Malpractice Chapter 6: Foundations of a Harem

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Wow. I really need to stop posting once every six months. The past half year has been insane. First I got a 9-5 job that sucked the soul out of me, now I’m working part time as an English tutor and have been in a commited relatonship since just before the last chapter. I’ve decided to pull my self by the collar and start putting up new stories regularly. Expect one-shots and maybe a new series once I’m done with this one. Again, I love to hear feedback in the comments, and this time I will truly make sure to post stuff regularly.

Chapter Six
Foundations of a Harem

I was supposed to have coffee with Rose the following day, but there were some complications regarding getting out of bed. I opened my eyes, not as a result of my alarm clock going off, but from the sensation of three beautiful girls hungrily devouring my crotch.

In the middle was Denise, playfully sucking the tip; to the right was Jordan, licking my shaft up and down like a lollipop; and finally to the left was Hannah, gorging herself on my balls.

“Good morning, sleepy head.” Jordan said with a chuckle.
“Did you sleep well, Master?” Denise asked in a submissive tone, before she swallowed my dick until only an inch remained.
“Yeah, I slept – oh god – fine, thanks. You’re getting really good at that, Denise.”
“Thank you, Master.” she giggled after letting go of me. She seemed to really take pleasure in the role of a submissive. I couldn’t tell if it was solely because of my command, or if she truly was a sub at heart. Maybe it would be better not to wonder.

The accumulative pleasure I got from these three beauties – two of whom were my sisters – was overwhelming, and I ended up cumming right in Denise’s face. The white semen sprayed her and stuck on her nose and just above her eyes and her shocked face, along with the cum, made for a hilarious scene. Both Jordan and Hannah burst out in laughter, and a moment later Denise joined them.

“Sorry, girls.” I said. “You just caught me off guard.”
“But that’s the great thing about morning wood.” Jordan assured me.
“What is?” I asked, and she grabbed my still erect dick and started jerking it slowly and hard.
“It stays up.”

The three girls had been on their fours with their asses in the air for the last 45 minutes. They had been taking turns getting fucked from behind, and whenever I was busy with one I’d finger the others. I’d fuck them like an animal for about five minutes each, then they’d turn around and suck me till I was rock hard again, never letting my dick get even mid-slack. Then, when it was again at the peak of its hardness, they’d turn around again and the cycle began anew.

As I was coming down on Hannah’s pussy like a piston, I stuck my thumb into Jordan’s asshole.

“Oh! Matt, you knocking on the back door now?”
“What’s that?” Denise asked, not getting what Jordan meant.
“I’ll show you.” I said and stuck my other thumb in Denise’s butt.
“Oh. Ow!”
“Does that hurt?” I asked, seriously concerned.
“No, it’s… it’s just your thumb, right? It feel great. Master…”
“That’s good.”

I started moving my thumbs in and out of their assholes, never seizing in fingering their cunts. Hannah was making growling noises as her big brother wrecked her pussy, and I felt like trying something new. I took my dick out and started teasing her ass with the tip, like a hammer right before you hit the nail. At first, Hannah made a disappointed whine, but as she felt the tip of my penis knocking on her anus, I started to hear the anticipation in her breathing. Slowly, and using only my hips, I gradually pushed myself inside her ass.

“Oooooh my fucking god!” she yelled in voice larger than I thought her small yet curvy frame could muster.

I started moving, gently and not very deep, of course. I didn’t want to wreck her ass on the first try, but I recalled she had said something along those lines.

“Does that feel good?” I asked in a slightly mocking tone.
“Yes! Fuck yes, it feels so fucking good!”
“Who’s got the best cock?” I urged her on.
“You! My older brother has the greatest cock ever. Fuck me. Fuck me! Oh, fuck me and cum in my güvenilir bahis ass!”
“What the HELL is going on here!?” Mom yelled somewhere in the background.


Oh shit.

Mom was standing by the door, which she had opened without any of us noticing. She wore the most distressed look of disbelief and panic I had ever seen, and her face was so red I thought she’d blow up any second.

The three girls and I were frozen in place. Both of my thumbs were still inside Denise and Jordan’s asses, and more than two inches of my cock had gone inside Hannah’s anus.

“I said what in god’s name is going on here!”

I blacked out for a minute before I realized, this didn’t need to be a problem at all!

