Love is Not a Game

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Big Dicks

Hey all! Welcome to another brand new, stand-alone mother/son story!

Before you begin to read let me tell you that this is going to be a long one, actually the longest story I have written on Literotica so far, exceeded my previous longest story with almost eight-thousand(!) words. And as usual with most of my stand-alone stories it begins from a first person’s perspective before it turns into a third person’s perspective.

It has a long buildup so this isn’t something for the fast fappers out there, so for those that do appreciate romantic mother and son stories, make yourself at home and… Enjoy!

Also, this takes place in the same universe as most of my other stories, so if you have read those you will come across some familiar faces!

Now without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?


Yes, that’s it Carrie! Kite those two morons around while Ann and me throw some hard-hitting cluster spells on their asses! The DPS (Damage Per Second) and AOE (Area Of Effect) effects will eat them up!

No problem Suzy, give me a sign when you have set up your barriers!

Keep it going ladies, we are doing some fine work here! No way they are going to come back from this.

As soon as I finally returned home from a day full of studying I could hear her voice coming from upstairs, probably busy with the tournament they had entered.

I slowly walked to the kitchen for a cool, refreshing drink after I had closed the front door. A smile appeared on my face as I kept on hearing cheering, tactics and the usual banter between her and her in-game friends.

With a cold Coke in my hand I headed upstairs, towards the competitive sounding voice that came from our gaming room.

I quietly opened the door with a soft push. Captivated by her game she didn’t notice anything coming from her surroundings, or so I thought.

I smiled again when I saw her sitting in her ‘tournament mode’ style, her legs tucked away under her body, her left hand busy coordinating over the keyboard while her right clicked the mouse in an almost inhumane tempo.

I leaned against the doorpost, sipping from my cold Coke as I kept on observing her. Again, the sounds of clicking, typing and various tactics and banter ringing my ears like music.

And then they had completed their goal, reaching victory and winning the battle.

“And that’s another one for the rankings ladies! Up next is that Nexx-ior guild that shit-talked us way back, we will see if they can back up their big mouths tomorrow.” She said proudly into her headset microphone after their fight was finished.

“But ladies, It’s time for me to go, my secret admirer is ogling me… Oh my, Exactly Suzan! You know how our boys think that we don’t know, that’s the secret of us.”

I choked a bit on my drink as I heard her say it, did she already know that I was behind her, watching her? I swear, sometimes women can be scary.

“Yes, thanks for coming everyone, tomorrow we surely will kick even more ass than today! Enjoy your evening with your own ‘man of the house’ ladies! Love you all and see you tomorrow!” She finished with before quitting the game and putting down her headset.

And then she spun her chair around, giving me a sight of her that made the butterflies in my stomach kicking up a storm over and over again every time I saw her like this.

“So, mister, do you always sneak up to poor little me like that?” She said with her cute, southern accent.

I tried to respond to her but I was still captivated by the sight of her beauty.

Her long, braided brown ponytail that hung loosely over her right shoulder, her perfectly shaped face with just a little bit of make-up here and there, her sparkling green eyes behind those nerdy looking glasses that made her even more sexy, those full, plump lips that moved gently as she serenaded her words to me.

And then came her body, that amazing fit and curvy body of hers. Two beautiful, full, big perky breasts that stood high on her chest with a little bit of sag, covered by the fabric of a tight looking tank top. Under that her belly, waist and thighs, all had that extra bit of ‘meat’ to them that just made her even more delicious, covered by a just as tight looking skirt that stopped right above her knees.

Last but not least, her long legs with that silk looking and feeling skin only to end at those cute little feet that had worn so many sexy heels over time.

By the time I was ready to respond she already pushed herself up out of her chair and walked up to me seductively, her breasts jiggling with every step she made, making it clear that she was bra-less.

“H-how… How did you know that I was behind you?” I finally said.

She smiled to me before playfully biting her lower lip, giving me her foxy look.

