Love Bites

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Emily was out for a night with her friends, she was considering taking home one of her friends, Shahna, they had been flirting for a while and it was about time they took it further. Emily is a slim woman with generous curves, porcelain skin and intoxicating blue eyes. She is hot and never short of attention. Emily glanced at the dance floor, where some of her friends including Shahna, were dancing. Shahna was a very pretty brunette about the same height as Emily with blue eyes and a slim womanly figure. Emily let her eyes caress Shahna’s body, Shahna’s eyes meet Emily’s across the room in a mutual devouring of each other. Oh yes, Emily thought, tonight is the night. Emily went to the bar, weaving her way through the crowd and slapping away the drooling male hands as she waited to be served; she ordered and downed a Jager Bomb. She turned to notice Shahna watching her every move, smiled and started to make her way back through the throng of groping men to the dance floor making her way to Shahna. She was almost there when a woman stepped into her path, Emily looked at the woman and was entranced by luminescent green eyes of a sexy blonde woman.

The blonde woman stared into Emily’s eyes captivating her and said, “My name is Allegra and you are going to dance with me.”

Emily looked at the woman before her, long blonde hair, green eyes, perfect white teeth, about 5 foot 4 slim with an amazing body, Emily wondered if she was a swimsuit model, encased in a short black leather skirt and tight black leather top with knee high black leather boots. Looking back into the woman’s shinning green eyes Emily knew she couldn’t say no, so instead of walking into Shahna’s waiting arms, she allowed Allegra to pull her close, and their bodies seemed to melt into one as they moved to the music. Emily knew she shouldn’t be doing this, she should be with Shahna but she couldn’t drag herself away from the sexy blonde and those entrancing eyes. Allegra’s hands were roaming freely all over Emily’s body. Emily couldn’t believe she was allowing this stranger, even though she is a sexy stranger, free control of her body; Emily grinded her body against Allegra’s luscious body as Allegra nibbled at her neck.

“Come with me, we are going back to my place.” Allegra said looking deep into Emily’s eyes.

Emily was surprised to find that she was not just willing to leave with the beautiful stranger but eager. Emily took Allegra’s hand and was moving towards the door.

“Say goodbye to your friends and assure them you will be safe.” Allegra ordered in a calm reassuring way.

Emily reluctantly left Allegra’s side to hug her friends and reassure them she would be fine; Shahna kissed her lustfully and said call me later if you change your mind. Emily assured her she would and walked over to Allegra and kissed her passionately. Allegra took her hand and led her to the door. Soon they were in Allegra’s sleek, black Ferrari speeding towards the outskirts of town.

They arrived at a large, dark and foreboding looking house surrounded by a large fence with a locked gate; Allegra entered a code into the computer screen and the gate opened. Allegra drove the Ferrari through and the gate slammed shut immediately. Emily realized she should be scared but she was not.

Allegra opened the garage door with a remote control and drove the slick black car inside; she appeared at Emily’s car door immediately and opened it for her, she helped Emily out of the car and took Emily’s hand and led her inside the house. The house was dark and lit only by candles.

Allegra captured Emily’s gaze with her own and said, “Follow me to my dungeon.”

Emily subconsciously knew she should try to escape but instead she obediently followed Allegra to the basement dungeon. Allegra led Emily down the dark stairs, Emily was thinking why am I doing this I shouldn’t be doing this but I cant not go with her. Emily’s eyes finally adjusted to the dark basement, lit only by candles, she noticed the back brick wall had shackles attached in various spots, in the middle of the large room stood a large casino şirketleri wooden post with ropes fastened to the bottom and top, to the left stood a wooden block on legs with cuffs attached to each of the 4 legs, but it was the right wall which scared Emily the most. The right wall had fastened to it whips, paddles, gags, collars, clamps and electrical prods in various sizes; Emily stood Dumbfounded staring at the wall her mouth open in shock. Allegra seemed to appear in front of her out of nowhere, Allegra cupped Emily’s chin and kissed her passionately biting her lip as the kiss ended.

“This way my beauty, we will play with the toys soon.” Allegra said looking deep into Emily’s eyes. The green eyes flashed at Emily and she followed Allegra to the shackles on the back wall. “Take of your clothes, my pet.”

Emily shed her clothes as if in a trance, her soft porcelain skin exposed to the predatory green eyes, her luscious curves on display were being ravished by Allegra’s eyes. What am I doing? Why am I here? Why cant I resist her?

Allegra looked deeper into Emily’s eyes and said “Move against the wall, beautiful.” Emily of course obeyed, she moved against the wall and allowed Allegra to shackle her to the wall, legs spread wide and arms fastened above her head. Allegra walked to the wall she selected a flogger with flat leather tails, riding crop, a ball gag, some nipple clamps and a small electric wand; she then moved to the side and pressed a button on the wall. To Emily’s surprise the turning wall revealed an array of sex toys; vibrators of varying sizes shapes and textures, dildos, strap ons, double ended dongs, clit ticklers and massagers. Allegra also selected a large vibrator, a long strap on vibrator, and a high powered massager. Allegra placed all her tools on a table beside where Emily was teetered to the wall and allowed Emily her first glimpse on her nakedness as she slowly, deliberately removed her clothes.

