Man of the House

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For the longest time, Graham had been the “man of the house” and babysitter of his younger sister. Their dad died when he was 8 and Dana, his sister was 6. Delia his mom had used up most of their family savings for medicine and doctor visits for their dad until his death. So she worked two jobs to make ends meet and keep the kids in good schools.

Graham for the most part did a damn good job. He always made sure that the homework got done and the house stayed clean. And he was not overly bossy with Dana, although, to hear her say it, he was worst than their mom was.

It was when Graham was 20 and Dana was 18 that things changed in ways they could never have imagined. Graham attended the local college and worked part-time at night to help mom out. His hours were so erratic that Dana never knew when he would be in or out. And for the most part she behaved herself.

Graham walked in the house at around 6pm. If he wasn’t working he should have been in by 4:30. So naturally Dana thought he would be at work until 9:30. Graham walked into the house and could hear his younger sister even as he walked down the long hallway towards her bedroom.

“Oh Steven! Yes Steven! Oh baby, your dick feels so fuckin’ good! Shove it deep! Fuck me hard! Oh shit I love to feel you ramming that thing up my hot cunt. Did you like the way I sucked you baby? Did I do it better than that skinny assed Maggie Brewster? Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! Oh Steven, I’m gonna cum hard!”

Hearing the sounds of his sister getting fucked, Graham grew angry. He had told Dana over and over that she was not to have boys over when he or mom was not home. And here she was not only having company, but having sex in her bedroom. Well he would make her think twice before she ever did it again.

Pushing open the door, he saw Dana up on her bed. At 18, she had the body of a young woman. And even Graham could appreciate her looks. She had nice full tits with big nipples like her mom had. Her hips were round and were in proportion to her height. Her soft chocolate skin had a nice sheen from the sweating the two had worked up.

Steven, her current boyfriend was behind her. Graham took a second to look at the two of them. Dana, so dark and lovely, looked exquisite besides Steven. The boy had no real color. His white skin didn’t have a tan and shown sickly compared to her chocolate complexion.

They had their backs to him, and from the size of the boy’s balls, Graham didn’t think that he could have had too big a dick. But he was sure hammering Dana’s cunt from the back.

“Oh yea! Take my cock! Damn girl! Your pussy is so tight! And Maggie never sucked my cock the way that you do. I’m glad that you’re on the pill. I love feeling my scum shoot up your black cunt. You like my big white cock, don’t you slut?”

Dana was humping her ass back to meet his thrust. She was right on the verge of Cumming. “Yes you white fucker! Fuck my black pussy! You love it! No white girl fucks the way I do! Oh fuck! I’m there! I’m Cumming’!”

It was at that moment, that Graham grabbed Steven by his long blond hair and yanked him backward. Steven screamed just as Dana started Cumming. She felt his dick pull out her cunt and cried out. “No! Keep fucking me! I’m Cumming you bastard!”

Then she heard her brother hitting Steven. “If I ever catch you around my sister again, I’ll cut off your balls and feed them down your throat.” She turned around and saw Graham deliver a blow to the young white boy that left him curled up in a ball crying out for mercy.

“Graham! Don’t! Please stop! Don’t hurt him!”

But Graham was too angry to hear her. He delivered another punch then grabbed the boy by his hair. “I should throw you out naked. But then mom would find out. Get dressed and get the fuck out! If I ever see you around my sister, I’ll kill you! I swear on my dad’s grave that I will!”

Steven, still crying, pulled his pants on. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and practically ran out the door. Then Graham turned his attention to his sister.

“Graham! You had no right!”

That’s as far as she got, before she cried out. Graham had grabbed her by her hair and pulled her forward. Placing his hand in the middle of her back, he pinned her to the bed.

“You little tramp! What if mom had come in and saw that? She works two jobs to keep your ass in a good school and here you are letting some skinny assed white boy fuck you in her house. Well I warned you the last time you had a boy over without one of us being home.”

Dana struggled, trying to get free. But Graham was too strong for her. “Fuck you! You’re not my father! Graham let me up!” Then she let out a loud scream.

“No! I’m not dad! If dad were alive and had caught you, he would have killed the boy then beat you within an inch of your life. And since I’m the next best thing, I’m gonna do as he would have done.”

Graham lifted his hand high and slammed it down open palmed across her round butt cheeks. The loud smack resounded in the room mixed with her loud cry. pendik escort Over and over he spanked his sister.

