Masso Joe Ch. 01

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I was just finishing lunch in the cafeteria with my buddies when the power went off. With a swooshing sound the lights blacked and we were left in semi-darkness only offset by the emergency lights and the light from the windows. Continuing to joke and finish our lunch, the teachers starting coming around and said that school was finished for the day and we should return home.

Not waiting to anyone to change their minds, we quickly said our goodbyes and I started home looking forward to a relaxing afternnon. As I approached my house I saw a minivan with a Masso Joe logo, a phone number and the words “We come to you”.

Now I know my mom is a great yoga fan, and likes to run 5 and 10K charity races, but she never mentioned anything about massage. Thinking to myself that there isn’t much to massage because she is all of 4″11″ and 95 pounds, a nice flat belly and adequate B cups, which she likes to push up with her various bras. My friends kid me that she could pass for an older sister because of her petite size.

I opened the door and all was quiet except for some music coming from the basement. Usually the basement is only used in the evening so I headed to the top of the stairs and peered down. There I saw this well built guy in a dry fit shirt and track pants. His arms were thick and the shirt hugged both his arms and chest. He wore a belt with a spray type bottle and he would squirt something on his hands and then start to rub my mom. I quickly realized that the bottle was his oil as his hands slide effortlessly over my mom’s back.

My mom was facing the opposite direction with her back exposed and her bottom covered with a towel. She could not see me but the massage guy, I assume it was Joe, could. He was about 25 years old and he looked up at me without skipping a beat. He gave me a mischievous smile and a wink. He then proceeded to lift the towel and expose her naked body. He looked at me and gave me a “watch this ” look, as he oiled is hands and forearms and proceeded to use them down her back over her butt and down her legs. Even in the dim light of the room I could see the shine that the oil had left.

This was the first time I have ever seen my mom naked. Sure she walked around in a towel after a shower, in yoga pants and a sports bra, but here I was seeing my mom lying naked on her stomach, being rubbed but this young fit stud. My eyes migrated to her ass which looked as white as 2 – 40 watts globes. They were perfectly shaped with not a bump or a blemish. I could now see that Joe was enjoying this as much as I was as he ran his hand along her side and grazed around the edge of her breast. He repeated this several times. Each time sliding his hand deeper against her B cups. He would then move to the other side and repeat. By now, My cock was rock hard and I was ready to jerk it, but I could pendik escort not move away from the show evolving in front to me.

Joe continued to oil his hands and started to massage mom’s butt. It is small and round and his larger hands easily manipulated her round cheeks. As he massaged, I watched his hand slide down the crack of her ass as if to stimulate her in a sensual way. As he moved from cheek to cheek he always had one hand slide down that crack. I say my mom stir as he did this and noted how her legs would open slightly as if to give him more space to work. Joe would look at me to reinforce that I was enjoying the show, which both my head and cock nodded in approval.

Joe moved down to massage her calves and legs slowly inching up to her pelvic with long lingering strokes moving from one leg to the other, always ending up focusing on her inner thighs. Although I could not really see from my angle, I knew that he was teasing her pussy lips. I watched again as she opened her legs and titled her ass upward as if beckoning him to touch her sex. Joe read the signals better that I as he slide his hand under her pelvic while rubbing his thumb as against her ass bud. I could hear my mom moan in pleasure as Joe continued to toy with her sex. She would squirm and occasionally jerk as he continued to probe. I admired his technique and patience as he would tease and move away, tease and move away, wanting her to build up to extreme pleasure.

I was going nuts watching this, not able to understand how Joe could move this slowly and methodically taking control of my mom’s senses. It was like he controlled her body to do what he wished with it, but focusing on providing her pleasure. My cock was raging hard, and it took supreme effort not to unload.

Although the music was still in the background I really couldn’t hear it, my mind focusing on Joe and my mom. Joe gave me a glance and picked up a towel and reached for a sleep mask. Joe handed my mom the mask and told her to cover her eyes with it and turn over, holding the towel up to block her view from seeing me.

She asked “why the mask” and Joe responded that removing one of the senses would enhance the other senses, which she seemed to buy and covered her eyes. He made the music somewhat louder and motioned me to come downstairs. At first I was hesitant. What is she lifted the mask… What is she heard me,… What if… What if… Fuck it I said to myself and quietly moved my way downstairs next to Joe. He looked at the tent in my pants and laughed out loud to which my mom asked why he was laughing. He quickly replied that the particular song reminded him of a funny incident that he would tell her about after the session. But mine was not the only tent in the pants as I could see the bulge in his track suit looked bigger tuzla escort and thicker than mine.

