Love never Fades

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Love never fades.

Growing up.
My name is Aaron Fitz.

For the first twelve years of my life, I grew up like any other child. Going to school, coming home from school, doing my homework, playing with toys, just being a normal child. I was a happy normal child, until one of the most important nights of my life.

My father was one of the smartest people around, CEO of one of the biggest glass producing companies around and a person loved within the company. On the outside, Jerry Fitz was a great man, he made all his workers feel welcome at work, honored in all of the company meetings, but there are things that people do not understand about my father. He was a troubled man, I never got a grasp of what was inside of his head. He kept to himself, goes to work, comes home late, and would not care of my existence.

My mother on the other hand, held everything together. She loved me every single second she could, would help me with everything I had problems with. She was though, not a fan of my father after him earning all the money and fame.

The incident.

I was 12 years old, in 7th grade. I have always been a very good student all my life, my mother taught me a lot of things to do well in school and I did exactly that. Studied hard, took notes, asked questions or help when I needed it from my teachers. I loved my mother, she was the bane of our family, and everything depended on her.

This was a Thursday school night, I passed out quickly a few minutes after my mother put me to bed at 15 pass 10. A few hours into my sleep I was woken up from banging and yelling.

I was still dazed from my sleep but I could make out most of the conversation outside.

“Linda, let me go! I can walk on my own.” My father said loudly.

My father was a successful man, but he had many problems of his own and would drink after work from time to time. Most of the time he would come home tipsy and would fall asleep on the couch. But this particular night sounded and felt different.

“Baby, please, we need to get you to bed.” my mother sounded concerned.

“No, this is…” my father’s voice faded away as they went deeper into the living room.

I could make out a few words of their conversation, but mostly they argued while my mother cried and my father being aggressive with his tone.

In my dark room, I was very scared of the yelling and crying coming through the walls, I could not make out what madness was occurring in the living room. I had never heard my father like this. In my sleepy state, I could not tell the how long they were yelling for, I just wanted it to be over.

As it ended, my mother came into my room. From the lighting from the hallway, I could partly make out her face. She was crying, tears running down the side of her face and she sat down next to me on my bed.
I felt her hand on the left side of my face, and she leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. I could feel her tears dripping around me.

“I am so sorry…I hope you will understand when you grow up, I love you my baby boy.”

Confused, I muffled “what mom, what is happening.”

She kissed me on the forehead again and she left.

I sat there stunned on what just happened, my mother just told me that ‘you will understand when you grow up’. ‘What does that mean?’ ‘Why couldn’t she let me understand now?’

I heard a bang on the front door and my father’s snoring as everything went quiet again.

My mother was gone, never seen again by anyone. As of today, I still have yet to hear a word regarding Linda Fitz. My loving mother dispersed from the world…at least in my world, forever…

Life after.

*ring ring ring* I heard my alarm clock go off as today is a new day and my 16th birthday… Just like any other day for the last 4 years, I did not want to get up. There was no point. My father had been a drunk, living off the money he had made over his last 20 years, which was enough to last a life time.

The last 4 years, I had not seen any reason to do anything. Yes, I went to school… occasionally. I spent my days home, or at the movies. The movies was the only place I could find peace in, I would sit right in the back and spend hours in there alone, watching various titles they put on. I did just enough homework to sustain a C average, just enough to get by without anyone’s notice. I didn’t have many friends, a few from all the years of growing up, but they have gotten tired of me as I never had anything to contribute to their bullshit.

I should give a little information about myself at the age of 16, this is probably what I have been my whole life after my growth spurt at 14 years old. I was around 5’11, 170 pounds, on the lean side to the years of basketball. Basketball was the only thing I found enjoyable other than watching movies. Playing gave me time to be free whenever I shot hoops by myself at the park. I was a good looking guy, according to the girls that would constantly ask me out, but I had nothing to do with girls as I did not want to listen to their crap.


On that Friday, I decided to go to school because it was almost to the end of the school year and I thought it would be a good idea to be around for the teachers to notice I am an actual student, also there usually isn’t much work on Friday so I can relax. I did not like failing, something my mother had made me promise when she made me study, so I did at least some of the work.

