Masturbatra Rises Ch. 01: An Erotic Hero

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“Ma’am, please sign here,” the deliveryman instructed.

Lisa figured it was another package of comic books that Collin had ordered. As Lisa leaned over slightly to sign for the package, she sensed that the deliveryman was trying to stare down her cleavage. It was probably because the man in his mid-forties checked her out on a regular basis. At this point, Lisa just ignored it and closed the door after she grabbed the package.

I can’t believe they do the same thing all day every day, Lisa thought to herself as she placed the package on a nearby chair and continued to vacuumed the carpet in the living room. She couldn’t believe that her son, who she had been taking care of after school ever since he was 2, was spending all of his time reading comic books with his friends.

It wasn’t as if Collin couldn’t be out doing more important things. He had a ton of friends on the hockey team he could go out and have fun with despite being sidelined with a knee injury for the last few months. He was muscular and attractive, and Lisa wondered why he was spending his time with geekier friends like Lenny and Sean, instead of dating the cute girls at his school. Every day he just comes here from school, Lenny and Sean come over, and they spend all day reading comic books. Why does he do that? I don’t even understand the appeal of that lifestyle!

Curious to get to the bottom of her son’s life choices, Lisa stopped vacuuming the upstairs and decided it was time to pick up clutter in the basement where she knew the three boys would be sitting in bean bag chairs reading.

Sure enough, when she walked down the flight of stairs, Collin, Lenny, and Sean were sitting in the mushy colorful chairs, eating snacks, and intently analyzing the pictures and captions of different super beings. Lisa was fairly surprised to see the excitement on their faces as they quickly turned the pages.

They were so focused that they didn’t even realize that she was standing there.

I don’t get it! I mean, I get Lenny and Sean having nothing better to do, she looked over at the scrawny Lenny and the plump nerdy Sean, but you’d think a handsome 18 year old like Collin would be more excited by going out than doing this!

“Oh, hi, Mrs. Carter,” Sean glanced up before quickly looking back down at his open book.

Collin and Lenny shot their heads up and gave an obligatory hello.

“So what do you want, Mom?” Collin asked the woman who usually introduced herself as his nanny (the result of an inside joke among Lisa and Eliza that started back in their twenties and ended up sticking).

“I don’t want anything, I was just cleaning the house and I wanted to make sure things were looking good down here.” Out of the corner of Lisa’s eye she thought she saw Sean staring at her in a funny way, but by the time she turned her head, his head was already in between the pages of his comic.

The there was silence. Before she knew it, all of the boys were back to reading silently to themselves and it was like she was invisible. Wanting to dig deeper into their fascination with their hobby, Lisa restarted the conversation. “So what are you boys reading?”

Each of them responded with some hero or super being that she had never heard of and then went back to reading. “Ok…”

Clearly communication was not the way to go. Well, I guess the easiest way would just be to see what they are looking at all day.

Lisa noticed the stacks of comics sitting on a nearby shelf. “Would you boys mind if I open up your comics and see what they’re like?”

Collin, Lenny, and Sean nearly gasped. “You want to read comic books?”

“No, no, it’s just that you boys are clearly very interested in these. And if my son and his friends spend all of their time with something I should at least have an understanding of what they are like.”

The three highschoolers all looked at each other suspiciously as if Collin’s guardian was setting them up for a trap. In the end, they couldn’t come up with a good reason to say no.

Collin shrugged, “Go ahead, Mom.”

Lisa chose a random comic book about a group of superheroes that she faintly recognized. She skimmed through the first couple pages and she could understand why Collin enjoyed reading these but she couldn’t understand his newfound obsession with them.

Oh, well, uh, that’s interesting…

As she continued to flip through the pages, she began to notice a common theme. All of the female characters in the comic had skinny waists, massive breasts, and large firm asses. They were scantly clothed as well.

The married mother felt a little dirty holding it so she decided to read another one in order to understand Collin’s new hobby. But once again, the new comic portrayed women in the same light. And it turned out that every one Lisa picked up had the same theme.

She studied the female characters and then looked at her own body. Lisa was proud of her body and she knew that it was something that a lot of other men desired. She yakacık escort had 36D breasts on a 5’7″ hourglass frame with tone legs, supporting a round butt. Yet, compared to the exaggerated women in these comics, she felt inferior.