Emily looked at the tools on the table and said, “What are you going to do to me?”

Allegra cupped under Emily’s chin and lifted her face so she was looking into her vibrant green eyes again and said, “Don’t worry, little one, I am just going to pleasure you to the brink of insanity.” Allegra captured Emily’s mouth with hers, her tongue invading Emily’s mouth and capturing her tongue, nibbling on Emily’s bottom lip as she broke the kiss. “I am going to enjoy this little one.” Allegra kissed and nibbled on Emily’s neck her hands moving to caress Emily’s beautiful, firm, full breasts. The full ripe globes with the delicious pink nipples led Allegra to think of strawberries and cream; Allegra licked the pink nipples and thought to herself “they taste better then strawberries and cream”, before greedily suckling the nipple into her mouth. The taste had an intoxicating effect on Allegra and she momentarily forgot her plan and feasted on the now erect nipples.

“Oh god, yes, yes, Oh my god Allegra that feels so good. Suck my nipples babe, bite them. Oh yes. Yes.” Emily panted and moaned, clearly enjoying Allegra’s talented mouth on her excited nipples.

Allegra incessant tasting of Emily nipples grew in intensity as she sexily scraped her long fingernails over Emily’s flat tummy on the path to Emily’s liquid center. Emily’s panting increased both in frequency and volume as she desperately pulled against her restraints greedily trying to get Allegra’s hand into her wetness. Allegra desperate to gain control back pushed her naked body hard against Emily’s pushing her back into the wall hard and bit her neck almost drawing blood. Instead of stopping Emily’s increasingly feverish desire for Allegra’s hand, unexpectedly Allegra’s pain inducing bite did not force Emily’s submission of control over their mutual pleasure; instead the bite seemed to fuel Emily’s desperation and her efforts were now starting to make Allegra lose control. Allegra began grinding her naked body against Emily’s, kissing and biting roughly as she forced her way into Emily’s cunt. There was no gentleness as Allegra shoved two of her long fingers deep into Emily and casino firmaları began to finger her thumb rubbed against Emily’s clit. Their bodies grinding against each other in a fever pitched manner, Allegra took possession of Emily’s mouth devouring it, sucking her tongue and biting her lip as she rubbed her own moist kitty against Emily’s leg. Forcefully finger fucking Emily to a shattering orgasm seconds before she rubbed her clit to an orgasm against Emily’s thigh.

A sated Allegra clung to the now ravished and limp Emily who was held up exclusively by her bindings. Allegra tried to make sense of what happened no woman had ever made her lose control like this before, she was always in control. Not that she hadn’t enjoyed the fiery explosion, she mused she definitely had, but this was no way for the mistress of darkness to act. It is time to take control of the situation. Selecting the riding crop from the table Allegra slid the stiff leather end down the side of Emily’s face and neck to her breast where she allowed it to come to rest on top of one of the pink, erect nipples.

“Are you ready to lose control, beautiful?” Allegra whispered into Emily’s ear as she nibbled on it.

The contented Emily only moaned in response and this was not a good enough response for Allegra.

“I said are you ready to lose control, beautiful?” Allegra said loudly as she slapped Emily’s right nipple hard with her riding crop.

“YES!” Emily yelped.

“Yes who?” Allegra demanded.

“Yes mistress,” Emily instinctively replied.

“Good little slut,” Allegra purred, “Now we must prepare you for your Nirvana.”

Allegra collected her own soaked panties and holding them to her face she took a lick before collecting and licking the crotch of Emily’s panties.

“Mmmmmm, my new fuck toy tastes good,” moaned Allegra, “so tasty.”

Allegra stuck the wet panties together rubbing the wetness from each pair of panties into the other before scrunching them into a ball and shoving them into Emily’s mouth. “Enjoy your treat princess make sure you suck them clean.” Allegra teased before taking the small ball gag and fastening it in place. Stroking Emily’s face with her knuckles “you are enjoying that aren’t you my sexy toy?” Emily nodded enthusiastically in response. Allegra took the ridding crop and began flicking Emily’s nipples; she picked up the flogger in the other hand and flicked it across Emily’s thighs. Emily’s creamy white thighs were beginning to show red marks from the flogger’s tail. Emily attempted to convey her pleasure by moaning thru the tiny panties and ball gag in her mouth. “You like that don’t you, naughty little slut?”

