Love Eternal

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Thanks to WAA01 for the edits.

All characters are over 18+


Ten years prior…

Dilan McCoy stood in thunderstruck as his sister, who was two years older than he was, brought home the boy, or douche in his mind, to meet their parents at the end of her sophomore year of her technical school. While the man on her arm had a full ride at the university a town over from his home town. How he was dying inside when he saw the look on his sister’s face. The look of someone head over heels in love.

The way that man looked at his mother told him he wasn’t as faithful to his sister as she appeared to be towards him. How it made his skin crawl. Since the age of ten he’s been in love with his sister. Dilan knew it was wrong, yet his heart didn’t see it like that. He had even broke down and told her last summer before she went back to school that he was in love with her. So he could show her that he was better than all those boys she had had dated in the past.

What was her answer you might ask? Deborah had called him a freak, a sick, disgusting freak! For the next month Dilan moped in his room. Crying every night into his pillow so his parents wouldn’t hear knowing that his love would never be returned. He knew he had to leave; he couldn’t stand seeing another man with her. Couldn’t stand seeing that look on her face knowing it was a mistake. Slinking off to his room he’d rather not sully his sister’s happiness even if she didn’t want him like he wanted her. Having graduated early from high school due to not bothering to date anyone, in his eyes no one could ever take Deborah’s place.

“Going somewhere?” Deborah asked, her voice causing Dilan’s back to straighten as he stood over his suitcase.

“College,” Dilan said, plainly. Not bothering to turn to look at his sister. Fearing that she would see the hurt in his eyes. Something he didn’t want his sister to see. Not after what she had called him.

“But it’s the…”

“Early admission,” Dilan said, so she would stop asking questions.

“Dilan about the last time…” Sighing when her brother closed the door in her face. She wanted to apologize. She wanted to take back the words she said to him, yet it seemed he wasn’t ready to talk.

“Why do you have to go now?!” Barbara asked, as her son stood in the doorway to the garage. The glint of the lights overhead shone along the restored ’69 Phantom style Mustang Fastback that he and his father had rebuilt together over the past few years. Its deep black paint pulled at his soul knowing that darkness would follow him everywhere. “You’re sister just got home. Stay here at least for a day,” Barbara pleaded with her son. She had noticed something was wrong with her son since Deborah went back to school last year. It was almost as if her son was heartbroken.

“Barbara let him go,” Vlad said, placing a steadying hand on his wife’s shoulder. He too had left home early when he joined the Marines, while he would miss his son dearly, he couldn’t be more proud of his son wanting to strike off on his own. “He’s eighteen, his mind is set. All we can do is wish him well, and that he’ll return to us,” Vlad said, nodding to his son as the trunk of the Mustang closed.

“But why now?!” Barbara asked, once again. Feeling her tears gathering in her eyes as she looked upon her son.

“Because I have to Mom,” Dilan said, hugging his parents tightly. “I just can’t stay here with Deborah around, it just hurts too much,” he said to himself.

“Y-you better call me,” Barbara said, through her sniffles.

“Of course,” Dilan smiled warmly at his mother as he opened the driver’s side door.

That steel key slid into the lock, its tumblers meshing with the key. Sending a spark through the wiring, firing off those eight heavy-duty spark plugs bringing that 5.0 liter engine to life. Its deep rumbling purr filled the garage as it idled. The deep red of the brake lights played along the wall as its halogen headlights flared to life. Music could be heard playing through the glass that pulled at his tattered soul. Dilan knew once he opened the garage door there was no turning back.

His hands gripped the steering wheel as his sister stood before him as the garage door opened. Her arms crossed, her eyes hard, standing her ground to bar his path. “You really just going to leave?” Deborah asked, her light brown hair fluttered in the breeze. Looking down as the front bumper was inches away from her legs. “Talk to me Dilan! I’m right here…” That was when she saw it, saw what he was going through… Deborah stood in the driveway watching the taillights and the roar of the engine disappearing into the distance.


Two months ago…

Deborah was sitting at her desk going through bills for her motorcycle and auto repair shop. Listening to the retort of the air ratchet going off in the repair bay as her mechanics unbolted the transmission from Ms. Gober’s car. It wasn’t often Deborah was found sitting behind her desk, unless it was bill time like today was, she was normally out on the floor. Turning a wrench or two alongside the guys when she didn’t have to play owner. Yet she didn’t mind she loved running her own repair shop. Ever since she watched her father and brother… Siting back, her blue-green eyes falling on her brother’s picture wondering where exactly he şişli escort was. She knew he came to town. The photos on the walls of her parents’ house told her that much. Deborah had to admit Dilan had grown into a fine looking man. She wanted to know why he avoided her? Why he never called? Never asked her about his nephew and niece? They were born four years ago. Never came to her wedding eight years ago when Nathan graduated from college. She did miss him, she just wished he would talk to her.

