Love Sees Me Walking Naked Pt. 03

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We left Sarah’s story when she and her mum and dad left the holiday campsite.

Join us for Part 3 now!

The family is home.

Family tradition has it that they spend one week at home as a family after camping, before mum and dad resume work. Sarah has a further couple of weeks at home before returning to college.



We arrive home from holidays after dinner, which we took in a roadside diner. We unpack the car and get busy settling back in. Then we sit together and relax. Mum and dad side by side on the couch, I on an easy chair opposite them. We drink one glass of wine and have started on a second one, when mum says,

‘Sarah, you asked to be allowed to be naked. We agreed. Your dad and I discussed it and we think there is no reason to postpone. Also, it should be a bit of an occasion. Why so? Your need is exhibition. Best to exhibit then. For us, let us properly see you and get the confrontation over with.’

I respond, ‘Oh, mum, I’d thought to slip into it gradually, without emphasis. I didn’t expect you to push me.’

‘Well, as I said, you asked for it, not us. You’re the one that wanted to be seen and involve us in your wishes. It is only fair that you have it on our terms. What we want you to do is stand up right here before us and strip.’ My dad gets up and carries the coffee table off, so that there is ample space in front of them. Ah, so close!


‘Sarah, if it is hard for you, please don’t think it is easy for us. Dear, try to enjoy the moment and we’ll do the same. It is what you want. And you are young and pretty.’

She is right. I should enjoy it. My parents are the last to kill me. At the same time, they are too close for comfort. But I asked for it and should go.

I get up and stand in front of them. My mum beckons me to come up closer, until I am about 1 m (3 ft) away from their knees. Close!

I am wearing flip flops, skinny jeans, a tight pink lycra tanktop, white cotton panties and a red bra. Before I kick off my flip flops, I look my parents in the eye in turn. They both look serious, but manage smiles when I look at them. I attempt a smile back.

Then I kick the flip flops away. The show is on. The tanktop is skin tight. I love lycra for that. It takes a firm pull to drag it off over my head. I cast it aside. I realise this is not a strip tease, however, and I go and retrieve the garment, fold it up nicely and put it on the coffee table. We all chuckle and this breaks the tension a bit.

More confident I release the buttons of my jeans and pull them down, stepping out one leg after the other. Here I am in my underwear. I draw in a good breath and undo the clip of my bra. I force myself not to hide my breasts. I bend over, conscious of my swinging breasts, and step out of my panties. There I am, naked in front of my parents.

‘Stand up straight, dear, and let us have a look at you. Just relax and let your arms hang by your sides. Does it feel any less easy now, compared to out on the streets of the town and at Rose’s? Or the lake?

I sigh and say,

‘It feels harder. A lot. I feel I’m being inspected. Like an object.’

‘Inspected, yes. We want to see you well, all of you. We feel that is the deal. But an object, no. You are our daughter and we love you. This is you, a person, and we respect you. The inspection takes nothing away from that. On the contrary, in fact. You are our flesh and blood after all.’

These words boost my confidence. I raise my arms and slowly turn around, so that they see all of me. I say, ‘Well, here I am. It is true, this is me and I like that you look at me.’

‘Dear Sarah, you look beautiful. We see you differently now. In the obvious sense, of course. But we realise your need to show yourself, in the nude no less – which is vanity, isn’t it? – , and we will therefore look at you shamelessly. And see you as a sexual being too.

‘That may be a taboo. With reason, perhaps. Dads especially are not supposed to see their daughters like this. That means nothing to us. What we do and see is consensual behaviour between adults and we see that no child should come of it. That is all!

‘We are all adults, that is one. We all agree to what we do here: see you and for you to be seen. That is second. Third, your dad will not have intercourse with you. For now, also, he will not be naked with you. As your mother, I may or may not. I am not sure yet. At the moment, I don’t want to leave your dad out, you see. But who knows how we all feel later.

‘You go to college again in a few weeks’ time. We suggest the following rules until then. Firstly, you should not cross your legs, certainly not in our presence. This rule is to keep you aware of your sex, knowing that we can see it at all times. Do you agree? It will be harder than you think. We women have learnt to cross them as a matter of course.’

I reply, ‘O, mum… Yes, you are my parents and I can almost feel the taboo now. I had not realised. At the same time, I can trust you. So, acıbadem escort yes, I agree to this rule. Let’s see how hard it is.’

