Manipulating Jenny Ch. 16

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What happens when a religiously strict shy suburban sexually deprived daddy looks through a window at night while trying to catch his runaway pet kitten and sees two buxom 18 year-old young women in their negligees kissing and touching? Does he go straight home carrying his kitten under his arm?

Yes, but comes back very quickly to grab two full grown pussies lustily wearing a black ski mask and dark clothes as a cocksure break-in burglar to trap the hot teenagers, tie them up at his mercy spreadeagled naked on a king size bed to have his way with them.

This is tonight’s latest sexy adventure engineered by the ever so loveable Latina Jenny, the perpetual prick teasing private secretary with the Playboy centrefold body who gets off by getting on with erotic opportunities provided she always comes out on top as innocent leaving the man to wear the guilt.

This chapter follows on from the preceding chapter 15 so for new readers to the Manipulating Jenny series it’s recommended you go back to chapter 15 to get a better ‘feel’ for what this chapter’s about.

For those who don’t have the time to go back to Ch 15 for a better, sexier lead-up this episode, here is a synopsis anyway (however it’s better to read Literotica’s four-page roll-out of page Ch 15 in its entirety.

As soon as Jenny found out that her 18 year-old blond receptionist friend Alison’s religiously strict daddy allows her to suntan in the nude near their very private backyard swimming pool Jenny’s imaginative mind was ticking over. Better, she discovers that this otherwise shy suburban daddy has been rubbing the sunscreen and tanning oil over his daughter’s naked body ever since she’s been perfecting her tan in the backyard for the past nine summers.

Jenny can’t believe her foster father doesn’t want to have sex with Alison, asserting that no man could rub creams into his daughter’s sexy brown body, covering her breasts and pussy, for all those years and not wish to get inside. Now that Alison’s turned 18 Jenny figures for an opportune ‘stir’ that it’s time to find out if her dear ‘proper’ daddy can be dared to go further once Jenny gets him turned on with a particular plan in mind.

His wife’s out of town and this is the time to strike she tells Alison who’s long been turned on by his massages but afraid to let him know by turning up her portable radio to drown out her moans while he covers her body top to toes with the emollient.

True to form Jenny’s convinced her friend that her religiously strict foster father is probably frustrated beyond belief and is really unhappy with his life and his boring wife. The black haired pony tail Latina beauty is sure that Alison’s father only needs some signs of encouragement and it’s only because Alison didn’t give any signals that he didn’t try to slip the fingers inside when it was easy to do it applying the suntan cream.

To get her father in the mood Jenny and Alison each buy a cheap Chinese made one-piece swimsuit that’s labelled not suitable for swimming but only for use out of the water. Just as well these ones weren’t used at the Beijing Olympics as records of another kind would have been happening left, right and centre when the women competitors got out of the pool.

The label warns that immersion of the unlined nylon in water will cause the garment to lose its colour and chlorine will render it see-through. This delights Jenny the sexy exhibitionist that she is and it forms the platform to seduce Alison’s long denied daddy into acting more masculine and terribly naughty.

The plot worked perfectly with Charlie’s erection a sure signal that once he saw the see-through outline of Jenny’s hot 37b cup breasts in the faded swimmers and his own daughter’s 36b cup knockers — both of them sporting drooling pussy cleavage – he’d be easier to coax into massaging the sun cream into Jenny’s private parts as well as his daughter’s. To make sure, Jenny lent him a hand so when he reached the pussy, her hand around his wrist pushed his fingers inside. You can imagine what happened from there but all the dirty detail is in Ch 15. At the end of a hot afternoon of happenings Jenny’s talked Alison’s father into carrying out that evening one of her long-held fantasies — to be fantasy raped in a scary burglar stunt but as long as he makes it look and feel real without any harm coming to them. She’s drummed into his head he must really forget who he is and who they are and make it seem they are complete strangers to him. He’s allowed to talk really nasty to them for effect and use bondage methods but at no time is he to drop his guard and call them by their real names.

Charlie, after an afternoon of sexual dalliance he never thought could happen in his lifetime as a strictly raised parent, has warmed to the game plan and just hopes he doesn’t stuff up because Jenny’s told him she’ll get a stronger orgasm if he makes it seem real.

It’s now 8pm and Charlie, daughter Alison and Jenny have finished their evening meal and he’s been given instructions to lay it on thick as if he means it and not şerifali escort to chicken out or go wimpy in the process.

