Master’s Toy Pt. 01

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This is part 1 of a series. If people enjoy this I will continue posting the rest of the story.


I am on all fours, my thong-clad ass perkily jutting up into the air. I can feel the oil he’s poured over my body begin to drip across my shaved, bleached asshole. He runs his calloused hands across my body. Partially he’s doing this to spread the oil, but mostly it’s to remind me that he owns my flesh.

You are a slave, his hands say

When his hands reach my cock he laughs feeling how hard I am.

“You really learned to love me didn’t you slut,” he mockingly says.

I try to groan a response but all that escapes my mouth is some spit that has accumulated from his thick cock being forced deep into my throat. The makeup he forces me to wear lays smeared across my face. The mixture of spit, stomach bile, mascara, and foundation so completely masks my features that I can barely open my eyes.

I am trained to hold his eight inches down my throat for minutes at a time, but now I feel myself beginning to gag. My back convulses as my body tries to force the intrusion out of my throat.

“Arch that back bitch,” he commands, emphasizing the point with a slap to my ass.

I steady myself as I feel fresh stomach bile begin to back up in my throat. His left hand immediately goes to the back of my head. He presses down forcibly so that my face is pressed into the puddle of spit around his groin. He laughs as he rubs my face into this puddle, further driving home the point that I am nothing but a sex slave. I am beneath him, an object for his gratification. I would barely say I’m a sexually toy at this point. In truth I am something lower, something for his amusement, an object to be humiliated and laughed at as he debases me past what either of us would have thought possible.

As if to emphasize this degradation he smacks the side of my head a few times calling me a “good slut” in the process.

A few minutes of have my face further pushed into his groin pass before I feel a pull on my collar. He’s yanking my leash so that my mouth his pulled from his cock. The separation of his cock from my throat makes a suction sound. Long globs of spit and mucus connect my face to his groin. He takes his unsheathed cock, wet with my bodily fluids, and rubs the shaft across my face.

“What should we do now bitch?” he asks with a smirk on his face, knowing I have few options of what I am allowed to say.

“However I can please you master,” I hear myself say.

He cannot see it due to the vile covering of my face, but even after all these months tears still come when I’m forced to call him master. And whenever those tears fall I’m forced to think about the path that led me to being his slave.

I will not bore you with the specifics of the situation that led to my descent into the debased state of existence in which I now find myself. Let’s be honest, you’re not here to read the financial details of an irresponsible twenty-two year old man. You don’t care about how that twenty-two year old lost his job, how he couldn’t pay the rent, how he gambled just to make enough money to eat. You don’t care that he lost big and had no other options. You’re not here to read a sob story about a young man. You’re here to read about the degradation of that man. You’re hear to read about me choking to the point of passing out on cocks, about my face being covered in semen, about the first time I was forced to bostancı escort lick my owner’s ass. You want to know about what it felt like when I was forcibly fucked in the ass the first time. Maybe you’re an older man with fantasies of being master of a boy-toy of your own. Perhaps you’re a young man who finds twisted pleasure in the idea of being placed in the situations I will describe. No matter your reasoning for being here, I’m positive the particulars of initial loss of my freedom are of little interest.

So let’s start where we both know you want me to:

I was naked, sitting back on my knees as I gripped my ankles. I had never been in front of another man without my clothes on, let alone on my knees in such a vulnerable position. I felt helpless. I was completely at the whims of the middle age man seated on the couch ten feet away.

He was clothed in a silk bathrobe with nothing but a pair of tight grey briefs underneath. His legs were spread wide so that the significant growing bulge straining against the cloth of his underwear was obviously visible.

“Crawl to me bitch.”

I hesitated for a moment. Undressing and posing for another man’s entertainment had, before this afternoon, been beyond my imagination. The thought of what other activities I was about to be forced to engage in paralyzed me to the floor.

“Hurry up, bitch.”

It was the repetition of the title bitch. That one word encompassed the truth of the situation; I was beneath this man, he had claimed ownership over me and his commands must be obeyed.

I crawled forward slowly approaching his open legs. As I got closer his hand reached out and grasped the back of my head. He pulled my face into his crotch. A groan escaped him, as my entire world suddenly became the space between his legs. The bulge pressed against my face. I breathed in the musky scent, nearly vomiting. His thighs seemed like walls closing in around my face, abruptly creating the sense that I was miniscule against his might.

With a grunt he reach down and pulled his penis from the briefs.

My face was immediately pressed into his balls.

“Breath deep bitch, you’re going to learn to like that smell.”

My attempts to maneuver my face away were met with a firmer hand on my head, and eventually a slap on my bare ass when I refused to give up the struggle.

“Fight all you want little slut, only makes it better when you break.”

All my attempts to maintain my self-respect were nothing but fuel for master’s desires. There was no chance of escape, no possibility that he was not going to use me for his fantasies. With a whimper I resigned myself to my fate.

“Good bitch. Now, I said breath deep.”

I inhaled the musty stench of his ball sack.

He hasn’t showered, I groaned inwardly to myself.

“Now give them a kiss,” he ordered.

My lips submissively pressed forward. I felt the soft skin of his testicles against my lips. Pubic hair grazed my face.

“No bitch,” he laughed, “kiss her like you mean it. These balls are your new girlfriends.”

His rough hands smacked the side of my head. A symbol I would soon come to associate with his complete domination. At that moment, though, it only solidified my fear of this man.

My tongue and lips began caressing his sack. The salty taste of sweat filled my mouth as my tongue rolled over his testes. My lips closed and opened loving embraces ümraniye escort bayan gently sucking the skin of his sack into my mouth. Soon his balls were coated with a thin sheen of saliva.

“Faster slut.”