I took a granola bar, ate it on the way to school and went into class sitting in the back, trying to stay away from other students.

I was off in my own world when I heard “AARON! AARON! HEY!” Apparently my math teacher Ms. Lee had been trying to get me to answer for quite a while now…

“I am so sorry, what did you need me for?” I was trying to play it off…

“I was asking you… If you knew the answer to this question on the board, but seems like you haven’t been paying attention…?”

I had no idea what was going on, although I never gave attention to the things we do in class, but I would know how to solve problems and do the work (at least in math and science) as soon as I saw it. I guess it was the things my mother had taught me growing up… naturally smart I guess… maybe it was from my dad as well, not too sure.

“Sorry give me a second…” I saw the question on the board, and it was an easy algebraic question solving for x and y with double equations. I answered “solving for x first with moving everything to one side… plugging it into the other x in the y equation…. x= 7 and y=16?”

“and… that is surprising correct!” my teacher did not expect that, but I knew how to do these from the practice my mother made me do when I was 9 years old.

“Let’s try to pay attention in class everyone. Mr. Fitz there might have gotten it correct, but doesn’t mean that you can sleep in class like he does…”

“I will need to talk to you after school Mr. Fitz.” Ms. Lee gave me an angry look.

Just another day… this would happen to me a lot as I never did really pay attention in class. I would go on my day sleeping, staring at the ceiling, doodling in my folder, there was no point to pay attention.
After school, I went into Ms. Lee’s classroom. She told me to shut the door on my way in. I shyly looked down on the ground as I stood right in front of her, I was afraid she would fail me for not paying attention and not showing up to class.

“Mr. Fitz… Do you mind explaining to me why you don’t pay attention in my class, or any class in school? I have been paying attention to you, and asking your other teachers about you. You are like a ghost to everyone, never doing work, never handing in homework, but yet, you do so well on your tests that you show up for. Tell me… why are you wasting your potential?”

I was baffled, shocked, stunned, whatever I was, I was speechless. I could not believe this teacher spent so much time researching on me, it was like she caught onto me or some sort. I have never heard anyone call me Mr. Fitz before, sounded like I was in trouble.

“I….” I didn’t know how to express myself. So I went to my normal response.

“I… do not know…”

“Let me tell you what I think Mr. Fitz. I saw your father’s name the other day and I had thought I’ve seen him before. He is the CEO of that big glass company, and he had this break down a few years ago? Something happened in your family, disrupted all of you, and you are now just trying to get by feeling that pain every day. I see all the work on your tests Mr. Fitz, you are one of the smartest people I have ever seen, solving these equations without me teaching the methods that I haven’t shown to the class before.” She paused to catch her breath and her thoughts.

“Let me help you through these problems, I see the potential in you.”

Still shocked by the discovery of this girl and all that she just said, I had no idea what bahis firmaları to do. I stood there, still looking at the ground, no idea how to answer…

“Mr. Fitz, you don’t have to tell me anything, you can be whatever you want to be. Think about what I just said, I might be wrong about everything, but I have a feeling this is something I am onto. You can go now if you don’t want to hear any more of this.”

I was confused, yet I knew this woman was right, but I did not want to deal with any of this, it was too soon, I hated everything, I didn’t want to do any of this.

I started walking towards the door when I heard her say “Please. Tell me.”

Tears ran down my face, I haven’t cried after my mother left, I felt the shivers down my spine. “You do not understand Ms. Lee, I hate everything, I hate everything, and I can’t deal with this.” I stood there, holding my fists, crying and leaking onto the carpet.

She sat there, shocked, she slowly came over and gave me a deep hug. I have never been held this tightly before other than from my mother, I felt loved at that moment by this woman I barely knew. “I understand… let it out Aaron, its okay…”

We stood there, hugging for however long. I cried until I couldn’t anymore. “Come on, let’s sit down Aaron, you must be getting tired from expressing all these emotions.”

We went over to sit on the front desk, I looked up and this is my first time I have ever noticed Ms. Lee before. She was a beautiful girl, at the time she was 22 years old, got the job teaching right after her college it seemed like. Stood around 5’6, 120 pounds, she looked perfect with brunette long hair which was tied as a pony tail. She was wearing a black dress with a little white belt on her waist. I could not make out her figure with the clothes she was wearing, but she was slim with nice perky boobs at what I am guessing a 34C. Long legs that would go for days and she wore little flats that made her perfect.

