Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 10

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Chapter 10 – Dinner

I brushed my teeth and got dressed, then took off my collar and put it in my pocket. It felt strange having clothes on over my plug and cage but I was eager to see where Master would take me. We got in the car and drove to a nearby restaurant. It turns out Master wanted just a night out with the two of us.

We got seated and he began by explaining his intent. “Communication is important if this is going to work out between us so I want you to be open and honest with me. No formalities let’s just talk.”

“Ok Sir, err I mean, OK,” I replied as we both laughed.

He picked up the menu and started looking through it “So, tell me what you think so far.”

“It’s been pretty intense. I guess I haven’t had much time to reflect on all of it yet.”

“Is it what you were expecting?”

I paused for a second and the waiter came over and took our order. I looked at him and let him order first to see if he was going to order for me or dictate what I should have but he ordered and looked at me indicating that I was free to get what I wanted.

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but i’m excited about it. Part of it seems surreal and there’s been a lot to adjust to – even being away from my family and living in a new state.”

“Do you regret any of it yet?”

“Not at all, I mean, I’m still very nervous about it.” I leaned in and spoke in a lower tone, “Feeling your dick inside me was amazing. It hurt like hell but I wanted you to keep it there.”

“I tried to be gentle and make your first time as enjoyable as possible.”

“You were gentle – you were actually great – I’ll never forget what it felt like. You made me feel like I was a part of you and I didn’t even notice the pain. I was afraid of anal but now I want it from you. Even this morning was good – even with you being rougher.”

“To be honest Seth, your ass was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.” I was worried I scared you this morning. I don’t want you to think i’m going to always be aggressive like that but when I want it I want it,” he said laughing.

I smiled and said, “I saved myself for you. I imagined over 100 times what it would be like having your dick inside me but none of it could come close to what it really felt like. This morning was, well, exciting. I didn’t know what you were going to do, but the feeling that I had no control over myself and that you were going to do whatever you wanted and I couldn’t stop it was a bit intoxicating. I mean, inside I had this trust for you so I wasn’t afraid of being hurt.” Laughing I added, “maybe I was too naive to think that.”

“I wouldn’t say never. bostancı escort I think I proved that the other day. Harm? Never. Hurt? Definitely.”

“I understand and I know that’s what I signed up for. Besides, I did deserve the punishment – still don’t know why I overslept but you made sure i’d be more careful about it next time.”

We both chuckled again and he asked, “so do you think it’s been fair so far?”

“100% – I can’t say I liked it all but so far there’s nothing I didn’t know about or agreed to.”

“What are the things you don’t like?”

“Drinking piss – that’s going to take a while to get used to, but I know I will get to a point where I will just appreciate it for what it really is. Even though it’s gross – it still something that comes from you and i’ll learn to be thankful for it. How do you feel about it?”

“It’s pretty nice feeling actually for a few reasons. First of all I can’t wait till we get you to the point that you can come over and just drink so I can enjoy what i’m doing. And it’s also a really good way to keep the boundary clear between us.”

“Do you not like me using the funnel gag?”

“I don’t mind it for now but it is an inconvenience if you’re at my feet already and I have to wait for you to go get it.”

I paused to think for a second, “That’s a good point, I should probably keep it handy for now.”

“So, do you miss your freedom?”

“I don’t know. Since this is all new I haven’t really had enough to compare yet. Besides going to school and studying for the BAR wasn’t exactly true freedom.” We both smiled again.

The waiter delivered our meals and we started eating.

“Is this what you expected so far,” I asked?

“Honestly it’s a little better than I expected.”

“Really,” I replied?

“Yes, I wasn’t prepared for you to behave quite so well and take to the lifestyle as easy as you have. Honestly I expected to have to punish you a lot more than I have.”

“I really do hate pain,” I said with a laugh.

“I suppose a hatred of pain could be a good motivator not to fuck up.”

“It sure is but I’m not in any way the brat type slave. I will really strive to never need a punishment. Are you disappointed that I haven’t required more punishing?”:

“Not at all. On the contrary, I’m extremely proud of you.”

It felt good hearing him say he was proud of me and I thought to myself how that was as much of a motivator as avoiding pain. “Thank you,” I replied, “I will give you all of my effort. I’m sure I’ll fuck up sometimes but it won’t be for lack of trying.”

“What do you think of when you think of ümraniye escort bayan me?”

