sucking my cock?

The thought was erotic, but was rapidly erased by the amazing feeling of her hand pulling gently on my balls while deep throating my entire cock. Through barely open eyes I watched Mom milking the cum all the way up from my balls. I could hear my moans, my utterances, barely distinguishable from My Fathers. “Oh Mom, kiss my cock, make it feel so much better!”

My Fingers were intertwined in her hair as I fuck my Mom’s mouth. My ass rising up off the bed, pushing my cock deeper into her throat. On cue, her finger slid into my ass sending streams of cum into her mouth and down her throat. Was that my voice almost screaming? “My cum Mommy, my cum, Mommy, Mommy!”

I could feel her body move up on top of mine. Opening my eyes, I see that picture from my youth of my Mother smiling with Pop’s cum on her chin, I see my Wife with Pop’s cum on her Chin, I see my Mom with MY cum on her chin.

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