Making Love to My Mother

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It was a relatively cold night, approaching the winter type but still in November, so the air was certainly less than warm. My house was kind of chilly too, although most of the house was heated well. My room was usually a bit colder because of the bad insulation due to construction, but it wasn’t unbearable. Nonetheless, during this night I was sitting in my room, finishing up some dinner and watching television. My mother was in the living room, also watching television.

After I had finished my meal, I walked into the kitchen and put the dishes in the sink. I decided to get another drink while I was there, so I took a can of Pepsi out and walked into the living room for a minute, mainly out of boredom. For some reason, my mother looked overly sad.

“What are you watching?” I asked, although I could easily look for myself.

“Just… just a show, some reality one.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked rather delicately.

“Oh, nothing.” She looked sad, but still remained composed.

“Are you sure? You look like something’s bothering you.”

“Ethan…” She said this as if she was preparing to tell me something that she probably shouldn’t.

“Ethan, I never get any attention anymore; sexually. I know I shouldn’t be talking about this, but I… I never have sex anymore. He’s never home and when he is we don’t do anything. I’m… I’m sexually frustrated. I’m sorry; I shouldn’t be saying these things to you.”

“No, it’s okay, I understand completely. I’m sorry about it.” I didn’t know much else to say to her.

“It’s okay. I just… I don’t know, it’s really frustrated. I don’t know what to do.”

“Well I don’t really know what to tell you. I mean, there’s not much I can do unless you want to have sex with your own son.” I said this in an unserious manner, with almost a chuckle after it.

“Is it really that bad? I mean, never mind. Forget I said that, I’m sorry. I can’t believe what I just said, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay.” There was a slight silence and then I asked. “Do you want to?”

“No, I mean… its wrong, and I don’t expect you at all to…”

“I would.” She stopped when I said this, looking at me.

“Are you… sure? I mean, don’t do this just…”, again I cut her off, but this time only by walking towards her. With this, she also stood up.

“Ethan, it’s okay if…” I bent down and kissed her on the lips. Our kiss held, but soon I opened my mouth and, simultaneously, she opened hers. As our kiss turned into a French one, with our tongues meshing together, our saliva being traded as we kissed, she put her arms around me, and I did her. şişli escort Our kiss continued, our tongues licking the inside of each other’s mouths, and soon the kiss became extremely passionate, with more force and more movement. As we continued this way, I moved my hand up the back of her shirt and massaged her back, skin to skin. She moaned a little bit, as if she hadn’t even been kissed in this manner in a long time.

I began to move backward, but brought her with me, towards her bedroom. We remained engaged in our kiss as we moved in, and she shut the door behind me as we got to the bed. At last, we broke our kiss to increase the lighting in the room. She walked around the bed and turned on the light on the right side of the bed as I did so with the left. With this, we both climbed back onto the bed and she asked: “Ethan, are you sure?” I answered this with another strong kiss, this one pushing the back of her head gently into the pillow as I tongued the inside of her mouth. I stopped for only one moment, and asked, “Are you sure?” She responded; also, with pulling my head back down and onto hers for more passionate kissing.

As we continued to make out, I moved my right hand down her midsection, past her waist and to her crotch, where above her sweatpants I began to massage her vagina, rubbing back and forth, up and down as we kissed. She moaned at this, and kissed me harder than before. I broke the kiss, sat up a bit, and removed my shirt. She welcomed me back with open arms as I began to kiss her again. I stopped and looked at her as I repositioned myself so that I gently rested on her waist, in a sitting position. I then moved my arms to the bottom of her shirt, and lifted it lengthwise up the bed, then finally over her head as she assisted me by raising her arms.

Her breasts were held by a simple white Hanes bra, and I wasted no time. I lowered my face in between her breasts and began licking the space between her breasts as she grabbed the back of my head in encouragement. When I got to the left breast I began to suck on it hard, tonguing the soft skin and then getting it in my mouth, sucking. I moved to the right breast, with my tongue as a mode of transportation, and began to suck on the right one as well. She continued to grope the back of my head as I did this, massaging my scalp as I sucked on her breasts. Then, I moved my hands to her sides, and she arced her back. I undid her bra and then she went back down with her back straight against the bed. I then removed the bra completely.