Lisa peered across the room at her son and his friends with smiles on their faces at they read. No doubt that their comics depicted its female characters in the same sexualized way.

A wave of concern came over Lisa. She wondered if the reason Collin no longer went out with girls in his own school was because he was obsessed with a body type that he could never possibly have.

Rather than confront Collin about the potential dangers of his comic books, Lisa decided to let him be. Maybe she was wrong to assume that the sexy women were the reason he loved the comics so much. Maybe the sex objects weren’t distorting his view of women after all. At least he’s reading…


In the few days after she was introduced to comic books, Lisa still felt uneasy about Collin looking at women depicted in an unrealistic way. It was a Friday night and Collin was once again down in the basement reading comic books with his friends. He should be out trying to get laid, Lisa bluntly said to herself.

It was one thing for him to relax with some comics after school, but Lenny and Sean also came over after dinner everyday to read more comics. Since her husband worked late into the night, Lisa didn’t see him much. The brunette mother worked shifts early in the morning Tuesdays through Saturdays, Lisa was rarely up past 9PM on nights before work. She usually ate dinner, watched some TV and then went to bed. Usually her husband, Aaron, was away on business trips that often left Lisa sleeping alone.

This night though, Lisa found herself not tiring despite it being past 9. She knew Collin likely assumed she would be asleep and he’d virtually have the house to himself, along with his friends. With her concern mounting, Lisa began to reaffirm her suspicion that Collin’s attachment to comic books was due to more than simply the titillating storylines.

Worrying that Collin was going down an unhealthy path, instinct caused the suburban housewife to check up on him. She knew Collin and his friends were likely sitting in the same beanbag chairs and reading comics at the very moment.

The white door to the basement swung open and Lisa started to move down the flight of stairs. The first thing she noticed that was odd was that the lights were dimmed. Why would they be reading in the dark?

As Lisa reached the basement floor, she made out three figures sitting in the same beanbag chairs. Lisa pushed the dimmer switch as she walked into the room and announced conversationally, “So what are we reading now, boys?”

Everybody froze.

Lisa’s pink plump lips parted as her jaw dropped. Sitting in front of her were Collin, Lenny, and Sean with their pants and boxers around their ankles. They sat in the colorful chairs with open comic books covering their crotches and looks of horror on their faces.

Nobody could say a word. The three young men sat there trembling, while Collin’s mom rubbed her eyes, almost as to wake herself up from a bad dream.

“We are so sorry, Mrs. Carter,” Sean lamented with a shaky voice.

Lisa still didn’t say a word. She turned her attention towards Collin, whose cheeks were bright red as he pressed the comic book into his groin. What was worse was that Lisa’s suspicions had been true. On the cover of the book that Collin was using as a paper loincloth there was a blonde woman with massive jugs wearing a superhero outfit that was practically lingerie.

“I am so sorry, Mom,” was all Collin could say.

The startled woman continued to stare in shock at her son. Just a few pages of paper were separating his erection from her view. The athletic teen was still squirming with discomfort as he continually adjusted himself, trying to always make sure he was covered up fully.

Collin could see Lisa glaring at his crotch like she was witnessing a bad accident that she just couldn’t look away from. He became nervous that he wasn’t covering everything and he continued to fidget with the comic book in his hands to make sure he was leaving nothing exposed.

Lisa lost her breath as it turned out Collin’s fidgeting had the opposite effect. For one brief moment, a frantic Collin moved the comic an inch lower on his body in fear of his scrotum being exposed. In that moment, Lisa saw his bulbous pink mushroom head pop out from behind the paper.

Holy shit! I can’t believe I just saw his penis while he was masturbating. They do NOT tell you how you’re supposed to deal with this! How the hell was it as high up as his belly button?!

Snapping back to the situation at hand and realizing that her son was more embarrassed than he had ever been in his life, Lisa tried to diffuse the situation in a reasonable way while also putting an end to Collin’s unhealthy habit.

Lisa yakası escort took a deep breath and closed her eyes to think without distraction. “Listen, I understand what you boys were doing and I honestly couldn’t care less if you do it. However, you will not do it to those ridiculous books. Those things are going to damage what you think a real woman looks like. Do you understand?”

