Mandy The Nymphomanic

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Mandy was just nineteen and a regular nymphomaniac. She loved sex, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sex was the be all and end all of her life. She came from a family of three being raised by a single mother. Her elder brother Ethan had gone to Europe to do his university studies there. It was summer break and Ethan was due back home the next day. It was two years since Mandy had last seen him. She had a date with Andy that night and wanted to be back early so that she could be home for Ethan’s arrival. Andy was her boyfriend, well, sort of. They had already slept together, not exactly very surprising considering the fact that Mandy always had sex on a first date itself, but Andy always had the problem of cumming too fast and leaving her unsatisfied and very frustrated.

She dressed with abandon. It was a pool party anyways. Jenna’s house was just a few blocks away from hers and after saying bye to her mom she skipped away to meet the rest of the gang. Jenna and Tristan were sitting locked in each others arms when Mandy got there. Since Jenna’s parents were away for the weekend the girls had the run of the house and intended on using it to the maximum.

“Hey Mandy.” Said Jenna. “Go get into your bathing suit. Andy’s watching TV in the hall. Get him and join us in the pool.”

Jenna wore a blue string bikini, but her body was no match for Mandy’s leggy, full busted frame. Mandy walked into her best friend’s bed room and quickly shed her clothes. She had the yellow bikini on underneath, walking over to the couch, she plopped into Andy’s lap and planted a wet kiss on his lips. She had that familiar aching feeling between her thighs again, and the sight of a member of the opposite sex just intensified the craving.

“Hey there.” She said. “Missed me?”

“Wow! Mandy! You look stunning.” Said Andy.

She could already feel Andy’s cock grow against her thigh. His hand moved up to cup her breast. He massaged it slowly kneading the soft mound in his hands. Mandy moaned. She loved having her tits felt up. She was extremely sensitive there and often masturbated herself to a mind-blowing orgasm in her room just by tweaking her nipples and teasing them. Andy never paid her tits enough attention she felt, and sure enough, she felt her self being carried and laid on the couch. After a few kisses and nipple sucking she felt her bikini bottom being pushed aside and a cock enter her. Andy kept fucking her in slow strides, then he picked up pace. Just as she began to moan and thrash about under him, orgasm impending she felt him shoot his load into her pussy.

“Wow, that was incredible honey.” He said.

Allover in just 5 minutes she thought. Disgusted and frustrated she got up and went to join the others. Still there was Tristan, Jenna’s boyfriend, she thought, it was just a matter of getting Jenna away for 10 minutes or so. Tristan was a good fuck. Soon all four were frolicking and splashing about in the pool. After several rounds of booze all of them were very drunk. Only Tristan seemed fine. Jenna was in one corner of the pool. Mandy noticed that Andy sat rather too close to Jenna and both were laughing at something. They were probably even too drunk to remember each others names. Tristan walked over to the others with a couple of drinks in his hand. He handed one to his girl and another to Andy.

“Maybe you guys should stop now.” Said Mandy. Secretly she just wished they would all get so drunk so that she could have her way with each one of them.

“Aw, c’mon Mandy.” Said Jenna giggling. “I haven’t felt like this in years. I wanna get really drunk and fuck like you just did on the couch. We saw you.” She giggled. Andy laughed too.

“Beautiful cocking I gave you huh Mandy honey?” He asked looking very pleased with himself.

Tristan smiled and jumped into the pool. He swam over to Mandy.

“Don’t let them bother you. They’re too drunk that’s all.” He said.

“I know.” She said disgustedly. “I just wish he would stop bragging that’s all.” She sighed and then caught her breath as she felt a hand brush against her pussy.

“Tristan!” She exclaimed. “I was wondering when you’d start. Been thinking about you all evening.” Mandy had screwed every guy in her school. She loved sex and made no deal about it. It was a wonder her girlfriends didn’t know about her yet. Tristan was a good fuck and she had been doing him without Jenna’s knowledge for quite some time now.

“Shhh!” He said swimming directly in front of her so that the other two would just think they were talking. “You look so hot in that bikini.” He said. “I would love to do you Mandy and it’s even hotter with your best friend right here and you screwing her boyfriend right under her nose!” His hands were at her pussy again. His middle finger probed her slit and slipped into her hole through the fabric.

“Mmmmmm, you really know how to get me Tristan. I love this overwhelming feeling of guilt, Jenna being here and you fucking me and all. It’s delicious. The booze is getting to me too.” She said. Tristan fingered her pussy some more. Mandy craved release and didn’t care even if it was her best friend’s boyfriend who gave it to her. Suddenly Tristan pushed the bikini fabric aside. Her grabbed her hips and lifted her off the water and then dropped her back gently erenköy escort on to his waiting tool.

