Marissa’s Lesson Ch. 02

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This story is continued from Marissa’s Lesson. She an 18 year old senior.

Tio Paco and Marissa

Marissa’s routine morning soon changed, before everybody filed out at once with hugs and kisses for all. Now Tio Paco, Tio Lupe and dad left separately left they all saw the other children off to school. They told Marissa she needed time to get ready since she was maturing into a beautiful woman and they would help see the children to school. Tio Paco would be the first to say good bye. He would go to her room and wake her up with a hug and kiss. Then later Tio Lupe would say good bye as she was ironing her clothes for the day. Finally, dad would say good bye after she showered.

As the days continued each man became braver in his actions towards Marissa. One morning, Marissa awoke with Tio Paco sitting next to her on her bed. He did not move. It was like he was a statue. Marissa’s eyes adjusted and she saw his hand on his naked cock. Tio Paco had been jerking off next to her. She then noticed that he sheets were down and her tits were exposed; neither moved. Marissa could not keep from looking at her uncle’s cock. Tio Paco could not keep his eyes off her tits. Slowly, Tio Paco resumed stroking his cock. Marissa just watched. This encouragement made Tio Paco move faster. Marissa adjusted herself to get a better view. Tio Paco could not take it any longer. He exploded. Cum shot everywhere. He came on Marissa’s face spraying it across her lips and eyes. The realization that he just came on his niece made him squirt again, this time landing on her chin and tits. It was the sexiest image he had every held as he milked his cock with all his might. When he was done, Marissa laid back cleaning her face and chest.

“Gracias Tio Paco. Have a great day ok,” she smiled. Paco nodded, put his cock away and hurriedly left for work. The following morning Marissa awoke to the same situation. This time Tio Paco did not stop when she awoke but kept beating his halkalı escort meat. After she made herself comfortable, Tio Paco placed one of his hands on her tits and began to play with them. He pinched her nipples, groped both breasts and continued to play with them as he jerked off. When he was about to cum, Tio Paco moved so he could cover his young niece once again. He emptied his balls on his willing niece.

“Mornings had never been so good,” though Marissa.

On the third morning Tio Paco woke Marissa as he groped her tits and played with her nipples. The last two days Marissa had just watched now she wanted more. After getting in her usual position, Marissa surprised Tio Paco by taking his hard cock into her hungry little mouth. Tio Paco’s hand when to the back of Marissa’s head and he came in her waiting mouth. Marissa milked her uncle hard cock dry. With every squirt, Tio Paco shoved more cock into his niece’s mouth. He was in heaven. Tio Paco felt Marissa’s talented tongue lick clean the shaft and the head of his cock. He could not move.

“Ay mijita, eres bien puta. No sabia que te gustaba la verga tanto,” said Tio Paco.

“Tio soy una nina Buena. Pero tu me haces que sea asi,” pouted Marissa.

“Pero te gusta mamar. Eres bien Buena para mamar mijita. Manana te la doy otra ves,”

“Ay si gracias Tio,” replied Marissa.

Tio Paco slapped Marissa’s forehead with his cock before he put it away and left for work.

Marissa awoke the next morning with a cock in her mouth. Tio Paco couldn’t wait for his niece to wake up. This was the best way to wake up, thought Marissa. Tio Paco had mounted Marissa’s chest and was fucking her mouth like it was a cunt. Every time he shoved it in it hit the back of her throat. Marissa tried her hardest to suck that cock and not gag. Tio Paco placed his cock between her nice tits and began to titty fuck his slutty niece. She loved it. Every time the head ikitelli escort came up to her face Marissa sucked it. Tio Paco encouraged her every time he could.

Early the next morning, Marissa was awake by the time Tio Paco came into her room.

“Buenos Dias Tio,” said Marissa.

“Buenos Dias mi putita,” he replied.

Marissa was naked as she got out of bend. She bend over on the bed and said,” Tio e sido una nina muy mala. Me tienes que dar nalgadas.” Putting her elbows on the bed she raised her ass in the air. Tio Paco had never seen such a lovely sight. His little niece had the nicest ass he had ever seen. She was bent over shaking it at him. Now naked, he stepped closer to her, held her hips as he guided his cock into her waiting little pussy.

“Yes mijita. I will spank you for being a naughty little girl,” promised Tio Paco. Tio Paco’s cock had never been in pussy so tight and wonderful. He wanted this moment to last forever. He savored every minute before he began to pump his tiny niece’s fuck hole. In and out with long draw out strokes, Tio Paco fucked Marissa.

Smack, Tio Paco gently spanked Marissa. “You’re a bad little girl. Sucking grown men’s cock, shame on you,” he teased.

In and out, smack once again went Tio Paco. “You’re just a little cock sucker huh mijita. You love having your Tio’s cock down your throat. You naughty little girl,” he went on.

Tio Paco could feel Marissa’s tight velvet wet lips round his massive cock. He felt every inch of her cock covered in Marissa’s wonderful pussy. Both his hands were on her firm round Latina ass as he fucked her. “I should tell you dad that you’re such a little slut mijita. I wonder what he would say?” he asked.

“No no Tio, don’t tell daddy. I promise to be good,” she moaned as she pushed back on her uncle’s cock. Rita was grinding her young pussy on her uncle’s cock and was getting wetter with every word.

“Not istanbul escort only am I gonna tell him. I’m gonna show him mi putita,” replied Tio Paco.

“Ay Tio. Are you going to fuck me like this in front of my dad? Yes?” she mewed.

“You know it. You love it huh you little slut. You want your dad seeing Tio Paco fuck your little pussy huh,” he said.

“Ay Si Tio. Fuck me hard in front of my papi,” she moaned. “Show him how good I make you feel. Yes Tio fuck me in front of my dad, in front of Tio Juan and Tio David. Ay si Tio fuck me please. Harder Tio, harder,” She begged. Marissa was pushing back on Tio Paco’s cock, fucking him with all her might. She was so excited she wanted to scream.

Tio Paco heard Marissa getting louder; this excited him and frightened him at the same time. He knew she was because of all the dirty names and things he been saying to her and that turned him on. He loved hearing a woman enjoying sex. But the rest of the family was still home and if they heard them they would come running. He shoved her head into the pillows trying to keep the noise down. Faster he fucked her. Deeper he went. He felt her as she came on his cock. She squeezed him and grinded her hips into her uncle. Tio Paco had been worked into a frenzy and he was going to cum hard. He pulled out and exploded over his niece’s young ass. He placed his cock between her ass cheeks and covered her back with his juice. Tio Paco cleaned his cock on his niece’s ass and fell into her bed trying to get his breath. Both were sweaty and breathing hard. Marissa smiled at her Tio Paco and he smiled back.

“Mijita do you really want me to fuck you in front of your dad and Tios,” he asked.

“MMMM Tio wouldn’t it be hot, if they could see us fuck? MMM it’s so nasty and dirty. I bet they would love to see me naked on my knees sucking a big cock,” she said.

Tio Paco’s cock twitched. It started to get hard again. That image was so erotic and sexy he wanted to see it for himself again.

“Well you have to get to work and I have to get ready for school. See you later Tio Paco,” said Marissa. Tio Paco was disappointed but knew he would have her again. He dressed and left. Marissa took a little nap before she would say good bye to her Tio Lupe.

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