The three of us fuck. Be completely comfortable and supportive about it, but keep it a secret

“Well, Mom,” I started. “Hannah and Jordan and Denise and I, we were just playing around.” I said, feigning at being a bit embarrassed. In truth, I knew I had this under control.
“Well, I can see that.” Mom said, visibly calming down. “But please, for goodness sake, keep it down a bit will you? It’s not even 09:00 on a Saturday. People are sleeping.
“Sorry, Mom.” Hannah whimpered. “I got a little over-excited.”
“I’ll say. And Matt! Don’t do it in your sister’s butt without using lubrication, what kind of son did I raise!”
“Sorry, Mom. It was an impulse decision.”
“Anal sex should never be an rash decision.” she said pointing her finger at me. “It should be cleaned properly beforehand and you should use plenty of Vaseline. If your sister has an accident on your bedroom floor YOU will have to take care of it.”
“I will, Mom. Sorry we made so much noise.”
“And Denise. How lovely to see you again.” my mom made an angelic smile at my hot neighbor.
“It’s nice to see you too, Mrs. Almquist.”
“Oh please, it’s just Ms. nowadays. Well, I’ll let you keep on at it. Just keep it down and use protection for crying out loud. To have raised such irresponsible children I’d never-”

Her voice faded away as she shut the door and walked down the stairs. We all exchanged looks of astonishment at what had just happened.

“That,” Hannah broke the silence. “Was hot.”
“Was it just me,” said Jordan, not paying any attention to Hannah. “Or did she just act like she was totally fine with this?”
“It was like we were just playing music too loud.” Denise added.
“There have been times when she was more pissed off because I’d been playing Mario Kart to loud. Matt?” she looked at me. My thumb was still up her butt.
“What?” I asked.
“Did you do something?”
“Like what?”
“Well,” Denise started. “It is kind of strange how easily you got us all in this… situation…”
“I never did anything against your will, did I?” I didn’t know what else to say. I was perfectly aware that I had basically brainwashed these girls to have sex with me, but as things were now they were completely on board with it, so it was all right, right?
“Well, no of course you didn’t.” Hannah said. “We’re all here cause we want to, right?” She looked at the other girls.
“Hell yeah.” Jordan assured her. “Matt, you’ve got the best dick I’ve had in my life. And whatever reservation I felt at first, with us being related and all, is gone now. I honestly don’t care.”
“I want to keep on doing it.” Denise said. “After all, I agreed to be yours. I wasn’t kidding around when I said you owned me. I belong to you, and I’ll do whatever you say.”
“I will, too.” Hannah stated.
“And as long as you keep asking me to fuck you,” Jordan added. “You’ll hear no argument from me.”
“And what about Mom?”
“She just said she was fine with it.”
“And you guys are fine that she’s fine with it?” I asked, wondering if maybe I had done something to make the girls accept this really strange incident so readily. Being caught in an incestuous group sex session by your mom, and then having her being more or less completely fine with it with no argument… it just didn’t feel normal that they would just accept Mom’s reaction this easily. It must have been because I, on some level, wanted it all to go as smoothly as possible.

In truth, this wasn’t the first time I’d suspected türkçe bahis that my power was to some extent subconscious. I had previously been able to perceive the experiences of Jordan and Denise, even though we were in two completely different places. This lead me to believe that some kind of connection was always there, whether I chose to do something or not.

In any case, this new development gave me an idea.

At around three I was sitting at the café on the strip where I had spotted Rose less than a week before. After some ‘persuasion’ I had made her spend a surprisingly fun time with me, and after finding out she was gay, I had used my power to make her bi. To be honest, I still wasn’t sure if hadn’t completely messed her up by changing such a basic thing in her psychology. But I liked her, and I wanted to get to know her more – and like I said before, power corrupts.

She appeared soon after I arrived, and after a smile and a wave she sat down at my table.

“Hey,” she said, still smiling.
“Hi there.” I said back.
“How you’ve been?”
“Good. You?”
“Eh… a little weird, like I said on the phone. There’s been some stuff going on with me lately, I… Oh, but you don’t want to hear about that. I see you’re wearing the jacket you bought.”

I was. The day we had gone to a thrift shop I had bought a brown-reddish leather jacket, which I had taken a real liking to.

“Yeah, I really like it. You read a lot of books, right? Finished anything since last we met?”
“Well, remember how you mentioned you’d done the illustrations for that one edition of Ronia the Robber’s Daughter?”
“Yes. You didn’t find one, did you?”
“I did! You were right about the book, it’s obviously for a bit younger audience, but it was just dark enough to keep me interested.”
“I especially like the part with the big bird-things.”
“The harpies, yes! You drew them so well!”
“Haha. Well, thank you.”

At this our conversation stopped, and we spent a few minutes simply looking each other in the eyes. Rose was as gorgeous as last I saw her. Her pale, round face. Her cute, pink lips. Her eyes that hinted of a faint Asian heritage from somewhere in her family. Her short dark brown hair made her look kind of boyish, but somehow this only made her exceedingly pretty features even more endearing. Only now we noticed that our hands had been moving across the table, our fingers just about to touch.

