Me, My Slutwife , Emily

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Every story is preceded by another story, usually an untold one. Let me go back to where I think all the relevant events started.

* * * *

Coming in from the warm summer evening just home from work, my mouth watered the instant I walked into my house. My eyes were immediately greeted with the sight of that hot, tight ass of the long-haired blonde, barely clad in a flimsy cotton miniskirt, standing in the foyer of my house. Glancing up from the woman’s incredible, small butt, past the 30-something-year-old’s delicious C-cups clad in a white blouse, I found the smiling face of a married slut named Janae. I’d met her a couple times before, never for more than a few minutes, either coming or going with my wife Kitty on one of their “slutnights” to a local dance club or strip joint.

Janae’s cold, hazel eyes looked over the not-so-perfect shape of my 43 year old body, as I set my computer bag down on the hallway table near our front door. Her very playful grin slightly morphed into a sneer of dismay, and I gathered that she had intended to be gone before I’d gotten back from work. “Hey,” my wife’s friend said to me, trying to keep a friendly tone.

“Hi to you too,” I snickered, letting my eyes glance over the woman’s sexy body again. Her big tits stuck out on her slender frame, and her skinny thighs were on display beneath her little black miniskirt. I could see the black bra through her white blouse, as would ever other male at whatever bar she and Kitty were destined to visit that night. Janae’s thick, cocksucker lips glistened with cumfuckme red lipstick, and beneath her long flocks of golden hair were large hoop earrings that screamed “slut here!”

Glancing past the married woman in our foyer, I saw my wife’s petite figure in the powder room right off the foyer. My under-five-foot, under-100-pound wife was leaning against the counter, peering into the mirror as she applied makeup to her eyes and cheeks. Kitty had on low-rise jeans tightly outlining her slender hips and small bubble ass, with a black thong “whale tail” rising above the top edge as she leaned forward. Her only clothing above her waist was a deep red blouse, which she didn’t button but tied just below her sexy A-cup titties. The tied-up blouse showed off Kitty’s divinely smooth skin on her tummy and back.

My cock hardened immediately upon seeing my wife with her horny friend. I didn’t need to ask to know what their plans were.

“Hey baby,” I called to my wife, seeing her waive at me through the mirror in front of her, “I can see you and Janae have plans tonight — a hot double-date or you going slutting to some bar?”

Janae sort of snorted next to me, while my wife was more explanative. “Dance club,” she said, putting her lipstick down on the counter in the little toilet room and then plucking a bottle of eyeliner. “You said you didn’t have plans for us tonight — and you have to go to work early for that meet tomorrow, right — so, I figured, it would be okay if I went out late, maybe, didn’t get home until after you leave tomorrow morning?”

Ah, I knew my horny hotwife so well. She kept track of my work schedule so that her days and evenings having sex with other men would fit right around it. If I didn’t have to go into work early, Kitty liked me to fuck one or more of her three holes in the morning. But since I wouldn’t have time for sex that next morning, she didn’t feel she’d be depriving me of anything if I woke up alone while she was sleeping over at some guy’s place somewhere. (Hell, I doubt she’d be doing much sleeping, of course.)

Like radar, my eyes tracked back to Janae, standing near me. The slut was a great contrast to my wife, they made quite the pair. Kitty had the gorgeous, flattened Asian face with big, slanted brown eyes, super-long jet-black hair, thin lips, and a skinny frame with those hot little titties. Standing four inches taller than my wife, Janae had the long golden-blonde hair — usually curly, but that night, straight — with china-white porcelain skin, big rounded eyes, pouty lips, and a curvy size-6 figure topped by those ample breasts.

But, unlike Kitty, Janae didn’t have permission from her husband to go out to bars to find men to fuck. She did this when her husband was out of town on travel. However, just like Kitty, Janae didn’t like to go alone. The two of them weren’t lovers in any sense — boy, would I have paid a ticket to see that — but they played off each other when they’d go on double-dates or go to places to find hot strangers to take them home and fuck their tight cunts.

The other difference between Janae and Kitty was: Janae didn’t like me. There’s no question — Kitty had told me several times — that Kitty would definitely let me fuck Janae, however, Janae was so not into me. I wasn’t her type; I’m not brawny and muscular, I don’t have an 8-inch dick, I look more like a software programmer than a construction worker or professional athlete.

Still, I liked to tease her about it. I mean, a girl can always change her mind, right? “Well, you antalya escort know,” I said to the married blonde slut, “we have a new rule in our house — if you’re gonna take my wife out for a night of sex, then, you gotta pay a tax to the house — at least gimme a good blowjob, right?”