Emily moaned some more and nodded enthusiastically. Allegra placed the flogger back on the table and slid the ridding crop from Emily’s firm, large breast over her creamy taught stomach and slapped her mound with the riding crop; then she traced the ridding crop up the inside of Emily’s thighs slapping the tender smooth skin of the inside of her thighs occasionally. Allegra leaned against Emily body and kissed and bit her neck sliding the riding crop higher until it was against her pussy; Allegra bit into Emily’s neck and slapped her juicy wet cunt lips with the riding crop. Emily moaned loudly, with both pleasure and pain, through the panties and the ball gag as the leather of the crop stung not only her swollen pussy lips but also the tip of her engorged clit. Allegra rubbed the leather of the crop all over Emily’s kitty lips, flicking them with the leather before parting the lips and sliding the crop up and down her slit. Emily’s moans got louder as Allegra rubbed the crop harder and faster over Emily’s clit; faster and faster, harder and harder as Emily’s orgasm got more powerful Allegra stopped rubbing to slap the clit with her crop then continued rubbing the rough leather over Emily’s clit. The waves of Emily’s orgasm smashed into her wave after wave as the rough leather grinded and slapped against her clit. Emily drowned in the power of her orgasm and tried to scream through the panties and ball gag to no avail; the more güvenilir casino she tried the more she dribbled. Allegra kneeled before Emily as Emily’s orgasm reached its peak and spread Emily’s swollen pussy lips. Allegra leaned forward and buried her face deep into Emily’s pussy sucking and licking her. Allegra took the riding crop and slipped it into Emily and began rubbing it against along the front side Emily’s kitty the rough leather stroking her G spot as Allegra sucked and bite her clit. Harder and faster Allegra fucked Emily stroking her riding crop across Emily’s G spot as she sucked and nibbled on her clit. Emily felt herself explode into another earth shattering orgasm all over the other girl’s pretty face.

“Oh yes, my sweet little slut taste so good.” Allegra moaned her face covered in Emily’s juices. “Let’s get you down from there and somewhere more comfortable my sexy little slave.”

Emily was too sated to move when Allegra undid the shackles holding the pretty dark haired girl to the wall. Allegra carried her to the wooden block and cuffed Emily lying on her stomach over it, legs spread wide for easy access. Allegra selected a harness and large dildo from the bench and fastened them to her trim body; she also selected the flogger, the massager, the nipple clamps and the electric wand. She moved behind Emily and rubbed the strap on dildo along her slit slowly at first before increasing in pace and intensity until Emily started to build to an orgasm; Emily’s pussy becoming wet with her natural lube as Emily reached the peak of her orgasm; Allegra thrust into her hard and began fucking her to her next orgasm not allowing her to come down from the previous. Emily’s orgasm built to a peak and just as she was coming down from it Allegra picked up the flogger; while still pounding Emily’s cunt Allegra started slapping Emily’s ass with the flogger. Gently at first but as Emily’s orgasm built in intensity so did the intensity of the flogger slapping her ass. Emily’s body shattered in ecstasy it felt like it was made out of molten lava she was going crazy, she had never been made to orgasm one after another without a break before. Allegra allowed Emily to come down further from this orgasm as she reached between Emily and the wooden block and clamped each of her nipples and place wand through the clamps. Allegra turned the wand on to intermittent shock and began pistoning the strap on into Emily’s cunt again; building her to another mind altering orgasm. Emily was losing it she swore there was fireworks exploding around her as the orgasm she was just coming down from built into another.

“That’s it my dirty little slut, cum hard for me.”

Allegra took the massager and turned it on as she placed it against Emily’s clit she started pounding the strap on deeper and harder into Emily’s cunt than ever before. Allegra flicked a switch on the massager turning it to high as she pounded into Emily. She was driving the vibrator so Deep into Emily, Emily half expected to feel it at the back of her throat; not that Emily was complaining she was in a constant state of Euphoria. Emily shattered hard and continued to shake as her girl cum flooded out of her. As Emily was cuming Allegra pulled out of her and knelt between her legs she bit Emily’s clit so hard it bled, Allegra allowed the blood to dribble down the flooded pussy and mix with Emily’s cum. Emily didn’t feel the bite but she did feel Allegra licking and sucking and drinking from her, when the bleeding stopped Allegra released Emily from the cuffs and carried her upstairs. Instead of taking Emily to the sofa and drinking with her until she recovered before taking her home and never seeing her again Allegra carried Emily upstairs and laid her in her bed before climbing in beside her and whispering in her ear, “you did well little one.”

Emily rolled over to face Allegra and said, “thank you that was amazing.” Then Emily kissed Allegra deeply. Allegra returned the kiss vehemently before pulling Emily close as she slept.

Allegra laid in her bed the beautiful young woman in her arms perplexed her, why wasn’t she treating Emily like her normal blood lust slave? Why was she in her bed now? Why did she want to hold her all night? Allegra started to drift off but her last thought before she fell asleep was Emily is going to be trouble.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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