“Mmmmmmmm, that feels good.” Said Mandy locking her legs around his waist. “Fuck me baby!” she said facing Jenna and Andy as she felt Tristan’s cock ride into her. Jenna was laughing as Andy’s hands held her by her shoulders. Mandy could make out Andy’s hands lightly brushing her best friend’s tits as her best friend’s boyfriend’s cock reamed her pussy in the water. Tristan’s cock was the same girth as Andy’s but an inch or two longer. She felt it reach right up inside her cunt.

“I hope they can’t see us.” She said. “But wouldn’t it be great if they could.” She laughed. “Andy could learn a thing or two about fucking.”

“Don’t worry.” Said Tristan. “That’s why I dimmed the lights and gave them even more to drink.” He laughed. “I just had to fuck you Mandy.”

He held her by the waist and bobbed her up and down his long prick. The water entering her pussy hole and coming out with each thrust excited her. With each movement she felt an oncoming orgasm.

“Fuck me faster.” She gasped. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Ahhhh, mmmmm.” She stifled her moans as she felt her clitoris rub harder on Tristan’s prick as her fucked her harder. He pushed her against the side of the pool and holding the railing as support began to mercilessly fuck her twat. Mandy was squashed against the pool wall enjoying every shove in her hole. She squeezed her own tits in pleasure.

“Cum in me Tristan.” She cried. “Cum in me now.”

Together they rode faster. Tristan shoved deeper into her cunny as she twisted her nipples painfully. Orgasm hit them both at the same time. Load after load of hot semen coursed through her pussy hole as Tristan slowed down his pace. Her cunt spiraled into blackness as she wrapped her legs tightly around Tristan’s hips locking him in her pussy. She could still hear Jenna and Andy laugh about some stupid thing at their school. She was so glad it was dark and they were so drunk. Reluctantly she pulled away from Tristan.

“That was the best quickie I have ever had.” She said. “What a cock.” She said grinning.

She set her bikini right and kissed Tristan full on the lips. “Gotta go home now. My brother’s coming in the morning.” She said as she ran toward the door. “Say goodbye to those two for me ok.”

In twenty minutes Mandy was in bed, bathed and thinking of the wonderful way in which Tristan’s cock had pleasured her. Sighing, she rubbed her pussy. I’ll have to give Andy the old heave ho, she decided.

At home

“Hey! Hey you lazy bones! Get up! Is this the way to welcome someone home?”

Mandy awoke with a start to a large pillow being thrown on her head.

“What the?” She cursed. “Ethan!” She jumped up not in the least bit bothered that she was in her underwear. “When did you come home? What time is it?” She asked him hugging him tightly to her. “I missed you. You look different.”

“Alright one question at a time please.” Said her brother tossing her back onto the bed playfully. He was only four years older than her and was strikingly good-looking like her. “You’ve grown kiddo.” He said. “You look like a girl at last.”

They played around with each other for sometime, reminiscing about the old days and recounting to each other all that they had missed in the past two years.

“Ethan! Mandy! Breakfast’s ready.” Called their mother.

“Oh bother!” Said Mandy at the break fast table. “I have school today, but just for two hours. I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Take your time kiddo.” Said Ethan. I’m not going anywhere for the next two months.

At school

Mandy sat through one boring lecture after another. Jenna sat right next to her very unassuming about last nights events. Mandy listened with envy her pussy juicing up, as Jenna described the sex she had had with Tristan after she had left. Unconsciously Mandy’s hand moved to her pussy. She stroked her clit. Good that I didn’t wear panties today, she thought. After this lecture is over I’m going to Professor Hart’s room.

The bell rang at last. Mandy nonchalantly got up and picked up her books.

“Comin over?” Jenna asked.

“No, you go ahead! Ethan’s home and I gotta get home soon.”

“Wow! You didn’t tell me Ethan’s home. You know I have this big crush on him and all.” Said Jenna.

“Come over in the night then.” Said Mandy. “After you finish with him.” She jerked her head in Tristan’s direction. “You can have dinner with us.”

“I’ll be there said Jenna.” running out of the room.

Mandy lingered around the school for half an hour until the whole campus had cleared. When she decided it was safe she walked up to Professor Hart’s study and rapped on the door gently.

“Come in.” said a small voice. Professor Hart was in his 40’s and was not exactly the most attractive man on campus. He was short and stocky. His hair always smelled of gel, at least what was left of it. The professor was balding, and at a rapid rate. Still there was something that Mandy loved in him, his short thick cock, stocky just like the rest of his person. She only went to Hart when she had no other choice. And Hart loved having her. Who wouldn’t? She was 5.7”. Had long black hair till her waist, göztepe escort deep blue eyes and a full pouty mouth that she always painted a with very seductive red gloss. She was intelligent; a fantastic lay, and had beautiful assets to add to it all.