Sighing as her cell phone rang, dancing along her desk as her children’s preschool number flashed across the screen. Looking at the clock, Deborah knew her husband should have picked up their twins an hour ago.

“Hello?” Deborah asked, answering the phone.

“Hello Deborah, I was just wondering when you were going to come pick up your kids?!”

“What do you mean pick up my kids?! Nathan was supposed to do that today?!” Deborah said, fear raced through her mind as to what could cause Nathan to miss the pick-up time. How she hoped he didn’t get in an accident or something bad happen to him.

“No… they’ve been waiting here for the past hour and I can’t really keep them here for much longer.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll be there as fast as I can,” Deborah said, snatching her car keys off her desk. Missing her bike, but she had to sell it when they found out she was pregnant. Some of it went to the future medical bills, the rest went to the car she now drives. It was a safer vehicle for the kids than on the back of a bike. “Mark!” Deborah called out as she walked onto the shop floor.


“I need you to close the shop tonight. I have to run and pick up my kids,” Deborah said, knowing Nathan better have a damn good reason for not showing up.

“Sure thing boss!” That always put a smile on her face. Her tires squealed as she pulled out of the parking lot. Racing towards the pre-school hoping that she could get there in time.

“Hi babies!” Deborah cooed as she held out her arms to them. Her eyes were lit with joy at her twins’ smiling faces as they ran into her arms. “I’m so sorry about this. Their father was supposed to be here,” she said apologetically, her hands brushed her children’s hair as they hugged her legs.

“Maybe there was some miscommunication?!” The pre-school teacher said staring hard at Deborah.

“What do you mean?” Deborah asked, confused.

“You’re husband called around noon saying that you were the one that would be picking them up today.”

“No… today is Nathan’s day off. He always picks them up on his day off. Plus he never called me,” Deborah said, scanning through her phone making sure she didn’t miss her husband’s call. Nope. Not a thing on her call log.

“Well, just don’t let it happen again or I’ll…”

“Or you’ll what?” Deborah hissed as she narrowed her eyes at the woman. Holding her children close to her, seeing that twenty-four-year-old’s eyes moving down the tattooed sleeve of her left arm. Feeling the woman’s judgmental mind pressing in on her.

“Or you can find another preschool.”

“I just might do that,” Deborah said, over her shoulder as she ushered her children to the car. “Who’s ready to go home!” she said, as she buckled her kids into their car seats. Smiling warmly at her daughter’s giggle as Deborah tickled her stomach. “Bitch!” Deborah muttered low as she walked around the front of her car.

‘What the fuck’ Deborah mouthed as she slowly pulled to a stop in front of their home. Seeing her husband’s truck, and a sleek black sedan sitting in their driveway. “If he was home why couldn’t he pick up Ben and Lisa?” she asked herself. Putting her car into park, rolling down the windows, she had a bad feeling about this; and she didn’t want the kids caught in the middle. “Ben, Lisa, stay right here, mama will be right back,” Deborah said, in a warm motherly tone.

“O’kay!” They said in that ever so chipper tone that all kids seem to have.

Her heart was racing as she stepped foot into her home. Her fingers twitched as she moved towards their bedroom. Her anger flaring as she heard another woman’s giggle coming from it. Pulling out her phone, opening up the camera. She wanted this recorded. If this is what she thinks is going on then she wanted the evidence for the courts.

How she wanted to throw up as she watched her husband pumping away at the woman he was screwing. Snapping a couple of pictures, then turning on the video recorder.

“Oh yeah, so much tighter then my wife!” Nathan grunted as he plowed away at the woman beneath him.

“Yeah, I bet I am,” the woman giggled, “now come on big boy and fuck me!”

“Yeah, Nat, fuck her, fuck her good,” Deborah sneered hatefully.

“Deb!” Nathan shouted in shock. “What are you doing here!” he asked nervously, as he scooted towards the edge of the bed to put as much distance between his wife and himself.

“What am I doing?! What am I doing?! You ask, well for your information I had to leave work to pick up our KIDS you lying sack of shit!”

“Deb this isn’t what it looks like,” Nathan said, holding up his hands.

“Oh, it seems to me you’re fucking this whore in my bed, that’s what it looks like!” Deborah said, holding up her phone playing the video. suadiye escort


“Shut the fuck up bitch!” Deborah snapped.