“Uhm…” I mumbled. “Didn’t you say that you were… you know?”
“Gay?” she said, just barely able to hold down a small chuckle.
“Well, yeah.”
“Yeah, see that’s the thing that’s been messed up this past week.”
“Do you want to tell me about it?”
“I guess. I mean, you’re kind of-”
“What?” I asked, wondering what rationalization her mind had come up with after my last suggestion.
“Okay. Let’s just say, my whole life I’ve never been interested in boys. I’ve always been more comfortable around girls and have always found them more attractive. And yet, since the day we met I’ve been thinking of you more and more. I recognize this feeling, I’ve just never had it for a man, and it’s turning everything upside down for me.”
“So what you’re saying is-”
“I like you, Matt. And I would like it very much if we started seeing each other. There, I said it.” she leaned back and sighed, like after a long day at work right after you throw yourself unto the couch.
“Well,” I said in return. “I would like that. Because I really like you too.”

She smiled, and I leaned closer. Perhaps not a smart move, because then she hesitated and reclined. This wasn’t a problem, of course. I had a failsafe for things like this now.

Kiss me, I sent into her

She leaned closer too, and first our fingers touched. Then or lips did the same.

The smile that had bloomed on Rose’s face when we had finished our kiss was the stuff of dreams, and I realized on the train ride home that I might actually be happy to pursue an actual relationship with her on the side of my little harem. Now, however, I was back home, just enjoying a calm dinner with my mom and sisters. We chatted, ate, and had a good time. When the plates were almost empty Hannah shocked güvenilir bahis siteleri me when she downed a glass of water and spoke.

“Mom, mind if I suck Matt’s cock here in the kitchen?”
“Not at all, dear. Just don’t spoil the rest of your appetite.”
“I won’t. Thanks.” she said and turned to me seductively.

She went down under the table and undid my pants as Mom went on as usual. Jordan and I shared a brief look of astonishment. Neither one of us had expected Hannah to take advantage of the situation like this. Hell, I should have thought of it.

Letting my dick out of my pants and carefully stroking it, Hannah started licking it and making noises of utmost pleasure. Judging from the sounds she was making, she was enjoying the taste of my penis far more than the food.

Jordan and Mom kept chatting away while Hannah was blowing me, her head moving back and forth like a piston, devouring the whole length of my dick with no effort at all. I could feel her tongue swirl around my shaft as I grabbed her head under the table and took control of her movements. Mom had to raise her voice a bit to be heard over the sound of Hannah’s gagging, but other than that she didn’t act any differently than any other night.

I finally gave Hannah some rest, pulling her cute little head away from my throbbing cock.

“Amazing…” she said distantly.
“Hey Mom?”
“Yes, Matt?”
“Mind if Hannah and I do it for a little bit?”
“Not at all.”
“Perfect. Thanks.”

Jordan gave me a look of disbelief when I lifted Hannah and put her on the table, shoving my dick deep in her pussy.

“Oh yes! Yes, that’s so good. My big brother’s cock is the fucking best!”
“Hannah! Watch your language.”
“Sorry Mom.”

The sheer absurdity of the situation had me going, and I didn’t waste it a bit. I thrust my dick into my little sister with all the power my hips could muster. Mom and Jordan could barely speak over Hannah’s panting and my own murmuring grunts, so instead they both just watched the show in awe. I tilted my head down to give Hannah a passionate kiss, and noticed that Jordan’s hand was down her pants, rubbing and rubbing. I felt a surge building up in my urethra. I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Jordan,” I said. “Help Hannah out, would you?”
“Sure thing, Matt.”

I sat down in my chair, both Hannah and Jordan obsessively licking my shaft. Much to our mother’s interest, my youngest sister started sucking my balls as Jordan swallowed my entire cock with a look of ecstasy painted on her face. Suddenly I had an idea. A terrible one, most likely, but lately I’d learn not to worry to much about consequences. Furthermore, a man’s judgment is never as skewed as when his dick is getting sucked.

“Mom,” I said, sending my thoughts into her. “Would you kindly come and help us out here?”
“Why, sure, honey.” she said as if I’d asked for help with the dishes.

She got up from her chair and went down on her knees in front of me, opening her mouth like I wanted to. I didn’t need to tell her anything. Everything was streaming from my mind into hers like a rushing torrent. At the time I didn’t give it much thought, but the fact that my power was becoming less and less manual and more shorthand would eventually lead to trouble. Right now, however, the only thing in my mind was the amazement of seeing my two sisters jerking my cock until it splashed a stream of cum unto my mom’s face.

A moment’s pause ensued where I simply observed how droplets of sperm dripped from my mother’s chin down unto her still very ripe breasts, her cleavage surprisingly visible in her tight cotton sweater. Hannah and Jordan were dutyfully cleaning my dick as mom was scraping my cum of her cleavage with her fingers, sucking them while making satisfied noises.

“Why, Matt.” she said. “Your seed is really quite delicious.”

My cock sprung into a salute, and I felt an unbeatable urge to violate my mother right there. It was depraved, sure, even more so than fucking my sister as I had done. But I didn’t care. I could get away with it. Would get away with it. Hell, I would get away with most anything I tried.

“I think we can do with some changes in this household.” I said, almost a bit absent-mindedly.

My sisters and my mom just smiled and nodded their heads, and I felt ready for another round.

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