“That’s because… That’s because mothers know everything baby…” She purred to me as her arms wrapped around my neck.

I started to blush as her eyes looked topkapı escort deep into mine, her breasts being smothered against my chest. I could feel her nipples grazing me as she pushed harder against me.

“Mommy has been waiting for you, my darling baby boy.” She whispered to me. “And I know that my baby has been waiting to be with Mommy too…”

I then dropped the empty bottle of Coke onto the floor, not being able to resist her any longer. My hands flew forward and cupped her skirt covered ass-cheeks before I pushed her up to me.

Mom then wrapped her soft, slender legs around my waist as she let out a girly giggle.

We watched each other for a few more seconds, our hearts beating rapidly now. And then our mouths mashed together, our tongues darting forward, seeking each other to start our fierce French kissing battle.

I walked out of our gaming room with my mother wrapped around me, slowly to her… Our bedroom without our wild kissing ever stopping.

It was going to be a late dinner for us once more…


Thirty-seven years ago my mother, Caroline Felton, was born on a small farm near the southern border. Unable to reach the hospital in time, my grandmother, Carrie-Ann Felton, gave birth to a tender, but healthy baby girl alongside her husband, my grandfather, Kenneth Felton and a doctor that had rushed to their farm to help them.

Two weeks of happiness followed as the couple’s world had turned upside down, finally they had a child, a beautiful girl that meant everything to them. Only their happiness wouldn’t last long.

Carrie-Ann Felton died about three weeks after her daughter’s birth. My grandfather was devastated, losing the love of his life just when everything seemed to be going so perfect. But he still had her, that small little girl that meant the world to his late departed wife and to him. After a few days of grief, he promised himself and his wife that he would do everything in his power to raise this girl, his daughter with as much love he could possibly give her.

And raising her he did, Mom blossomed into a beautiful young girl overtime, resembling her mother in so many ways. Mom was a ‘shy beauty’ according to my grandfather, spending most of her free time either with him or by herself. She did not have many friends at school which did bother my grandfather for a while, but he quickly accepted the fact that she was a bit of a loner, just like her mother was before she met him.

Mom loved to work at the farm, especially tending the animals which my grandfather kept. In general she always helped her father were she could, their bond together was something that could never be broken. Her other hobbies consisted of reading, painting and… Video games.

My grandfather was a huge enthusiast for new technologies, especially things that he could do himself. It was a rather funny side of him, almost childlike. Grandpa was a tall, strong, no-nonsense kind of person but when he got his hands on the first Atari home console he turned into a curious young boy once more.

And not only him, but also my mother was quickly attracted to the thoughts of being able to play your own adventures, although in a much simpler way back in those days, to be able to separate yourself from the struggles in the real world for a while to just enjoy yourself. This hobby of her would still be relevant until this very day.

At the young age of seventeen my mother got pregnant herself, pregnant with me. As shy as my mother was, she eventually found a bloke that seemed to be on the same line as her. After dating him for a while they were finally ready for ‘that’ stage in their relationship, and ‘that’ stage would change her life forever.

Mom had told me that my father was a scumbag, she knew that they both were in the wrong for not using any form of protection, but the fact that he claimed that he knew what he was doing and would be extra careful made everything even worse. He had the balls to ‘accidentally’ impregnate her but not the balls to take care of his child after he was confronted by my mother. One day he simply disappeared, not to be seen ever again.

My grandfather was furious, angry at his teenage daughter for throwing her young life away because of some scumbag boyfriend, which he would have strangled to death if he ever got his hands on him. Their relationship was on thin ice for a while, but my grandfather, as tough as nails as he was, could not stay mad at his only child, the daughter that he promised to raise up into a beautiful woman.

After a long and emotional talk with her they finally buried the hatchet, mother apologizing for the way she behaved and her father for lashing out at her in this difficult time for her. He would support her in every way he could, no matter what she chose to do. And Mom chose me, she would not run away from something that she was as just responsible for as the father was supposed to be.

