Meet a Dancer and Take Her Home

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We had just left the house for a night out at a local strip club my wife and I like to go too, when my cell rang, “Hello?”

“Bill, it’s Marge; the alarm is going off over at the store. I’ve called the police and I’m leaving now. Can you meet me there?”

“Hold on,” I put the phone on my chest, “Babe, it’s my sister Marge, she says the alarm is going off at the store and wants me to meet her there. It’s probably just a false alarm again, but why don’t I drop you at the club and I’ll come there in a little while, ok?”

She nodded and smiled at him, “Sure honey, be careful though.”

Nodding to her I told my sister that I’d be there in a little while. As I pulled in the lot I bent over and kissed her then pinched her nipple, “If you go in the private room leave word for me to be able to join you.”

She laughed because we never went into a private room to have a dancer perform for just us before, “I might and I might not, depends on how hot she is!”

“You better go or we’ll be arrested for fucking in the parking lot, you look fantastic by the way!” she kissed me and waved as she went inside swaying her hips while I watched.

Shirley was wearing my favorite outfit tonight. She had on a loose open top that showed off her ample cleavage letting her breasts sway and jiggle with each step. Her mini skirt was snug across her tight ass and the three inch heels made her shapely legs very lickable. I knew she would get a lot of attention as a single woman walking in there and hoped the guys were behaving themselves tonight or Bruce the bouncer was going to be busy.

After dealing with the non-emergency at the store I came back and decided to watch her from a distance to see what kind of reaction she was getting. I finally spotted her sitting at center stage while a tall buxom blond was sitting in front of her with her legs wide open and her hands rubbing her crotch. Shirley was leaning her elbows on the bar sipping a drink and staring at the girls hands. I could see her crossing and re-crossing her legs and could only imagine how wet her pussy was. She had never been with another woman and when we talked about a threesome she would turn into a sex maniac fucking me silly.

The blond finished her act and as Shirley slipped some cash in her G-string at the crotch the blond bent forward and kissed her mouth. It looked like they played tongue hockey because it wasn’t a brief kiss. When Shirley sat back she took out the straw and slugged the drink back draining the glass then waved for another.

I decided to see if we might get a private dance from the blond, just to see where it might lead. Getting Bruce’s attention he came over and shook my hand, “Hey Bill! I’ve been keeping an eye on Shirley for you she said you would be in later.”

“Hey Bruce, thanks. Who’s the blond kissing her by the way? She’s hot!”

Grinning he shrugged and laughed, “I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers! She’s the new girl just started last week, her names Bobby Jean, but we all call her Jean. Why, you two finally ready for a private party, because I can tell you she’d be just the right one for it.”

We talked about how much and where, after agreeing to the conditions I asked if the girls were allowed to do more than dance.

“Not on the premises, but if she wants to go home with you guys then anything goes. Want me to set the room up?”

“Definitely, let me get Shirley,” just as I got behind her a short guy with thinning hair sat next to her and put his hand on her thigh.

The girls were between sets so I heard their conversation clearly.

“Hey honey, nobody to sit with you? I can’t believe a woman as beautiful as you is sitting alone? My, your legs are silky smooth!” his hand crept up under the edge of her skirt as his eyes stared at her large tits.

I was about to tap her shoulder when she saw me in the mirror and smiled. Turning to him she opened her legs and pulled his hand onto her naked shaved pussy, it had to be soaked from the dancer, “Oh baby, do you feel my pussy?”

He swallowed and tried to push his hand further.

Bending down she said in his ear load enough for me to hear, “Sorry stud, but only my husband and maybe tonight another girl have been allowed to touch it, sorry!” turning to me she pulled his hand from under her skirt, “Hey baby, my new friend wanted to touch the goods.”

Looking at him as he shrank away, “Oh really?” he smiled and quickly left us alone.

Leaning next to her ear, “Now he’s going to have to jerk off in the men’s room, aren’t you ashamed of how you treated the little toad?”

Giggling she kissed my cheek, “I could go help him if you want to watch?”

I rubbed my chin, “Nah, I set up a private room for us tonight with the blond you were shamelessly trading spit with.”

Pressing her body against me she reached down and rubbed my hardening cock, “Ooo, you watched us didn’t you? It feels like it liked to see me kissing a girl, he’s getting all nice and hard for me just the way I antalya escort love it!”