‘OK, Sarah. We are in this together. A strange way for a family to bond, but it may be good. The second rule is we want no half measures. You should be naked at home at all times. The only exception being that you are allowed panties when you have your period. You’ll tell either of us when you do and that is all. This means that your dad will be aware. You and I are aware of each other’s cycles, but now your dad will be as well. I think that is good for both of you. Do you agree to be naked at all times, barring your periods?’

‘Wow, mum. You are really serious about this. Again, I had thought a much more casual approach. I am both happy and apprehensive about your suggestion. I will agree, of course.’

‘We are glad. But here is the snag. At all times means at all times. Your sister will be home for a week tomorrow. And there will be visitors. We want to include your sister in this, so you have to agree to continue when she is here. As to the visitors, your dad, your sister and I will take a view on the visitors we expect. To some it may be offensive. Some will have nothing to do with our private lives. We’ll let you know about those. But generally, we expect you to continue to be naked, no matter what. Is that OK?’

‘My! You àre really serious! Don’t know what I should think! I guess if you take care of our reputation, and safety, why should I worry? But I feel a cold sweat breaking! It will be true exhibition. Scary! Lord knows how I will feel. I must try, however. It is what I think I want. Only one way to find out if this is really me, or not.’

‘That is right. That is what we think too. We want you to be the real you. We are not sure about the streets, but here at home you are safe. And we’ll take the call on the reputation.’

‘Thanks, mum and dad. I still feel very naked opposite you, but safe too. It is a trip, a high… Thank you for supporting me.’

‘One final little rule for now. You’ll sleep naked, of course, but with the door of your room open. Without cover, if the temperature allows. You have the airco and the open window to play with for that. We may come and have a look at you whenever we like. OK?’

‘OK, OK! This and any other rule you come up with I will accept.’

‘That is a good girl! Now, time to relax’

My sister

The next morning I am reading a book in the lounge when I hear the front door and my sister’s voice ringing out, ‘Hello, there! Anyone home?’

Mum cries out from the kitchen, ‘Yes, we’re here!’

I hear my sister drop her bags and rush to the kitchen. There she greets mum and dad and they exchange greetings, how the trip was etc. She is highly buoyant. I stay in the lounge for now. Nerves prevent me from joining the fun just yet. At some point, my dad calls out to me, ‘Sarah, your sister is home!’

I presume they have not told Irene about my newly naked state. I have to get up, and will get up, and greet her. I am a ball of nerves.

Her eyes grow like saucers when she sees me enter. I am shocked at the words she uses.

‘Dear little sis, now look at you! You are shameless! I see the cunt, tits and ass – sorry, mum and dad, vagina, breasts and behind. Like I have not seen them since I was little too and you a mere baby. Of course, you did not have breasts yet and your vagina was closed like a seashell. Outrageous, you! Now come here and let me hug you.’

We hug chest to chest, and she places me at two arms’ length and looks me over from head to toe. I am excited. Is that strange?

I am glad with this reception. Didn’t know my sister well enough in the body and sex department. An opportunity to bond!

We all sit around the kitchen table and dad offers coffees around. The bonding goes at lightning speed, when we are all enjoying our coffees, Irene starts a bit of a monologue,

‘Sarah, mum and dad, I am no stranger to wanting to be nude. Except that I started practising it in my later college years. Ever since I left the dorms and moved to a room of my own, I chose to be naked there. There was an erotic tinge to that at first, but my need did not derive from devious tendencies alone. Being naked felt pure and natural to me; that was why. So, it came to happen that I opened the door to one of my friends in that state. When I saw her face, I immediately realised my mistake. We laughed, I got dressed and that was that.

‘But it happened again, and again, to female and male friends alike. As I study visual arts, my friends stem from artsy circles, where fortunately few taboos prevail.

‘My nakedness got to be accepted. I will receive my friends undressed; some got to mirror the gesture, some would not. I even hosted parties that way. Is my nakedness an open invitation to make a pass at me? Sure, I slept around, a bit less so now, but I am as choosy as the next person and I have friends whom I anadolu yakası escort would not dream sleeping with. The strength of my attitude I feel is such that I remain in charge, naked but not vulnerable. So, mum and dad, an opportunity to grow!’

She looks around triumphantly. Then says,

‘Since I find our family more open than I could have dreamt, I will join Sarah, if you don’t mind. Or you, Sarah? You will not be the sole centre of attention.’