Dana struggled harder to get free. But Graham was too strong. Her cries turned to pleas. Her pleas turned to screams. Her screams turned to sobs. And still he kept spanking her. Then he stopped. But he never took his hand off her back or her ass.

“You never were one to learn your lesson. I tried to tell you that I would not allow you to become a slut like some of your girlfriends. But did you listen? No! You have to learn your lesson the hard way.”

As he talked, Graham began to rub and knead the soft cheeks of her ass. Dana, her ass on fire, continued to sob and cry into her pillow. Her ass hurt so much; his touch did nothing but make it hurt more.

“You think boys will like you more if you let them fuck you? You think you can use our home for some cheap fuck den? Well since your pussy was just as much the culprit, I’m gonna spank that too!”

Graham grabbed his sister and flipped Dana over onto her back. Her sore ass rubbing against the rough blanket made her cry out. Before she could even close her legs together, Graham delivered the first slap to her exposed pussy.

Dana had more hair around her pussy than the 20+ year olds that Graham fucked. But it did nothing to stop the sting as his palm landed on her already swollen pussy lips. Her scream shook the room. It felt like someone had poured molten fire on her cunt.

Not wanting to have the neighbors hear Dana’s screams and come to investigate, Graham looked for something to gag her with. Lying up by her pillows were her discarded panties. From the moisture that had soaked the crotch, her and Steven must have been making out for a while before he started fucking her. Graham grabbed the soaked, soiled panties and pushed them in her mouth. Dana had clamped her legs tight and was struggling for all she was worth.

Graham grabbed one of her big nipples and twisted viciously. Even thru her gag, Dana’s scream could be heard. “Open those thighs and take what you deserve tramp. Do it! Or I’ll make your nipples so sore you won’t be able to put on a top for weeks.” Graham twisted the other nipple.

As soon as Dana opened her legs, he slapped her pussy again. It went that way for the next 5 slaps. She would close her legs, he would twist her nipple, and when she opened her legs, his hand was a blur slapping her pussy.

Dana’s cries of pain slowly turned to soft whimpers. Her whimpers turned to soft moans. Then as his slaps against her throbbing pussy, continued, her moans grew louder. Graham noticed that Dana was lifting her hips when he slapped her pussy and lifting her chest when he would twist her nipple. Her cries were moans. And when he looked down, her pussy was dripping.

He stopped and let his hand rest on her cunt. There was no mistaking the way she moved her hips. She was rubbing her cunt against his fingers. And when he looked at her face, Dana was staring directly at him.

Graham stroked her slit and Dana let a long moan escape her throat. He pulled her panty from her mouth and watched her work her lips trying to get enough saliva to talk. He rubbed her slit again and she closed her eyes and pushed her hips up to his fingers.

Graham watched his sister’s face as he continued to rub her slit. Dana’s eyes were opening and closing. And each time she opened them, she looked directly at him.

“Open wider! Open those thighs all the way, you little tramp!”

Dana moaned as his fingers stroked her swollen, stinging clit. But she opened her legs as wide as she could. Graham pushed his thumb down on her clit and she moaned loud.

“You like this don’t you tramp? You like feeling my fingers stroking your nasty cunt. Does it feel as good as when that white boy does it? Do you just like to let white boys fuck you?”

Before Dana could answer, he delivered another stinging blow to her now fully open cunt. With her legs open wide like this, her pussy lips gapped open, and he slapped directly into her wet cunt.

Dana screamed loudly. Then she began to hump her ass up off the bed hard. “Graham you motherfucker! What are you doing to me? You have my pussy so fucking hot! Please Graham! Please don’t stop? Graham! I’m Cumming! Spank my pussy! Spank it hard! SHIT! FUCKIN’ SHIT!”

Graham slapped her pussy over and over. Hard! Soft! Slow! Fast! Over and over he slapped her open pussy. Then with a scream, Dana arched her back and practically lifted her whole body off the bed.

Graham shoved two fingers into her cunt and fucked her with them hard and fast. Dana cried out again and this time, her climax also brought on a flood of hot cum juice.

Graham was surprised when her cum shot from her pussy. He had heard of girls ejaculating but always thought it was just a myth. But there was no mistaking what was taking place before him.

Dana fell back on the bed. She lay so still, Graham grew scared. Then she began to stir. suadiye escort Dana opened her eyes and looked at her older brother. Her chest was still heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Then she began to smile.

“Damn Graham! I never had anything like that happen to me. What the fuck did you do?”