Bruce motioned us to follow him down the hall to the private room. He opened the door and gave me the thumbs up with a big grin.

Shirley apparently was a little drunk because she kissed his cheek, “Thank you Brucey!”

He looked at me and shrugged.

The room was quiet and dimly lighted but our eyes soon adjusted to it. A waitress knocked and we told her to come in. She had magnificent naked breasts with dark pointed nipples and a tight little ass with a tiny thong covering her pussy.

“Hi guys! What can I get for you tonight?”

We gave her our orders and while we waited Shirley kept rubbing my dick through my pants, “Well baby we finally get to have a private dancer! Are you as excited as I am?”

“If you keep rubbing my cock it may be too late when she arrives!”

Giggling she dropped her hand down to gently squeeze my balls, “Yeah, they do feel kind of full! Maybe she would like to watch us for a change?”

She had her breast exposed and was pinching her nipple while rubbing me. I was just about ready to suck on it when the waitress knocked.

“Hey folks, here’s your drinks and when you’re ready for another ring the lighted button and I’ll be here in a jiffy. The next round is on Bruce by the way so enjoy!”

I felt my cock jump when she set our drinks down; her nipples were pointed like large dark red candies when she saw Shirley was still rubbing my cock and her hand still pinching her nipple.

“If BJ, or Jean as she likes to be called, doesn’t work out, I get off at one o’clock and would love to party with you? I’m Lori.” her voice lowered as she leaned in the tell us.

Leaning forward Shirley sniffed her breasts, which were almost touching her nose, “Oh my, you smell wonderful Lori! If it doesn’t work out here’s our number, call us and I would love to get together with you!” she wrote our number on a napkin and put a tip inside then slipped it down the front of her g-string so it rested across her pussy lips.

With a big smile she waved at us and left, soon there was another knock, we said to enter.

“Hello, I’m Jean and you asked for a private session?”

We nodded and smiled at each other when Jean dropped her robe to reveal her gorgeous body. Her breasts were big but not artificial with very little sag. Her nipples looked slightly darker than her tan skin with long hard nipples sticking out an inch making my mouth water. Jean had honey blond hair that came just past her shoulders and held with a clasp to keep it off her face. She had changed into another tiny outfit, still topless, but the g-string was a startling white against her dark tan skin, with the low lighting it looked like her crotch glowed.

Jean put on some sexy slow music and started to sway to it as we watched her run those long fingered hands across her big tits squeezing the pointed nipples.

Coming closer she stepped on the low table in front of us and turned around giving us a great view of her ass as she pulled it open running her fingers across her asshole and barely covered pussy.

Shirley slid closer to the edge of the couch licking her lips. My cock felt like a hard steel rod in my pants, the pre-cum running across the head and staining the front. Shirley was on the edge of the couch now and practically had her face between Jeans ass cheeks. Her hand continued to rub me making it very difficult to concentrate.

Turning back Jean now had her g-string covered mound just a few inches from Shirley’s mouth and watched her hand between my legs as she rubbed me. She must have liked what she saw because she moved even closer to her face.

“Remember, I can touch you but you can’t touch me!”

Shirley nodded but her eyes never left her crotch. Her hand was squeezing her nipple and breast; I could hear her breathing getting more labored as her excitement grew.

Jean moved her hands to the sides of the g-string and with a small snap let it drift to the floor exposing her shaved pussy to us. Shirley gasped and I thought she might start to lick it, but instead Jean grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face into her crotch gently.

I could hear Shirley breath her scent deeply then her chin slid forward, her mouth opened and by the way Jean gasped I was pretty sure she got the full long thick tongue of my wife slid in between her pussy lips.

I knew from experience it was a lot longer than any other woman or man for that matter. She could snake her tongue out and touch her eyebrow without scrunching her face to do it. I’ve felt it as she wrapped the wet lizard around my cock and slid it up and down. Lately she liked to spear my asshole with it while jerking me off on her tits; it felt like a slithering eel was trying to get in my bowels. It wouldn’t take long and I would shoot out a load and coat her nipples which she scooped up and licked off her fingers.

Jean must have enjoyed it immensely the way she moaned fethiye escort as Shirley’s mouth worked on her. Soon Jean was groaning and squeezing her head pulling her closer as her hips rolled to get more tongue in her cunt.

“Oh shit baby! That feels so good! Yes, yes more, more, Unnnnnnggggg!”