Joe took out the bottle of oil and squirted some on my hands, motioned me to rub them together and them took my wrists and laid my hands down on my mom’s breasts. He started me off indicating the right pressure and speed and then moved back to watch me massage my mom’s breasts. I am not sure if mom could feel my hands shivering and shaking because I was so nervous, yet so excited. I rubbed those lovely mounds of flesh with tenderness, thinking they used to feed me as a baby. I played with the nipples which were firm and pointed like small bullets. Almost in a trance I felt Joe move me to the side as he massaged mom’s flat belly running his hands close to her vagina and then moving away. As he did on her back, he now massaged her thighs, and inner thighs teasing and caressing as he went. With each graze of her pussy I would hear her moan and spread wider. Joe positioned me to get the best view as the teasing subsided and became committed to a mission. Mom’s pussy was swollen and wet, and not from the oil. Her natural lubricate was escaping from her vagina. Joe spread her legs wider as her toyed with her outer pussy lips. Lovingly caressing one side then the other. He then focused more on the inner lips as he continued to assault her sex. Her body was squirming with pleasure as he continued. Her fingers moved to stroke her breasts, still slippery from the oil that was left from my massage. Joe then took my hand and indicated to insert one finger into her pussy. I followed his lead and slide one finger into mom. It felt so warm and wet and squishy. Joe then indicated to insert a second finger which also slide in easily. I looked down at my pants and saw a sport forming from precum that I could not control. Joe indicated the speed to which to move and I watched him lick his fingers and start to massage mom’s clit. Together I was finger fucking my mother and Joe was rubbing her clit. Mom’s moans became louder and although mom rarely swears, I hurt her say that this felt fucking good. Her hands were moving faster on her breasts and I watched her chest move up and down as her breaths became shorter and faster.

Joe, your hands feel so fucking good and she then began giving instructions… a little to the left, faster… harder… I followed her instructions as well as I could, my fingers now pumping in and out like a train locomotive. Then with a final gasp, I felt her cunt muscles clamp down on my fingers and her body shake in orgasmic delight. I felt her hand grab mine and push me away from her now overly sensitive pussy. I had an initial concern that when she touched me that she might know it didn’t feel like it was Joe’s, but she obviously had other things on her mind. Joe moved me to the side and started ümraniye escort to calm her down until her breathing returned to normal. She asked if she could remove the sleep mask and Joe responded not yet. She blindly reached for Joe to thank him for an extraordinary massage and said she needed to repay him, but not with money.

Joe, you made me so fucking horny. I need your cock.

Joe moved closer to her and stripped off his track suit. I noticed that he did not wear any underwear.

I watched as mom still blindfolded rolled on her side and started to stoke and suck his cock. This was better than any porn I ever watched as my mom was giving a first class blow job to this younger stud and he was enjoying it. It didn’t take too long before he was literally fucking her mouth and she was matching his rhythm stroke for stroke. Joe climaxed into her mouth and we both watched as she swallowed it all licking her lips and moaning So good.

I thought that this party was over when Joe helped her from the massage table and asked her to lean up against it with her legs spread open. Although still blindfolded and confused, she obeyed. Joe had me strip naked and motioned me behind her and had me grab her hips. He then took my rock hard cock and ran it up and down her still wet and slippery cunt. The waves of pleasure poured through my body as a guy was rubbing my cock against my mom’s pussy lips. He then motioned me to enter my mom’s cunt and fuck her.

Mom seemed surprised that Joe could recoil so fast after the blow job but she related it to his youth. So here I was holding my mom’s hips. Her leaning against a massage table and me fucking her while thinking it was Joe. I tried to remember every porn movie where the guy pounded his girlfriend. My hands squeezed her waist, and I am sure leaving marks. I was in heaven for the short time that it took to make me cum. My orgasm was so intense I had to bite my lip to stop from crying out with pleasure as my mom’s knees buckled with pleasure of her own. Her spent body now lay over the massage table as she tried to catch her breath for the second time in a short span.

Joe now motioned me to leave as he had to conclude the session which obviously went much longer than expected. I slinked my bare ass out of the basement and went to room to get new clothes. I headed down to the kitchen for a snack as mom came upstairs wearing an open bath robe. She was surprised to see me home this early and quickly tied the robe, coving those lovely tits I had just massaged. I explained the power outage from school. I asked her why she was wearing her robe and she introduced me to Joe. I told them that I saw the van in the driveway.

Not being content with how the afternoon had gone, I asked mom if she was ok, because her face seemed so flushed. I saw Joe almost explode when he heard my comment. She said the basement was hot and she was ok and to stop asking so many questions. So I returned to my milk and pie, gave Joe a wink for the special time we shared together.

On the way out, I asked Joe for a business card. I am going want to talk to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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