‘Wow…’ I thought in my mind, not sure if I said it out loud or not. Although I did not care much for the rest of the world, I was a teenager boy who appreciated beautiful women, and she was definitely one of them.
She sat across from me smiling and with a little makeup smeared around her eyes as I am guessing she cried a little when we were hugging as well.

“I am sorry, I am a mess” she said “I just haven’t ever seen such emotions from one of my students before, especially from you…”

“Its okay, Ms. Lee, I didn’t expect for any of this either. Sorry for crying as well, I haven’t cried like that for years.”

“Call me Mindy, I still haven’t gotten used to the idea of being a teacher yet, feels weird when students come up to me and call me my last name when I have been Mindy all my life. It’s silly.”

I found that really cute of her that she is still a teenager at heart. I smiled and she noticed right away.

“Guess we are over all the emotional stuff, now tell me more about you Mr. Fitz.”

I chuckled at her joke and went on to tell her about my life, why I was trying to just get by, why I hated everything. I could tell that she was holding in her tears during my story, but she let it out when I told her that I was miserable about my father not caring and causing me hate the world around me. She had to be crying a bucket because her makeup made thick black streaks around her face.

I didn’t know how to calm her down. “I…. am sorry for making you cry.” I went over and hugged her. I couldn’t help but think of my body touching her boobs and my penis right over her pussy. Even through times of sadness and emotions, my teenager side came right out…

We hugged deeply for at least 10minutes, I was sure I was hearing her heartbeats. For that moment, I was definitely horny, but felt a sense of motherly love from her as well. The feeling of a woman caring for me, listening to me, I haven’t felt that for years and it was really nice to be able to get it from such a good looking girl.

I had no choice, I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I pulled away and kissed her on the lips. It took her a few seconds to react but she kissed back and slowly gave me her tongue in my mouth. This instantly gave me a hard-on, it pressed against her stomach and pussy area, I have an 8inch erect penis and it almost poked through my pants trying to get free. I was also a virgin, but I have watched enough porn to know exactly what to do.

“Oh… Aaron…” she said in my mouth, I pulled away and looked at her. She said “We shouldn’t… but I want this too…”

I knew exactly what she wanted; I kissed her on the lips and worked my way down her neck. She was wearing a nice black dress, I undid the top zipper while kissing her neck. She moaned with every kiss, every nibble.

“I am so wet right now, Aaron, please stop teasing me. Mmm…”

I did just that. I unhooked her bra to discover a set of perfect tits, size around 34 and a D size. Her areolas were perfectly proportion to her tits, and nipples were rock hard waiting for me to suck on. I licked around her left nipple and sucked on it when she begged me to.

“Mmm, yesssssss, give the other one some love too, its so swollen and sensitive.”

I sucked on her other nipple while she unbuckled my pants, my hard cock has been waiting to get out since our kiss, a pool of pre-cum has formed on my boxers. She then gave my cock a squeeze and moaned out… “We have a big boy over here, don’t we? Hehe” She stroked my hard cock while I worked my way back to her neck and put my hands behind her dress to pull it off. I discovered her soaked pink and black lace thong, as well as her perfect ass. I wanted to blow my load right then and there, but I wanted to save it, so I pulled back a little.

“Looks like I am doing a good job… Don’t worry, everyone has gone home at this point, no one will be here until tomorrow, we have all night. Let me taste that cum in my mouth.”

She then bent down, put me on her chair and started sucking my cock. I have never felt such a good feeling before. She was sucking and stroking while playing with my balls with her hands.

“Mmm, I love the taste of your cock, I could suck it all day long.”

She then stroked me harder and harder, wanting to taste my cum.

“Oh… Mindy, I am gonna cum if you keep doing that.”

I tried to guide her away as I didn’t want her to choke as I exploded, but she kept going until I had to cum.
Robes and robes of cum shot right in her mouth, it had to be at least 5, 6 hard shots in there. She did not flicker once, took my cum and kept it in her mouth until I was done. She then sucked my cock with my cum in her mouth a few times, then continued to swallow it.