And ümraniye escort so I, Kevin Felton, was born twenty years ago on the same farm where my grandmother gave birth to my Mom. The whole happening was extra emotional for my grandfather, seeing his only daughter giving birth to a son without his wife by his side to support her. After Mom’s birth my grandmother had told grandpa that she couldn’t wait to see her own grandchildren in the future, not knowing that that would eventually never happen.

I grew up with the love of two very special people, my grandfather was more like a father to me, taking care of me while Mom did her studies at school, teaching me all kinds of things that my real father should have done. Mom used every free moment of time she got to be with me, over the years we had developed a very deep bond that still keeps on going strong till this very day. She would teach me how to tend the animals, help with my own school work, how to take care of myself and of course we played video games together, something that made her relax and take her out of her stressful life for a bit.

All that time we lived on the farm with grandpa, who insisted that we could stay there as long as we wanted. He enjoyed our presence around him, he had a smart, pretty and well-mannered daughter that would surely succeed in the future that kept his spirits up, and of course me, his grandson which to him felt like a child of his own. I often wondered what would happen if me and Mom would find a place of our own.

Eventually the day came that Mom and me moved out from grandpa’s farm, she had found a small, two floor apartment closer to the city so she would be closer to her job as a graphic designer. She would be working from home and in an office.

Many tears were shed when the day came for us to leave, especially between my mother and grandfather. Though we wouldn’t be living miles away from him, it did feel strange without having him around, and for him to not have us around.

After a few weeks of adjusting we finally found comfort within our new home. Mom enjoyed her new job and I enjoyed living together, just the two of us. When we both had free time we would always spend it together, I was just like Mom when she was my age, a bit of a loner at school. Our hobby regarding gaming evolved too, Mom and me played together more than ever before since it was just the two of us at home, it was the perfect thing for her to escape the struggles of the real world as she would tell me.

Of course we did not forget about my grandfather, we always tried to at least see each other once a week, we would go over to him or he would come over to our apartment.

Fast-forwarding a few years, I was now attending the same university my mother went to, and yes I still was a bit of a loner but I couldn’t care less. Over the years spending time with Mom in our apartment made me realize what she truly meant to me, not only was she my mother but also my best friend, and every second spend with her was like a treasure for me.

Mom had climbed the ranks within the company she worked at as she was now one of the lead designers, this gave her the opportunity to work fulltime from home, only attending meetings once in a while. Just like how I felt about her, she also felt about me, I was her best friend and the person that knew her in and out. Seeing her bright smile every time I returned home was something I could never get enough from.

I once asked her if she would ever pick up dating again, which resulted in her giving me a stare that could spontaneous combust someone if she had super powers. She still had a difficult time with trusting men, relationship wise that is. Of course she had male friends but never a romantic fling, she told me that there were only two important men for her, one was me and the other my grandfather.

Everything seemed to go well for us, we were happy, my grandfather was happy. We finally were living a life that we had dreamed of. Until everything changed last month…

I was sitting in a lecture when Mom suddenly called me on my phone, something she never had done before. I excused myself to my professor, saying that it could be an emergency. As I picked up the phone I was confronted with my mother’s sobbing, weeping voice. I could barely make out what she tried to tell me, she was panicking and her words just seem to not come out right. The only things I could hear were ‘dad’ and ‘grandpa’. I knew something bad was going and decided to go home as fast as I could, my professor understood me and allowed me to leave.

When I came home I was let in into our apartment by one of Mom’s close colleagues and friends, apart from me she had also called her. I could hear Mom crying hard when I stepped though the front door, pumped up by adrenaline I quickly reached her in the living room.

When Mom saw me she started crying even harder, she leapt out of her chair and rushed into my üsküdar escort arms, hugging me like she never hugged me before. I felt a lump in my throat as I held her, watching her cry. It truly broke my heart seeing her like this.