The boys looked at each other and then back at Lisa and nodded their heads.

“So we can’t do it to comic books, but you don’t care about other things?” Lenny tried to clarify.

Lisa shrugged, “I don’t even care if you do it to comic books, just not with ones that have women with Size-F tits and a waist you can wrap your hand around!” She showed her disgust with the drawings.

Sean motioned over at the stack of comics and quipped, “I have a feeling we are going to need new comics.”

Lenny chuckled lightly, but Collin was still terrified and of very few words.

Realizing that her entering the room unannounced made the intervention more uncomfortable than it needed to be, Lisa ran her fingers through her long hair and decided to make up for their suffering. She reached into her pocket and pulled out some folded bills. She counted it under her breath. “Okay, here’s $74. Go buy some comics that have real women in them.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Carter!” Lenny reached for the money. “Don’t worry. We will get different comics.”

Lisa turned to go back up stairs before she heard Sean call out behind her, “You won’t tell our parents, will you Mrs. Carter?”

“Of course not,” Lisa assured, “what happens here can stay between us.”

Lenny and Sean couldn’t help but to notice how Lisa’s butt stretched out the back of her jeans as she walked away. Once they heard the door close, Lenny turned to a more relaxed Collin. “You know, your mom is kind of hot.”

“Shut the hell up, Lenny! I’m tired of hearing you guys talk about that.”


“How’s this one?” Collin, Lenny, and Sean were desperate trying to find a comic that satisfied their needs to get off from their favorite source, and Lisa’s need for it to be a woman that looked ‘real’. They searched the bins at the comic book store downtown thoroughly.

“This is ridiculous. All of these either have the same type of women as usual, or the main character is a normal woman who isn’t hot at all,” Sean complained.

“I know! I don’t know if we’re going to be able to find one. I can’t go back to watching porn either or looking at pics of girls on the Internet. I need a story that I can imagine in my own mind and kind of bend it how I want,” Collin explained to his friends.

Sean pulled a comic book out of a bin and opened it up towards his friends. “Like, look at this. The woman is either mediocre-looking or unnaturally hot. You’d think there would be one of a real-looking woman.”

Laughing out loud first, Lenny pointed to the scantly clad female protagonist in the book and cried out to his friends, “Holy shit, guys! Look! Collin, she looks like your mom.”

“Wait, what?!” Sean turned the comic back towards him and started chuckling. “Dude, you’re right! She has a similar body and everything.”

Collin was frustrated and pulled at his short brown hair. “Would you guys shut up already?!”

Trying to rationalize with his friend, Lenny pleaded, “C’mon, man. Tell me this doesn’t look like your mom but with beach-ball fake boobs?”

“Lenny, I’m not going to think about that! Just drop it.”

“You know, actually, your mom may even be hotter. I’m beginning to see what she meant about real women being better. It’s a shame we can’t find comics with women like your mom in them.”

“Seriously, Lenny, I’m about to throw you through the fucking wall! She’s my mom.”

“Well it looks like Mr. Cool Collin Six Pack gets ornery whenever he goes too long without a workout at the gym,” Lenny teased.

Meanwhile, Sean stood alone, ignoring the arguing before him. He was deep in thought. “Wait guys!”

Both Collin and Lenny stopped fighting at looked at their friend.

“I have an idea on how we can get what we want.”

“How’s that?” Collin was doubtful.

Sean continued, “You know how I’ve been getting really good at drawing and design lately?”

“Yeah, Sean, you’re the envy of us all,” Lenny teased dryly.

“What of it, Sean?” Collin added.

“Instead of spending money on comics, I think I may just need money for printing something. Do you guys trust me?”

Lenny and Collin looked at each other before agreeing, “We guess so.”

“Great,” Sean was excited; “I’ll have a surprise for you on Monday.” The fit redhead ran away in a hurry.


It had been 3 days since the awkward encounter in the basement and Lisa had been thinking all weekend about the event. Her mind kept replaying the encounter over and over again. She knew she had left off on a surprisingly casual note with Lenny and Sean. The ataköy escort only thing she was not sure about was where she stood with Collin. He wouldn’t tell his father would he?