“Charlie don’t come unstuck on us, it’s a fantasy of many a woman to imagine someone’s got her captive and has his way with her provided there’s no violence,” Jenny says as he gets his burglar dark gear on.

“Well how on earth can I scare the daylights out of you two if I don’t have some kind of a weapon to make you take notice of me?” he replies.

“Just stand there with your erection pointing at us that’s a real good weapon if I ever saw one she jokes and both girls break into hysterics.

“Look girls, I’m only doing this for Jenny’s sake, because she turned me on today and thanks to that I’ve never had so much sexy fun in one day ever in my entire sexually boring life but having to get rough with my own daughter and her friend, well, it’s not easy.”

“Daddy it’s only make believe you know that; you used to take part in one-act plays when you went to school and you joined the local amateur theatre company and loved being on stage,” Alison remind him.

“Yes but that was Shakespeare stuff, a bit different to scaring the daylights out of you two making out I’m a perverted burglar.”

Jenny puts her arms around his shoulders and looks him in the eye. “Charlie you had a damn good time showing us this afternoon that you are quite handy with that big tool of yours. Surely you can imagine having me being tied up and spread out for you to have your way with me?”

“Yes of course, that’s the part I like about it. But can’t we just do it without me making out I’m breaking into the house and holding you two captive?”

“Charlie you’re missing the point. That’s not as erotic for a woman who likes to imagine she’s being forced to submit herself to a stranger provided she’s in no danger and no cruelties involved. I know it will get my adrenalin flowing if someone tied me up and did things…you know…fucked me while I kept shouting no and until I end up saying harder, harder!”

“Okay, girls, I’ll go get my ski mask and that’s spooky enough coming in a window with that on.”

“Oh goody!” sings Alison. “This is exciting; Jenny and I can feel like we’re being forced against our will to do things with a stranger. I can’t wait; I’ve always wondered what it must be like.”

“Juicy,” says Jenny.

It’s been half an hour since he left the house and as Jenny and Alison lie on the king size bed in their black baby doll negligees caressing each other and kissing with the soft backdrop of just one bed lamp to softly illuminate the room.

“What’s taking him so long?” Jenny wants to know. “I’m really in the mood right now for something exciting and different.”

“Me too,” Alison replies. “Gee, I hope he hasn’t been picked up by a patrol car as a real burglar.”

“Hell I never thought of that,” Jenny says with a horrified look on her face. “How could he ever explain being outside a house — even his own house — in a ski mask and burglar-like dark clothes? Those masks are really ugly and scary I don’t like them when all you can see is a mouth and two eyes. It’s like Friday the 13th sort of horror movie stuff with those co-eds in their holiday bush cabin when the monster turns up with a huge knife.”

Suddenly they’re both scared now at the slightest thought of something going wrong knowing they’re on their own nearly naked in the house with a lowset window left wide open.

What they don’t know is that Charlie changed his mind about using the red and white ski mask that the girls saw him carrying in his hand and he’s gone back to the junk room and taken the all black one instead as he thinks it looks more the thing a burglar would wear rather than a bright coloured one since Jenny wants him to make it more realistic.

No sooner did they open their mouths to talk to each other about his whereabouts instead of tongue kissing than he’s climbing through the window left open at the other side of the house, a long black crowbar in hand he got from his toolshed. He creeps up to their door of Alison’s bedroom and stands back listening, but hears nothing so he sneaks a peek and catches them embracing unaware he’s there.

For him it’s a fascinating sight watching his own 18 year-old daughter locked in a passionate embrace with another teenager of similar age and dimensions. Both have sexy shapely bodies, tanned and smooth below. Their breasts, 37 and 36-inch respectively, are both pointy at the tips and as he spies on them their negligees are caught up around their hips, exposing two sexy sets of pussy lips. Alison’s got a pure cameltoe, her clitoris and vagina lips hidden between her wide and well developed outer labia whereas Jenny’s inner lips are partly exposed and her two and a quarter-inch long clitoris hood sits on the surface so fat and decorated with her twin piercing that it forces her outer labia to lean outwards. It’s a delicious sight any suburban daddy could ever hope to see up close and personal.

