Marrying Brother Ch. 08

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Creampie Eating

I explained what had happened in the kitchen to Preethi as we both breast fed our babies in my room.

“That means, are you going to arrange a first night for your mom and Sri?” she asked.

“Well, yes. What do you think?”

“After what we both have been, like sluts to be frank, I don’t think even a slightest bit of that is wrong.” She giggled.

“What about babies?” she asked. “I mean, will she have babies again?”

“I don’t know. She is still in her forties. I think she can have a baby still.”

“Hmm… it feels so kinky to imagine your mom, having a baby again and breastfeeding it sitting along with us.” Yes, indeed. It was so kinky when I thought of it too.

Two weeks later, I asked mom and dad to accompany us to home and stay with us for a while.

We named my baby boy to be Rahul and Preethi’s baby to be Vinodhini.

One day, when I was alone with dad, I asked him, “Is it okay, if mom wants to have sex with somebody else now, dad?”

“Hmmm… thinking about it, after having sex with my own daughter, I don’t think I can say no, if she wants to have sex with somebody else. I have to agree. Besides, it’s been long since she had fun; more than 20 years that is.” He said with a smile.

“Why? Does she really want to have sex with someone?” dad asked, then.

I explained what happened the other day in the kitchen and idea of letting mom having first night with Sri.

Dad didn’t show any regret. She was happy for her. I just let him know that he should pretend as if he doesn’t know any of these.

“So what are you planning to do??” dad asked.

“I’m thinking of a small marriage in the Puja room of our house, with just me and Preethi present. And then a first night.”

“That means, will you be alone that night?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I thought we could do it again. May be like our own first night.”

“Wow… great idea dad. I’ve decided that my next baby should be yours. May be Preethi could have her first night with Karthik too, at the same time. Hmm… that means we need to send Arvind out of the house.” I said to him.

“May be we can send him to your aunt’s house.” Dad said. And dad did call our uncle, who in turn called Arvind to his house on the pretext of discussing some business matters for a couple of days.

Just when I was saying this plan to Preethi, her younger sister Sowmya, walked in. We stopped our talk abruptly. She noticed that too. “Boy, she is shrewd.” I whispered to Preethi.

“So what are my both sisters up to?” she asked grinning.

“Nothing a young girl like you should know.” I said and Preethi giggled hearing that.

“Come On, Akka, I’m 18. I’m a grown up girl.”

“Hmmm… no… we cant measure you like that.”

“Then how??” Sowmya asked.

“If you are old enough for this talk, you should be able to turn the men’s eyes on you where ever you go. Guys should think about your body, dream about you. And to be frank, you should be able to make some cock rock hard.”

“Is that all??” she asked as thought it wasn’t a feat.

“Yes. Why?” Preethi said.

“I can make even older guys very horny.” Sowmya said.

“Is it? Whom have you made horny?” I asked.

“I’m not going to say that to you.” She quipped.

“Come on little sis. Say it.” Preethi coaxed her.

She thought for a moment and said, “Okay, I’ll say, but that should be between us.” She said. We nodded.

“I’ve seen dad getting hard, after looking at me. Isn’t that something?” she asked. ‘Wow… uncle was on to his daughter. Men!!…’ I thought, ‘are the same everywhere.’

“Well, you are good, then. But it isn’t enough. Anyone can make a guy like your dad hard. The point is can you make it last till he finishes if he fucks you.” I was putting a hook.

“You mean dad?”

“Yes. If you manage to keep him hard till he finishes fucking you, then I’ll agree you are good. Then we’ll say our secrets.” I said. Preethi seconded that.

“Well, but how can I get to dad? Mom is always with him even though dad has eyes on me.” She said.

“Tomorrow, Arvind will be at your place. Just distract mom and send your mom and Arvind out together. Then you’ll have dad all to yourself.” We gave an idea.

“Cool. Thanks akka. Both of you.” She said.

Everything was just going well now. The next thing to do was mom’s marriage.

The next day Arvind left for uncle’s place. Dad went out on the pretext that he wanted to see some old friend of his, and he’ll be back late.

So I asked Sri to get ready and be in the puja room. Mom was very nervous about this, particularly after seeing Preethi with me. More, she was feeling very shy like a bride. I said Preethi knows everything and it was okay. She was here to help us.

Preethi helped me to prepare mom to be the bride. She was angelic, slim yet, with busty breasts, thighs and asses. I think that’s what got Sri by balls. One moment, mom was like a horny slut waiting to be fucked and in the other, she was like a shy housewife.