Graham looked down at her. Damn! He had never realized just how beautiful his little sister really was before. She was always a younger version of mom. Only she was a true pain in the ass most of the time. But after seeing her cum as hard as she had, he was seeing her as a woman and not as his sister. And there was no hiding the fact that what had just happened had gotten him hard and horny. His dick was threatening to burst thru his pants.

“I gave you the spanking you deserved. I won’t have my sister acting like the neighborhood tramp.”

Dana looked down at his pants. She looked up and saw that Graham was watching her. She smiled as she looked up at him. “Did you get that hard from spanking me? Or did walking in and finding Steven fucking me get you that way?”

Graham never took his eyes off of hers. “You’re my sister! But spanking you and seeing you cum the way you did, there was no way I could have stayed soft. But like I said, you’re my sister! So don’t go getting any funny ideas. As hot as you have me, if mom even thought that I was doing anything with you, she would cut my dick off and feed it to me in small pieces.”

Dana laughed. Reaching out her hand, she touched the lump in his pants. Graham didn’t move, as she let her fingers trace his length thru the material. “From the size of this dick, you would have a full meal. Take it out and show me.”

Graham brushed her hand away. “Fuck you! Fucking the kids in the neighborhood is one thing. Fucking your brother is way out of line. That’s incest!”

Dana moved her legs open so that he could see her dripping pussy. And Graham’s eyes went straight to her open slit. Even her bushy hair couldn’t hide her swollen lips and the amount of crème that still surrounded her gaping cunt.

“Were you thinking about incest, when you were rubbing my cunt? When you were twisting my nipples and spanking my open pussy, did you think about incest then? And what about when you rubbed my “G” spot? You knew that you would bring me off. But you didn’t stop, did you? Incest is when a grownup molests a little kid. I’m 18 and haven’t been a virgin in awhile.

Shit! The only hole I’m virgin in is my asshole! Look at my pussy Graham. Tell me you didn’t like spanking it! Tell me you didn’t get hot shoving your fingers up my cunt and fucking me hard and fast! Look at your pants. Your pre-cum is forming a big wet circle. Come on big brother. You know that if you got up and went to your room right now, you would whip that dick out and stroke it til you came. Take it out and let me see it.”

As she talked, Dana kept her hand stroking on his throbbing shaft thru his pants. She was slowly rubbing and stroking him. And Graham was getting more and more turned on. Then he pushed her hands off and stood up. His dick was really poking against his pants and this made him seem even bigger than when he was sitting down.

“Dana I swear! If you don’t stop right now, I’m gonna whip your ass all over again.”

Dana smiled up at him. “Yea! Spank me again! Spank my pussy hard! Twist my nipples til I cry out. Did you like pushin’ my soaked panties in my mouth? Is that how you like it? Come on big brother. If you take it out and let me see, this little tramp will suck it til you cum. You know you want to cum.”

Dana slid off the bed and sliding to her knees crawled to her brother. Graham stood as if in a trance as his sister crawled to him. Then reaching up, she grasped his zipper and slowly pulled it down. Graham’s dick pushed out between the opening.

Dana looked up at her brother as she opened her mouth and took the swollen tip in between her lips. Graham groaned as he felt her soft lips take hold of his throbbing cock head. Dana didn’t take her eyes off his, as her tongue slid all around the head. Then she slowly sucked in until she had his swollen head in her mouth.

Graham watched as she pulled back, allowing her tongue to slide to the tip of his hard dick. She licked right into his pee hole. “Mmmmm! You taste a lot better than any of the other guys I sucked.” Then she slowly slipped her mouth even deeper over his dick.

Graham groaned louder! “Oh you little tramp! Suck it! Oh fuck! My own sister is sucking my dick! Mom would kill us if she ever found out!”

Dana slipped her mouth from him. “I won’t tell her, will you? Or maybe I will. If you don’t let me suck this dick until you cum in my mouth, I’ll tell her that you came in and found me and Steven fuckin’. She’ll be mad as hell, but then I’ll tell her that after you beat Steven’s ass and thru him out, you spanked my ass and pussy then raped me. I think that she’ll believe me. Don’t you?”

The smug look on Dana’s face tuzla escort caused Graham to snap! He grabbed her by her hair and yanked her off his dick. “You gonna try to blackmail me you tramp? I whipped your ass once, and I’ll do it again! I’ll show you just who the fuck you’re fuckin’ with!”