“Wow… that was amazing Ms. Lee.” I let out as I relaxed a little after such a big shot. Although I had came, I was still amazingly hard and she kept licking my cock, getting every drip in her mouth. “Mmm, I love tasting your cum but I want to feel it inside of me next time.”

“Now let me return the favor, I want to taste that juice soaked pussy.”

I put her right on her big desk and kissed her, tasting some of my own cum from her mouth. Kissed my way down her perfect tits and her pussy. She still had her soaked panties on, and I couldn’t help but tease her by kissing on top on her mount.

She was squeaking and squealing like a little girl until she told me to please stop teasing her. I pulled down her panties to find a perfect red, swollen pussy filled with juices. She tasted like strawberries as I licked her clit.

“Uhh, fuckkkkk, that feels so good”

I kept licking as I put a finger inside. She was moving and moaning with every lick, I could be here all day doing this and I wouldn’t get tired.

“Oh my gooooddddd, don’t stop baby, please don’t. Fuck me with those fingers, uhhhhh Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I was going at it like a crazed maniac, sucking and licking and fingering. I felt her getting tight around my fingers and her legs closing around my head.

“I am gonna cummmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhh” She came holding my head with her hand, and me furiously licking her clit. Her white juices ran right down her ass as I try to clean it up with my tongue.

“Mmm, that was one of the best I’ve had Aaron, mmmm” She said as I licked her cum and juices that ran down to her ass. “This tastes so good Ms. Lee, I love it.”

I kissed my way up again to find her lips, we made out for a few minutes until I had positioned my hard cock oozing with pre-cum right on her mount.

“Give it to me please, I want it inside of me, I want to feel that big cock inside.”

I took note of that right away, put her on her back as I entered her pussy. It felt so amazing, so tight around my cock, her juices wrapped around me. I pushed it all the way in as I kissed her, held it there until she begged me to fuck her.

I slowly moved in and out of her tight cunt, she moaned out “Oh Aaron, kaçak iddaa Your cock feels so amazing inside of me, mmm, this is such a perfect moment, I feel like I could die right now.”

I went down to kiss her and licked her nipples. Put my arms behind her shoulders and pounded her cunt hard. Moaning and screaming, us sweating on each other.

After a few minutes I felt her getting tight again. I had her cumming on my fingers before, but the sensations of her getting tight around my cock was getting me so close to blowing my load as well.


I couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded inside of her pussy.

“Yes, cum inside me, give me that sweet juiceeeee.”

Ropes and ropes of cum went inside of her pussy, I did not count, but it had to be 7 or 8 spews before I stopped. I put my body against her and relaxed on her with my cock inside of her cum filled pussy.
“Mmm, Aaron, I think this was one of the best fucks I have ever had.”

“Ms. Lee… That was so amazing, I can’t believe we just had sex in our classroom.”

“If you keep staying in here, we might just keep going.”

“I am sorry, it feels so warm in there. Can I please stay like this for a little more?”

I had no idea why, but I felt love when we were in that position. The warmth of her pussy, the smell of her sweet juices, the closeness of our bodies, made me feel something inside that I haven’t felt before… motherly love maybe, but I loved it.

“Of course…. oohhhh, feels like someone stays hard even after cumming twice.”

Her pussy was pulsing as I moved slowly out half way and then back in deep again. Her pussy juice filled my cock and balls, dripping down my thighs.

“Hey Aaron, want to try something different this time?”


I didn’t even get to finish my thought before she flipped me over on the desk and pushed my arms above my head.

“Ms. Lee… What is going….”

Her finger covered my mouth and said “Shh, just let me take control of you.”

She moved her hand from my mouth and kissed me, playing with my tongue back and forth while rubbing the backside of my cock on top of her pussy. It didn’t feel as great as fucking her pussy, but it felt good anyway. I knew it must have felt great on her clit because more white juices came out on my hard sensitive cock.

She was so focused on kissing and grinding me, my hands were free to do whatever I wanted. I place my hands down her side, taking a grab of her boobs first, and then moving slowly down to her ass. I wanted to just lift her and push my cock deep inside that cum filled pussy.