“You can’t talk to her…” Nathan didn’t see his high school trophy flying at him until it was too late striking him square on the forehead knocking him out cold. Packing her bags as that woman quivered fearfully on her bed. Then packing some clothes for the children knowing they had clothes at her parents place.

“If you ever come around my kids…”

“I swear… I’ve never met them!” the woman said, holding her hands out before her in surrender.

“Good. If you do…” Her thought trailed off how she wanted to cut his nuts off, but Ben and Lisa needed her. “When that idiot wakes up, tell him he can expect a call from my lawyers.” With that Deborah grabbed the bags, marched out the door, tossed them in the trunk and sped off from her cheating husband.

“Mom…” Deborah’s lip trembled as she and the kids stood on her parents stoop.

“Oh baby!” Barbara threw her arms around her daughter. Knowing something bad had to have happened to make her strong willed daughter break down in tears. “Come inside and tell me everything.”

The turbo of Nathan’s deasil roared as it flew down the street two hours after Deborah had left him slumped on the floor. He wasn’t about to let her walk out! He was the one that dumped everyone! That bitch was not going to keep his kids away from him!

“Deb!” Nathan yelled for his wife. Thundering towards the open garage thinking he could barrel his way into the house and take what belonged to him. Only to be stopped by the barrel of a gun. “Vlad put down the gun,” Nathan said, quickly throwing up his hands. “Just give me my kids and…”

“The kids you abandoned so you can fuck that slut! Those kids!” Vlad sneered as he looked down the sight of his .40 caliber pistol.

“You don’t…” Swallowing hard as Vlad closed the distance between him as his old Marine training kicked in.

“I have every right to protect my family from an egotistical, pompous ass that thinks the world revolves around his planet-sized fucking ego,” Vlad snarled as the barrel of his gun was two inches away from Nathan’s face. “And it seems you’re a coward too,” he chuckled as Nathan peed his pants. “You got two choices, you leave my daughter and my grandbabies alone, or…”


“I put you in the fucking ground, and trust me no one will miss you,” Vlad said, with deathly undertones. “That’s what I thought you chicken-shit,” he spat as Nathan raced back to his truck.

“Sweetheart,” Barbara called out to her husband as she stepped out into the garage.


“They can’t stay here, what if he comes back and we aren’t around?” Barbara asked, she would never openly admit it, but right then, she was extremely turned on.

“Good question,” Vlad muttered.

“Would you think Dilan would get mad if we…”

“I don’t know, I don’t think he would. I mean he only uses the place a few times a year. It’s not like he’ll ever know,” Vlad said, scratching his cheek. He knew that would be the perfect place for them to hide. He and his wife could never understand why Deborah and Dilan had a falling out, yet they kept their word on never telling her about the townhouse he had. They only went there to make sure everything was okay while he was out of the country.

“Do you think we can call him and ask?” Barbara asked, she missed her son. The few times a year he was home wasn’t good enough. She wanted to hug him every day, to make sure he was safe.

“Doubtful. You know he’s on assignment,” Vlad said, matter-of-factly. Dilan had told him why he was going undercover; his son knew he could handle the stress of knowing that his son was in danger constantly. However, his wife couldn’t so he hid most of the details from her.

“But this is a family emergency surely they will understand?” Barbara asked, hugging her husband tightly.

“I know baby, I know. I’m worried about him too,” Vlad muttered into his wife’s hair. It had been eight months since his son had gone dark. Eight months of him sitting up every night with worry that his son wasn’t in some Eastern Europe ditch dead somewhere.


Budapest, Hungary. Present day…

For ten months Dilan has had to stomach these foul things that resembled human men. He had to stomach the nauseating things they showed him of what they did to underage kids. Had to keep from shooting every one of them as the group of men laughed like jackals. How he wanted to shatter that ashtray over the man’s head and slice open his friends throat with the shards. Yet he couldn’t, that would be murder, and illegal, but Dilan knew it would feel so good. Moreover, that would also blow his cover. A cover he had spent ten long months on, crisscrossing the globe as he worked for Interpol on loan from the FBI. Ever since he’d started in the sex crimes division of the FBI he’s seen humanity at its worse. From sex trafficking, rapes, gang-rapes, child porn rings, like the one he has currently infiltrated. Yet none of the rings were as large as this one was. This one stretched from all corners of the globe. It was the reason he was seconded into Interpol when he stumbled onto this ring during his last case.