I figured, if she said “yes,” Kitty wouldn’t mind, and I’d at least get a blowjob out of it.

Instead, I got a scowl that was more of a disappointed frown. “Awww, poor thing,” the woman mused, not so much talking to me as she was talking about me, “the husband with the little dick wants a blowjob.” She was trying to get a rise out of me, and I wasn’t giving her any satisfaction, I just kept smiling at her unaffected. It made her laugh heartily. “Hah — oh, isn’t that what your wife is for, she likes guys like you, you’re her type.” To bring the point home, she raised her hand to me, holding her thumb and finger an inch apart — the universal symbol for a small penis.

It didn’t make me feel bad; the bitch hadn’t ever seen my dick, and my five and a half inches didn’t exactly make it the tiniest cock on the planet. She was just yet another hot, horny woman who didn’t want me — I mean, I live on a planet full of women like that. Most men do.

Fortunately, I had a horny wife who liked being with me, just not that particular evening. I’d gotten home that night two minutes before the girls were out the door, so I was only to get this brief interlude with Kitty before we went our separate ways for the night. Kitty finished applying her makeup and sauntered over to me, bending her face and indicating the one corner of her face where I could plant a good-bye kiss without messing up any of her just-applied makeup. I felt Kitty’s hand brush the erection in my slacks, giving me a momentary squeeze, as she purred into my eyes, “Call me if you need, me, David — but otherwise, don’t stay up waiting for me — okay?”

I gave her an extra kiss, this one on her forehead, and patted her soft rump through her tight jeans. “Happy hunting, honey,” I laughed.

Kitty gave me a waive over her shoulder as she and Janae exited the house, headed for a night of no-strings-attached fucking with hot men they had yet to meet.

* * * *


Kitty couldn’t stop her eyes from clenching shut, feeling that massive, fat black cock squeezing its way forcefully into her squishy-wet, well-fucked, sore cunt. Sucking air into her burning lungs, she pushed her elbows against the bed and thrust her little ass backwards as hard as she could, ramming herself against the onthrust of the nine-inch, super-fat dick plowing into her married pussy. Her legs and ass were sore from fucking two men for the past couple of hours, but the delightfully insane feeling of the enormous black penis entering her cunt again was too good to stop. She’d let it fuck her all night into the morning, she hoped.

Picking her head up momentarily from the sweaty, soiled bedsheets, she gazed at the other queen-size bed in the small motel room. Blonde Janae was on her back, her pale, thin legs spread open, while she was being mounted by the hulky, naked white guy, Brendan. He was, like Kitty, about 29 years old; over six foot tall with a ripped six-pack and muscular upper arms, and light sandy-blonde hair cut close to his handsome face, the mere sight of the stud’s naked body made my wife cream in lust. Kitty had a dozen cums, maybe more, fucking him that evening. But now it was Janae’s turn again to have sex with the blonde white guy, while Kitty got laid on the other bed by Brendan’s black buddy, Vaughn.

My slutty Asian wife watched the white stud’s boner disappear into Janae’s shaved, pink married twat, while the blonde looked across the room at the black stud fucking Kitty doggy-style. “Oh fuck!” Janae coughed to her female friend sharing the two males, “fuck him!”

Her elbows spread on the bedsheet beneath herself, Kitty turned her face to stare back at the handsome naked black man fucking her cunt. Vaughn had a bald head, dripping with sweat after the many hours of late-night sex in the motel room down the road from the dance club. The guy’s powerful, strong fingers were wrapped around Kitty’s slender hips, holding her little ass firmly, while he rammed his thick hips back and forth and stuffed his enormous erection deeper and deeper into Kitty’s cunt. His cock was at least an inch longer and fatter than Brendan’s dick, maybe a bit too big for Kitty’s preference, but it felt so amazingly good in her stretched-open cunt anyway. “Yeah honey,” Kitty groaned at the 20-something black male fucking her, “fuck my little cunt — make me your hot slut, baby!”

“Fuckin’ shit,” spat the black male at my Asian wife, sneering as he gazed on her small ass wildly whipping in circles in front of his body as he plugged her cunt with his oversized manly dick, “two nasty married bitches — you like that big black dick, don’t you — just like your blonde little friend over there, huh?”