Dad says, ‘Well, girls, what is happening here? I thought we had raised you in a liberal way, but I never thought I’d end up with two naked daughters surrounding me. And who knows what your mum will do now? I will allow it, of course, that is only consistent. But if I am ever uneasy, accept it and don’t laugh at me. I am only a simple man at the end of the day. Well, you can laugh a little, as you should accept me laughing a little. What do you say, Karen?’

Mum adds, ‘Ray, I agree. So, go ahead, Irene, if Sarah agrees too. I have not decided if I will join you too. Let’s take one step at the time.’

I laugh and say, ‘It is down to me then. There we go! Too bad I will not be the sole centre of attention, but I should not get offered a finger and take a whole hand. So, Irene, go ahead and let’s see you!’

We all sit at the kitchen table and Irene positions herself opposite us, mindful that we should all get a good view. She says, ‘Guys, I did not prepare for this, so don’t expect lovely, matching underwear or anything. And my bush needs work.’ Then she starts.

Colourful cardigan, vertical blue, green, red stripes, loose-fitting long-sleeved pink T-shirt, when her skin tone padded bra appears, size D at least, off it goes, after which the breasts have to carry their own weight, short blue skirt, off, skin tone tights, off, plain white panties (with a hole down one side, so much for glamour), and there is my sister! Big-breasted, a touch bigger than our mum, and with full bush, that peaked out from underneath her panties before.

She raises her arms and twirls around, so that we see all of her. Butt, mine is nicer, I think. She needs to watch her food or work out more, perhaps. But, don’t be mistaken, I am in thrall of her. She is a beautiful woman. Love her wavy brown tresses well down her shoulders. Her tits are stunning. Her butt, yes, but it curvy. Great thighs. She does work out of course!

She ruffles her pubic hair. ‘Had I known… Maintenance long overdue. Will take care of it before the day is out. Maybe the nude style my sister has adopted. Mum, what do you advise?’

‘Well, dear, I just trim mine and make sure the bikini line is free. No fashion here. Confronted with your sister, I know one thing: I am unsure and have to think about what to do.’


‘I like my new super-nude style. It fits the bill of exhibition, which is what I want. But it took a whole lot of waxing and the hair does not grow back quickly. On the short term, you can think about a landing strip, which I also like, which accentuates the slit. Or you can just shave the lips, trim the rest. Or shave that in some pattern. You have enough hair…’

‘Dad, don’t want this to be just girl’s talk. Let’s hear from you. What do you think? Mum might be interested too.’

He scratches behind the ears… ‘Well… Um… You put me on the spot. Of course, I like mum the way she is. Let there be no doubt. I am not just saying this to be correct and loyal. Sarah, you saw her the other day. You will have been proud, no?’ I nod. ‘Thanks.’

‘Irene then. I cannot approve of your unkept pubic hair. Old School, in your language. Not hygienic! I am kidding. I am sure you wash. And I am not going to check this.

‘Truth be told. I love the female form, down to the vagina, that wonderful rose of flesh. So, my vote would be for a hairstyle that shows it. A landing strip, perhaps, or a triangle. Can’t say I have kept up with the fashion in porn. Karen is enough for me. Most of the porn girls , totally bare, you say? Well, Sarah looks good too.’

There we have it. A family council about pubic hair. I say, ‘So, Irene, you have heard us. No simple advice. What will you do? Have you experimented with your style before?’

‘Oh, yes. But I have never been totally bald. Now I don’t care, but when I was your age I was self-conscious about my inner labia, which are rather pronounced. See?’

And she pulls out her inner labia from the forest of hair, drawing a funny face looking at us. Fascinatingly long. I look at mum’s and dad’s faces. They are as spellbound as I am. Their girls have grown.

Mum speaks up, ‘Let’s see them, my daughter. Why don’t you trim it down tonight or tomorrow and let us help you decide what style suits you?’

‘I am on a roll! Don’t wanna wait. Sarah, will you get us a pair of sharp scissors, I will hop on the kitchen table and we’ll do it here and now, if, Sarah, you’ll help me.’

Wow! She can’t stand a rolling stone with moss. I will certainly ataşehir escort help her. Can’t wait to see her cunt up close. I am now bi-, aren’t I? Incest with a sister? Does not exist. Mum and dad don’t know exactly where to look, but they do stay put.