Summing up his old confidence suadiye escort from his amateur acting days at the local repertory theatre company when he was in his late 20s, he bursts into the room, hooded and holding the crowbar outwards in a menacing manner. They shriek a real shriek caught unawares not hearing him coming.

“Ahhh! Caught you two lesbian bitches playing around eh? You pair of hot honeys didn’t think I’d find out that your parents were away for the weekend and you’d be here alone,” he shouts at them in a voice disguised like the rest of him. It’s amazing how good actors can even sound different and suddenly he looks and sounds the part.

“Who are you? Get out of our house you rotten man!” Alison cries plaintively almost as if it’s a real life drama. Jenny choruses in the next breath, “yes leave us alone, we’re not doing anything wrong but you are, I’ll call the police,”

“Like hell will you. I’ve already cut the phone line so I wouldn’t get interrupted, so just shut up. Now, what do we have here?” he leers as he walks up to the side of the bed and pushes Jenny against Alison so they end up lying sideways.”Yeees, what do we have here, two little hot lesbians fucking around while the older folks are away. You two got the hots for each other?”

They cringe together, arms around each other as he waves the crowbar about. “I expect you to answer when I ask you a question you young sluts. Got the hots for each other?”

Jenny whimpers yes. “We’re just friends, we’re only mucking about, and we’re not lesbians.”

“Don’t give me that crap you big tits bitch. If I see two women kissing each other like you two were you must be lesbians. If I saw two men doing that they’d be dead set poofters for sure. There’s no in between as far as I’m concerned, my preference is purely for pussies not sucking off some dude and I notice you two shave those sexy cunts so they’re nice to eat.”

“Eighty five percent of women under 35 shave their pussies,” Jenny says from experience and no one in the world has a cleaner, smoother more immaculate hot pussy than Jenny after the care she gives it.

“That’s a good habit I hope they keep doing it. You must be right because the last three young women I did this to I didn’t have to spit any hair out when I went down on them.”

“You’re one of those awful men?” Alison cries sounding emotional because daddy’s doing such a fine job it seems so real. “Please don’t hurt us we’ll do anything you want, just don’t hurt us.”

“Funny thing that,” he laughs. “That’s what the others said too. “It makes it so much easier when I don’t have to rough anyone up to get what I want. Now if you two know what’s good for you you’ll stop your sniffling and start feeling sexy because I’m going to fuck you both silly and give those hot little cunts of yours something to remember.”

“What have we done to deserve this?” Alison pleads. “Don’t you have a wife or a girlfriend you can have your fun with instead?”

He laughs raucously. “Wife? Girlfriend? Why get attached when I can play the field? I’ve had some good free fucks this year, three schoolgirls among them, and three other women a housewife of about30, a secretary working back about 25 and a 20 year-old babysitter. Now she was some babe that one! She was really enjoying it on the floor and moaning so much she woke the baby up in the next room. Stupid bitch was supposed to be letting it sleep and she wakes it up with me on top of her and I had to let her go give the kid a bottle and then get back into finishing my job. And now I’m going to have good time with you two. Didn’t I hit the jackpot this time, two for the time of one?”

“What are you going to do?” Jenny asks in her best sounding innocent but trembling-like voice. “What do you think? I’m going to violate both of you, humiliate you, make you do things that are dirty and degrading so I can stroke my dick knowing I’ve got you helpless and desperate.”

“Please mister can’t you let us go, we don’t want to be done like that,” she pleads as Jenny digs her in the ribs. “Let you go?” he booms. “I’ve just got here. Now shut up, I’m going to tie one of you up to that nice handy wide cane chair over there and put a gag and blindfold on you so you don’t interrupt while I fuck your friend. You in the black ponytail get your arse on to that chair and put your legs over the side nice and wide and slide your arse forward so it’s on the edge. Move it! “

Jenny jumps and spreads her legs across the cane arm rests with her anus and pussy in the front row at the edge of the seat. “Good, that’s good you hot piece of arse, look at how your cunt lips are spreading out. Hmm, bit of metal jewellery there too, I see, so you like feeling erotic well how about your little friend here, come here blonde and get this rope and tie your ponytail lover’s hands together at the back of the chair and use these shorter piece and tie her ankles to the legs of the chair. No funny business or I’ll whack you on the back of the legs with this crowbar and leave some bruises there so ümraniye escort you’ll know not to mess with me.”