It wasn’t an earth shattering orgasm but enough to make Jean stagger and almost fall down. Shirley pulled her tongue out and smacked her lips then let her tongue slip out and lick her clit again, “Oh Jean you taste wonderful! I never knew how good a pussy is!”

Stepping back Jean grinned and bent down to kiss her mouth sucking her tongue like a wet cock. With a slurp Jean laughed, “God baby with a tongue like that in my pussy I could die a happy woman!” turning to me she kissed my mouth too, “You are one lucky son of a bitch!”

“Yeah I know, hey do you want to come to our house and continue the dance or whatever?” I said grinning at her.

“I get off, I mean off work at two, is that too late?”

“No we’re night owls anyway!”

We made arrangements to meet out front at two. After Jean had left Shirley drained her drink and ordered another. Before Lori came to take our order she started to rub me again.

Did it turn you on honey when I licked her cunt? It feels like it did, your cock is all ice and hard for me. Does that feel good baby?”

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock bending down she sucked it in her mouth running that long tongue around it and my sack. Running me deep in her mouth she soon had me ready to fill her mouth with my seed when Lori came in and watched us for a minute. I was so close it was very difficult not to cum, but I managed to hold back and Shirley could feel it so she looked up and saw Lori watching her as she licked the head of my dick.

“Hey! Lori, want some cock, it tastes sooo good! He won’t mind if you suck it.”

“As much as I want to I can’t while I’m working as a waitress or I’ll be fired!”

Pulling her mouth off me Shirley just wrapped her hand around me and stroked it slowly, “Oh that’s too bad; I wanted to watch you when he came. Jean is coming over to our house after work, want to join us?”

Staring at my cock as she stroked me Lori smiled, “Sure, why not? But I’ll have an hour to kill before she gets off work? Any suggestions as to what I can do to pass the time?” she stepped over and sat on the table with her knees between my legs, “I get bored too easily and I need to stay occupied,” she ran her hands up my legs squeezing the muscles.

“I’m sure you won’t get bored, I can think of all sorts of things to keep you occupied.”

“Good, I like your cock; it’s a nice thick one!”

“Call me Bill. Thank you, Shirley likes it too, don’t you sweetie?”

Shirley nodded and put her cheek on my stomach so she could lick my pre-cum from the slit, “Oh yeah I like it a lot!”

“Well, before I decide to lose my job, let me get those drinks on Bruce and drop them back here. Bill, don’t lose control yet sweetie I want to see it. Be right back!” she ran out of the room making both of us laugh.

Shirley just rubbed me gently so I wouldn’t cum yet, using her tongue to lick the head once in a while.

Lori was back in a flash, not bothering to knock on the door this time, “Oh wow, the bartender thought I was crazy. I told her it was a rush on the drink. Did I miss anything folks?”

“Nope, just waiting for you!” Shirley started to suck me again bouncing her face up and down on my cock to get me cumming fast.

“Oh shit baby suck my cock!”

Lori had her hand in the front of her g-string fingering her pussy while she pinched her delicious nipples. Her breath was coming in short gasps and moans, “Yeah suck that cock, make him cum honey!”

Shirley was an accomplished blow job artist, she knew when to pace her mouth and tongue and when not to. This was not the time to hold me back so she pulled out all the stops and soon had me squirming and moaning as I pumped in her mouth.

Lori was staring at my cock as it disappeared in her mouth and the way Shirley’s long tongue would slip out and caress my balls, “Oh my God Shirley! Your tongue is sooo long! Oh shit I’m cummmingggg!” she pounded her fingers in her pussy and threw her head back as she came, soaking her g-string and the table top with her cunt juice.

As she came down from her orgasm I felt my sack contract and my muscles started to pump out my seed in her mouth, “Oh fuck baby, here it comes! I’m cuuuummmmmmnnnnggggg!” I shot my sperm deep in her mouth as she let it run out across her tongue and down my balls. Pulling her mouth off she held her mouth open over my cock head and caught my next shot on her tongue. Leaving me there to recuperate she leapt up and planted her mouth on Lori’s to let her taste my cum that covered her lips and chin. They traded kisses with Lori sucking on her tongue like a cock.

Lori licked her clean and swallowed my seed from her face. Shirley kaş escort moved down and suckled on her nipple slipping her fingers in her g-string to slip them in her pussy.