We brought her to the puja room şirinevler escort and Sri was there waiting like a groom. It was ironic and kinky, letting my husband marrying my mom in front of his sister.

“Undo your thaali, ma.” I said to mom.

“Have you got a new one?” she asked as she undid the three knots off her thaali.

“No.” I said. Then, I got it from her, gave it to Sri and asked him to tie it around her waist.

“What?” he asked, having stunned. He didn’t see that coming.

“That’s what Arvind did to me.” I whispered to Sri.

“You’ve been one naughty girl. You never said that to me, the part about your brother…” he was a bit shocked.

“Well, you know now.” I said giggling.

“I love you.” Sri said to me, smiling back.

“Okay now tie the thaali around her waist. The neck belongs to her husband. The cunt belongs to you.” The same words Arvind had said to me, years back.

Along with me, Preethi blessed the couple with flowers. They even knelt by our feet for our blessings.

“Okay, you go to our room. We’ll bring mom soon.” I said to Sri and he was gone.

“I didn’t expect that. Tying the thaali around the waist was so exciting.” Mom was saying.

“I know that.” I laughed. It felt the same for me too.

Then we guided her with a plate of fruits and milk into my bedroom. Sri was sitting on the bed. The lights were on.

“I’m very nervous about doing this.” Mom was saying.

“Both of you can stay for some time, may be till she gets comfortable.” Sri said.

“No, this is not how first night is supposed to be, we can’t stay.” I said looking at Preethi. We weren’t expecting that. We had our own first nights to spend.

“Please Anju, just for a few minutes.” Mom said. I could feel her being very nervous. “It has been a long time.”

“Okay.” We both had to postpone our thing.

“Shall I switch off the light?” Sri asked.

“No. let it be.” Mom said.

“Help aunty undress…” Sri said.

“Yes, please. Help me.” Mom said to us.

It was we who prepared her for her first night. But we didn’t expect to actually undress her and guide mom to have sex with Sri.

And we did. We removed mom’s silk saree and undressed her. Preethi helped mom unhook her blouse, and I undid mom’s bra. Mom was standing half naked now, in her first-night room with her son-in-law, with her daughter undressing her for her first night.

Preethi knelt down undid the knots of mom’s petticoat. “Step out of it, Aunty.” She was saying.

I held my hands along the sides of mom’s panties and pulled it along the thighs to her ankles and helping her out as she held my shoulders for support, revealing her mushy, hairy cunt.

‘Woww..’ I exclaimed to myself. Mom was standing buck naked in the room. I don’t remember seeing mom’s cunt or clotheless and fully naked, for that matter.

Sri had undressed himself now. We both held mom’s hand and guided her to the bed. He mounted on top of her and spread her legs on both sides.

No wonder Sri’s cock was rock hard and rocking. I myself felt horny at doing this. Preethi too should have felt that. She let out a moan as he went inside her. That’s all I could stand.

“Okay you both, take care of your self. Sri, take care of mom, don’t hurt her.” I said and he was grinning.

I pulled Preeti out holding her hand tightly. We both rushed out of the door. The moment we came out Preethi was gasping. I was so horny that I hugged Preethi and gave a deep kiss in her mouth.”Oh my god. I’m fucking horny. Will you lead me to my night too??” she said holding my palm. Hers was sweaty.

I led her to Karthik’s room and teased her, whether she wanted me to wait too as we did for mom.

“Have a nice time you both. Karthik, knock her with your baby.” I said and walked fast to my room. I can’t wait. “What was that all about? I could hear Karthik asking her. The voice faded as I reached my room.


Dad was waiting. I ran to him and hugged him tight. “Oh my god! Dad, I’m feeling horny like anything. I love you. Fuck your daughter like a bitch. Make me pregnant tonight.” I said as I kissed him deep.

“Yes, yes… sure, I will, Anju darling” dad said as he pulled my saree off my shoulders. I had forgotten that I had pinned it on the blouse. The pin ripped and tore my saree along with the blouse as dad pulled it.

“Forget it.” I said as I stood wearing only my inners. As usual, my blouse was getting wet with milk.

“Oh no… I hate this.” I said looking at the wet spot around the nipple on my blouse.

“Oh, I love this…” dad said. “Feel my cock.” He said placing my hand over the fly of his pants.