As I held Mom and comforted her, her colleague returned to our side and told me everything that had happened. What she told me resulted in my own tears running down my cheeks.

My grandfather had suffered from a heart attack out of nowhere, a heart attack that ended up being fatal. His longtime neighbors had found him in the barn of the farm between the animals, they came searching for him after he did not show up to their appointment and did not respond to their calls. My grandfather had died all alone, without ever seeing the two people dearest to him again.

The news hit Mom the hardest, of course it affected me too, but my grandfather always had told me to be strong for her if something ever happened to him. Mom kept saying that it was her fault for not spending more time with him, that she was the one that caused it. I was still in shock myself so the only thing I could do at that moment was to hold her tighter to me, telling her that everything was going to be alright.

A few days later was his funeral, and to my surprise a lot of people showed up to it. I knew he was a beloved person around the place where he lived but I had never guessed that so many people would attend. Mom tried her best to hold a speech, only to succumb to her sadness in tears. So I took over her place and held a long speech about what my grandfather, her father meant to us. He was then laid to rest, next to his beloved wife Carrie-Ann.

Even after the funeral Mom’s mental health kept on spiraling down. Her work became sloppy, she forgot to cook our meals when it was her turn, she forgot to do house chores and the worst of all, she started to became distant to me. Mom was still living with the regret of not being there for him when she needed to be, but was that really true?

Mom and I were always there for him, just like he was always there for us. I personally thought that this whole phase had to do with something from her past. I knew that during the beginning of her pregnancy with me that they didn’t see eye to eye for a while. Maybe it was a bit farfetched but I certainly knew that something was bothering her.

Finally, after a week or two I managed, with the help of some of Mom’s colleagues, to get her to seek help from a psychiatrist, someone who could listen to her and determine what possibly was going on in her head. And this… This is where our story starts.


“And that… That’s about it Ms. Lorenz… I think I pretty much covered everything.” Spoke Caroline quietly, wiping away her tears.

Ms. Lorenz nodded to her and scribbled something down on her clip board.

“Caroline… Please call me Lenora, okay? I like to speak with my patients on first base.” She said.

Caroline looked up to her and gave her a little smile. “Okay… Lenora.”

Lenore smiled back at her before resuming her talk. “From what you told me I can pretty much figure out what’s holding you back from moving on with your life Caroline. The reason why you feel so bad and different after your father passed away.”

Caroline waited patiently for her to resume talking, her hands were trembling a bit out of nervousness.

“There is a part of you that can’t accept that he, your father, has passed away. I understand that he was the sole person that took care of you throughout your life, even when your son was born he kept on taking care of you and him, like he was his own child too. Your father had always been someone you could share your secrets with, to tell all of your problems, to seek advice from, to be with when you felt lonely and someone who would never stop loving you.” Resumed Lenora.

Lenore took Caroline’s hands into her own, holding her gently as Caroline quietly sobbed again.

“You don’t need to have any regrets Caroline, your father was happy, proud of you, proud of how you evolved into a beautiful young woman and a strong mother. Don’t think that him passing away had anything to do with you, you know that you always loved him and that you always were there for him just like he was there for you. But, you got to let it go Caroline, you know that he wants you to remain strong, not only for yourself but also for your son.” Said Lenora.

Caroline sniffed once before wiping her tears away, she then slowly nodded her head, agreeing with everything Lenora had said.

“Speaking of your son, you told me that your father had told him when you two moved out that he was now ‘the man of the house’, right? Think about him Caroline, his grandfather gave him his blessing and now he has to witness how you get more depressed each and every day. I bet the boy feels bad too, for him to not be able to reach out to his mother, to comfort her in the time she needs him the most, it must break his heart.” Resumed Lenora once more.

“I… I think I understand what you told me Lenora… I have to stop grieving over my father’s death… I have to be that strong woman, that strong mother, his strong daughter again that he was so proud of… Not only for myself but also for my son.” Said Caroline with a teary grin after being silent for a few seconds.

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