Kitty groaned from her gut, deep within fethiye escort herself, uttering intense satisfaction and lust for the hot male fucking her. “Fuck, yesss!” She whined as she pushed herself backwards, trying to meet his thrusts, but her small body was violently rocking each time the sturdy black male plunged forward and smacked his pelvis against her small buttocks and thighs. “I fucking love big cocks — fuck meee — I love you fucking my married little cunt — fuck me with that big dick!”

Meanwhile on the other bed, Janae was screaming to another orgasm, while the horny male fucking her twat was close to another one for himself. The room stank like it should — four nude adults fucking for hours, so much sweat and cum pouring out of them. Panting, gasping for air, Brendan stiffened his muscular body and slammed his meat as deep into Janae’s married cunt as he could stuff himself, then he howled in delight and began spewing his cream inside her vagina. It was his third cum of the night; the first one in Janae, his other two ejaculated into Kitty’s pussy.

Kitty tried to keep watching Brendan fucking Janae, but the pounding behind her little body from Vaughn’s dick was sweet torture, making her head dizzy, her body weak. Kitty’s head fell to the bed, her eyes clothing as she moaned with intense burning in her pussy, feeling herself stretched open by the huge black cock savagely thrusting into her tight little cunt. “Uhhh, fuckkk — yesss — fuck me, oh god — fuck, yesss!”

She lifted her head a moment again, seeing Brendan pulling his 8 inches of cock out of Janae’s sloppy wet vagina, leaving behind a creamy, cum-filled mess. Kitty must have licked her lips at the sight, because Brendan noticed her and he chuckled playfully. “Mmm, looks tasty, huh?” the white stud said of the drooling blonde’s cunt he had just left, “you wanna shove your mouth in your friend’s twat and taste some cum in it?”

My horny wife winced, in part from feeling that black dick so deep in her cunt while she bent over taking it over and over, but also from the guys asking yet again. Janae had said “no” to any girl/girl sex about a dozen times already that night, and Kitty didn’t want to make her feel bad for not being bisexual, so Kitty played along. “Huh uh,” my wife moaned at the white stud, eyeing his sexy naked penis, dripping with juices from fucking and cummin in Janae’s pussy.

But Brendan knew that look on Kitty’s face. He smiled to himself, making mental note to inquire about it later.

“So — Kitty — you like girls?” Brendan was whispering under his breath, as he wrapped his arm around my wife and led her across the motel’s parking lot, towards Janae’s car. His lips were close to her ear, so Janae couldn’t hear, only a few feet away. “If you like fucking girls too, you should meet my girlfriend, Olya — she’s fucking hot, and looooves fucking other girls.”

Walking funny after fucking for about five of the seven hours the four had been in the motel room overnight, Kitty could barely muster a giggle at the request. Even after all that sex with the two men, shared with Janae, she still became aroused at the thought of fucking another girl with Brendan. “Yeah, maybe,” my horny wife snickered, smiling up at him in the already-hot summer morning sun.

It was one of those things, a fanciful request, a wishful thought, she wasn’t sure would ever lead to anything. At least, at the moment it happened, it seemed to be more of a desire than an actual plan. Or so she thought.

* * * *

My wife’s brown eyes stared up at the face of the skinny redhead, seeing the 21 year old girl’s eyes fluttering and jaw dropping, as her tanned body began spasming with yet another orgasm. On her back, her head pressed into a bed, my wife opened her mouth and stuffed her small pink tongue deeper into the redhead’s shaved young cunt. Kitty tasted the musky, salty flavors of Brendan’s hot sperm, now mixed like a cocktail with the redhead’s pussy juices, all streaming out of the spasming, climaxing vagina. With the fluids sliding down her tongue, her mouth filled with the male and female cum sauces until she was overflowing, the mess pouring out, dribbling down her small chin and onto her slender neck.

Kitty’s eyes glanced to the side, seeing naked Brendan sitting back on his ankles, watching his sexy redhead girlfriend cumming on Kitty’s face. Kitty’s hands were grasping the redhead’s hot little ass, feeling the girl wiggling and gyrating over my wife’s face as she rode Kitty’s tongue and ground her clitty into Kitty’s lip and nose. The hot fit stud, even having just cummed inside his girlfriend’s cunt a few minutes earlier, was already rock-hard again, stroking his eight inches of meat while watching the younger girl cum on the slight-older married woman’s face.

“Yeah, fuckin’ hot,” the male snickered, watching the two nude women fucking in his bedroom, “eat Olya’s pussy, eat that hot little cunt!”