“Mandy.” He exclaimed. There was another man in Prof. Hart’s room. He looked like a regular bum. He was about 35 years old, and was dressed in rags. His teeth were broken and stained and he looked sweaty and hot and bothered. He grinned at Mandy.

“Got some tuition aye prof?” He asked wickedly.

The professor stammered and stuttered. “Er, Mandy this is Mike from the mercy shack on Palm Street. He wants me to er, er….”

“I want him to pay me young lady….. “ Said Mike

“Well, whatever it is.” Said Mandy. “I want no part of it. I don’t care what underhanded scheme the professor and you have going, I just wanna um….talk to the prof in private….”

“Well, I’m not leaving here for quite some time then honey.” Said the bum. His breath reeked of liquor. “You’ll just have to wait or come back another time.”

Mandy looked uncomfortable. She looked at the professor. He was sweating profusely and had a sad look on his face. Unable to control her urges Mandy made a decision. She walked over to the prof’s desk and sat on the table, directly in front of the bum. Her short pleated skirt rose up to expose two perfect thighs and barely just covered her pussy.

“Well, Mike!” She said, spreading her legs slowly just inches away from the bum’s face. Her pussy was in full view, panty less, moist and glistening. “What do you say I pay you off in kind for whatever the prof owes you and you no longer trouble the both of us?” She smiled inching forward till only a small part of her buttocks rested on the table. Her cunt was so close to the man’s face he could have licked it with a flick of his tongue.

“Mandy!” exclaimed the professor.

Mandy’s lewdness shocked him, yet there was a deep carnal desire to watch this pretty young college girl being fucked by a stinking bumpkin. Mike had already proceeded to touch Mandy’s legs. He felt her up like he had never had a woman in years. He knelt on the floor between her legs and proceeded to kiss her shoe and sock clad legs.

“Fine with me miss.” Said Mike. “I haven’t had a decent woman in many years. And your pretty ass will be a pleasure to fuck.” He inserted a thick grubby finger into the folds of her pussy and pushed inwards till his finger was buried deep in the sweet, soft, very wet peach colored flesh.

“Professor!” Commanded Mandy. “Stand in front and watch him eat me.”

The prof walked mesmerized over to the other side of his desk. Mike had pulled off Mandy’s skirt and was kissing her belly button. Her blouse was off too and her heavy 34 size breasts stood proud nipples erect and eager to be suckled. Mandy’s legs were spread so wide the prof could see the peach folds of her pussy wet with all her juices and Mike’s finger shoving in and out. He proceeded to unzip himself and take his fat cock out. He moaned, as Mike pushed his face onto Mandy’s cunt and licked the moist slit. She wore nothing but her socks till her knees and shoes. She looked so dammed hot.

“Ahhhhhhh…” Mandy screamed. Mike’s tongue picked up pace as he licked her whole slit furiously.

“She likes her breasts to be squeezed.” Said the professor timidly. He was on the couch now, beating his meat furiously.

“Oh yeah!” Said Mike grabbing hold of her breasts and squeezing them.

“Nice titties baby.” He said. He noisily latched onto one and suckled like he never had done it before. His other hand twisted her other nipple wildly. Mandy thrashed about wildly on the table.

“I’ve had enough.” She screamed. “Take me you dirty fucker!” She screamed. “Put your disgusting, stinking cock in my hole and fuck me.”

The professor never had seen Mandy so wild and raw before. Mike had caught her by the ankles and pulled her to the edge of the table. He unzipped himself and took out a 10 inch cock that was not so thick as it was long. The head glistened purple with precum oozing out of it. He rubbed his dirty cock, up and down her slit making her cry out with pleasure. The professor felt his own orgasm cumming hard and fast. Suddenly the bumpkin thrust his long prick into Mandy’s waiting twat.

“Ahhhh, ummmmmm.” Screamed Mandy. Mike didn’t let up. He kept pounding his meat into her hole like there was no tomorrow. Mandy’s whole body spasmed on the table as the filthy cock plunged into her pretty little white pussy. The professor had never been so turned on in all his life.

“How about me getting a piece of ass?” He asked.

“Sure old man.” Said Mike. “I’m generous enough. As long as this cum slut promises to come to the shelter next weekend and do a gang session with me and some of the boys.”

“Would I get dirty, filthy cocks up my clean pussy?” Asked Mandy turned on by the thought of her pure white cunt being abused by stinking, drunken, dirty men.

“Even up your ass love. The dirtiest, filthiest, cocks that have been god knows where will fuck your pretty little snobbish holes till they tear in two.” Said Mike.

“C’mon Prof.” Said Mike. “Let’s sandwich the horny cunt.”