I get the scissors and Irene lays down on the kitchen table, head towards mum and dad and legs dangling down the opposite side. I take a chair and sit between her legs, which she has spread as wide as she can. I smell her musty sex. She has travelled for a few hours and hair like hers, yes, does retain smells, regardless of the hygiene. It is OK, in fact I love it. It’s part of one’s personality. I am excited. Don’t forget I am naked too, as I start taking care of her…

Everyone is silent.

I cut up the hair on her mound first, the easy part of the job. Snip, snip, lock after lock… I did not know pubic hair could grow so long… Has she neglected this for so much time, or does hers simply grow fast? Now is not the time to start an enquiry.

The atmosphere is a bit religious. We are all in awe. I am super-concentrated, super-careful.

The hair on her mound is soon reduced to a stubble. Can’t go further than that, as we have not chosen a hairstyle yet. The outer labia, where the growth gets messier and the flesh not to be cut more delicate. I handle these wonderful long inner labia, some 3 cm, over an inch, and keep cutting. I could do with a third hand…

‘Mum, come and help me a little…’

She moves the labia away and apart, like a nurse at operation, while I, the surgeon, cut away… Now the sparse hair in her groin, that towards the anus… Mum and I at close range.

‘Dad, get a shaving kit, please. We will take care of her pubes well and good straight away.’

He stays on this side of the table when he hands me the kit, soap, hot water, razor… I soap her up and start removing the stubble on the perineum and the labia. All three of us practically have our noses up her cunt, I the closest. I decide I give her a narrow triangle like an arrow pointing at her slit.

At the end, her pubes are nice and clean with a clear, sparse and precise triangle in the place of that forest of hair some half an hour ago. Her cunt looks otherworldly, but glorious.

‘Irene, you are ready. I will get you a mirror.’

She looks at her nether self with great interest, as if fitting a new dress.

‘Hey, I like myself. A flower of flesh…’, as she handles the labia flaps, ‘… well put, dad. I have seen myself like this before, but it has been a while and I have not been taken care of like I have now, by a different pair of hands, perfectly, by my sister no less, under the watchful eyes of my parents no less. Wow!’

She slides off the table and hugs all of us. I am last. Her hug is intense. She takes me at armlength and looks me in the eye. ‘We have reached a new and unexpected high. All thanks to you! What a bit of shamelessness cannot achieve…’

Smiles all around.

The evening passes like any old evening. We eat supper and sit and watch a movie on TV. Like any old family, except that the daughters are stark-naked and uninhibited. No crossing of legs. We lie around on the couches, crotches open to view depending on the posture. I cannot say, but we may be flaunting them consciously. And we all do watch each other without inhibition, that is, we all watch us naked girls.

We go to bed. Irene promises me to talk a whole lot more about life, love and sex. For now, we have been through a lot. Time to sleep, me with the door open.

Next morning

When the morning is dawning and I come back from a bathroom visit half asleep, I find a human figure awaiting me in my bed. Irene. Of course. Naked of course.

No sooner do I lie down or she presses herself to me. She is the second woman who does so in just a few days’ time, but it feels new nonetheless and this is my sister! We kiss, tongues practically down each other’s throats, as if our lives depend on it. Hands fly everywhere, shamelessly and unreserved. Neither one of us talks or directs, or we both direct, but suddenly we find ourselves in sixty-nine and heads buried in each other’s crotches, our well-groomed cunts… Oh, she tastes so well… It is like making love to oneself. Is that narcissistic? The spasms of her orgasms almost break my skull, as those of mine will do the same on hers.

We fall asleep in each other’s’ arms… until mum wakes us what must be an hour or two later. ‘My girls, that is family bonding. Never has the phrase been so apt. And I don’t mind. Incest between sisters does not exist. Anyway, breakfast is ready.’

When we open our eyes, when we have taken our eyes off each other, we turn our heads and look at mum.

She is naked too. Family bonding indeed.

‘Mum… Are you sure about this? Don’t feel pressured by us. And how about dad?’

‘Irene, of course I am sure. Where do you think your tastes come from? You and Sarah can take credit for awakening mine. But don’t worry, I won’t follow your examples to the extreme. Just sometimes, I guess.

‘I have decided I’d like you to take care of my pubic hair too.

‘And your dad… He won’t mind seeing all or any of us nude. Yes, he will get boners, but knows where the limit is. And… Our sex is still very, very satisfying. I will spare you the details.’

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