She noticed and said “Nope, not yet, your ball is in my yard right now, I get to do whatever I want.”

I thought to myself, “Oh god, she is teasing me way too much, does she want to make me blow my load before even fucking?” I kept kissing her and letting her grind on me, my hands rubbing her ass and finding her flower bud. I started to rub it with the juices she dripped, I guess she liked it because she moaned in my mouth and started to move her pussy up and my cock into it.

“Mmm guess I give up Aaron, I love your cock too much to not have it inside of me.”

She broke from our kiss and sat up. Her nice tits bouncing up and down, grinding on my cock… It was one of the greatest scenes I have ever seen. My hands came up from her ass to her boobs and she covered my hands with her hands, making me squeeze and grab those big titties.

“Yes Aaron, just like that, oh god, oh god.”

A sudden tightness gripped my cock, and she started to squirt. Liquid just started to pour out of her pussy onto me.

“Oh Ms. Lee, what is that?”

“That’s you making me feel like I am in heaven Aaron, Don’t stop.”

I guess that’s a form of female ejaculation, I didn’t know about squirting at that age, but I didn’t care as I started to lift my hips to pound her pussy. I wanted to cum really badly knowing she felt so good.

I grabbed her hips and went in and out, in and out. Her loud moans sent me over the edge as I started cumming again. Spews and spews of cum filled her pussy as we slowed down.

“Ohhhhh babyyyyyy, I love that feeling in my pussy. Your cum is so hottttttttt…”

It had to be 6 ropes or so before I stopped. She was exhausted and laid on my chest as I started to go limp, and after a while my cock popped out and my pelvis met her clit. She twitched every time I moved, and I found that to be very very sexy because I just made her cum so hard.

She fell asleep on me as I dozed off as well. It must have been hours later that we woke up because it was dark. We made out for a while before we started to get dressed.

“So what do you want to do now Aaron?”

“I am not sure, I don’t want to go home after this, and I will just feel sad again.”

“How about you come over to my place? We can get some takeout and spend the weekend together?”

“That sounds nice, Ms. Lee.” I smiled and hugged her when she was still zipping herself up.

We talked to her car and I told her that I might need some clothes. So we drove to my house first and picked up a few sets of things. I was so afraid my father would catch me and this whole thing would be all over, but I guess it was a Friday and he had some kind of dinner meeting. We picked up some Chinese food and went back to her place.

We ate, watched television, joked around. I felt like I actually belonged with her at many moments of that night. I might be in love after the few hours we spent together. We talked about so many different things, basketball, math, the news, current events. Of course, we made out a lot as well in between, and a lot of teasing and touching. We cleaned up the dishes and went to bed, having sex one last time before we fell asleep.

Over the next 3 months, we did that every weekend. I would stop by her classroom, either fucking there or going straight to her place. We spent the whole weekend together, having sex, getting to know each other. Sometimes we would go outside of town so people wouldn’t recognize us and we would have little dates. It was the best time of my life, I was falling deeply in love with her. I would tell my father that I was hanging out with my friends, having sleepovers whenever he noticed anything. But it didn’t matter to him, so he barely paid any attention to me.

The school year was over and I was afraid that I wouldn’t see Mindy anymore. A week passed by without talking to her, and she called me on Tuesday for me to go over. I went over with a bag of clothes enough to last at least a week, I was so happy.

I ringed her doorbell and she opened her door, her eyes were red and had mascara streaks down her face. I knew something was wrong, I hope no one found out about us…

“I am sorry Aaron, but I have to tell you something.”

My heart was pounding, I didn’t want the love of my life to go to jail or anything because of me.

“My mother… she is sick… she has lung cancer and won’t last a year…”

“Oh baby, I am so sorry to hear…” I walked us to the couch as I hugged and caressed her.

“Are you going to go see her?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about Aaron, She lives in Florida, and I have to go take care of her.”
I didn’t know what to think, the love of my life leaving me again. Facing the same thing that happened years ago with my mother. I started to cry.

“Mindy…I…I… don’t know how to react.”

