Marrakesh Ch. 01

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In the past I wrote a number of erotic stories. Most of them are addressed to my sub, some we have co-written. With her I share a lot of exciting moments and experiences. Some are reflected in the stories, part of what I write is based on pure fantasies. I leave it to the reader to sense what is real and what imagination. I never published any story before, as I feel uncomfortable English not being my native language. So please be forbearing when the quality of the sentences is not of the highest standard. It would indeed be much easier for me in German. But I guess in English we reach a broader community…

This is the part 1 of a rather long story of our journey to Morocco…


A while ago we spent a couple of days in Marrakesh. Morocco was exotic, sensual and a great holiday experience. On the first evening we had dinner in the Dar Fez a traditional restaurant near the Souks. As usual it was opulent and tasty. We had some champagne and wine but ended the meal with the traditional Thé de Minthe. You were a bit tipsy and me quite full, so we decided to stroll through the bazar before heading back to the hotel.

In one of the many shops we detected an old looking leather bag, perfect in size for my short travel trips. It had a nice color, signaling adventure and elegance at once. Quickly the owner was beside us praising the advantages on the unique piece. After long debates and price negotiations, which I completely left to you, I finally ended as a proud owner of a new travel bag. We were happy.

During the negotiations the owner, a 40+ year old local, repeatedly tried to seduce you telling you how beautiful you are, your eyes, your body, your hair… You played the game to use your look and sexiness helping to negotiate him down. I was fascinated by your duet which looked like a fight and love game at the same time. At the end the owner was inconsolable having sold the bag “for a loss” and heart-broken in love with you.

He asked what we will do now and we told him that we need to go back to the hotel. As expected he said, his brother has a taxi and will drive us back for a very special price as we are now his friends.

We were laughing not sure whether to take the offer, but two minutes later his younger brother stood in front of us. He was a nicely tanned Arab with an elegant aura and beautiful dark back eyes. His eyelashes were very long, his lips full and he moved like a panther.

“He looks very cute let’s take him,” you whispered.

We explained him where to go and after some negotiations with the shop owner, this time by me, we agreed to leave. During all this time the young driver was staring, smiling at you. He then led us through the tangle of the streets in the Suk until we found his old Peugeot.

It was indeed a taxi, there was a sign on it, but the car must have been at least 20 years old. It had only two doors and I had to squeeze to the back seat while I asked you to sit on the spacier front passenger seat.

As we left the center of the town, we started to feel the coldness of the desert night through the open window . You put your hands under your legs shifting up your dress which exposed almost entirely your long well shaped legs. You had only a light dress, no bra and I realized that your nipples started to poke through the fabric. There were goose pimples on your arms. I realized that the young driver, his name was Achmed, looked more and more to your side to check out your legs and breasts.

From time to time you looked back to me smiling and, when you saw that I was comfortable, you also gave a friendly look to the driver. I feared he was soon missing the next curve and driving off the road as we were riding with high speed.

“My wife is freezing,” I said to Achmed.

He swiftly closed his window but apologized that the heating of his car was not working.

“Ohh, maybe you can give her some warmth,” I encouraged him.

He slowed down the car but did not react, obviously thinking what to do. You took his right hand and put it on your leg. He started to gently stroking your thigh, his head not turning concentrating on the street.

“Are you still cold darling,” I asked you.

You nodded with a smile. I moved over to sit behind you. I embraced you from the back, starting to massage your shoulders, chest and breasts from behind. After a while you started to move your body pushing against the teasing hands.

“Can you stop?” I asked Achemd and he immediately steered his car to the side of the road.

I continued to massage your body his eyes now burning on you. I slowly pulled up your skirt exposing your naked body and breasts. Your nipples stood out hard and straight. I massaged them, pulled them. Achmed has not stopped stroking your leg but he did not dare to get close to your triangle. I was not sure, as it was dark, but I sensed that on your panties I saw a small wet spot. You had your eyes closed and your breathing accelerated. antalya escort

“Achmed, why don’t you taste these nipples and, maybe, you can warm her with this.”