Kitty moaned, feeling her own vagina aching for attention, kaş escort feeling empty ever since Brendan pulled his huge cock out of it ten minutes earlier to fuck his girlfriend instead. She took one of her hands off of Olya’s ass, and reached to her own pussy, spreading her slender legs to expose her twat better. Kitty stiffened two fingers and drove them into her own cunt, arching her back, shoving her hips forward to meet her hand, driving her fingers deep, while keeping her tongue planted inside the redhead’s tight wet vagina. Feeling the redhead moaning and cumming hard, Kitty could hardly breath, her nose covered by the redhead’s wet clitty, while the girl’s sexy, nasty cunt covering Kitty’s mouth.

Again, Kitty’s eyes watched Brendan’s reaction, as the hot male was now fixated on the sight of Kitty’s fingers fucking her own twat. She knew the male was extra-aroused, seeing the two hot younger women having sex together in front of him.

For a brief, painful moment, Kitty’s thoughts turned to me, her husband. She knew I was at work that afternoon, earning the paycheck while she was out in the world playing, having fun, on that particular day at Brendan’s apartment for the threesome sex with his sexy Russian girlfriend. While that normally never bothered her — and, it shouldn’t have — Kitty had an image flash in her pretty head. Brendan was really loving the sight of Kitty fucking another woman; undoubtedly, Kitty thought, my husband would love that too. It had been a long time since Kitty had girl-girl sex in front of me, and Kitty for a moment didn’t think it was fair that a man she met only a few nights earlier was getting to see what Kitty’s husband hadn’t seen for eons.

The thought was suddenly vanquished for the time being, as the male grabbed Kitty’s wrist and pulled her fingers out of her twat. “Uhh– FUCKKK!” Her pussy was suddenly filled with Brendan’s awesome eight inches of meat, shoved a few inches deep on the first thrust. Kitty moaned into Olya’s hot cunt, still wiggling above her face, covering her face in pussyjuices and male sperm. “Uhhhh — fuck yeah!”

My wife pulled her knees back, as far as she could, allowing the stud to ram his fat, long meat into her twat, stretching it open, while the stud’s girlfriend sat on my wife’s face and had her cunt licked furiously.

Her thoughts about me didn’t return until she was driving home a couple hours later — but, having had sex with Brendan and Olya for close to almost three hours straight without hardly stopping, she was in no condition to do any deep thinking. She fell asleep at home on our bed, and when she woke up as I returned home from work, the day’s events seemed to have already dissolved into the background for her.

* * * *

“Olya and I want you to come over again,” the email flashed on Kitty’s cellphone, “did you not like us, you keep saying no each time we’ve asked?”

Brendan’s text message made Kitty frown. He had the wrong idea; largely because she didn’t reveal her thoughts to him. He was an awesome fuck, although a decade younger or more than the other men Kitty fucked regularly. His young college-age Russian girlfriend was very pretty and even more kinky, and she and Kitty got along great together. But, it was true, Kitty had turned down three invites from the duo over the last couple of weeks. She never explained herself to Brandon, instead excusing herself that she was busy (which had always been true), but not admitting to the fact that something else was holding her back.

She wasn’t sure what it was, at first, but as she looked at Brendan’s email, the answer formulated in her mind.

Guilt, is probably the closest word for it. Or, maybe: duty. Priority. Something like that; she couldn’t formulate a word, but she knew the feeling.

Kitty thought to herself, David was a bit jaded when Janae playfully insulted him and turned down the very reasonably request for a blowjob. Janae told Kitty a few minutes later that she didn’t want to “complicate” her friendship with Kitty by having any kind of sex with me — an excuse that Kitty didn’t totally believe, but which she let alone. From that moment about three weeks ago, Kitty had an notion that she needed to make it up to me, at least in a small way. Sort of a small debt to be paid, to put a smile on her husband’s face specifically because Janae turned me down. That debt only seemed more pronounced when Kitty was doing something with Brendan — a new playmate she’d only met two weeks ago — that, she knew, I would have liked, which is, seen her fuck another girl.

It made Kitty decide on her day. She was going to cancel her lunch date with her boyfriend Matt and just stay at home, keeping out of the summertime heat. Then, when I got home, she and I could have a party together, just the two of us, maybe doing something special.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do. Her boyfriend Matt had 8 inches of 41-year-old cock himself, and he was an incredible fuck. The thought of getting naked with Brendan and Olya was even more arousing; the young redhead’s wet cunt was delicious and a fabulous side dish to Brendan’s 8 inches of 29-year-old dick. Either option would have made it an extremely fun day. But, to make the evening seem more special, Kitty was going to swear off fucking anyone else for the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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