Greedily I lapped at his sack, my tongue moving quickly over the entire length. He pressed my face harder into his crotch so that his testes engulfed my entire face. A pleasurable hum escaped my mouth as I sucked noisily on his left ball.

“Now the same on the shaft.”

I tried to place my mouth as softly as possible against his thick shaft. His hand, again, fell hard against my head forcing my lips to part around his girth. My tongue, to make space, protruded from my mouth wrapping itself around his cock.

Slurp. I heard the vile sounds of my mouth being used for the pleasure of another man. Spit covered all eight inches of his cock as I paid homage to my master with my mouth. I greedily kissed the length of his shaft, and spread the saliva with my tongue.

“Moan on my dick you little slut,” he growled.

I couldn’t comply. I was already covering his penis in my saliva. My lips were caressing his manhood while my tongue lapped at the underside of his shaft, as if overcome with lust for his cock. The thought of moaning, to pretend to be enjoying this demeaning experience was too much.

He smacked the side of my head hard.

“Moan. Or I’ll start you licking a different area earlier than expected.”

I did my best to imitate the women who’s degradation I had always enjoyed watching on my computer scream. I made high-pitch, fake orgasm sounds as my lips and tongue continued to lather his cock in saliva.

“That’s it moan little bitch.”

Sounds of submission poured from my mouth. I wailed and squealed in reverence to my new master.

In a gesture I would soon find familiar he roughly grabbed my face and moved it away from his cock. I was instructed to open my mouth with my tongue pushed out as far as it would go. My master grabbed his cock in his hands and wielded it like a club over my face. The first few taps were against my tongue. He rolled his penis through the thick saliva that had accumulated in my mouth. With a grunt he then smeared his penis across my face. Long streams of saliva crossed my face adding sheen to my skin.

“You look pretty like that,” he laughed. “Tell master you always want to look pretty for him.”

So there I was, naked, kneeling between a man’s legs, calling him master, and thanking him for slapping his cock across my face because I was so pleased about “looking pretty” as tribute to this man.

My eyes burned with shame.

“Mouth open, eyes on me.”

His muscular hand grabbed the back of my neck. He squeezed tightly so that my head was stuck in a vice, completely at the whim of his movements. With his other hand he lowered his mammoth cock towards my mouth. The head of his penis, already soaked in saliva and dripping precum, circled my mouth. Instinctively my tongue lapped at his cock. Drops of precum fell onto my outstretched tongue.

The grip on the back of my neck tightened.

“Beg slut.”

“Please let me suck your cock.”

I knew before I had finished speaking that this was not a satisfactory answer. There had been no passion behind my plea, no desperate sigh to be humiliated. This man craved utter submission.

“I said beg you stupid slut,” he growled, accentuating kartal escort his point with a hard slap across the face.

I wish now that I could have mustered up any semblance of defiance at that moment. I wish I could have glared back at him, showing with my eyes that he could never truly break my will. I wish I had begged through gritted teeth, had been strong enough to accept the punishment.

“Please master,” I whimpered with tears blurring my vision, “let this pathetic whore pleasure your cock.”

He spit on my face.

Then he used all eight inches of his cock to smear the glob of spit.

“Don’t ever forget it whore.”

With that declaration he pushed his cock into my mouth. I immediately began sucking the first few inches. I was desperate to please. My mouth became tight around his cock as I begged for sperm with my mouth.

Make him cum fast and this will be over.

I closed my eyes to release any inhibitions. I let myself become a whore, twisting my head from side to side, moaning in ecstatic pleasure as more of his penis filled my mouth.

“Good girl,” he sneered.

The grip on the back of my neck tightened again. I heard the command to open my mouth wider. I was caught in a haze of lust, a sickening desire to make this man cum. His cock pressed farther into my mouth. With half of his length inside my throat my body began to buck in a feeble attempt to expel the invader.

He laughed.

“Get on all fours like a bitch in heat.”

I raised my ass high while placing my hands on the floor. He responded approvingly with a slap to each butt cheek. My body convulsed again as the four inches he had placed in my mouth began to force a retching sound from my throat.

Again, he laughed.

“This is going to be rough for you.”

He violently forced the rest of his length down my throat. My eyes immediately rolled into the back of my head as my whole body fought to get away. The steady stream of drool now became thick globs of mucus and stomach bile that could only escape through the narrow space between his thick cock and my cheeks. My legs kicked aggressively against the floor. I tried to wiggle away, but his hand stayed firm against my neck.

“Learn to accept this whore.”

The air was disappearing. My vision blurred as lightheaded fatigue set in. He pumped in harder, forcing every centimeter into my throat. I vomited in my mouth. With no where to go I swallowed it back down, which again only forced more puke to rise into my mouth.

He let me rise momentarily from my position of humiliation. Bodily fluids cascaded from my mouth. A puddle of mucus, bile, and vomit gathered on the couch underneath his balls. Thinking I had escaped I sighed gratefully, until I felt the grip on my neck tighten again.

“Do you know what facefucking is?”

I couldn’t respond. I only nodded my understanding.

“You’re mouth is a pussy. Say it.”

As I began to respond I felt thick strings of spit stretch across my lips.

“My mouth is a pussy.”

He quickly plunged his penis back down my throat. He thrust his hips upwards into my throat causing his balls to slap against the lower part of my face. Gradually he removed his cock from my throat giving me precious seconds to breathe before thrusting deep. My master pounded my throat repeatedly, gaining speed.

After a few minutes he was grinding into my mouth. Wet, gurgling noises escaped my throat as every fluid in my body continued to pour from my mouth. At first I had gagged in such a high-pitched manner, but over time, as I resigned myself to being used as a masturbation tool, I quit gagging and only the sound of skin against wet skin could be heard.

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