Lisa felt as if there was some tension between her and Collin. But she wasn’t sure if that was real, or if she was just feeling that way because every time she thought about him she immediately flashed back to the image of the tip of his cock. She was concerned about her mixed feelings towards seeing it.

“Hi, Mrs. Carter!” Sean and Lenny said in unison as they walked into Collin’s house after school at the usual time. They snapped Lisa out of her deep thoughts.

“Hey, boys, how was school?” Lisa replied smiling.

“Pretty good!” Lenny grinned. Sean and Lenny had a confidence about them. They figured that if their friend’s mom could see them jerking off in her house and not only overlook the activity, but also help fund it, then they didn’t have to worry about getting into trouble.

Lisa could almost sense the subtle change in the relationship she had with Collin’s friends based on Lenny and Sean’s tones of voice. She kind of enjoyed the more casual vibe and wanted to go along with it. “I’m glad to hear that. So, did you have a successful shopping trip with the money I gave you?”

Sean mulled over the question. “Well, yes and no.”

“What do mean by that? Did you find comics with real-looking women in them?”

“No. There honestly weren’t any,” Lenny explained. “We looked everywhere.”

“Yeah, so we decided to write, draw, and publish our own,” Sean jumped in.

The 38-year-old mother bared her white teeth and sat up on the living room sofa with interest. “Well I’m actually really impressed by that. Can I read it?”

“No!” Sean abruptly blurted out as a stark look came over his face. “I mean, uh, it’s probably best you don’t. It’s, um, pretty graphic.”

Lisa raised a son for 18 years so she knew what it was like when a child was hiding a secret. She figured Sean and Lenny were just embarrassed about the racy content of the female character. Attempting to rekindle the casual exchange, Lisa laughed, “Listen guys, it’s okay! You don’t have to worry about offending me. I understand you’re young men just trying to get off. If you want to draw hot women with big tits and nice asses I don’t care, as long as it’s realistic.”

The brunette could see how excited the two budding adults were by her comments. She felt liked by them and it was nice to be the cool mom she never tried to be before.

“Yeah,” she continued with the added encouragement, “trust me, I can promise you that there’s nothing in that comic book that you have that female superhero doing that I haven’t already done or seen myself. Honestly, I think it’s great you’re being creative and you can do what you want down there.”

Lenny and Sean were stunned. “Thanks, Mrs. Carter! Oh, and where’s Collin?”

For a moment, Lisa almost had forgotten about Collin being in the house. She began to imagine what he would have thought if he had walked into the middle of that conversation. Why was I talking like that?

“Collin’s downstairs,” Lisa informed before going back deep into thought about her predicament with her son.


“Hey, guys. What’s up?” Collin set aside his phone. “So let’s see that ‘surprise’ you had for us, Sean.”

“Alright,” Sean prefaced, “you know how we couldn’t find a comic with a real woman in it that was also hot enough for us to beat off to?” Collin nodded in agreement. “So,” Sean continued, “I thought since I knew how to draw that I might as well create one. I drew a character and Lenny helped write the story for her. We had them professionally printed like actual comics with the money your mom gave us.”

“Dude, that’s awesome! Let me see it!” Collin was just as ecstatic as his friends were about the concept. However, when Collin asked to see it, Sean and Lenny shot themselves a mischievous smirk.

“There’s one thing you have to promise us first,” Sean started.

“What’s that?”

“That when you read it you won’t get angry with us and that you’ll try to enjoy it no matter what.”

Collin was confused. “What do you mean by that? Why would I get angry? Will I not like the story or something?”

Lenny responded with an uncertain voice, “Something along those lines.”

“Just let me see it already.” Collin was insistent.

“First you have to swear you won’t flip out and that you’ll read it through before commenting on it.”

Collin rolled his eyes. “Fine, I swear.”

“Swear on your comic book collection.”


“Swear that you will read the whole thing before commenting and not get angry. And if you do flip out, then Lenny and I get all of your comic books.”

The hockey player figured he was disciplined enough to control his temper regardless of what was on those pages. He was getting antsy and he couldn’t wait any longer. “Fine, I swear on my collection. Let’s just read it already.”


After Sean and Lenny were comfortably seated in the plush chairs along with their anxious friend, Sean reached into his backpack and retrieved three professional-looking comic books. He took one and then passed the remainder down to Lenny, who then gave one to Collin.

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