He instantaneously leaned over and his mouth closed over your breast. His beautiful eyes met yours and he saw that you agreed to his treatment. I continued to squeeze the other breast with my hand. He was experienced, first gently sucking on your breast and then more and more concentrating on your nipple, soft first and harder after you moaned louder and pushed your body towards his face. After a while we switched breasts. I pulled hard on your nipple realizing that your excitement grew rapidly.

You moaned and your body moved erotically. You finally took his hand, still on your leg, and pushed it between your thighs. His fingers touched your panties that were very wet. He tried to move which was difficult as you kept your legs tight, holding him close to your wetness. You moaned louder and your breath got faster.

“She likes it, suck harder,” I said to Achmed. “Don’t be nice!”

Achmed did very well, sucking, and kissing and biting. Your body tensed. You looked into my eyes and I nodded an ok. That was your signal when your body rocketed into a fine orgasm. Achmed did not let loose on your nipple and continued to suck and pull hard. You opened slightly your legs to let him give stronger access to your crotch. He rubbed on your panties, pressing them into your slit and against your clit. Another wave of spasm run through your body and you smiled thankfully to me.

“I think we should drive on,” I say to Achmed, who immediately let loose, trying to take breath himself. A look at his trousers confirmed to me that he was very excited.

“Let’s go,” I said…

After a while the lights got less frequent and while our hotel was at the outskirts of Marrakesh I did not recognize the places.

“Is his the right way,” I asked.

Achmed did not answer immediately but drove now very fast. We exchanged looks.

“Achmed, where are we driving to?” I asked more imperious, taking out my mobile phone.

“Don’t worry,” he said in his soft voice with a strong accent, I want to show you the place we taxi-drivers meet to celebrate the beautiful and magic desert nights.

You looked at me and your face signaled that you had no fear and that it was ok. We continued to drive fast for another 10 minutes or so before he turned on one of these small bumpy desert roads. From far we saw the light of fire and tents. Lights were dancing over the sand – as various cars were heading from different sides to this remote place in the middle of nowhere.

When we got closer to the lights, Achmed parked the car. On the parking there were lots of other taxis and normal cars and more of them approaching.

When we left the car, I put my pullover over your shoulders as the night became chilly. We followed an alley illuminated by torches. At the end we were welcomed by an old couple. They only spoke some broken French. Open fire places illuminated a sort of an open court surrounded by tents and palm trees. Carpets were covering the sand, and cushions were lying everywhere. Some were used by people, mostly men, other ones were standing in groups.

In the shadow we saw some camels bound to the trees. Flutes and tambourines were playing in a tent. The old couple guided us to a tent full of pillows and cushions on the floor. Two lampions gave a pale red light.

Our companions gave us woolen blankets and served hot tea to keep us warm. Then they brought us a water-pipe. They asked us for the aroma and whether we want it with some dreaming ingredients. I looked at you, saw that you hesitated. I said that we only want some mild form which does not make us too high.

You cuddled close to me and we let the exotic Arabian night flow into our senses. We were alone in the tent and from far the music were playing. Alternately we took a breath from the mouthpiece of the pipe. In-between we kissed and held us tight. Slowly the hookah with the drugs had its effect.

Our heads got dizzy and horny. I wondered what they had put into the pipe but my dick was getting hard. My hands were caressing your body, squeezing your breasts and the blanket. I saw sparkles in your eyes, knowing that your lust was rising again too.

After a while a girl with four old men was entering our tent. She stood in front of us, greeting us while the men were sitting down across of us. The girl was very pretty, around twenty years old with a glittering blue dress full of sequins. It underlined her voluptuous body leaving her belly open. Her hair and eyes were dark black and the mouth red and slightly open.

The men started to play a slow Moroccan music and the girl commenced to move her body and hips. Her belly dance reminded me of a snake, very elegant and smooth. All moves were harmonious from the feet to the fingertips. I looked from the side at you. We were both fascinated antalya rus escort by her expression and body control. At the same time her movements were very erotic and sensual. The grip of your hands got tighter as she moved her hips and breasts only inches from us.