It taksim escort had taken him eight months to learn that the center of the web was here in Budapest and another two to worm his way in. He knew in the two months he’s been in the city, the creeps that dwell in the shadows called around to make sure he was one of them before he even talked to one of the core members. That was why he was there, having to endure their stink. He wished he could buy a new body knowing the taint from just being near them would never come off. Yet he needed to bite down his bile at the filth that surrounded him. He needed to get more evidence before he could report back to his headquarters and finally put an end to…

Dilan jumped from his seat as doors broke in, glass shattered. “Shit!” Dilan hissed as two flash bangs were tossed into the room. Before he could utter a word that he was with Interpol he felt two hot sheering pains before he was taken down.

“You are idiots! Do you know how long we’ve worked to bring down that ring!” Dilan could hear someone yelling in his drugged hazed mind. “And one of your so-called police officers shot one of our own for fucks sake!”

“Shot?!” Dilan winced in pain as he tried to move.

“Don’t move Dilan,” he remembered that sweet voice, “you were shot just below the stomach and in your left shoulder. The only saving grace is that they had paramedics on stand-by before they breached.”

“H-how many…?!” Dilan whispered.

“All that were in the area that…”

“Then you didn’t get the lieutenant,” Dilan said, through blurry eyes.

“What do you mean?” He could see that her hand was moving along the pad taking down his account.

“Those that you rounded up are just small fry, disgusting small fry, still low on the totem pole.”

“See! You idiots have just lost us the lead we needed!” Dilan had to agree with the bureau chief on that one.

“I was supposed to meet one of the lieutenants there today, and see if I could work my way up,” Dilan said, in almost a whisper as he rested his hand on his wound. “I hope the FBI has workers comp,” he joked.

“Do you think your cover was blown?” the bureau chief asked as he entered the room.

“No, I don’t think so,” Dilan shook his head. “I mean I did get shot by the police in front of everyone so that might save my cover… maybe even enhance it.”

“Good,” the chief nodded. “I’m sending you home to recover. That way we can say you escaped the hospital before the police arrived to take you into custody. As soon as you’re healed and given the all clear we’ll bring you back in. You’ve done a fine job,” he said, patting Dilan’s hand. “On another note, I want you to know one of the FBI’s most wanted child killers was among them.”


“Went out with a hail of bullets,” the chief said, matching Dilan’s smile.


“We’ll inform them and of your injures and that we request your services once you’re fit for duty.”

“Yes sir,” Dilan nodded.

“It’s just not going to be the same,” Katy – Dilan’s handler – said with a smile as she rose from her chair. “I’ll keep you updated should we learn anything from those that we have in custody.”


“No worries, Dilan. You rest up, and come back to us,” Katy said sweetly, as she patted his foot.

An hour after they had left, men dressed in scrubs came pouring into his room. Wheeling him out of the room, he knew they were Interpol given they had the code word. Grimacing as they loaded him into an ambulance. Dilan knew they had to get him out of the city to keep the ruse that he had fled from ruining his chances at taking down that ring once and for all. Still, he was a wounded man, they could have been a little gentler.


Twelve hours later…

Dilan groaned in pain as he slid out of the back of the cab. His two bags were full of his clothing and what he had stored before he went undercover. Interpol had dropped them off when they whisked him out of the country. Taking it slow as he walked up the driveway of his townhouse he paid for so he could have a place to stay when he visited home. He just couldn’t stand…

“Don’t think about her Dilan, it’s not good for you,” he muttered as he pulled his housekeys out once he set the bag in his hand down. “What the…?!” Dilan muttered as the door closed behind him as he noted really small coats, shoes, toys scattered around his house. He began to wonder if his home had become infested with elves since he’d been gone. Leaving his bags by the door, silently pulling his service weapon from its hoister. Creeping up the stairs as he heard the shower running in the master bedroom. He wasn’t about to allow some squatter to take over his home not without a fight. Tilting his head to the side when he saw a picture of himself beside his bed. He surely wouldn’t put that there. His eyes roamed down the bed, swallowing as a matching set of lavender panties and a bra sat on his bed. The covers weren’t his either. “What the hell is going on here?!” He knew the only way to find out was to march into that bathroom and confront whoever was in there. “Holy…?!” His gun lowered as his eyes absorbed the naked, wet goddess before him. After so many years dreaming what she would be like naked, his mind was in heaven as her 34C breasts (having increase two cup sizes during her pregnancy), sat aloft on her chest. Those light pink areolas beckoned to him. He had no idea what she was doing but the muscle tone she had, he was impressed to say the least. Dilan couldn’t stop himself; he felt his cock harden at the sight of his sister’s Christmas tree style bush that adorned her mons Venus.

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