“Baby, I know this will be hard for you. But I have to do this. We will be thousands of miles away. So we can’t be together anymore. I don’t know how else to tell you.”

I kissed her deeply one last time and I ran out the door.

“I am sorry, but I have to go. I cannot go through this again.”

I went home and cried myself dry over the next few days. I didn’t go out; I didn’t do anything but cry and cry and cry.

Then I got a text from her… “I will be leaving today, I hope you will remember me, if anything, we will be together again when you turn to age. I love you Aaron, and I will always love you in my heart.”
I replied with “I love you too.”

Over the next year, we would keep texting and emailing each other, but it faded off slowly as we got distracted with our lives. I started to do well in school, going to math club, playing basketball, tutoring others. The relationship with Mindy made me a better person, and enthused about life. I have even started to build a relationship with my father and had stopped him from drinking. He started to be happy again and found a girlfriend after a few years.

She studied her PHD to become a professor, two years later she started to teach at a university near her mother’s home. Her mother had gotten better; her cancer has gone into remission.

I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA as well as 2250 on the SAT. I have gotten kaçak bahis a scholarship to study physics in college, and graduated three years into my degrees. I went into work at Caltech to research and teach students. Since freshman year of college, my communications with Mindy have stopped; we went on with our lives. Though she would stay in my heart as my first girl and the person who inspired me.
I had different relationships in college, but none of them was like what I had with Mindy. I focused on work and teaching. My father has made his company a much better place, he is very happy and married to his girlfriend now.

I was very happy he moved on with his life. Five years after working with Caltech, my father recruited me to work for his glass company instead to model aerodynamics and learn to manage the company.

I was very well off, working, playing basketball, hanging out with my old high school friends, life was great.
Then my father passed away from a heart attack two years after my recruitment to the company… It was one of the hardest times I have ever been in, he became my hero recovering from his loss of my mother, a hero in making his company one of the largest in the world.

I started to cry again, I did not know what I was doing, drinking, dazing, everything was sadness to me. I worked at the company from time to time but I was in mourning and I wanted to get away from everything. So I went to a physics exposition in D.C., it was an interested I have always followed, and a place with new things that wouldn’t remind me of my father.

I was watching a mini model of a collider that creates new elements when a child bumped into me. It was a little boy the age of 8 or 9 years old.

“Oh I am sorry, Aaron come back here!”

This voice… I knew it from somewhere…

I turned around, looked up and it was Mindy. She did not age one bit, perfectly standing there. Our eyes met, and it was like my life has led me to this point, to meet her again, to be with her again.

I smiled and walked her. We did not say one word and I kissed her deep on the lips.

“I love you Mindy, don’t leave me again ever.”

“Let’s talk about it over dinner Aaron, there are a lot of things we missed.”

In the back of my mind, I didn’t know who this kid might be, would this be her nephew, would this be a son she had with another person, would she be married to someone else?

We went to dinner with little Aaron, and she told me that she came to the expo for the research she did at the university, and it was a trip to let little Aaron explore. She had Aaron 8 months after leaving me, and he was mine. She didn’t tell me because we might have gotten in trouble, also she did not want to put stress on me when I turned my life around. She knew that one day, we would find each other again.

Tears ran down my face as I looked at Aaron, he was 8 years old then and he is my son! I thought this has to be what Dad wanted me to see, he had guided him after his death for me to be happy and be a role model like he was.

We caught up that night and went back to our hotel. I had cancelled both of our rooms and gotten us a suite with two rooms. Aaron was so happy to see me; Mindy has talked about me all his life, telling him that I had a mission to do. He had a special bond with me and we played until he fell asleep.

I brought Mindy back to our room as we looked at each other like we were young again.

“Mindy… I wish we had stayed together all these years, I am sorry we lost in touch…”

“It’s not your fault… We had to go through hardship to be at this point. Just promise me to never leave again. No matter what.”

I kissed her deeply, as we laid on the bed. I found myself feeling loved again, more importantly loving the woman I was meant to be with all my life again.

I have never been so horny all my life, as was she. I cupped her ass holding her close to me, pushing my hard cock bulging in my pants into her special place.