When the music accelerated in speed, I stood up and started to dance with the young Arabian girl. Her arms moved around me, her hips pointing to me, both without touching me. I tried to follow her motions, my eyes fixing hers. She smiled not stopping the seductive dance. I felt the heat rising, you watching us. From time to time the girl bended down backwards and I saw her belly muscles and large but firm breasts.

When the music reached its climax it suddenly stopped. The girl and me were standing still, trying to catch breath. Not surprising she recovered faster, lowered her eyes and with an obedient move departed backwards out of the tent. I plopped back on the pillow next to you. I was aroused by the dance, the girl and probably the smoke. You took me into your arms, kissed me. Through my trousers your hand was stroking my dick. My hands moved under your blanket to find your body touching, caressing you all over. Our tongues met, mingled, …

We were so much into each other that initially we did not hear Achmed entering our tent. I saw your eyes widening and then I looked up. Achmed was slightly embarrassed but found quickly back to his normal self-assurance. In the dark light he looked very masculine and exotic. He bent down to me whispering some words in French into my ear.

“Achmed is proposing ,” I translated to you, “that you join him over to his friends, while Nabila, the young belly dancer will visit and enjoy me here in the tent.”

You looked into my eyes with a question mark on your face.

“Would you enjoy being with Achmed,” I asked. “I would be happy if you join him. I will stay in the tent, the curtain open so that we can see each other. “

You looked at me and then Achmed. I think we both saw the bulge in his trousers, revealing his excitement.

Finally you gave me a kiss and said, “I want you to be happy and I very much want to be with this handsome man and his friends.”

Achmed gave you his hand, pulled you up and hand-in-hand you left the tent. At the entrance stood Nabila. She looked down, let you go by and scurried noiselessly into the tent.

Achmed led you to a fire. You still had your woolen blanket over the shoulders as it was cold. Around the fire there were a good 20 people sitting, eating, talking. They were all locals, some young some older, more men and only a few women. Also the musicians were there. When you got closer, the music started to play. It was different to the sound in the tent, softer, slower.

Achmed whispered in a broken English into your ear that he likes to dance with you. He pulled you in the middle of the round, close to the fire. He still held your hand and slowly you started to move your body to the rhythm of the drums and flutes. You did not let loose his hand and your eyes were focusing on his.

The talks in the round faded as everybody was watching you. Achmed started to move his hips, first almost invisibly but then more pronounced. He had a very elegant slender body. The bulge in his trousers had not disappeared and was clearly visible.

Dancing close to the fire made you warm and finally you threw away the blanket covering you. Everybody’s eyes widened when they saw your elegant but sexy dress. Again your nipples stood out, clearly visible. This time not so much because of the cold, but due to the atmosphere and the pipe smoking earlier.

You tried to glance over to look into our tent. At the entrance the clothes were left open. You saw that Nabila has nested herself on the pillows close to me. My arms were around her body and we were talking to each other. Our faces were very close and blushed. Her hand was on my head caressing my hair.

Achmed was still holding your hand pulling you closer now. His face got closer to yours, your bodies made contact. You felt electrified.

You did not care about the others around you and focused your moves, smiles and looks entirely on your dance partner. His hands became more courageous, pulling you closer, caressing over your body, his cheeks touching yours almost accidentally.

You were dancing close now, the music indulging you. You peeked over his shoulders. You saw me kissing the girl, her body fully turned towards and almost covering me. I looked up. Our eyes met. We both smiled in agreement.

You felt Achmeds hand on your back moving up and down. They reached your neck, pausing for a while then touching you hair. With a quick move he grabbed your head and turned you face and mouth towards him. He kissed you fully on your lips. He pressed your body against him. You felt his dick, smelled his oriental perfume. He only parted after a long while, staying antalya ucuz escort close, looking directly into your eyes. Ohhh his look was so deep and dark. You opened your lips and this time you responded to his kiss that was intense. His tongue entered your lips, you let it happen, enjoying the feel and intimacy.