Alison does as she’s told and he checks that she’s tied her tight enough without cutting into her skin. He pushes Alison over on the bed and orders her to lie there legs spread apart. “And now my big tits dark haired ponytail Latina I’m blindfolding you and tying this gag around your mouth so you don’t go singing out while I’m busy fucking your blond friend.”

He grabs Jenny by her ponytail and yanks her head back so roughly to apply the blindfold that Jenny feels he’s as rough as a rapist and she’s wet in the crotch. The thought of the shy suburban daddy doing this to please her makes her rapturously more randy being in such a disgustingly degrading position, knees spread wide over the arms of the cane chair, pussy lips open, her explicitly exposed anus offering itself at a backwards angle as her bums rests on the very edge of the seat, blindfolded, gagged, hands tied behind her back to the chair and her ankles strapped to the legs knowing Alison can see her in bondage mode and knowing he’s about to have his way with her any minute.

Charlie the beastly burglar turns towards his cringing daughter who’s afraid of what he’ll do to her. “Come here you little lesbian,” he orders with hardness in his voice and hardness in his pants. “You bi women shit me, you’d sooner kiss and lick each other than have a man’s cock up you well I’m going to teach you to be grateful for a man’s penis so get on your knees and show me how you can suck off and swallow my cum.”

He drops his pants and steps out of his crisp clean white undies that Alison only that morning piled up with the other clean washing to be ironed. His erection is a good mouthful by realistic standards, seven inches long and with a pussy pleasing size of seven inches in circumference and two and a quarter inches in diameter, making its thick girth an unforgettable experience.

She kneels in front of him and starts by licking the head across the top, around the side and the underside and then puts it in her mouth and sucks really fast as if she’s got to make a new appointment. Charlie grabs her by the back of her head and pushes her face into his cock while he thrusts in short jabbing strokes to the same momentum.

He’s pushing it right into her so she almost gags when her mouth is pressed up almost flat against his body and when she nearly gags again, he grabs her roughly by her hair and pulls her mouth off is cock. “You like sucking cock don’t you blonde?” She looks up at him with her big innocent eyes and nods and he pushes his erection back into her mouth and face fucks her even faster Alison’s never had a face fuck before but she’s getting one now.

Jenny can only hear her spluttering noises and from behind her blindfold assumes she’s giving him head but making a lot of noise about it, more than she’d expect from a head job. Alison’s doing such a good job and for a shy religious man that he was before this day Charlie’s sudden transformation into some kind of a sex maniac is making him feel twice the man. Only for Jenny’s involvement this would have never happened and the weekend would never have progressed past him putting the suntan cream over his daughter’s bare body without moving inside with his fingers, let alone what’s happening right now.

It’s too soon but too good and too late as Alison’s hot lips and gagging noises push his erection past the point of no return and he ejaculates full blast into her mouth, saturating her tongue in a white carpet of cum as she’s caught by surprise. Swallowing as much as she can after nearly gagging several times, mouth open with strands of his cum sticking like a suspension bridge from her top teeth and upper lip to the glans of his penis, she gulps in mouthfuls of fresh air.

“You liked that didn’t you bitch, you lesbian fucker!” he grunts as though he were anyone but himself. “Yes you ought to lick your lips, that’s my cum you’re licking up, it’s so good for you I’ll have to give you some more before I get out of this place. Now get your arse over to your friend and I’ll take her gag off so you can straddle the chair and put your wet lips against her dry lips and see if she can give you something else to be thankful for.” He watches gleefully as Alison presses her thighs forward and finds Jenny’s tongue waiting for it. In the 18 years Alison’s been raised as a foster child and getting about naked as a growing girl was acceptable in their home Charlie never thought he’d see the day his grown up girl could get so turned on as another woman lavishes her vagina lips with passionate strokes of the tongue. Jenny can’t use anything but her tongue as she’s tied hands and feet to the chair but for Alison it’s a very sexy situation looking down at her bound girlfriend eating her pussy with a blindfold on and her long shapely legs straddled wide apart over the arms of the chair.

The burglar in her daddy wants to steal as much of this moment as possible, ever glad he took the extra Viagra pill an hour earlier so he could peel off 20 years of his age and rejuvenate his sperm bank so he can withdraw more from it on account of Jenny and Alison and make worthwhile deposit in their favour. It takes only 10 minutes for Alison to reach an orgasm as Jenny worked her clit blindfolded.

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