She moaned in my mouth and said “I love you Aaron, give it to me”

I unhooked her bra and took her dress off. She looked even better than before. Her boobs were round and gotten bigger because of little Aaron. They were sitting at a 36 DD, I almost came looking at them, so perfect and her nipples were hard for me.

I took my clothes off too, and we kept kissing. I moved her on her back, and started to lick and kiss my way down, from her mouth to her neck, and to her nipples.

“Ahhh, baby, that feels so good” She moaned.

I flicked her hard nipples with my tongue as I pleasured the other one with my finger. She twitched as I bit on it, sending her to orgasm all over her body.

“You might just make me cum from touching me Aaron, I miss this”

I kissed more down to her soaked pussy, I took a lick on her clit, it smelled like peaches and tasted like strawberries. I was so hard at this point, precum oozed out of my cock without touching.

“Let me work on you too baby, Don’t want to leave the big boy alone now.”

I laid down as she got on me with the 69 position. She teased my cock, licking the precum off me lightly as more comes out. I grabbed on to her ass in pleasure while tongue fucking her juice filled pussy.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and I lightly started thrusting my cock up. She took notice and grabbed me by the base and started to suck my hard cock. She knew exactly what I wanted, squeezing my cock and shoving it deep inside her throat. Coating my cock with her spit, making it nice and slick.

I pulled my head up and started licking her butthole with my fingers on her clit and in her pussy. She moaned loud on my cock as she sucked the head.

“Oh Aaron, I love that, don’t stop”

I felt her getting tight around my fingers and I licked even harder and fingered even harder. She started to stroke my cock instead because she needed to moan and scream.

Her juices flooded out of her pussy and onto my fingers and chest. I stopped licking her ass, and started to clean her up.

“Mmm, I miss this taste.” She kept stroking me while I cleaned everything with my tongue.

“I think this big hard cock needs to be in me now…”

She didn’t have to tell me and I got out from under her. I put her in doggy and rubbed my cock on her pussy.
“You want this cock don’t you, You miss this cock, mmm”

“Yes, please, give it to me, fuck me Aaron.”

I grabbed her hips and thrust into her.

She screamed out in pleasure as I held it in deep inside. She moved back and forth wanting me to fuck her.
I pulled my cock halfway out and back into her. Not caring about anything else and I fucked her hard and fast. Moving my hands from her hips to squeeze her tits hard, then my hands to her hair and pulling her.

“Oh Aaron, I love that, keep fucking me, this pussy is all yours!!!”

It felt so god damn good, I can’t believe how tight she is.

After a few minutes, I let go of her hair and started playing with her pretty butthole. All the juices from fucking had made it wet, slick enough for me to put my first knuckle in. We had never done serious anal sex before, but I would play with her ass from time to time.

“Oh yes, finger me in the ass baby, Yeah, I love it!! UHHHHHH, YESSSS”

I started to finger her ass with my index finger, up to my second knuckle. Every time my finger gets in, her pussy squeezes my cock. It felt so good.

She started to twitch and her pussy gripped my cock.


She came right on my cock as I was going in and out, I pushed my cock deep and let her ride out her orgasm.

“Mmm, your turn.”

She put me on my back, and sat on top. Positioned my cock and put it in. I had closed my eyes, but it felt tighter than normal. I looked down and she took my cock into her ass.

“Oh yesss, I know you gave me your virginity, so I am gonna give you my anal virginity Aaron. Uhhh, yesssss, you are so big in there”

I have never had anal sex before, many times with her in the pussy, but this was just different. It felt so tight, and hot. Her asshole was pulsing around my cock and it was so wet from all her juices. She started to rub her pussy while riding on my cock.

“Oh Mindy, this is just amazing, I have never felt this good for so long.”

“Mmm me too, I wanna feel that cum fill my ass. Give it to me baby”

A few more moments after the tightness in her ass, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and let go. Ropes and ropes of cum went into her ass, meanwhile she had played herself into another orgasm, she squirted all over my body as she rubbed her clit.


I filled her up with at least 8 squirts of cum, and she filled my body with juices. She rode me for a few more minutes as I started to go limp. Laid on my side and hugged me. I turned to her and kissed her deeply. Whispered “Love never fades.”

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