Her nipples were large and hard, the meaty tips extended taksim escort as north as they could go. I rubbed her left nipple with my thumb and then engulfed it with my mouth, sucking on the entire nipple, pulling it upwards with my lips. I moved and did so with her right nipple as well, making sure to make it moist and give her as much pleasure as I could out of this act. Then, I began to move down her body with my face, extending up tongue out and guiding my way down her body with it as if it were a compass.

I licked right below the area between her breasts and then continued down. Soon, I grazed over her belly button and down further, to the elastic waistband of her sweatpants. I folded the waistband downwards one fold, so that her flowery panties were revealed. I grabbed the top of her Victoria’s Secret panties with my teeth, pulled it up, let it snap back down. She grabbed the back of my head again, continued massaging it. I then ceased, raised my head a bit, and moved my hands down so that they were at the sides of her pants. I grabbed her pants, then slid them down. She lifted her legs so that I could completely remove them. Then, after I accomplished this, I licked her vagina through her panties for only a moment, and proceeded to remove them too, in much the same fashion.

Her vagina was hairy, somewhat of a bush that lay just above two moist, pink lips that I so eagerly awaited to visit. I placed my face against her vulva, gently, with my nose at the very top of where her pubic hair started. I lowered my face until my mouth was over her clitoris, and captured it in my mouth. She moaned heavily with just it being in my mouth, but began to moan continuously as I sucked on her clitoris, licking the meaty fixture and sucking on it, smelling the poignant aroma that emanated from her lips, her pubic hair almost completely covering my face. I continued to suck on her clit, moving my mouth as I did so, but keeping it in as well. Soon, her juices were flowing quite continuously, a few escaping down my lips to my chin but most pouring down my throat like water, water that I was happy to accept.

After a while of this, I removed my mouth and replaced it with two fingers, one creeping its way into her cunt and the other rubbing her clit. I did both simultaneously, and too much satisfaction. Soon, I put two fingers into her vagina, and slid them in and out, softly at first and with more vigor soon thereafter. Her juices completely saturated my skin, and I felt around inside her twat with my index and middle fingers, lifting and pulling and creating as much friction topkapı escort as I could as she moaned endlessly. Then I stopped, and indicated that she turn over. With the amount of pleasure I had delivered to her, she did so without question. After she turned over, I spread her legs even more than they had been before. I again put both of my fingers inside of her, and continued fingering her where I had left off before.

Then, with my other free hand, I spread her butt cheeks and began licking her anus. With this, she began to moan uncontrollably. I sucked on her anus, licking it completely, feeling the hair surrounding her asshole tickling the inside of my mouth as I sucked. After a somewhat delicate display of this, I then buried my entire face between her cheeks, filling her entire ass crack with my face, licking her anus and then all the way up, then back down. I licked her entire butt crack over and over again as I also fingered her vagina, her juices flowing uncontrollably. Then, I stopped and indicated that she turn over again.

“Do you have any condoms?” I asked.

In a fit of passion, and in a generally rare case, my mother cursed, saying “Fuck the condoms.” I moved in, then slid my penis into her vagina, at which point she moaned louder than she had at any point that night. I slid it out, then back in, then out, then repeated in a slowly increasing manner. I lowered myself so that I was lying on top of her, fucking her and pulling up, getting as much deep penetration as I could get, feeling my hard, erect penis slide in and out of my own mother. Her pink lips were as moist as could possibly be as her son’s member moved in and out of her, spraying little bits of precum inside of her as she moaned and I, also, grunted.

She began to whisper, my face quite near hers, “Oh, my God… oh, Ethan… oh, my God…” I thrust in and out of her vagina as she slightly pulsated back, moaning and repeating such lines as those. We moaned together for a moment, and then I whispered to her “I’m going to come.”

“Oh, go ahead, yes, come on…” Then, with a few more thrusts in and out of my mother’s wet vagina, I exploded inside of her, filling her walls with my semen, her own son’s seed. I continued to pump until I had nothing left inside of me, saturating the inside of her pussy with my sperm, the wet warmth inside of her begging for my semen. As I finished, all of my seed filling the inside of my mother, I pulled out as she continued to moan with pleasure, her little yelps and gasps getting quieter.

“Do you want to taste me, mom?” I asked, and she nodded as I moved my crotch up towards her face. She opened her mouth as I put my penis and my balls inside of her mouth, and she licked them and tongued them, the penis almost completely flaccid because of having ejaculated.

“Oh Ethan, that was great! I really needed that… we must do this again.” She said satisfied.

“We will mom, we sure will…” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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