Me and My Daughters’ Summer

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She liked going to Brian’s that summer. She felt sexy and grown and hot and desired. I encouraged her all the way! I knew that his son would be flirting with her. All the boys flirted with her. Boy she was a talk drink of water – even as a young teen.

Brian knew I would not go and stay over if I didn’t have Becky. We would have just stayed at home alone while her dad had to work nights. Brian immediately suggested I bring Becky and come enjoy the pool for the day. Her dad encouraged me to go too – he didn’t really want us home alone and bored all summer. He knew Brian would take care of us and everything.

Well, we were sure taken care of! Brian and I got Becky her Smirnoff wine coolers she liked and made sure she had a pack of menthol smokes. LOL. She really thought she was something. I wanted her to look good and feel good, so she was comfortable partying with the adults. She was showing me various swim suits and various jean shorts – what should I wear mom? I obviously suggested the red string bikini and the very short Jean shorts. She looked fabulous – legs up to her fucking neck!

Brian was very “cabana boy’ to Becky. mutlukent escort He always said – don’t worry about her – I will keep an eye on her. And he did…

Brian’s son Johnny was there that summer as well. He was 23-24 at the time. Becky thought he was hot, of course. I knew he was hot too. The previous summer Johnny was staying with my friend Elizabeth and he partied with us on the weekends. I fucked that young boy TWICE that summer. He has a great big cock! It was great just straddling him and riding his cock. I KNEW Becky would like it! I took lots of joy in being able to give Becky the chance to fuck a cock that size!

Brian and I were watching Johnny and Becky at the firepit while we were in side making a drink. She was already on his lap laughing and having a great time. I was inside getting my pussy eaten in the laundry room. Luckily, we didn’t get caught. Lol

After a few weekends of staying out at Brian’s, Becky and I got to talking on the way out there one Friday. I was asking her if she was having fun and such. I LOVE it mom! Let’s just move out there and be able to have tuzla escort fun like this all the time! Fun fun Becky! Lol. She said she really liked the way Brian always brought her drinks and food and stuff. I told her he did that for all the “ladies’ and she felt special.

The first night there Becky slept in Johnny’s bed – with Johnny! She seemed a little weird tying to ask me if she was sleeping there, but I had already been told by Brian that Becky was sleeping in Johnny’s room and I was sleeping in his room. He had everything taken care of! I was happy that Becky was about to get that big cock of Johnny’s, so I asked Brian about it. “Oh yes, Sabrina, your daughter is being fucked by my son tonight!” I didn’t know what to say, but when I saw Becky and her big smile I just smiled too.

Becky and I were able to chat before she went to “bed”. Thanks mom, I am having fun. You have fun too ok mom? I know that you will be sleeping back there in Brian’s room she giggled. I won’t tell dad if you don’t and her high-fived. When I went to lay down in the bedroom Brian was in there with the TV on. Wait a minute, anadolu yakası escort what’s on TV? I was shocked – we were watching a broadcast of what was going on in Johnny’s room! Brian just looked at me, smiled and told me to lay down and watch. From then on, I watched Becky suck cock, get eaten, ride cock and get fucked ALL SUMMER. I was so horny watching her all the time. My pussy stayed wet. I got excited thinking about all times I would be able to see her fucking Johnny.

By the end of the summer, Brian and I had even re-watched some tapes. One weekend I was watching by myself one morning when I woke up. Brian had already left to go get coffee or something. Wait – OMG – he was on the TV. Brian was walking into the bedroom where Becky was sleeping. I watched him walk over to the bed and shove his dick in her mouth. She gobbled it all up. She was not new to that cock – that is for sure. He had obviously been doing that all summer!

My daughter sure learned a lot that summer. Once I saw that happen between her and Brian, I started reviewing other tapes. Becky had been catering to Johnny and Brian all summer. She was THEIR fuck toy. She was laughing with them about getting me to pass out. I am realizing now that she KNEW what was going on the whole time and she loved it – she grew up alot that summer!

I never confronted her on her actions that summer. I didn’t want to tell anyone that I actually knew the truth. I never.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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