With that, he threw her on the bed. Before she could even begin to struggle, Graham attacked her pussy with a vengeance. His slaps this time were designed to deliver maximum pain. And Dana cried out for the first few. Then she began to moan and hump her pussy up to meet them.

“Yea! Spank my pussy hard you bastard! You know you want to fuck me! Admit it Graham. You would like nothing better than to shove that big hard dick up my hot cunt. You called me a tramp. Well I’ll be your tramp Graham. Would you like that? You can spank me and fuck me whenever you want.”

Graham looked down at his sister. As much as he hated to admit it, he wanted nothing more than to be able to fuck her. She was a slut! There was no nice way to label her actions. And right now, she wanted nothing more than to have him fuck her.

Graham grabbed Dana by her thighs. Pulling her to the edge of her bed, he wedged his body between her open thighs. “You want me to fuck you, you nasty slut? You want to feel my hard dick slamming into your hot nasty pussy? Ok bitch!”

Dana’s pussy was already soaked. She had cum twice already, not to mention the crème from having been fucked by Steven. But Steven was in no way as big and thick as he was.

Her eyes grew wide as Graham slammed his dick in her cunt. Then she screamed. “Graham! Wait! You’re too big! You’re hurting me!”

I looked down at her. “Oh no bitch,” I said as I pulled almost all the way out and slammed her again. “You wanted me to fuck you. You wanted to feel my dick. Well you’re gonna get it! You’re gonna get it good!”

I fucked Dana for all I was worth. And after a few cries and struggling to wiggle her ass from beneath me, she began to fuck me back. I was gritting my teeth, trying to make it hurt. I wanted her to feel pain from my fucking.

“Oh you bastard! You’re tearing my pussy! Graham! You’re hurting me baby! Oh fuck! That feels so fuckin’ good! You have such a big cock!”

I was lost in her cunt. Fucking my own sister, I felt like my dick had grown two more inches and had gotten much fatter. I guess she was just that tight. I opened my eyes and looked at her. I had never seen a look like the one she was giving me.

“Oh yea! I’ve wanted this for so long. Fuck me Graham! I always wanted you to fuck me! I get so hot thinking about your cock! Wanting it! Wanting to suck it! You can fuck me anytime you want! You can fuck me any way you want! Just fuck me! Fuck mmmeeeeeeeeee!”

With that, I felt her flood my dick and balls with her crème! I didn’t know if she was on the pill so I pulled out just as my dick exploded. The first shot hit her face, covering her nose and eyes in cum. The next one hit her tits and stomach! By the final dribble, it was only dropping on her thigh.

I looked down at my sister. Ashamed at what I had done. But she was smearing my cum across her lips, rubbing it on her tits and stomach. She looked totally satisfied.

“Damn bro’! That was the wildest fuck I’ve ever had. I’m gonna have to get you to spank my pussy and fuck me again.” She looked at her clock! “Shit! I’m supposed to meet Karen at the park.” With that, she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I heard the shower going.

Grabbing up my clothes, I headed for my room. I took a shower and was sitting in the living room watching TV when mom came in 45 minutes later. She stood looking at me, but I could see that she was sniffing the air.

Shit! I had forgotten to open the windows and let the smell of fucking clear out of the house. Mom looked at me. “Graham! I met Steven as I was coming down the street. He was crying and said that you beat him up. When I made him tell me why, he said that you came in and found him and Dana in her room. You got mad and beat him up. You want to tell me the truth about what happened?”

I had taken the blame more than once for Dana’s actions. But this time, I wasn’t gonna do it! I looked up at mom. “It wasn’t my fault! But I took care of it and it won’t happen again.”

Maybe I was feeling cocky after having given Dana a fuck I think we both wanted for a long time. Maybe I was just tired! But anyway, I looked at mom and she looked at me.

Mom turned around and walked down the hall. She opened Dana’s door and the smell was really strong in there. Then she went into her bedroom and closed the door. She came out a few minutes later. Mom wears this old worn out housecoat around the house. We’ve tried to get her to throw it out but she loves it. Says it feels like an old sneaker. Too comfortable to throw away!

She went into the fridge and came back with a beer. She tossed me one and sat on the sofa next to me. I popped the top and drank a big swig. I watched her take a few small sips. Then she turned to me.

“Ok Graham! That spineless Steven told me everything! He said that you walked in and he was having sex with Dana. He said that you threatened to kill him if you caught him with Dana again. He told me that you beat him up and threw him out. But he said that he peeked in the window and saw you spanking your sister.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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