“Hmmm… yesss” I could feel it thickening.

Just then he violently scooped me up while I was still in my blouse and petticoat and laid me on his bed. Then rolling my petticoat halfway up towards my hips, he spread my legs wide on both sides. He frantically nosedived into my petticoat between my folded legs and holding my petticoat covered şişli escort ass cheeks with his hand.

I could feel his hot breath on my panties as his chin grazed over my soft inner thighs. His two day old stubble brushed along my thighs giving me a sensation of feelings. He brought my legs together with his head still between my legs and I tightened my grip of my legs around his head.

His hair created waves on my pubes and he nuzzled his head onto my panty-covered cunt, along the slit of my love hole.

The panties were steaming hot and smelly with sex as they were wet with my cunt juices. He licked my panties and wetted them more with his tongue. I squealed and moaned as he did that.

“Oh my god! I love you. I love you… I love you very much, dad.” I was moaning.

Without removing my panties he inserted his hand inside over my ass and splitting my ass cheeks inserted a finger into my asshole.

“Oh my god!” a tingle of sensation went along my spine and I bucked up and down as he did that.

“Dad, you are amazing.” I said to him.

Then taking his head out of my petticoat he rolled it up fully to my hips. He knelt very close to me, and pushed me backwards. Having the weight of my back on his thighs, he made me lift my hips up into the air.

I was contorting myself in an awkward position where my head and half of my back was on the bed, but my lower back and hips were above the bed resting on his kneeling thighs, with both my legs clinging on to either side of his hips.

I clasped my legs on to his back as he moved further constricting me into that awkward tight-fuck position.

Dad didn’t wait to unhook my blouse; he just put his hand inside in the front and ripped it open. The hooks flew all around the room and the blouse tore off.

“Dad… Dad.. Oh my god!” I was so excited that I couldn’t find words to say how I felt now. I was finding his violent moves so horny.

With half my ripped blouse still on my shoulder, he placed both his hands on my bra and holding my nipples in the middle of the wet spots and started twisting them painfully. He squeezed them and played with them without any resilience.

He inserted his hands inside my bra and without removing them cupped the whole of my breasts with his hands and squeezed them softly. I removed my blouse or whatever remained of being a blouse once.

The bra was next to come off my shoulders.

Dad quickly removed his shirt and his pants and he was back in position. Both his cock and my cunt were fighting for release as there were only two layers of fabric between them as dad rubbed his pubes over mine.

With my hips lifted high, with his cock nudging my cunt, with his palms squeezing my breasts, I was into my next level of my sexual sensations.

He squeezed and squeezed softly kneading them and slowly bending towards me, kissed on my cleavage. He licked it softly and moved his trail upwards towards my neck.

He pushed aside my thaali to my back, which of all this time tonight, for one moment reminded me that my husband was fucking my mom in my room, my brother was fucking my sister-in-law in another and here, I was fucking my own dad.

May be we should rename the house as ‘The incest villa’, where each woman in the family serves as concubine to all the men in the family irrespective of our relationships with them.

Dad was now gently kissing around my neck, and with one hand on my breasts and one hand on my panties, he sent me throbbing. It was then I felt, older men are older men; you just can’t beat their experience when it comes to treating women to the best in sex. They know it all. They know it best.

Here I was, submitting myself completely to the moves of my own old man, my dad. Mom should be one lucky woman I thought; still she wants to go for younger men like Sri.

It is when it dawned on me, that no matter how much loyal you may be, to your partner, how much best sex you may have experienced so far, variety has its own payoffs. That is what makes husbands and wives go for sex outside the boundaries of marriage.

The boundaries of marriage aren’t even necessary when you are very loving and caring for your partner and when you have sex with others. It is after all a different enjoyable experience. What is the point in stopping people from having that, in the name of marriage and relationships?

I was lost in my philosophical thoughts, and was brought back to this real world as dad softly nibbled my ears with his lips and sucked them soft.

“Of my God…” It was soooo good.

Then, kissing me on my cheeks, knowingly avoiding my lips he moved away. With both my breasts in full view and his hands played with my mounds, playing tension-ball with them. He squeezed them systematically thereby forcing milk to squirt out of my nipples.

“Dad, I know you are an expert in milking cows in the village.” I said laughingly. And he laughed as well.

“Milk me as you used to milk your favourite cow, dad.” I said to him.