Taking Mandy, Mike kadıköy escort threw her onto the floor on her stomach. The Professor wiggled under her and raised his cock up to meet her cunny. She looked like a wild animal her long black hair hanging in her face. With one forceful hump she landed her pussy on the professor’s fat cock. Mike positioned himself behind her and spat on his dick. He rubbed some spit on her ass and then inserted his middle finger up her asshole.

“Ahhhhhh.” She cried, bobbing up and down the professor’s cock slowly. Her tits, hit the professors face. He grabbed a teat and sucked on it as Mike thrust into her ass with one push. Mandy screamed. She was full of two cocks now, and both men could feel the other’s prick through the thin membrane that separated Mandy’s ass from her twat. Mike began thrusting.

“Tear you slut.” He screamed violently. “You horny slut. Let Mike push his drunken, stinking prick up your asshole and tear it to shreds.”

Both men thrust fast and hard. Mandy felt her pussy become sore. He clit was engorged her tits ached from the way the Prof bit and sucked them. She could smell cheap liquor and cigars, and above all dirty sweat and grime rubbed into her most private parts from Mike’s unwashed filthy body. It was so primitive, she loved it. I came here for a normal cocking and I get heaven, she thought. Lucky me.

“I can’t hold out any longer…” She yelled.

“Me neither…” Said the Prof. With one hard thrust he emptied his balls into Mandy’s pussy. Her own pleasure building up, she bucked against Mike. He was grunting and swearing. Suddenly he violently thrust several times in her setting off her own orgasm. Both of them fucked, bucking so hard against each other that mike’s balls slapped hard against her ass. His spunk filled her asshole. Both cried out simultaneously. Mike pulled out of her and rolled over. Mandy cried softly, being absolutely sated. Her twat hurt, and her ass pounded, but she felt so happy, two loads of semen filling each hole. After awhile she got up, glad she hadn’t worn any panties. She loved the way the spunk in her pussy squished as she walked. She dressed and promised Mike she would visit the shelter for another fuck session again soon. Thanking the Prof she went home, happy.

At Home

“Where have you been Mandy?” Asked Mandy’s mother when she came home. “And look at you. You look like something the cat dragged in.”

“I had hockey practice ma.” She lied. “Where’s Ethan?”

“He’s gone to Ray’s house. Should be back anytime now. I have a problem. Aunt Claire called up this noon and wanted me to come over. She’s terribly sick and needs attention. I have already told Ethan. I’ll be gone for two to three days. I need you to take care of the house.” Said her mother.

“Ethan must be disappointed.” Said Mandy. Deep inside her she felt happy that her mother was going to be away for a few days. She couldn’t understand why.

“He understands honey. Now I had better leave. There’s money on the counter for groceries and be good.”

Mandy waved goodbye to her mother and went up to her room. She looked at her self in the mirror. She looked positively raped she decided. Still wanting to fell the prof’s spunk in her cunny, she didn’t take a bath. Instead she just wore a loose, short nightshirt and no underwear and proceeded to watch some TV. The phone rang. It was Jenna calling to say that she would come by in the morning as she and Tristan planned to sleep over for the night. She sounded very excited and Mandy felt that familiar tightness in her crotch at the mention of sex. She poured herself a drink from her mother’s scotch and curled up in front of the TV. Ethan came home after 10 minutes.

“Hey kiddo.” He said. “You drinking? Does mom know about this?”

“Don’t be a prick Ethan.” She said. “Did you have dinner?”

“No. I’ll go wash up and then we’ll order a pizza or something.” He said climbing up the stairs.

“Whatever.” Said Mandy. She poured herself another drink and waited for Ethan. After awhile he came bounding down the stairs humming something. She turned to ask him about the pizza and stopped short. Ethan wore nothing on top. His body rippled of muscles, no doubt from all that football playing. He was beautifully tanned. The tiny pair of gym shorts he wore showed off a perfect ass and long, muscular legs. He spoke on the phone to the pizza company, hand on one hip. Mandy felt that familiar tingle, her nipples hardened and poked through her skimpy nightdress. God what am I doing, she asked herself. This is my brother. But he looks good enough to eat. Ethan gave the address and came and plonked down with a book next to Mandy on the couch. She surveyed her brother through the corner of her eye. His jet black hair was damp and his body glistened from the moisture of the shower he had just taken. His chest had a light sprinkling of hair. Not too less, not too much. All the boys at school had been clean chested and very disappointing. Mandy found this male body hair fascinating. It was so manly and inviting. She wanted to reach out and run her tongue over Ethan’s cute little nipples. She shuddered, her own feelings overpowering her. Unconsciously she flicked channels and just happened to land on a porn movie. Ethan looked up from the book he was reading. The young girl on the screen was walking around a office displaying her tits. Men sat around with erections and everybody looked happy and made a lot of sounds. Then the girl on the screen began fingering her pussy as she walked and loud moans escaped her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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