“Oh shit baby, you need to stop! If Bruce found us like this I’d be fired!”

Gasping for breath Shirley sat back down, “Fuck! Just when it was getting interesting! Ok, I don’t want you to lose your job honey, but when we get to the house let the games begin!” she drained her glass and giggled.

We made arrangements to meet Jean out front so she could follow us to the house. Lori got off of work and waited in the car with us. She and Shirley sat in the back seat kissing and fondling each other while I watched them in the mirror.

There was a tapping on the tinted glass so I dropped the window revealing Jean, “Hey, are you ready to go or is there a problem?”

“I’m sorry, my car doesn’t start and I have to get a tow truck. Should we do this on a different night?”

“Why don’t I stay with you for the truck and then if you don’t want to come over you can drop me off at home? That ok with you honey?”

Shirley pulled her mouth off Lori’s breast and took a deep breath then sat back, “Sure, that’s ok with me, as long as Lori can still come home with me?”

Jean stuck her head in and saw Lori with her top undone and her breasts hanging out panting for breath. Looking at Shirley she cold just make out her make-up smeared and her hair mussed up, “Don’t wear out her tongue until I get there Lori! See you in a little while sweetie,” she blew Shirley a kiss, “Come on Bill we can sit in my car, he should be here in a little while with the truck.”

I got out and straightened my clothes holding the door while Shirley and Lori sat in the front.

“Don’t take too long honey, I like to eat pussy, but a good hard fuck is always the best!” she grabbed my half hard dick through my pants and squeezed it then kissed me. They drove away and Jean and I sat in her SUV to wait.

I asked her where she was from and about how she got into dancing. Sitting there she had turned towards me letting her mini-skirt ride up her thighs giving me a good view of the dark shadow of her crotch. She talked about her start while in college and when she got her degree in business the money was too good to pass up so she kept stripping.

“I like to strip, guys like to look at my body and I get hot when they do. I get to meet nice safe folks like you and Shirley. Tonight is something special though; I’ve never left and met a couple after work before. Oh, here comes the truck!”

I had to adjust myself when we got out and the guys eyes almost popped out of his head when Jean stood before him. When he finally got his breath he looked under the hood and quickly determined the battery was dead and he jumped it, getting the car running in a jiffy. I handed him fifty bucks and with a smile he drove away.

I opened her door for her, “Ready to go?”

“No not quite yet!” she stepped over and placed her hand behind my head then kissed me deeply, rubbing her body against mine.

I felt my cock spring up and press against her stomach. She pushed her stomach against it with a slight moan in my mouth.

Releasing me she gave me little kisses on my face and chin while her hands roamed up and down my ass and thighs making me moan with lust.

Breathlessly she stepped back and smiled, “That’s for tipping the driver. I’ll give you my thanks at your house, would you drive please?”

Trying to catch my breath I nodded and held her door. My dick felt like a steel rod in my pants when she spread her legs for me as she sat down. Running around the car I got in and started to drive to our house.

Quickly pulling in the garage and closing the door I helped her out getting another view of her shaved pussy. We went in the kitchen and immediately heard moaning and groaning from the living room couch. Raising my eyebrows and grinning I held my finger to my lips and took her hand to peek at the action. Tiptoeing over to the couch we looked over and saw Shirley’s face buried in Lori’s crotch slurping and moaning as she sucked her pussy and fucked her with that spectacular tongue. Lori had her head back and was biting her lip as she held her legs up against her breasts giving Shirley better and deeper access to her pussy.

We watched for a minute as I held her hand I felt her other hand as it unbuttoned her top and her skirt. Turning I helped out of the outfit and kissed her mouth moving down her shoulders to her hard nipples sucking on each one then gently nibbled them. She gasped and pulled my face tighter to her chest then pulled me up to plant her mouth on mine. We kissed passionately for a few seconds while her hands worked my clothes off me and as my pants dropped to the ground her warm hand wrapped around my cock stroking it and my balls.

Jean dropped lower until she was on her knees; I felt her warm wet mouth engulf my cock licking and sucking the head then the wonderful sensation as she slid me deeper across her tongue and down her throat almost made me cum right then. Jean had a lot of practice sucking cocks apparently, her mouth was almost magical as it drew my pre-cum out onto her tongue. I could feel her mouth as it surrounded me in her wet sucking goodness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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