“Oh Yes… suadiye escort sure dear.” He said and changed the way he was holding my breasts. Now, instead of cupping them, he was making a cone out of my breasts and started squeezing from top to bottom gently kneading my nipples and stirring them for more milk secretion.

In a few squeezes, milk came out squirts after squirts, spraying over his hairy chest and flowing down his stomach, wetting both our undergarments, where his body met mine.

After a few minutes he stopped and instead, taking away his hands started sucking milk out of my nipples using his mouth. I could hear the gurgling sound as I would hear from my baby. It made me giggle.

As he emptied each of my pots, I loved the milking of my breasts by a man instead of my baby every time. I don’t remember how many times the men in my family have sucked milk off my breasts so far. Yet, it felt so good and more enjoyable every time.

He then undid the knots of my petticoat that curled around my hips and helped me remove it through my neck. I was now wearing only my panties.

Then moving back, bringing his face close to my cunt, holding the sides of my elastic panties, he pulled them down. But he didn’t pull them all the way down. He didn’t even pull them to my knees. He just pulled them down halfway to my thighs.

“Just leave them there. Don’t remove it.” He was saying.

Then he pushed his face over my hairy cunt, nudging the lips away with his tongue. It felt eternal; the touch of the soft tongue over my soft cunt lips.

He played around my cunt licking the outer lips and suddenly I felt a shudder rip through my body. I didn’t know what was coming. But I felt waves of orgasm ripping through me, one after the other. I didn’t know it. I didn’t see it. I just went into the orgasm, just like that, and I bucked my hips up and down hitting my groin and grinding it over my dad’s face with renewed vigour.

My eyes were closed but I could feel his tongue up along my cunt somewhere, still licking all the way through my first orgasm of the night.

“Oh my God,” I just then realized, that the best men of all, the oldest men of all I fucked till now, had found my clitoris and beyond that, the g-spot.

I was panting hard. I had never felt such an intense orgasm before just by the lick of a tongue; forget the rock hard cock; it was just a tongue, and my dad’s; the most skillful of all.

I couldn’t even realise fully what was happening then. Waves after waves of shuddering and I could feel tears coming off my eyes and flowing along my cheeks. I wasn’t crying. It was just a reflex of the sensation I was prone to, as a result of what dad did to me.

I didn’t even know until my dad showed me tonight that there could be some place as good as this where playing with tongue could just trip me into wildest of my orgasms in life.

I felt so vulnerable to men now, which I hadn’t ever felt before. And dad, of all the four men, knew the exact weakness of a woman. He found my g-spot. No one else did. No wonder I still kept saying to myself, old men are best; dad is best.

Thinking back on time, it was like going one step at a time, now I was in level 5 in a tall skyscraper where I couldn’t see the top most level. Sri, my husband was the one to introduce to this palace of pleasure.

Arvind, my brother, was the one who took me to the first level above ground, who proved sex outside the bedroom can be the most fun of all. Then he took me to the second level, the level of pleasure and pain, into the world of anal sex.

Karthik, my youngest brother, was the one who took it out of the house, made it as kinky as it can be, taking me to the next level of sex in the temple. He made it public in the fourth level, with all those sex in restrooms and theatres.

And now, dad took me further to the wildest of levels so far, with his tongue alone. To think of it, my learning curve so far had been real good. Who said, you couldn’t learn and enjoy so much in the world of sex from your family? I did.

So dad let me relax now for a while bringing me breaths back to normal. He then lifted both my legs up and made me bend them and hold them back close to my breasts, with my feet on his chest.

Moving close to me, with my panties still on my thighs below my knees, he made me keep my legs close to each other. Showing off my cunt between my legs, like holding a new born baby upside down, he spanked me hard on my ass cheeks.

“Mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa…” I squealed as his first soft spanks hit my cheeks. He pushed a finger along the line of my cheeks gently feeling the rim of my puckering anus.

“Daddd…” I moaned aloud as I felt his touch. His thumb was examining my asshole while his middle finger was probing my cunt whole. I throbbed again with dual sensations on my anus and cunt.

“So my little girl likes this very much? Do you?” he was asking.

I nodded in between my gasps. My mouth had gone dry by now. With my cunt wide open for entry, he pushed his underwear to his knees and unleashed his weapon. The hot rubbery rod dashed towards my cunt finding its way through the tuft of hair above.

Finding the outer lips of my cunt, he started splitting my cunt lips with his cock and began rubbing his warmth and adding more fire into my already hot and steaming cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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