“Well I developed a real attraction to you from talking over the year plus that we did and seeing you in person the first time solidified my feelings. I was actually afraid of that first meeting but it all worked. I think of you as a fair honest person and I see you as someone I want to worship. I’m curious, what do you think of when you think of me?”

“I think of you as a trusted friend. Almost like knights squire from medieval times. It’s your job to serve me and take care of all my needs and requests but you are also dear and close to my heart, secrets, and emotions.”

“I see it the same way! I mean, I know i’m lower than you in spirit but I want to grow to feel really close to you.”

The waiter came back, filled our water glasses and asked if we were finished with our meal. We both nodded and said yes and he cleared the table. He came back and put a dessert menu in front of us and described a few specials. Again I looked to him and waited for his order. He picked pecan chocolate pie then looked at me again indicating I was on my own. I ordered ice cream. He was quick to bring our order and we started eating.

“How’s your pie,” I asked?

“This is good! How’s your ice cream?”

“It’s really good! I’m very glad you invited me out like this and allow me to talk freely. I hope we do it again.”

“We will – open communication is an important part of this relationship. Besides, I’m having a good time with you.”

I smiled again and felt a warm glow inside me. I always hoped I could see my master as a friend in some ways and it seemed he’d want that to happen. “I’m having a great time,” I replied.

“I want you to know that even though you worship me, serve me, and are far beneath me, I do want to be your friend. We’ll be spending what I hope to be the rest of our lives together. We’ll have to be at least friends if not something more.”

“I agree, I want to be at least friends and I want to worship you and show you how you’re superior to me.”

We finished our dessert and the next time the waiter walked by Master asked for the check. The waiter brought it and Master reviewed it then paid it.

We both got up to leave and started walking out. I was feeling as good as I had felt since the first day. It was great to feel like his friend and I didn’t want that feeling to end. He even momentarily put his hand behind my back as we exited the restaurant and headed for the car. It felt like a true date with someone I loved.

After we got in the car he looked at me, grabbed my chin kartal escort with his right hand and said “I mean it when I say this is a relationship whether its one between equals or not were in this together. I want you to always feel like you can talk to me. My word may be law, but your feeling and thoughts are important for me to know even if I don’t take them into consideration. Do you understand Seth?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied. “Thank you for tonight and thank you for being so open and accessible. I think it will serve us both well Sir.”

“Good Seth”, he replied.

He leaned in and kissed me pushing his tongue into my mouth as if he was claiming his property, which I guess he really was. I closed my eyes and became enveloped in his kiss. I felt his tongue take over my mouth as I accepted his force. I wanted to stay in the kiss forever. I wanted this night to last forever. We kissed for a few minutes and I felt my cock start to stiffen and push up against my chastity restraint. His hands held me one on the side of my neck and one behind my head. My eyes stayed closed so I could experience my Master using my other senses. His touch, the soft sound of his kisses and his smell and taste.

Just then, breaking through the bliss of his kiss, I heard Master’s notification sound go off on his phone. MJ pulled away to check it and I felt almost empty with the sensation of the kiss ending but I could still taste his lips and tongue.

“Well, Zach is over at Victoria’s now. What do you say we go home cuddle on the couch together, watch a movie, and then go to bed together?”

“His words sounded like my favorite song. I immediately thought of him taking me the first night and the thought of sleeping in his bed again made my cock test the stress level of my cage.

He drove us home and pulled into the garage. After we got out of the car and into the house, I stripped naked and put on my collar. He then sent me to retrieve a bottle of wine and a couple glasses. While I was in the kitchen I felt my cock cage unlock and loosen and the but plug deflate. Assuming that this meant Master wanted me to take them off I ran to the bedroom and set them on my mattress in the closet. Then I returned to get the wine, I poured us both glasses and looked at Master waiting for permission from him before sitting on the couch. He scooted over to one side and invited me to get on the couch and cuddle up next to him.

We spent the next few hours watching twilight and sipping our wine. It was quiet but I could enjoy the comfort and presence of my master. Thank God He allowed me to take the chastity device off because I was hard the entire time feeling his warmth on my skin.

At some point in the movie I dozed off. I was awoken by Master carrying me into the bedroom and laying my on his bed. That night he held me while I slept and I felt safe, protected, and loved. I knew Master Jakob would care for me.

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