You continued dancing while kissing, his hands caressing your head, your hair, your neck. You wrapped your arms around him, pulling him close before your hands went down his body to grab his ass. Ohh he was very firm. You felt his dick bumping against your leg. You pushed your leg hard against his cock not making it nice, but intense. He moaned, pulling harshly on your hair, moving your head away from his.

His eyes punctured yours. He saw your excitement. You were on fire and not stoppable. You moved your hand between you bodies, catching his dick and squeezing it hard. If he can play hard you can as well. His hands pulled your head again close to his and he gave you another hard kiss slightly biting your lips. You increased the pressure on his dick still moving your entire body to the music.

Suddenly with both hands he pulled on your hair. Your head tilted back and then he made your body slowly move down. In order not to fall you had to go on your knees. You never let your hand from his crotch, massaging his manhood. Your head was now facing his zip. You looked up. His eyes were burning, you saw his desire. Then you looked towards my tent.

What you saw exited you. Nabila was going deep on my dick. She had released him from my trousers. Her small hands were massaging my balls. She went up and down leaving a wet trace, her cheeks convexed from sucking hard. Her eyes were closed. I was lying back into the pillows, enjoying the fine treatment and sucking on the tip of the water-pipe. I looked very relaxed; one of my hands was on the ass of my servant. I glanced over to you. When our look met, I grinned and twinkled with my eyes.

You turned the head back to your aroused partner. Achmed started opening his belt. You moved his hands away to do it yourself. Looking again in his eyes you pulled down the zip. Your hand moved into the pants to take out his swollen dick. When you lowered your eyes you saw he was dark and long. He was circumcised, the dark purple head was shiny, some liquid already spread around the opening tip.

Your tongue touched the tip, starting to lick gently the shining top. It tasted salty. With a hand you hold up his prick, your tongue licking gently along the shaft.

You took your time, albeit realizing how exited Achmed was. You tongue moved lower licking his balls now; they were large and hard. All hair was cut off. Your free hand moved down between your legs. Your panties were wet now. You started to rub along the slit which sent shivers through your body. You were hot now as well and your imagination running.

Finally you took the nob of his penis between your lips, sucking on the head. Slowly you went deeper, looking at the same time up into Achmeds half-closed eyes. You realized that the music has stopped and the crowd has moved closer to you. You didn’t care about being watched. It excited you.

Achmed’s hands were taking your head, pushing you deeper over his dick. You resisted gently taking your time to go down until your nose reached his body. You felt the cock in the back of your throat. You knew, a bit further and you will choke up. Slowly you pulled back. Then his hands forced you down again. You felt his dick pulsing, getting harder. It was a great feeling to suck this beautiful stranger. One of your hands was massaging his balls with the other you rubbed firmly on your clit.

You tried to look over to me. The girl was still working on my cock but you could not see my face anymore. It was buried behind the ass and legs of Nabila. I was working on her pussy and ass, but you could not see it exactly. None-the-less it exited you to see her working on my dick and balls, her eyes closed, her face flushed.

You focused back to Achmed. Then someone touched you from behind, starting to lift your dress, pulling it over your head. You had to let loose of Achmeds prick for a short while but your head was quickly pushed back to the hot tool. The hands from the back were embracing you, taking your breasts starting to massage them, pulling on the nipples from time to time. You did not know who that was.

Then another hand from the back was touching you, caressing your body before going down your belly, fingers moving under your panties searching for your secret wet parts. They met your hand working there, replacing you, supporting you. The fingers were courageous not losing to much time on the slit but quickly moving into your pussy. Fortunately you were all wet and entrance was granted easily. Your lust grew quickly.

You were now working on Achmed’s dick with power not trying to be nice anymore. Every time you went deep he pushed your head so that the end of the cock touched the back of your throat. Few times you chocked. Your hand squeezed his balls and then you felt that he was close of cumming. You had four hands from behind on your body now. Two massaging your breasts, and two on your pussy and ass – one from the front and one from the back.

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